School Uniform

(Did a Google search for Old School school uniforms and this was top of the list. Honest, guv! – Day Admin)

Hell is back to school

I’ve seen endless reports about kids being put in the naughty corner for wearing shoes, socks that don’t comply with school rules.
Well love, if Clarks don’t make plain black shoes, complain to Clarks.
Rules is rules, and frankly I’d rather have the Gradly lass in trousers, reference a school that has removed skirts from its uniform list in favour of trousers.
It’s whinging and moaning at its best and I’m supposed to be sympathetic?
Well no, my daughter got the uniform requirement list, and we both searched for the best priced options.
So fuck off, you moaning twats. You scored 0/10 because you didn’t do your homework.

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74 thoughts on “School Uniform

  1. If what is happening in Canada is anything to go by it is the uniform or approprite wear of the Teacher we should be worried about.

    Gone of course the cap and gown, gone the tweed jacket with the elbows patched, gone the corduroy trousers.

    In comes the T-shirt with huge prosthetic breasts attached. Plus on special occasions (Parents Evening) a strap-on round their groin.

    • Excellent point MP. That story had me and Mrs Curtains laughing so hard one minute and shaking our heads in disbelief and sadness the next. A shop teacher with missing fingers used to be the concern.

  2. Back 50 years the headmaster’s morning assembly sermon, bemoaned the fact that his boys were wearing flares with turn ups and bight red socks. How we all laughed, and carried on.

  3. Regarding Day Admin’s choice of picture, I’d choose the one on the left. But who are they trying to kid? None of them are schoolgirls, they all look well into their twenties.

    • I think you must be the first one to have looked at their faces Allan. What a spoil sport you are!

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