David Beckham (11)

A straight-forward cunting for old, “Goldenballs” himself, football “ambassador”, David Beckham. Why? Well, just watch this 2-minute video, says it all…

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Beckham already took $15 million from the Saudis to be their sports ambassador and has taken $150 million (some say $200 million) from the Qatar government (which is just an elite family in reality).

He used to revel in his, “gay icon” status, hanging out with Elton John, dressing in skirts and shit. But over the past few years he has been schmoozing in style with gay-murder-sanctioning states in the Arabian peninsula.

I’m looking forward to the World Cup, but more high-profile people need to speak out about the atrocities there, especially after Russian sports teams have been banned from tournaments. How can the governments and football associations say fuck all about Qatar’s woeful human rights record? It was too late to change the host nation for the 1978 World Cup in military junta Argentina, but we’ve known for years that Qatar has an awful human rights record. LGBTQ+ rights is all the rage, with a caveat for Qatar, it seems.

It’s hard to deploy cognitive dissonance over Qatar 2022 and just focus on the football. You’d think more players would speak up, not just retired German legend, Philipp Lahm who is boycotting the tournament. Southgate was sheepish when asked about boycotting back in May. But Beckham went against the grain HARD. Money-grubbing hypocrite.

Nominated by: Le Cunt

(Note. There is an additional nom about Becks and his queuing up at the Queen lying in State due to go live soon. Please keep comments about that separate from here. Thanks – Day Admin)

61 thoughts on “David Beckham (11)

  1. Perhaps for an extra £50 he can help the secret police chuck Southgate off the stadium roof..

    Then overcome by remorse chuck his skeleton Mrs off after.

    I hope the cunts yacht sinks.

    • There’s fuck all of his misses, she’d just float down like a lettuce leaf. The wet lettuce wouldn’t dare anyway. He’s shit scared of her.

      • Unkle Terry, you’ve caused a queue as long as the Great Wall of China, wanting to chuck tomahawk face from any high building for free, even to pay for the privilege.

    • Tell the Qataris that Gareth Wokegate is a raving iron and they’ll chuck him off a stadium roof for free.

  2. Obviously he has no principle to stand on. Money is his God.
    He should run for political office.
    His wife looks like something from an animated Tim Burton movie.

  3. I for one won’t be watching that shit-fest.
    Not why our national team is managed by that FA PR man masquerading as a social worker.
    If those social justice warriors had any principles they would of boycotted this bought and paid for farce..
    Oh and Beckham is a tattooed freak..

  4. So desperate for a fucking knighthood bauble he queues to show his humility. Very ‘umble,’ and public, so that the homeopathic halfwit will honour him.

    • “Mr Beckham, I’ve never been a huge fan of football. At Gordonstoun in the 1960s, we played a game called, “Midnight Sodomy” – have you heard of it? I wasn’t very good at, as I kept getting caught by my comical jug-ears by the other boys. To this day, Camilla has to apply a highly expensive ointment to my arse, it’s made from the tears of Botswana babies.

      Anyway… arise, Sir Goldenballs!”

  5. Money, money, money….

    Money talks…..

    And as we all know Money Never Sleeps.

    He isn’t a special cunt, just another money grabbing cunt.

  6. It’s going to be held there anyhow,so why not make a few quid out of them ?

    I couldn’t give a tuppenny wank about their Human Rights record…a few less “Human Rights” in The West would be no bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

    Beckham is still a Cunt though.

    • Absolutely! I like the fact that they lift deviants of the street and give them a damned good thrashing, especially those who are ‘good with colours’ and n*gnogs who don’t know their place!

  7. This ink stained thick cunt a footballing ambassador ? An embarrassment more like it. He thought Salford Van Hire was a Dutch painter.

  8. I like Beckham, it’s not his place to get involved with middle east atrocious sorry royal families of the peaceful persuasion it’s up to governments and in the case of the world cup football governing bodies which much evidence suggest are full of corrupt cunts. So fuck the world cup fuck Qatar fuck FIFA fuck Prime ministers and presidents and maybe in a more literal sense fuck olds posh but Beck’s nah.. He’s ok.

    • Well he queued unlike philhollywillowfield.

      And isnt there double standards on here. We are disgusted by the lbgtbullshit but when it comes to Qatar we’re all so critical of them.

    • UN ambassador taking money from Saudis and having blue glass from Cobalt mainly mined by slave labour. Although hats off he did wait in a queue were top at doing that.

  9. I’ll never understand why the whole fucking world seems keen on throwing obscene amounts of money at vacuous cunts like him.
    There was a time, if you walked into WH Smith and viewed the newspaper and magazine rack, his fizzog was on the front of nearly every one of them
    ( along with Lady Di and those two slap headed twats from Arseenders.)
    And he’s never gone away has he?
    His “glory days” were over 20 years ago for fornications sake.
    For somebody who comes across as being as thick as shit, he certainly knows how to rake the money in.
    I’m waiting for him to come out as gay. The world’s media will call him something catchy, like Beckham the Brave, and hand him a blank cheque.
    Then he’ll probably claim racial abuse (like Gandhi Linecacker) because someone sniggered at his fake tan.
    And the state of his fucking kids.
    And that scrawny clothes rack of a missus.
    I don’t have anything good to say about him or the cunts who perpetuate his divinity.

  10. It’ll be a shit tournament, whether there are ‘ooman rights of not. Qatar paid the biggest amount of bribery money and the 22 FIFA committee-members are wealthier They don’t care about the Asian death toll building stadia which won’t be used afterwards, they don’t care that there’ll be 40° heat; nor do they give a shit that leagues worldwide will be interrupted for a month or thst Qatar is a cultural shite-hole bereft of pubs and restaurants.

    It’s all about the moolah and this whore would eat the flesh off the stadia-building Asian dead for a quid.

    • 60 days to kick-off.

      I don’t think it will be a shit tournament. It will be unpredictable as fuck.

    • Arabs and sub-Saharans will have an advantage. Having said that, at African Cup of Nations, many brothers were breathing out their arses in the Cameroon humidity. It won’t be as bad as people think, these are primo athletes not men who look like Johnny Vegas after his stag night.

  11. All my footie cunt mates are creaming their panties because “Football’s coming home” starts soon – I’ve told them to leave me out of their drink and football sessions beucase I am disgusted at the hypocrisy that is this years world cup.

    In is abhorrent that these desert flying carpet cunts were ever awarded it, and just goes to show money really does buy you what you want. FIFA bank accounts nicely topped up too, earing $$$$ interest in far off lands such as the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc.

    No doubt these dirty FIFA reps will be drinking whisky and having their choice or little boys to play with when the games take place, strutting around the palatial hotels that have built by countless people who have lost their lives in the name of football ideology and progress and capitalism (quite Ironic for a Islamic country).

    Beckham, he is the biggest cunt. As the nom correctly pointed out, hanging out of Elton John’s ass one minute, wearing skirts the next – I bet the rag heads haven’t seen that have they! What would Sheikh your Ass think if he knew Becks was in tune with his feminine side…

    Fair game, this cunt has played his cards well – something like a 150MILL promotion piece he’s doing.

    I’m just interested in what legacy this is going to leave in Cuntar as this is always the narrative peddled by the FIFA corrupt cunts.

    I’d rather go to Moscow for the winter.

    • What is even more galling is that Beckham was already worth over $100 million years ago, he doesn’t need another $150 mill. Maybe the Qataris only wired him $150,000 and he didn’t know the difference.

      “Babes, how many zeros is there in a million? Wait… a hundred million must have a hundred… wait… six zeros times by a hundred… that’s 00000… 00000… 00000… oh doesn’t matter, let’s just have dinner – spaghetti hoops! Yay!”

  12. 1986 World Cup in Mexico was played in June with Kick off times often being midday local time.
    As was the 1970 World Cup.

    With it being too hot during summer in Qatar they decide to shift the tournament to winter time instead to protect the players.
    Despite buying… sorry winning a bid to host a “summer World Cup”

    Everything about the Qatar World Cup stinks to high heavens. From the winning “bid” all the way to the flip flops and arses of the locals.

    • I remember getting off a flight in Doha at 4am it was about 45C felt like sticking your head in a furnace good luck running about in that boys.

    • Aye, changing the dates to winter wasn’t on the cards during the ‘bidding’ (bribing) process.

      We can all say Platini, Blatter and co are corrupt cunts, but can any of us honestly say we wouldn’t have been tempted with a few mill here or there? Money that is (allegedly) placed in offshore accounts for you for ‘persuading’ others to vote for Qatar?

      The whole bidding process is a joke. One of the last decent BBC documentaries focused on FIFA corruption. It’s down (mostly but not in total) to African nations (who vote too) getting ‘funds’ for ‘football projects’ to feel ‘ecouraged’ by certain high profile lobbyists, who are ‘supported’ by the likes of Qatar. Then these African FA leaders spunk the funds on themselves, not on these ‘poor kids football coaching schools’.

      It fucking stinks, but the World Cup has mostly been shite since 1990 anyway.

      I just hope Wokgate gets his team led out by some trannies as some kind of ‘solidarity with the gays’ statement.

      Would make my fucking year to see the big nosed twat and his woke team chased around the pitch by the religious police.

  13. My footie mad mates are gobsmacked I won’t be watching the World Cup. Granted my love of the game has hit rock bottom over the past twenty years where now I couldn’t give a fuck if my team wins or not but I would always have a watch at major tournaments.
    Not the World Cup though this time.
    Hypocrite bunch of cunts one and all.

  14. If I was a rich camel jockey my pockets bulging with oil money,
    And could get anyone as spokesmen for Saudi
    I wouldn’t pick some reedy voiced, squeaky clothes horse.
    You may as well have a stammerer, or that John’s not mad bloke with tourettes.

    I’d choice Salman Rushdie.
    He’s got a nice plummy voice and it sends the message everyone is safe there.

    They can murder him at the end.

    • I think Salman has a wee problem with his throat at the moment.

      Then again he probably would still have a deeper voice than that cunt.

    • Frankie Boyle would have been my choice.

      “Come to Qatar, land of freedom, land of tolerance, land of… no, sorry I can’t do this. Look, just get on a fucking plane and get over here to watch England get gubbed by the Huns again, you fucking drunken bunch of cunts. Giz me ma money and get me back to Glesga before I get skin cancer, Abdul.”

  15. When she was a Spoice Gull I thought she was pretty. Now she’s nothing but tendons, bones, and overworked face. Surely Becks is fucking something other than just that.

  16. Don’t be envious of David Beckham- don’t be! Look at what he has to wake up next to in bed every morning.

    Beckham interviewed: “I fink…..(pained expression)….nuffink”
    “Never liked Maffs at skool….but loved football and Man U!” (Grins inanely at camera)
    “I always supported Man U!” (Another grin but with a steely defiance in his eyes as if to dare contradiction)
    “You betta’ ask Victowria. I fink….nuffink”

    • Weird that a Londoner growing up in the 1980s loved Man Utd as they were mediocre, team full of boozebags and cunty fans. Spurs had a far more exciting team in that era. Hilarious, his son Romeo (pffft!) is an Arsenal fan. Those must fun nights on the sofa.

  17. Beckham is no more of a hypocrite than all the other greedy cunts who are filling their pockets at this World Cup. At least he doesn’t go round bleating about fucking green bollocks, fucking raaaaay-sism, fucking mental elf and fucking social justice bullshit. Some dirty A-rab cunt has offered him bundles just to show his face and he’s snatched his hand off. So would I, so would you.
    He never let England down, never complained when that knob McClaren dropped him and flew all the way from Yankland just to sit on the bench. I was at Old Trafford the day he scored that free kick to get us to the World Cup. He was a colossus that day, the only cunt who appeared to be trying. If you were there you would never forget that moment. I’m getting all nostalgic now.
    Freddie says……NOT A CUNT!

    • Fair point Freddie.

      The game against Greece (?) that he took by the scruff of the neck and won virtually single handed in the last ten minutes was a towering achievement.

      His recent antics less so.

    • Beckham is a major-league climate change bleater and has been slaughtered for the amount of flights he takes. Beckham has OCD and bangs on about it a lot. He is also on record about the racism he saw as a player. And he’s a UNICEF ambassador, so he has all bases covered on social justice.

      “But gimme dat Arab money! I needz it! Muh lifestyle!”

    • If he decked my arse with diamonds,it still wouldn’t make up for him not strangling that bony hag.

    • To say he never let England down got me thinking. The majority of England fans hated him after his stupid sending off against the Argies during the 1998 World Cup quarter finals. Most wanted to kill him: hanging dummies, burning effigies, and dogs abuse from the stands at away games. But Manchester United fans stuck by him when nobody else wanted to know,, and Beckham had that magnificent ‘Treble’ season in 1999.

      But during his last years at Old Trafford, all we ever heard from Beckham was ‘England this. England that’. Shamelessly bigging up and appeasing the set up that openly slagged him off ( the FA did not support him in 98/99 and Hoddle openly blamed him for that 98 quarter final exit) and the England fans who all hated him for his ‘unforgivable’ sending off and wanted to kill him. England and the media publicity for him and his skellington slag came first and United – for all their loyalty to him when he needed it – were second, if that.

      He did play out of skin for England. Yet, in some games, he couldn’t be arse to do it for United. I hated him for that and the way he engineered his move to Real Madrid (read his ‘Daddy’s big night’ comments in his autobiography) was totally dirty. He was more concerned about sucking up to Real than he was about actually playing against them for United in a European Cup tie. And he did his ‘business’ with Real on the actual night we played them and lost. Daddy’s big night meaning he agreed to sign for Madrid when his ‘beloved’ United went crashing out of Europe against them on the same night. Beckham is a disloyal, self serving slippery little cunt. Nothing is done unless there is something in it for him and his stick insect tart. He is not fooling me with his queuing for the late Queen (RIP). Beckham and his horrible wife will do nothing unless there is something in it for them. See also Harry Hewitt and Megain Locust Fucking Ono. Another pair of self serving cunts.

    • Well, he (and Rooney) went to court to fight a tax bill he was due to pay – and he lost, pay up, Goldenballs.

  18. I know Qatar aren’t going to run out of oil, but hope there’s a water shortage and the players die of thirst.

  19. Why have ww heard absolutely nothing from Lulu Hamilton on this matter..

    I suppose it can be difficult to condemn oik rich states when you have Petronas emblazoned on your racing helmet.

  20. Most celebs would sell their bowel movements for a few quid and a bit of spotlight.
    At least this cunt qued up for 12 hrs to see the Queen’s coffin, unlike arse bandit Phil Schofield and thick as shit Holly Willaboobies who pushed in.

  21. I will not be watching it. The fact that it will be a farce (Women referees, VAR, taking the knee, diving shithouses on the pitch) is bad enough. But the presentation and the punditry will be sickening. Lineker is a monumental cunt and women like Gabbing Logan, that Eluko twat, and my bête noire Karen Carney will make it unwatchable.

    And then there’s the whole wasps nest of human rights and corruption issues. It’s a total disgrace. And hypocritical cunts like Wokegate and Lineker won’t say a word about it. Humanitarians, my arse. They are all about virtue signaling and money, nothing more,

    • Lineker has spoke out against Qatar quite vociferously. He was invited to the drawing of the groups in Qatar and refused, saying it would be hypocritical. Not sure if he is going over there to present the coverage. Still a cunt, though.

      I don’t know, I’m just going to try and enjoy the games.
      Will it even go ahead, what with Russia-Ukraine escalating?

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