Jame – The Trans Rights Activist

A cunting for the giggling, narcissistic imbecile and TRA (Trans Rights Activist), ‘Jame’, and the generation it represents.

Jame le Jambon is what happens when children go through life never being told ‘no’, an entitled, self-important, callous, irresponsible, unaccountable fucktard who probably doesn’t believe in most of the crap it pretends to and just wants to cause trouble out of resentment. This week it’s a transsexualist thug manhandling women, next week a Just Stop Oil masturbater. In a few weeks an Ext. reb. Orangutan on a train roof.

Jame is the quintessential spoilt, nihilistic, directionless millennial/zoomer twat, who is nothing without aocial media, special pronouns and fashionable nonsense.

It couldve been Chesterston who said ‘those who believe in nothing will believe in anything’.

Jame is the end product of our socialist education system. Believes in nothing, so will adopt any flimsy bullshit going into its flakey worldview.

Vote Labour, get Jame
Vote Tory, get Jame
Vote Lib Dem, get Jame.

Time to start getting tough on these narcissistic freaks. Letting kids out of school early because it’s a bit hot is not going to help.

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Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

45 thoughts on “Jame – The Trans Rights Activist

  1. Well done and very true. The 0.0000000000000001% of the popuklation steering the ship, to which the rest don’t give one single fuck.


  2. I never used to feel this way, certainly not when my son was of an eligable age – he and his friends were holding down jobs, had very happy social lives and never got tempted into crime or demos, but I honestly think all these young spoilt, transbender, look-at-me- aint-I-cool-makimg-a-wanker-of-myself-on-TikTok bastards should be put in the army, RAF or RN for a couple of years to toughen them up and teach them not just discipline, but self disciplime. Good morning. Glad it is Monday and the lesbian football is done with.

  3. What did Piers expect, when the preening idiot wasn’t even brave enough to show their face?
    Not only a cunt, but a coward, too.

    • Like the Antifa lot. Macho behind a mask, or happy to be a keyboard Rambo online publishing the private details of those they disagree with (aka normal people), but too scared to show their faces in public lest they be harassed themselves. Fucking cowards, the lot of them.

      If the price of gas wasn’t so high, I’d suggest Unkle Terry’s oven. Cunts.

      • For such cunts, a certain gas developed from organophosphates at ICI could be used.

  4. Piers is a cunt.
    Jame got that right.

    Piers was probably having a sly wank under the news desk at that.

    Most media luvvies have to pay good money to be swore at by trannies.

    • Beat me to it mcn, he got that right, pier’s certainly is a cunt.
      If they didn’t keep giving these people the publicity, maybe, just maybe, the civil service wouldn’t feel the need to bend over backwards for them.

  5. The media are culpable in giving these delusional cunts free publicity. In the meantime, recycle the self-important deviant into pig food.

  6. This mental health issue can be cured by gunfire.
    And a grown up with a basic grasp of biology needs to tell this creepy little freak there is no such thing as “trans”.
    The fucking lunatic.
    I wonder if it lives near a school?

  7. Like all degeneracy, this sickness will grow exponentially until eventually consuming itself and the micro brain adherents attach themselves to another host cause.
    I’m enjoying the very public meltdowns these clowns are having,the biggest shame is the collateral damage caused to good people and the health services. This is entirely unnecessary but ultimately self imposed.
    Fuck ’em.

  8. It’s the likes of Jame who actually deserves a bit of a slap who gives the tranny types who just want to be left alone to get on with life a bad name.
    Cunts like him just encourage the desperate Dan look-a-likes to scream and shout when they get misgendered (what a fucking word that is).
    All sensible tranny types know and admit that they aren’t biological female and understand the situation, I saw one give an interview the other week and this ‘woman’ said…

    I have a gender recognition certificate which legally confirms I am a woman, am I a biological woman, No, do I use ladies toilets, Yes, because I would look very silly in a mens toilet dressed like this.

    I think it is all a load of nonsense of course, men dressing up as women but as long as it doesn’t cause harm it’s fine but like everything else the cunts like Jame just can help themselves and fuck it up so much it becomes an issue.

  9. Penis Morgan probably got one of his mates to dress up so he could fabricate yet another story, like he did with the squaddies.
    Oh, nearly forgot – Penis Morgan doesn’t have any friends.

    • I doubt it Vern, there are plenty of these cunts around, tranny activists I mean.
      The sad thing is they get media attention, no idea why.

  10. Hmm, baffled why this mentally ill person is on tv and not in the local psychiatric unit (or possibly Police custody if they check the freaks browsing history) – because it needs the 99% majority of the SANE to call out these twisted fuckers for what they are – lunatics, fantasists and sexual deviant degenerates.
    There is NO SUCH THING as “transitioning” – what you were born as is what you always are.
    When will ONE person in the public eye actually have the honesty to admit what we all know?

  11. Where are all the “normal people rights” activists?
    Why aren’t they being interviewed as well?
    40 years ago we used to alternatively laugh at and pity these mental fuckers – now we have the 1% of fucking freaks (call them what they are) berating and browbeating the 99% for being normal and sane (relatively in my case, obviously!)
    And close that bleedin tunnel fore we all get trans rabies!

    • ‘Trans Rabies’, Vern? Is that what they’re calling Monkeypox these days?
      And why do they call those suffering from that easily-avoided disease ‘Monkeypox victims’? That’s like calling somebody that’s jumped off a cliff a ‘gravity victim’.

      • M-MRCK@ – Afternoon – I guarantee Al Beeb will be pushing it as hard as they can (a familiar feeling for quite a few there I would venture!) – “Monkeypox death curse caused by racist thoughts – we’re all doomed!”
        They will have a hard time getting even the most brainwashed and stupid convinced at their latest scam.
        But it won’t stop them trying.

  12. On the ePCR, you have to put in ‘Gender’ to find the pt, and it quite clearly states:

    ‘The one you were born with’

    or similar. That’s going to be interesting.

  13. Looks like ‘Zoot’, the saxophone player on The Muppet Show, and as a soulless, empty-headed puppet with someone’s fist rammed up their massively-distended catflap, acts like him too.

  14. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Jesus Christ, I have seen dog turds who look better and are more useful, kill it with fire

  15. Best ignored, attention is what it seeks!

    If it persists in trying to get my attention it will get slapped until it retreats back to its hole in the ground.

  16. Piers Morgan is a cunt for calling him “her”. Nothing remotely feminine about this bloke.
    I won’t play. If you are female, you are female, if you are male, you are male, and I will only use the correct terminology as taught using basic English before the left started bastardising the language 1984 style. Besides, these petulant cunts are still going to scream and cry over the pronoun issue no matter what you call them.
    My personal position is call yourself whatever you want, but at no time am I going to follow suit, or pretend I care about your feelings, because I only use he or she, him or her, girl or boy, man or woman. I refuse to refer to a male as female, and vise versa.
    Unless you’ve gone the whole hog. But virtually none of these politically motivated, socially divisive fuckwits will ever come close to that.

    Anyway, we need to resist it. Letting a bunch of ideological fanatics dictate that obvious and relevant facts must not discussed or acknowledged is monumental foolishness. If people had resisted this while the only consequences were malicious gossip and hysterical screeching from despised nut jobs we wouldn’t be at the stage we are now, where state power and big business is being used to promote this absurd regime.

    • MJB@ – If they made “gender reassignment” by chainsaw and made the fucking freaks pay out of their own pocket privately I suspect there would be a lot less of the certifiably insane demanding it.

    • Top name though!
      Jammy Tampon.
      Gender warrior.

      Wish I could call Piers a cunt live on tv.

      In fact id settle for any media type or celeb,

      Hes called Piers because he hangs out on Brighton seafront.

  17. Why worry transbenderism will be compulsory between the ages of 14 and 25 very soon according to the new school curriculum. Oh we do love the land of unicorn we’re even females have a horn, some have balls a beard and a moustache but inside they ladies one and all.

  18. Uncomfortable truth #6:
    There is no such thing as transgender.

    What is uncomfortable truth #1 you ask?
    The vast majority of people are not interested in the truth.

  19. Not quite sure who the bigger cunt is in this case?

    Morgan or that other pathetic excuse of a creature ‘Jame’
    I hope the lads of 2 Para bump into both of these cunts out and about and go medieval on their asses and give them both a pasting they clearly so thoroughly need.

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