Sniffer Joe Biden (3) has Covid

(Nurse: “Just a little prick, Mr President!“)

Uncle Joe tests positive for Chinky Flu……AGAIN!

After “isolating” for 9 days it appears the hair sniffer still has the Lurgi, but no symptoms apparently. Is anyone buying this shit?

Obviously they want him out of public view for as long as possible the embarrassing old cunt. How much longer can they prop up this cardboard cutout President?

It’s only the prospect of Chopper Harris taking his place that keeps him and his equally embarrassing wife in office.

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

64 thoughts on “Sniffer Joe Biden (3) has Covid

  1. It left that gobby old boiler Nancy Pelosi to sashay around last week, trying to stir up World War 3, with her pointless trip to Taiwan. Another good reason for not allowing senile dirty old men to become President.

    (We do have a nom about Skeletor due to go live in the next few days – Day Admin)

    • One most sincerely hopes the last of the few including Her Madge drop off before it kicks off again. It’s not fair that they’d have to go through it twice.

  2. In Disneyworld, they have the ‘Hall of Presidents’ in which waxwork effigies of former Commanders-in-Chief with hydraulic actuators crammed up their catflaps gesticulate to pre-recorded banalities.
    In Geriatric Joe’s case, however, Uncle Walt evidently decided to skip the middle-man and just install a mindless meat-muppet into the White House straight off the bat.

  3. Useless cunt. Covid is the woke man’s sick day. Cant work have covid. Seem on beach then at pub.

    Donald needs to call one. In.

  4. I bet Trump now regrets taking the credit for developing and deploying the Covid vaccine in the U.S. Without it Creepy Joe would doubtless be dead by now. 😂

  5. Did Joe get COVID after sniffing Nancy pelosi stained knickers? I bet her pussy is as rancid as Grimsby fish market on a hot summers day, maybe that is why the Chinese got so upset about her visit to Taiwan, even the Chinese have some standards

    • They’re probably jealous. The Taiwanese made thousand year old dragon fish minge soup with her bloomers and bathwater, a rare and expensive delicacy.

  6. Been in politics for the grand total of 49 years.. achievements.. grand total of fuck all.

  7. Someone phoned from Florida to say Healthy Uncle Joe needs lots of time at home to figure out how to hide the info that he’s in the pocket of The Yellow Peril.

    And his offspring Cunter is a right bent cunt as well.

    Masks on!

  8. Forget Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett. Biden has to be Gerry Andersen’s finest piece of work.

    • Albert Steptoe, waldorf &Statler,
      Private Godfrey,
      Grandad in Fools n horses.

      Sometimes geriatrics are very funny.

      Not so much when steering the ship of a massive superpower with a nuclear arsenal through the choppy diplomatic waters of North Korea, china, Russia, Iran,etc

      Like pedalling downhill on a bike with no brakes.
      Or handlebars.


      • Hes very vaudeville is Joe.
        Loves a bit of slapstick humour.
        Pratfalls, stumbles, slips, trips, falls etc

        Every day is a tribute to Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, stan Laurel.

        Im shocked that when being swore in as president his pants didnt fall down to a comedy kazoo noise.

        Morning Ruff

      • For a brief moment someone put the place where he fell off his bike down as “ Brandon Falls” on google maps.

      • As comedies go, that one Creepy Sleepy made this week where he shakes that fat bloke’s hand then pretends he hasn’t and holds out his hand again was hilarious. What a sense of humour.

        Morning compatriots.

      • Maggie@

        I dont think Joe gets the credit for comedy he deserves.

        Hes the Leslie Neilson of politics.

    • More like Gerry Adams finest piece of work RK,

      “I’m O’rishhh so I am”

      No Joe your a fucking plastic Paddy, now fuck off back to bed you cunt!!!

  9. The White House is becoming more and more like the Bates Motel in reverse. Instead of a corpse controlling the mind of the living, we see a corpse being controlled and told what to do and say by politically inept lunatics.
    Biden could have died weeks ago and the world would be none the wiser.
    Still, anything’s better than Trump, right?

  10. Imagine how hated and hom much of a cunt you would have to be that people would hold their nose and vote for this senile geriatric child smelling cunt to get rid of you.
    I’ve said it before, three hundred million people and the best they could manage was those two.
    Fuck me.

    • Not enough yank presidents get shot nowadays.

      Shame really,
      Another tradition dying out.

      I remember Ronnie Raygun getting shot and he did a odd reaction,
      A perfect impression of Frank Spencer!!


      And kudos for that👍
      Uptill that point id not realised what a great sense of humour he had.

      • The rumour mill reckons that the Donald will be assassinated if the FBI comes up with fuck all after the raid. It’s the only way they will stop him unless de Santos bloke gets the nod from Trump after the midterms.
        Dark days in the states.
        Does anyone know if Sleepy Joe Brandon does any press conferences or have they just given up on that.
        Doocy needs to bring this up with the diversity hire stand in for Psaki.

      • Well the Trumpy fan base has all those assault rifle wielding spackers, so if a tacky maga hat fuck put some 5.56mm Nato rounds (even the ammo these guns fire is for military purpose) into the ailing potus, it would give the Dems a better excuse for controlling the sale and ownership of military grade assault rifles than just orchestrating a mass murder of school children.
        Talking of gun nuts, I’ve seen a few videos put up by republican politicians, usually in or near Texas, where they are proudly showing off their assault rifles and practically goading the government to try taking them away, which makes them look even crazier cunts than before, a difficult task, but done with aplomb.

      • Also, trump fans are so delusional and paranoid, if the crooked fat cunt choked on his favourite Mcdonalds, they would accuse the CIA, FBI, Obama, one world government, lizard people, etc of assassination.
        In fact, if he doesn’t live to 110, foul play will be suspected.

      • @Gutstick Japseye

        Assault rifles? What assault rifles would those be then? Hardly anybody in the US even owns an assault rifle.

      • Ask Eugene Stoner, the inventor of the AR15 what the purpose of his rifle is.
        Funny how the cunts on the US who own these assault rifles all seem to trick them out with military spec accessories and dress up like ‘operators’
        That Rittenhouse clown being a classic example.
        Full auto is for movies and dickheads, no soldier worth a wank would use it, as they generally want to hit what they’re aiming at, instead of wasting ammunition.

      • @Gutstick Japseye

        Assault rifle definition:

        – It must be capable of selective fire.

        – It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle, examples of intermediate cartridges are the 7.92×33mm Kurz, the 7.62×39mm and 5.56×45mm NATO.

        – Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine.

        – It must have an effective range of at least 300 metres (330 yards).

        The AR15 does not possess select fire capability as it only fires one bullet per trigger pull. By definition, not an assault rifle.

        I’ve used the SA80 L85 A1, A2 and LSW……… all assault rifles because they have a change lever on the TMH. The AR15 is not an assault rifle and no amount of wishing a definition-change into existence will ever alter that fact.

        The “A” in AR-15 doesn’t stand for “Assault”. It actually stands for “ArmaLite”. So not an assault rifle then, which is a made up term anyway. – NA.

      • So, by your own definition, the only difference is selective fire, which wasn’t a problem with the SLR, which is an assault rifle.
        I’ve seen pictures of US built AR15s in use by Ukrainians on the front line, and they don’t seem fazed by your definition.
        I’ve fired an M4 and an AK47, both civilian versions, and I couldn’t give a fuck what anyone says, they are assault rifles.

      • I don’t think anyone asserted that the A stood fir assault. Armalite I think was Eugene Stoners company, or the company that manufactured his initial design, which was for military purpose,
        Incidentally, I’m not sure about US police, but I know UK police use HK and SIG manufactured ARs, and I’m reasonably sure they are semi auto not selective fire, yet they don’t seem to have a problem with the name assault rifle.
        Also, I really don’t see what the problem is with calling them by their purpose. I’ve seen US army veterans calling them assault rifles, and I’m pretty sure they would know the difference.
        Military calibre, high capacity magazine, picatinny rails for accessories such as laser sights and range finders, tactical flashlights, bipod, foregrips, 3 point harnesses.
        All that spec for shooting rabbits?🤤

      • @Admin

        Correct, I never said that it was. As an aside though, technically all words are made up.

        The term assault rifle however has a distinct meaning. The term that is a bullshit term used by thick-as-pigshit lefties is “assault weapon”……. which is meaningless as it doesn’t really describe anything.

        @Gutstick Japseye

        I am using the accepted, modern, Western usage of the term assault rifle…….. I don’t give a fuck what Ukrainians use nor do I care what you choose to call a “not-a-assault-rifle”.

        I can choose to call my “not-a-12-inch-cock” a 12 inch cock, but just saying it, doesn’t make it so.

      • I think the ‘thick as pigshit lefties’ use the term assault weapon in the same way that law enforcement would, to differentiate between them and more traditional and appropriate hunting rifles which are normally bolt action and low capacity.
        The term assault rifle was coined by Hitler, regarding the STG44 calling it the Schturmgewehr.

      • Mis, if Biden was shot there’d be dust from the exit wound, like an exploding vacuum bag.

    • that applies to the election from 2016.

      Trump vs a woman scared of a cartoon frog and who is also completely unfit to serve, the manic demonic warmonger..

  11. If this guy had saved humanity single handed from a meteor, then maybe, just maybe, we could forgive the Elite from wheeling out this embarrassing excuse for a President.
    But he hasn’t done that. He’s done fuck all of any use and still he is there,

  12. Nothing this regime says…propagated through the filter of the Main Stream Media can be taken at face value. The senile old puppet just left for an extended vacation…with Hunter and his whole family in tow.

    So does he really have it? Did he ever have it? Has he had it twice (as has been reported)? Is he vaccinated? Is he boosted? We will probably never know the truth.

    But be aware…Ji Jing Joe is the most unpopular President to ever steal an election. And the Congressional mid-terms are only 90 days away. Conventional wisdom says the Demonrats will take a beating. (I’m not so sure.) They need something big before then. Like…

    A hotshot to the arm in the disguised form of medicine. A public announcement claiming the Fearless Leader died peacefully in his sleep of Covid complications. A complete revisionist rendition of his great life and accomplishments…not the least of which was banishing the Orange Hitler. And then…the coronation of the first person to identify as a woman of color and another revisionist rendition of her well deserved path to the Presidency along with a cry for unity and support against the Orange Menace and his horde of deplorables.

    Maybe? Maybe not? Just fuel for thought.

    Oh…by the way since Monkey pox isn’t going to do it, what should we expect next?

    LayV! It has just surfaced in China and is described as; “a Zoonotic Henipavirus in Febrile patients in China.”*

    A dead Fraud. A coronated** Flatback. A new pandemic. The Democratic plan for victory in the mid-terms.

    *Source: RAT (FOX) News on line.
    ** I know it’s not a word. But we don’t crown people here in the colonies.

    • If they do “bump off Biden” Kamala would be president ( sheesh) but would Pelosi be VP?

      • Hey Once,

        Sorry for the late reply. Kamalatoe would be able to pick her own Vice President subject to approval of the US House and the US Senate (in separate votes).

  13. A shame Che Kamala hasn’t got the blue mink bat flu.
    That said, there’s more chance of her getting a nasty STD….

  14. I think it’s good that Biden became POTUS as it reveals how the system really operates. Leaders of the big countries are just puppets, but in the past a lot of care was taken not to make that obvious. These days, it seems like the puppet masters can’t be arsed anymore and that is certainly the case with Biden. He was massibely unpopular before he ran for POTUS and his campaign rallies were a joke, no one showed up to them, whereas Trump was drawing 20,000-30,000 wherever he went. We could go into the rigged election, but what’s the point, the video evidence is there of ballot stuffing for all to see in the 2000 Mules documentary:

    One thing the media isn’t telling us is that Trump was suing Hillary Clinton and the judge in that case recused himself and that same judge gave the authorisation to the FBI to raid Mar-A-Lago. What was found there? We don’t know yet. The FBI raised Melania’s wardrobes too.

    It’s chaos in America right now and it will only get worse.

  15. And the federal cunts raiding Trump’s home. Just because they don’t want him running for President again. But will they raid the dodgy cunt Kilary?

    Will they kanckers….

    Viva Big Don!

  16. ‘Orange man bad’ but the world was a darned safer, prosperous and less nutty place when he was the boss.

    No media broohahs over his son stripped from the waist up getting ‘attended to’ by a bunch of 10 and 12 year old girls.

    It’d been Trump’s son, his doors would’ve been kicked in and the media would’ve given him the full Glitter treatment.

    Nothing to see here though.

    Fucking idiots live among us.

  17. America is cunt for brains. The exodus of people from the State of California alone should tell one everything they need to know about the place as they buy properties in remote parts of other States
    The cunts with guns ain’t going anywhere as they think it’s their God given right to defend against political coup and who can argue against that.
    They, the Americans are seriously in need of guidance or it will implode into a shit state of emergency and security and dog eat dog.
    The corporations are the biggest cunts of all, making shit out of what easily could be paradise.

  18. So, a quad vaccinated person (who has dementia) contracts the disease, he promised no vaccinated person could get, get treated with an antiviral and got viral rebound, had another experimental drug, remain infected for at least two weeks and counting, and yet many pretend this is all perfectly normal!

  19. I thought it was reported that he had Covid twice in about as many weeks. Load of tripe, like him.

  20. Fuck me this cunt has had Chinese lurgy more times than the lab bats in Wu.
    He’s past it by about twenty fucking years but at least the Clinton ain’t Pres.
    This shit never ends, Trump will most likely be charged with assisting an alien invasion or some such pointless shite just to cause him grief if he has the audacity to think he may be president again.

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