Woke Plastic Copper Stasi Policing

This is not a cunting of all rozzers, but of this plastic copper (PCSO) in particular. I’d use a ‘better’ source, but the lamestream media ignored this story, of course. It definitely happened though, the footage is out there and the cops aren’t denying it.

What happened was some far lefty PCSO knocked on a woman’s door who had a sticker in the window which said something like ‘Trans women aren’t real women.’

I agree. I wouldn’t put it in my window (you’re just asking for some woke prick to put a brick through it), but that’s up to her.

This Stasi-esque plastic copper knocked on her door and gave her a bollocking, telling the woman to get educated and ‘you need to read more, quite frankly’.

I was hoping to read some news that this little Adolf had been relieved of her duties, but I can’t find such a story.

I guess she’ll soon be the county’s highest ranking rozzer in a few years instead, the fucking shithouse.

Fuck off.

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72 thoughts on “Woke Plastic Copper Stasi Policing

  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Til the Thought Police turn up to tell you off or lock you up.

    I do really wonder why the Transientsexuals and the Carpet Riders of Ultimate Peace seem to have special police protection.

    I’m an old fashioned cunt who thinks the police should enforce the law,modern policing will end in disaster because they have strayed into territory where they have no business being.

    A right mess.

    • The ones you write of are certainly favoured by the whole establishment UT. This is very bad for the likes of us the majority that supplies the massive amount of money that these fuckers hoover up.
      Oh well strictly’s on again and the Christmas ads are running so can’t be all bad. Fuck me sideways (sure that’s allowed article 34 handbook for new MP’s).

  2. Do you know I did not give a flying fuck about men pretending to be women or women looking like men and bangining out sprogs. I just thought so what, as long as you leave me alone do what you like.
    Now there is no escape, 6ft 4inch truck driving beer swilling chap expects to be treated as a lady when its Susan Sunday or some crap. Pre adolescent children begging to be allowed to “change sex” egged on by a collection of fucking deviants that should be in secure hospitals or prison. Put on a cuntish wig and voila transfer to a womens prison rapety do!!
    As long as you are not causing a mountain of grief do what you fucking like. Just remember not all of us share your fascination with surgery, bodyhair removal, feminising tablets and so on.
    Any way the reverse parking test will catch she/he out every time. yeah and mens hands tend to be bigger.
    Just leave me and mine alone.

    • Agree…loads of deviant things I enjoy…..but in private and not something I would dream of converting someone to do, nor campaign that they should be aware of or accepted by them either.

      Countrys fucked

  3. If George Orwell was alive today there would be so much material out there for him that he wouldn’t know where to start.

  4. The woman is correct Trans cunts don’t have cunts so are not real women

    And PCSO are real coppers Stupid cunt

    Stupid society

    • Who are you calling a cunt?

      Always act hard on the internet do we?

      You’re not from Worcester by any chance, are you?

      Listen, they get paid a lot less and have no powers of arrest and can’t investigate crime.

      Plastic cops.

      Most are volunteers looking to see if it’s a career they want to get into.

      Some are just officious busy bodies with an agenda, like this cunt.

      • Well I would apologise, but what was this?

        “And PCSO are real coppers Stupid cunt”

        Seems like you’re calling me a stupid cunt for calling them plastic coppers, does it not?

      • Evening Cuntybollocks 👍

        Confused me that, thought maybe had deleted a post leaving just your reply!

        Don’t think Everyonesacunt was having a pop pal?
        He’s not like that.

    • PCSO are real coppers is sarcasm even real plod can’t do any real policing these days

      Lets all stay friendly now

    • PCSOs?
      Are they those fat security guards they brought in to play coppers?

      Tell them to fuck off.🖕
      Who the fuck are they to tell you about biology?

      Put up another 10 stickers.

      • Apparently proper rozzers refer to PCSOs as CHIMPS.


        Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

  5. Ronaldo is hoping one day after his career is over, that surgery can remove his Adam’s apple and come out as the first famous ex footballer.

  6. If …. is a cunt went viral, everybody would stop being naughty and behave themselves. Then we’d be out of our vigilante jobs. Can’t win.

    • We are providing a public service for those either too sensitive or without the necessary amount of bollocks to say it how it is.

  7. She should have cut the ignoramus PCSO down to size with two simple facts:

    Biological females have XX chromosomes and biological males have XY chromosomes. A trans woman will still have XY chromosomes, no surgical intervention will alter this.

    A biological female is born with a vagina and female reproductive organs. No surgical intervention will provide such equipment to a trans woman.

    Ergo, a trans woman is a man who has undergone cosmetic surgery in an attempt to be a synthetic female.

    And then slammed the front door in the ugly old growler’s mush.

    Fuck off.

    • I wouldn’t have gone through all that…I would have opened the converstaion and ended the converstation with your last line.

  8. Fucking prissy fake copper fucking Karen. Probably straight out of University with a worthless degree in Gender Studies. Thinks she knows it all and has to educate the rest of us peasants. She needs a big cock stuck in her mouth…….give her stupid gob something useful to do.
    Fucking stupid bitch!

    • I would like to have seen her face if some stinking peaceful in his pyjamas had opened the door.

      • Evening LL…I wonder what a muzzıe wears to bed?
        If they wear those sand-coloured pyjama thingies during the day…maybe some paisley jim jams?
        With a box of halal tissues on the bed cabinet so their enforced bed partner can wipe away her 9-year old tears?

      • I must say Thomas that these are things an Englishman should not concern himself with.

        Fixed bayonets is more the order of the day.

        Or my personal favourite device of correction for unruly foreign types,the white phosphorus grenade.

        Good health!

      • Evening Mr Cunt Engine…They probably all look like Aladin or a waiter from the Balti Towers curry house.

  9. Relieved of her duties? She’s probably been promoted by now and earmarked as a future commissioner of the met.
    I’d have blinded her with some scientific facts and slammed the fucking door.

  10. It was one the same lines as the cunt who told Harry Miller to adjust his thinking, yes that went down well for the stupid copper.

    The cunts can’t manage real policing so they go for easy targets, a woman born as a woman doesn’t need a gender recognition certificate, mind you, having a certificate doesn’t alter biology, therefore it is an ideology 😂

  11. Doesn’t PCSO mean Police Community Support Officer?
    What part of the Community was this person supporting?
    Chicks with Dicks?
    Had someone made a complaint? I doubt it.
    PCSOs are like security guards at Poundland, and worth about as much.

  12. If some plastic pig turns up on my doorstep and tells me to educate myself, the response will be a torrent of abuse in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. possibly using some very graphic engineering terminology.

    followed by ‘No speaky Eengleesh’.

    Then phone up the local cop shop and let them know I am a protected species, so rare that even the her cultural insensitivity has deeply offended me.

    watch the woke fuckwits head implode with that one.

  13. The new TV action series about PCSOs coming soon..
    “Chocolate Teapot Squad”
    Pointless cunts…

    • the ad for Police recruitment should read:

      Hung like a Hamster?

      picked on at school?

      No friends?

      Then the modern police service is for you!

      • Evening Odin…I wonder if the regular pigs have them same level of contempt for PCSO’s as us worldly fellows?
        For the next time a pig/PCSO atempts to talk to me, now that I’ve turned 50, I’ll feel justified in calling them ‘boy’!

      • Evening Thomas,

        As a gentleman of similar vintage, I like to address them as ‘old son’ or ‘m’luv’.

        Confuses the shit out of them.

  14. Get educated and “you need to read more, quite Frankly” says the plastic enforcement for Quares at the ladies front door.
    My reply would be along the lines of ” well officer i have researched the Quare LGTBXYZ with the advice from my 12 year old son and my 11 years of age daughter that attend school, so that I would understand more clearly their choice and i was both shocked and horrified by the amount of cocks and cunts and tits and beards and tattoos that i could not tell one from the other as they were shitting and pissing all over themselves and others, the debauchery was mind numbing. Is this what you refer to as *get educated* ,officer ? and lear to read more”

  15. Whoever it was, I hope they were reported for overstepping their boundaries.
    It’s not part of their duties to criticise members of the community for their views on anything. They aren’t the Political Community Support Officer, after all.

  16. She should have kicked the Gestapo bitch in the cunt just in case there was a cock and balls down there.
    That’s what I call an “education”.

  17. A sticker in a window is not a crime. But, then again, neither was flying a banner over Turf Moor. Yet both were treated as crimes. Which is disgraceful. Yet a black fokker like Sophie Duker can say she wants white people dead on BBC television, and no cunt bats an eyelid. The stench of the double standards is unbearable.

    If some woke cozzer came to me and told me a window sticker was a crime and that I needed educating, I would tell the fuck about my 5 A Levels and my university degree, and I would then set my solicitor onto the cunt.

    • Well said indeed Norman.

      A sticker with some words on it is far from any crime.

      Legal interpretation is becoming more Orwellian or more “wild west” with every year that passes.

      Even today (and it involves a truly wicked cunt who should have hanged) two police officers have been found guilty of various serious offences regarding comments they made about women,cripples etc…very off colour remarks that said in public might cause some problems…but the point is they were made in a WhatsApp group of select individuals,secured by encryption and utterly in private,never meant for a wider audience.
      Convicted for a private chat,however disgraceful,sets a truly dreadful precedent.

  18. Ha ha ha, telling her to do more reading.

    Just imagine the truly informative books you would not have time to read if you chose instead to read books that pretended that there was some.science to these cunts claims.

    I’d have slammed door in this PCSOs face and told.her to.get off my property

  19. The creatures they let in the police these days are a fucking joke I saw a 12 year old schoolboy and a 4 foot tall Chinese midget women patrolling the road in tooting mind you we had grandmar clampet in charge of the met untlll recently the country is fucked it’s a fucking joke all they are fit for is nicking some poor bastard for doing 23 in a 20 mile an hour road that was 30 until the cunts changed it total fucking shitbags fuck erm

  20. If some placcy plod knocked on my door and told me what I can or cannot have in my window,
    And was impertinent enough to tell me to read a book (implying a) your ignorant B) stupid)
    Then I’d genuinely respond with a few home truths.

    1,) your not a proper police officer,
    You couldn’t make a proper police officer,
    Because your a slob.

    2) if you was a proper police officer I’d still tell you to fuck off as my political beliefs are not open to scrutiny by you,
    You have no authority to enter my property without a warrant,
    Which you don’t have.
    3) you don’t seem to understand basic biology and subscribe to fringe element polemic and propaganda,
    I suggest you read a book.
    4) you look like shite.
    One of the many reasons I don’t respect you.
    Drop 5stone, get a wash,
    Take some pride in yourself,
    And tuck that shirt in!!!🖕

    • Shop Stewards MNC, we’ve seen em before and they still are, of the same ilk and yet its year 2022.
      The tactics look worn and tired but somehow still seem to work on the majority of law abiding citizens trying to make ends meat.
      All of the West is in for a hard time and so be it, it might even make Men and Women out of em yet in the End

  21. All those cunts can appear for a photo op but can’t help catch the cunt who stole my neighbours lawn mower or when some architect steals a ladies handbag? Fuck off.

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