Chris Kaba

There have been some great tragedies in the world of music – the death 65 years ago this week, (1st September 1957) in a car crash of Denis Brain, probably the greatest French horn player of his generation, the death of Buddy Holly in February 1959 (if you like that sort of thing), in a plane crash, Sir Thomas Beecham in 1961. John Lennon in 1980, now, with a tear in my eye, and a hole in my sock, Mr Kaba, yet another budding rapper, who passed away, peacefully, one hopes, in Streatham last night:

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Yet another rapper – another one kicked the bucket last week, a few last year – has met an untimely end through malarky with the police.

How sad that the police are being employed by the Performing Rights Society – because they were’nt performing right.

An award of some sort is needed, if not the Ivor Novello. Perhaps a Mercury, innit?

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

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  1. What a calamity.

    Apparently his family want “justice”,which I assume means sackings and a large amount of our money.

    Strange how their son was a criminal but they now want to use legal means to enrich themselves.

    This sort of behaviour has become some sort of ghoulish trade for these types,really rather disgusting.

    • I read with interest that the family are stepping back from campaigning about this ridiculous affair after watching the body cam footage of the attempted arrest.

      In other words they saw a criminal trying to escape capture by way of violence.


    • Yes,I do wonder what his family will say if footage reveals he refused to stop or get out of the car, then tried to ram his car into the rozzers?

      A car can be used as a weapon.

      And what I’d like to know is this:

      I keep reading he owned a car costing 70 grand. He, as far as I’m aware, didn’t have a job. He wasn’t making anything from his ‘music’.

      How did he pay for that? Did his parents ever wonder why their unemployed son had a 70 grand motor?

      I know what I’d fucking think.

      What will they say if it is revealed he was part of a dangerous criminal gang? Or that he’d been in prison a few times for being a ‘gangsta’?

      Who knows? Perhaps he was pure as the driven snow?

      But I somehow fucking doubt it.

      The media and the darker types automatic response of ‘racist police muh wants money and ting’ was as predictable as it was pathetic.

      How about this?

      Bring your kids up not to be violent criminal cunts and perhaps they won’t end up dead in their 20s, you useless fucking cunts.

      But easier to keep listening to drill gangster rap which eulogises murder, being a pimp and cop killing and blaming ‘da honky man’ for all the world’s ills, innit bruv?

      The gang problems in black communities, are the fault of some of the black people living in them.

      Fuck off.

    • they’ll have got the gofundme up and running before it was in its body bag, that cunt site should give dark keys a discount as their best customers and re-name it the ghettolottery

  2. ‘Witnesses said the man had tried to drive his car at police officers’

    That headline tells me all I need to know. I shed no tears for the cunt. I shed tears for the poor fucker(s) that pulled the trigger. What is it with these arrogant fuckers that have this reasoning that they can refuse to stop when requested by the police and cry ‘racism’ when charged with the offence, because they’re black, innit? You fuck with armed police at your peril, they want to go home to their families at the end of their shift and if they, as I would, think you’re going to stop them, well, good luck, and, this cunt understood his folly for a nanosecond until the bullets hit. Poor fucker, suspended and vilified on the streets and in sections of the media. All armed coppers should hand their tickets in. When MPs have no armed protection, let’s see how quickly things change.

    Good cunting, and, good morning.

    • We’ve seen it countless times.
      Refuse to stop, resist arrest,
      End up dead.

      It’s never a Chinaman,
      It’s never a orthodox Jew.
      Or a sihkh bloke.

      These cunts get what they deserve.

      • Excellent point. A colleague’s son was stopped by armed police as a car the same as his was used in an armed robbery. He was taken out of the car, laid spread-eagled on the pavement at gunpoint and held until his i.d could be checked. When clear, he was helped up, sincerely apologised to and allowed to carry on (to probably change his trousers). Difference is, he is a white male, no chip on his shoulder, and, as he said at the time, the police were doing their job, and bears no grudge.

  3. I’m sorry another person has been shot in London. Registration recognition flag up the car as potentially involved in firearms. The man didn’t stop willingly and was shot? I wished he hadn’t been.

    Few points. Musician? Grime glorifies violence. Stop this shit.

    Plod for all their ineptitude don’t I repeat don’t go around shooting up anyone and everyone unlike the gang scum on London streets which are by calculation of offences b lack.

    I’m no big plod fan even less so of new woke bullshit ain’t doing nothing shit that they face day after day.

    The second worse after the loss of life is fucking MPs jumping on the bandwagon “ calling for suspension calling for enquiry “
    Fuck off cunts let plod do their job in first place and there would be less violence out there

    • Yes, it us the usual rabble – Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler and Bell Ribeiro-Addy. All the right colour on the RAL chart, by implication “dat da shootin wuz raciss n sheet”.

      I’m only surprised Lammy Mammy hasn’t added his considerable mass to the campaign for suspending the copper. Don’t you just love it that the cast of Planet of the Apes above automatically take the side of the dead “good boy” on race alone?

      Utter fucking cunts.

      • ‘Don’t you just love it that the cast of Planet of the Apes above automatically take the side of the dead “good boy” on race alone?’

        But, that would be racist, right?

      • I can’t find a link, but his sister was reported as saying on the wireless that his past “indescretions” shall we say, with the law should not be a factor in his tragic death.

        I suppose Dawn Butler was thinking how it might have been her last year when she was pulled over in a bigcar, but she had time to play her “don’t you know whoI am, innit?” card.

        Meanwhile, Boggs Recorded Music Enterprise have come up with a follow-up to Cliff Richard’s Xmas record – “Cliff Sings Kaba”. I have to confess this is a revamped project – we were due to record “Vera Lynn Sings Drill Rap” before her sudden and unexpected passing a couple of years ago, at the early age of 103. Cliff is a bit on the young side, but he will do in our “Old Geezers Wanna Have Fun” series provided he can locate his truss in time for the six recording sessions it will take to record it.

      • I await the public retraction of the unwise statements of the Mp and co. made straight after the shooting ; it may be a long wait.
        When are these shit stirrers going to learn to stop shooting from the lip?

      • Be fair Cunters, none of the Conservative blick Ministers or M.P. lot condemmed the Cop’s action. It’s always Qweer Starmer’s raggedy lot who break out screeching “Racist”. Oh! and I am not a Tory or Lib or Commie. Ballcocks and Ubends to the lot!

  4. The term ‘Rapper’ seems to be a euphemism for ‘Unemployed’ amongst the dark key communidee.
    I read with interest, that the dark key shanked at the Notting Hill stabfest recently was a ‘Rapper’.
    According to the BBC, one of his YouTube videos has received 300,000 hits, which is a laughable justification of a ‘career’.
    I could get more views than that by posting a video of me falling off a ladder. Would that make me an aspiring slapstick comedian if I was stabbed to death by a brudda?
    What a load of post demise justifying bollocks!

  5. “Rapper” has replaced “aspiring architect “ as the media euphemism for drug dealing criminal bag of shit.
    Poor Stephen must be turning in his grave. I wonder if this Kaba cunt’s mother will end up in the House of Lords?

    • Alas but no Freddie.

      Even the laughable fag.gots that dole out such prizes have lost count of the number of black keys that have been killed by one another and don’t know who to bestow their riches upon.

      The spineless cunts that they are.


  6. The BBC want to investigate if the killing was racist apparently.

    Er unlikely, a man with previous criminal convictions for gun possession, in a car linked to gun crime , leading the police on a chase.

    No love for what the police have become but I dont see why they should have to wait and see if Kaba has turned over a new leaf before opening fire.

    Good riddance to a piece of trash and fuck his parents compo claim. You raised a cunt

  7. I was walking down the appropriately named “ Queens Road” in Brighton a couple of weeks ago. It leads from Brighton station.
    This gang of fuzzy haired gentleman had just got off the train and were randomly picking on passers by provoking people into a fight.
    They are the lowest of fuckin low

  8. Have they arrested the person yet, who hung out the white T-shirt to dry with insufficient clothes-pegs? Who, without any regards to people’s safety, leaves it to blow from the line, straight into an oncoming police car. They could’ve been killed. I hope they throw a wet book at the fat old trout.

  9. On the wireless, I heard a relative of this cunt say that he want always good in terms of previous convictions and added that none of us are. The host didn’t even pull him up for it; another cunt…

  10. Suppose blue plaques aren’t allowed for criminals. They can scream blue murder all they want, it just isn’t by law.

  11. Oxford English Dictionary



    An unemployed gentleman, usually of the darker persuasion, who claims to make a living out of his musical talents, but is in fact, a violent, thick, chippy, unemployable shithouse.

  12. But, but, but his family said that he was such a good boy. Good riddance you piece of shit. Hopefully cunts like this turd end up with the same outcome.

    • bla bla he was turning his life around, only killed ten ppl, he didn’t do nuffin bla bla

  13. Well it seems he had ‘previous’ for carrying a firearm:
    “He was sentenced to four years in a young offenders institute in January 2019 after being convicted of possession of a firearm at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

    He was charged in February 2018 after shots were fired in Butchers Road, Canning Town, east London, at about 3.25am on December 30 2017.”

    When the news was first announced this information was easy to find and I think also reported in The Evening Standard. That article has been hidden on their web site. He was a bad ‘un and I believe the police reacted to protect themselves and others.

    • Kind of him to wear white for an easy target. Wonder if he wore a dartboard on the front? Hope he had the bright idea to have one on the back too.

  14. Apparently carrying a firearm previously shouldn’t be factored into this according to his sister.

    Yes good idea, the police should pre emptively assume that every previously convicted criminal has reformed and presents no danger.

    Even if they are travelling in a car linked to firearms offences and use said car to try and ram police.

    Can these people actually hear themselves??

  15. Are more (c)rappers getting wasted or is every cunt on this beleaguered planet a fucking rapper…..

  16. I was suspended from Twitter (again) quite some time ago for pointing out that Owen Jones is a cunt. Apparently if I delete the tweet, and a few others that offended some very easily offended tranny types I can be reinstated. This puts me in a very difficult position, I’ll tellyou what I want, what I really, really want, which is to go back on and troll the race bating mps mentioned above, but I stand by my previous comments. Quite a dilemna Zig a zig uh.
    In other news a pikey drag queen from the BBC shitshow Ru Paul’s fat fiddlers pretending to be safe around children has died “suddenly”. Never saw that coming.

  17. These rap singers have such beautiful timbre in their voice. Ha ha ha !!! Get to fuck you black cunts, who are you trying to kid.

    • they should post his bits to Biafa he could feed a whole village for a week save us keep feeding the useless potbellied vermin

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