Uri Geller (3)

I’ve always hated self promoting magical Jew Urine Geller.

He’s bought a island ,
Lamb island in the firth of forth for 30 grand.

Obviously it’s on a ley line🙄
And according to Urine it was visited by ancient Egyptians and aliens (heavy sigh)

He says he’s telepathically put a block on Vlad Putin pressing the nuclear buttons,
So basically he’s saved the world.😳

In a 5 minute interview on GB news he managed to namedrop princess Di,
(A good friend) Dodi Fayed(a good friend)
And John Lennon (his best mate apparently?)

An it occurred to me,
All his friends seem to be dead?
Why is that?

To get away from him.
He’s a fuckin jinx!
And a shameless bullshitter.

Spoon bender.

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Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

147 thoughts on “Uri Geller (3)

    • If the intent was to better position him in the eyes of the public, then it’s a miserable failure.

      Fact is, Andrew used his position and connections to indulge in some naughtiness, never believing it would ever come to light. Not the only one of course, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s been outed for something he did do. Nothing he’s done or said from that point can ever walk that back. Claiming he wasn’t involved just makes it worse. He’d be better off crawling under a rock and staying there hoping the rest of us will leave the cunt alone and move on.

      And yes, his use of the word “mummy” is vomit inducing. Makes my skin crawl.

      • As per usual, it was the barefaced lying and attempted cover up (see Maitlis interview) that sealed his fate, not the fact that he fucked one of Epstein’s sex toys.

  1. Do people actually believe this 4×2 snake oil salesman Geller ?
    He’s a fucking lying bastard just like David Icke. And yet gullible cunts believe them

    • There’s money to be made from the gullible and stupid, fenton. It’s a sad fact that some people just want to be taken in by ‘extraordinary’ things that ‘defy’ logic and explanation.

      Geller is simply using manipulation and sleight of hand to make a dishonest living.

      Organised religion just called and told me to keep quiet about that.

  2. Recall Geller was in there sniffing through the late Princess Di’s knicker drawer after her demise and offering his support to her children and the nation on various classy TV programmes including the little Irish poof cunt that camps up Eurovision and such – forget its name. Claimed it had a premonition ect ect. Egregious little cunt.

  3. What a sad, deluded, mentalist, hook nosed cunt he is! Sadly, the world needs these fucking twats to keep the rest of us focused!

  4. My mum used to idolise this cunt. Mind you, she used to think crystal therapy was legit, and mediums , and liked Colostomy Cliff.
    He’s a fraud, a confidence trickster, and a complete cunt in my book.

  5. Didn’t ex-England boss, Glenn Hoddle get into all this Geller spoon bending shite?

    Hoddle was a fine player, but he was fucking loopy as a manager. Fuck knows what the players thought when he brought that faith healer tart in….

    • To be fair, that faith healing stuff has worked for many athletes. Not for all, of course. Hoddle’s sacking was unfair, he was a very good manager, he had a 60.7% winning record, but he made an insane comment and he was binned. Being England manager is tough. As of a bellend Southgate is, he has done a great job. 62.2% win record after 74 tough matches is nothing to be sniffed at – I wish Scotland had that since 2016!

      The World Cup will be fun, unless cunts ruin it. Being an Afrophile Scot, I am supporting former colony and land of fun, Ghana, I even have the shirt – a Chinese knockoff that cost 13 quid. How’s that for being multicultural, cunters!

      • “74 tough matches”?

        Hmm….opponents have included (some several times):

        Malta, Albania, Nigeria, Slovakia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Serbia and Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago, Andorra, Kazakhstan, Estonia…..need I go on?

        Southgate is a failure as a manager. Harsh? Let thee count the trophies. Didn’t take long did it. He’s a big nosed, virtue signalling, won nothing cunt.

      • LC

        Gareth Southgate and his negative tactical philosophy is the one outstanding reason why England will fall short at the world cup.

        He’s had his day.

    • It’s only going to get worse with local football teams having no identity. We’re going to have to start calling them tribes. Who do you fancy for the title, to win the coverted Shrunken Head.

  6. I reckon he can put his nuttiness down to the ptsd he suffers from after his service with the IDF.
    The lucky bastards loaded, he won’t end up sleeping in a bus shelter. Got to hand it to him who would have thought that bending cutlery and being mates with Jackson the diddler would earn a fucking fortune. Funny old World.

  7. What’s the point of buying a tiny uninhabited island in the Firth of Forth?
    I can just imagine the shifty cunt sticking on a fake Cap’n Birdseye beard and rowing out to the island in an old clinker-built dinghy with a couple of Boy Scouts that he’d promised to take “camping “.
    I dread to think what their arseholes would have been like after a couple of days.
    You probably think that I am obsessed with this sort of shit, but this sort of thing happened in West Devon in the 1960s.
    “Dib dib dib , Dob dob dob” Try saying that with a scoutmaster’s cheesy knob in yer gob.

  8. I’ve always detested the charlatan penny chew. He gives off rapey vibes too.

    Didn’t his spoon bending shite get exposed a couple of decades ago?


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