The Sun is Racist

Yes, that’s right. The Sun, according to The Guardian, is targeting people of colour.

The fucking nazi cunt.

Even if this were true, I thought black folks had natural protection against the sun. Melanin. De honkies don’t have it, bwhanna.

The Guardian also said the sun was sexist in another article too

Such a shame. The Manchester Guardian and the early Guardian were respected publications.


A fucking laughing stock!

Well, I’ll caveat that with the fact that their opinions seem to run the fucking county.

Not so funny now, is it?

Donate? Get to fuck!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

98 thoughts on “The Sun is Racist

  1. The fucking pseudo-intellectuals who read the G-rag think that they are the intelligencia with their academically-undemanding degrees in English and other “arts” subjects.
    Most of them struggled to get a decent grade in maths ,physics or chemistry at skool so have no understanding of anything scientific and believe all the twaddle that these so-called experts peddle.
    Cunts , the lot of them!

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