Shamima Begum (11)

Jesus Christ, will this tart not fuck off and go away? Another plea to return to the UK? Look love do us ALL a fucking favour, shut the fuck up. You wanted to fuck off and join these fucking savages. Accept that you fucked up and ask the Bangladeshi government to take you in?

What is the draw with living here? Is it all the lovely benefits? If you married a dutchman ask them instead, or did he renounce his citizenship in favour of joining cunts are us? Shamina, oh dear how sad never mind.

Zero fucks given here in the UK.

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Nominated by: CuntyMort

51 thoughts on “Shamima Begum (11)

  1. Watching that dangle at the end of a rope would be splendid.

    After a week or two drop it out of an aircraft into the desert the little cunt is so fond of.

    Together with its entire family of vermin.

  2. All this could’ve been sorted years ago with a couple of well placed tomahawks.
    No doubt there’s an army of lawyers fighting her corner now, they should all be charged with treason and assisting terrorism and deported or imprisoned.

    • I’m surprised the Govt didn’t fire off a couple of missiles and then claim it was a negligent discharge and that they are really sorry for the collateral damage caused. After all, the yanks have done it more than once!

  3. I can’t believe she’s not already come over on the dinghy route, our useless leaders wouldn’t have a clue if she did.

  4. Excellent cunting and excellent nom pic.

    She says: “she wants to be ‘used as an example’ to warn other Brits of the dangers of turning to extremism.”

    The best way to satisfy that particular demand would be to let the treacherous slag rot and perish in the shithole she was desperate to fuck off to.


  5. She wants to return so she can cash in on her Gillette sponsorship. The bum fluff fuckpig.

    • And further income guaranteed from stints as a Freddie Mercury tribute act.

      “We will, we will BOMB you” etc.

  6. Shamima Begum could eat a punnet of halal dates through a letterbox with both hands tied behind her back..

    Whilst dressed like a letterbox.

    Little known fact.

  7. She’s a cunt, and sooooo low, she could walk under a snakes belly wearing a top hat.

    • Of course she’s asking again. We keep saying no but we’ve only got to say yes once and she’s in. And eventually we will, because we’re a country of considerate caring stupid bastards. Then she can set about replacing her three little dead Jihadis with fine healthy Jihadis brought up for free by the welfare state. Makes you proud.

      • This reminds me of a description I heard of the American people who are also “considerate caring stupid bastards”:
        Dysfunctionally Optimistic.
        In other words, reality doesn’t become them.

  8. The reporter Adam Drury is a cunt too.

    “Forming close bonds with jihadi brides?”.

    I wonder if he has devoted as much time and column inches to the victims and relatives who these murderous savages and their death cult followers beheaded, burnt alive and threw off roofs?

    Its arseholes like this giving airtime to this sand w*g instead of letting everyone forget about her and letting the cunt rot.

  9. She’ll be smuggled back on 31st October. That way she can pad about in her Grim Reaper costume without much bother. She’ll pick up sweets and chocolate instead of soldiers’ heads and limbs.

  10. Yeah, I’m also surprised that she doesn’t join the dinghy trash. Nobody else gets booted out so why should she? I’m sure libtards would be queuing up to pay her fare. Once here she could become a professional race baiter constantly whining about this lousy racist, fascist country. She would be the darling of the Guardian and the BBC and make a tidy little fortune. She might even move next door to Gary Linekunt, another fucking w*g. What a fucking bitch!

  11. She is a challenging wank. I’ll stick to my vintage home movies of Magda Goebbels and Jiang Qing.

    • She reminds me of Cheroot B Liar, after using camel dung as face cream.
      Greta Thunderbox too… What a bloody pair.
      I wonder if Magic Grandpa drowned in the Islington floods?

  12. Regarding the cunt on the left: thanks for reminding me of this ill-formed piece of shit. Keeps my daily rage meter topped up nicely. Regarding the cunt on the right: global warming is just earth emerging from, and temporally distancing from the last ice age – 10000 years ago – towards its ‘normal’ temperature, grossly misinterpreted as humanity’s fault. And let no cunt tell you different.

  13. Begum will return sooner or later, and will be lorded by the Left just as Greta is treated like a Progressive God by the Eco Loons.

    Expect Begum to go on the interview/lecture circuit telling the world how the West should accept Islam and Shariah Law. The BBC/Guardian/Twitter-types will be in full support of course, just so long as they are far removed from the actual realities of her gibberish.

    She’ll be a millionaire, just like Greta.
    She’ll have books published, ditto
    She’ll sign deals with Netflix, ditto
    She may even receive an OBE for services to being a complete cunt, such is the fucked up world in which we live where being a cunt is seen as a good thing, especially if you tick all the right boxes!

  14. This piece of shit should never be let back into the UK again.
    Because, if she ever is, the smelly slag will breed like a rabbit and fill our already infested to the limit country with hordes of her bastardised vermin….

    • We’ve already got 10’s of 1000’s of shit like her in this country, adding another isn’t even like pissing in the Pacific. It’s far too late to get back to being a normal country, the medieval wögs have already won.

  15. Ah the begum creature, when you almost forgot about it, like dog shit she comes back when you never wanted to see it ever again in the first place……..

    If your on the higher tax bracket like me then I think it’s only fair to decide where your taxes go and what they do with it.
    I’d like to see my taxes spent directly on fuel and armaments (hellfire missiles) for an RAF Reaper Drone.

    Piloted from the armchair of a cushdy RAF base in Cyprus the drone should be sent over Syria and it’s ordanance locked onto dear Shamima and her cretinous, backwards savage brethren and dropped right on the cesspool camp she currently resides in.

    No more talk of her ‘coming home’ and no more problem. The footage from the drones camera should also be displayed in every classroom in the many diverse areas in the UK to show other would-be jihadi types what awaits them if they decide to join the cause.

    Fucking evil backward savage cunts.

    • Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the bitch is back and just do the same on Bradford, Birmingham and Luton? In fact, why wait?

  16. This is the same piece of shit who happened to see the occasional severed head that had been tossed into roadside bins but “wasn’t fazed by it”

    • Yes, head in a bin, not a problem 😂

      That was before she got coaching lessons in what to say to get back to the UK

      • Also said she didn’t regret joining ISIS and missed the lifestyle she had in the Islamic State.

        Also interesting how her sprogs keep dying. I believe at least two were due to malnutrition.

        She never went without a bacon butty by the looks of her.

        Verdict? Probably killed them.

        Let the fetid minged cunt rot.

        Where’s Schnorbitz you goofy cunt?

  17. That’s an old photo, she doesn’t carry the empty folded towel these days and wears jeans, T-shirt and baseball cap cos she is westernised 😂

  18. Part of me thinks that she was young, naive and that maybe she’s been punished enough.

    Nah. Set the oven to gas mark 40 Unkle.

  19. She can’t go to Bangladesh, they’ve said they would hang her as a terrorist….

    Let’s get a crowd fund going for a one way ticket, I’d throw in five bob towards that….🔥

  20. Begum, her family, her extended Family, her friends, her passing acquaintances, indeed anyone who knew her, passed her by can go visit Allah with my blessing. Bastards cuntish tribe of squit shits

  21. The one in red looks a bundle of fun, 15yrs old and it’s already joined the ranks of the thin lipped harridans who normally have to put in years of chopping to wear their lips down to a poisonous pout

  22. Dress it in boys clothes and chuck it in a locked room with that deviant rugby cunt.

  23. The majority of 15 year olds have as much common sense as a tin of peach slices. This one believed all the shite on the internet and ran away to peaceful paradise
    Used like a wankers sock three kids all died stripped of her citizenship and living in a toilet in some bombed out shithole awaiting trial by another group of purveyors of human happiness unless your some other type of fucker.
    My point is this “why does our government not get hard with the child rapists that are supposed to be deported, why are the thousands of illegals arriving by dingy not on planes to Rwanda I could go on forever.
    Being a hard government takes a lot more than sticking it to a person who got the madness as a 15 year old and has lost three kids. The best thing this eejit can do is claim to be a man that way the lgbnmkiopytredsw lobby will have her home and housed in two flutters of a drag queens eyelashes Alan’s snack bar

  24. This stinking sweaty fly catcher needs to take her bottle of gypsy tears somewhere else, no one in the UK apart from her benefit claiming family and legal aid screwing solicitor give a flying fuck about whether she lives or dies, the only thing we care about is that she never comes back here to pollute the UK Air ever again.
    This is said with heartfelt enthusiasm _fuck off you peice of dog shit, we don’t want you, fuck off

  25. Wish the devious, conniving cunt would just blow herself up already and her fake ‘baby’.

  26. As I remember it there was CCTV of you and two other girls at the airport unaccompanied without coercion getting ready to board a plane and fly to live in the Caliphate.

    The Caliphate was destroyed and now you want to come ‘home’

    Fuck right off

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