Owen Jones (23)

And for your cuntsideration cunters I nominate the middle aged man child who is often one to complain about harassment yet apparently appears to support harassing others
:- Owen Jones the pixie sized bum man-boy.

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It seems like an ice age since this phobic anti all things normal thick as a brick Cunt made it into the news 📰 but he finally achieved this recently by imploring his followers (beggars belief ) to go and harass Dame Starman

So bum bandit boy thinks it’s ok for him to encourage others to break the law by bothering the labour leader 😂. Leader 😂

He has since removed his tweet. Possibly threatened by twatter with the naughty step.

Owen sit down on that step until your head clears and your bottom stops hurting you midget brained idiot.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

68 thoughts on “Owen Jones (23)

  1. People like Owen Jones are the reason I support national service. Maybe forcing young people to spend a few years grafting and doing manly things would remind feminised fe-men like Jones of their place in the world.
    …either that or just bring back bullying.

    • A bullied boy is a better boy. Tom sharpe. Well nearly. He actually said a beaten boy a better boy.
      Both would help this Cunt

    • People like Owen Jones are why I support
      euthanasia..whether he likes it or not..

    • Holy Shit! DeplotheSausage, I haven’t seen you on here in fucking ages. How the devil are you Mate?

      • I’m good thanks mate. How are you? I’ve been on almost every day to read the cuntings but not had much chance to comment. Been flat out at work and my daughter was born 4 months ago so had my hands full with her. I’m in bed with man flu at the mo so thought I’d use the opportunity to get back on ISAC. Hope all you cunters have been good 👍.

      • @DeploytheSausage

        I’m okay thanks Pal. Great to hear about your daughter.


        Not so good to hear about your case of the man coof though.

        It’s so good to see you back on ISAC. Is this going to be a more regular thing then?

      • Thanks mate. I keep meaning to get back on here but my life just revolves around milk, nappies, nap times etc at the mo.
        Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully as the baby gets a bit older I’ll get some spare time again 🤞😂

      • Forty years? You’ll be lucky DtS! Tomorrow I’m booked to spend the day at our younger one’s on car and house maintenance. Next day same thing at the elder one’s place.

        But seriously, congratulations!

  2. You’re in your own there, son.

    He took on five Nazis and kicked them all to fuck. He’s ‘tougher than he looks.’

    Local hard men mess their trousers if Owen walks into the room.

    “Jones? Fackin’ ell. Start the mo-ah, Babs. Let’s get the fack outtah here.”

    Mad Frankie Fraser

    “I’m a pugilist specialist, but no way I’m fighting that maniac. Put my belts in the bin, Frank.”

    Lennox Lewis

    “I threw a fridge up the stairs at the cunt to show him who the daddy was. The cunt ripped his own arm off to prove a point and beat me unconscious with it.”

    Charles Bronson HMP Broadmoor

    “I hit dat mudda fucka wid da fuckin’ spade. Piece of shit was out. Buried the mutt alive. I was gettin’ my meat pounded of dat hot jew bitch and, bing, mother fuckah roses from the dead and kicks my fuckin’ ass. Fuck that shit! Am I funny? Do I amuse you..?”

    Joe Pesci from Goodfellas

    • I heard he turned up at the bike sheds to have a go at The Worcestershire Warrior?

      • Owen got all giddy when he said “I’m gonna give him a pounding in the ring”.

  3. It only takes one nutter for what happened to David Amess or the St Jo of Blessed Cox to happen to Kier Starmer. Wee Owen Jones might say “I only said to harass him, nothing else” but the type of leftie wanker who listens to this prick and others like him are not known for reasoned debate or tolerance of dissenting opinions.

  4. I will say that Owen did call Kweer Charmer a liar the other week, and really tore him off a strip for the fake that he is – which is more than the Labour Party poofters do, so for that reason I won’t call him a cunt this time round – I can’t imagine Streeting, Kyle or the Revd Underpants (Bryant) being that frank.

  5. A couple of years back, Admin removed my post (arguably justifiably!) where I hoped that Lilly Allen would be raped in a French migrant camp.
    If I wished for the same to happen to übermincer Owen Jones, would my post be okay?

    • By an uncanny coincidence Owen Jones has a recurring dream about this too Mr Cunt Engine.

      • Probably the same dream as potty old Lord Adonis – fancies Macron’s love truncheon up his jacksie.

    • As long as they murder and bury the cunt afterwards, I would say that’s most reasonable Thomas.

    • Evening Mr Cunt Engine.
      I feel the post would be suitable for my palette, however I fear that dirty little spunk trumpet Jones would relish the chance to be back-scuttled by horny aspiring architects whom reside in the woods outside Calais. It’s probably a wank fantasy of his already.

      A more fitting punishment for Jones would be to banish him to Mecca during Holy month with a sign tattooed on his back in Arabic saying ‘I suck cock for fun’.
      I’m sure the Peacefuls would give him a one off flying lesson from the highest building in the realm, all to back ground roars of ‘Alan’s Snackbar’ or words to that effect.

  6. What day is Owen Jones is a wanker day, can’t wait until December, Owen Jones is wanker every day.

    Maybe Kweer should tweet ‘every time you see Owen Jones on the street shout ‘Owen you are a wanker’

    Just to be clear, Kweer is also a wanker 👍

  7. Like Corporal Jones said: “Lefty, metropolitan, hypocritical, gobshites don’t like it up ‘em.” At least in one sense, though, the Corporal was wrong about his namesake.

  8. It’s cunts like this that are making the country into a shithole.

    He’s blatantly a traitor..

    So hang the rat.

    • I saw Owen Jones in a online article the other day,

      Lost a lot of weight!!

      Fingers crossed!🤞

      Hi Admin, this mornings first nom my post was deleted,
      But I dont understand why?
      What caused it to be pulled,
      So I dont make the same mistake?


      • Afternoon Mis.

        I used gri*tle the other day without thinking. I could hear Ruff in the back of my mind saying “I don’t post warnings on trigger words for the sake of it!”.

      • This appeared LL .
        Another cunter commented,
        Then (💥pop!)
        But wasnt libellous, racist, or nasty.
        Dunno, fuck knows why.

      • A cunting I made about a former footballer’s shirt getting sold for £7m kept fucking off.

        Wouldn’t even appear when posted.

        In fact, my first reply here did the same. Let’s see if this works.

      • I know what it is!

        Try posting the name of the former England player who got £7m for Maradona’s shirt.

        Post fucks off instantly.

      • Cuntybollocks@

        Name the lead singer with seminal band Talking Heads.
        First to post wins!

      • Howd you do that?
        Normally it sends your post into the Twilight Zone!

      • I replied to your comment mis.
        My reply had chuck norris’s name in it..chuck could be trigger Happy in he’s films..

      • Dont think its that Baz?!
        I mentioned Chucks massive dayglo teeth in his little wizened crabapple head the other day.

        But your reply got pulled to didnt it?

      • It was I was shocked and horrified by it, I have been on my antique fainting couch all day with smelling salts..

      • Luckily I carry a brown paper bag to help me get my breathing under control.
        And spare undercrackers.

      • Admin took “Byrne” off the naughty step Ages ago Miserable.

        I’m next going try posting the name of the footballer that CB didn’t name.

      • Byrne was my favourite one Ruff .
        I expected Cuntybollocks to try at least twice before realising it was a verboten word.
        I cant keep up with it.
        Fuckin wordpress.
        Its like fuckin snakes n ladders on here.

      • Yep, Steve Hôdgé disappeared completely!

        Another bizarre word to add to the blacklist.*

        * not being intentionally racist.

  9. That “mr joe average” facing Owen in the header pic,
    He looks like Old Bill to me.

    Probably needs to speak to Owen about a incident on a windswept common or heath?

    A brief occurance in a outdoor lavatory?

    Plead the fifth Owen!
    Say nowt till the duty solicitor shows.
    Your being persecuted for your lifestyle.😂😂

  10. It is ironic that the opposite of whiny Jones is that fat god bothering professional windbag Peter Hitchens?
    That could only ever be a cunt off surely?

    • Ironically GJ, PH is views used to not be dissimilar to OJ, difference is he grew out of Lefty waffle and mover to right wing waffle instead!

      • Leftwing Rightwing,
        Just some cunt telling you to do what they want you to do.
        They can fuck off.

      • Too right CQ. Two cheeks of the same arsehole, fighting to blow gas out of the middle.
        Cunts paid for opinions. Fuck me, I could make a fortune!

      • Nail on the head there Mis!

        Oh, by the way, our elder daughter is now up your way a few miles outside Derby. I’ve told her that on your recommendation she should go look round the peaks.

      • Hello Arfur!

        Hope she settles in ok and likes it.
        Will you go up to stay over?
        See grandkids etc?

        Some beautiful places up North as you know,
        Im working in Matlock Bath later this week,
        Thats a nice place,
        Good for anyone into motorbikes too.

      • I think she’ll be OK Mis, she”s a big girl now. I was given the task of finding the house she’s in now as I’m retired and only a hundred miles from Derby. I’ve chatted to a couple of her new neighbours and they seem very sound down-to-earth people. She hasn’t got kids, it’s her sister who has our three grandkids. I’ve told her she should get a permanent man and get on with it. As you say though it gives me the opportunity to get back to the Peak District. I haven’t been there for too many years now. You’re lucky working in places like Matlock, recent years I’ve worked areas like Dagenham, Slough….

  11. Owen is such a massive bummer and a cunt that surely he is due a massive dose of monkeypox. I’d love to see him covered in scabs and contusions like a 17th century plague victim. He really is a dirty fucking p*nce.

  12. The manchild and jism gobbling Jones has the same simpering grin as that other objectionable arsehole Stella Creasy. They could have been part of the same placenta, separated at birth.

    Hitchins is a crusty old windbag. Both are worthy of multiple and sustained cuntings.

  13. Is Owen Jones the unhappiest ‘man’ in Britain? The evidence is there.

    Resentment seems common amongst the Left. The world hasn’t recognised their brilliance and it’s the system’s fault.

    They used to go on about ‘workers’ but have never been near a shovel or a hammer in their lives. Getting a degree in Dance and Gender Criticism from a McUniversity is more their thing.

    Before they know it, they’re a retired council worker screaming down the phone to LBC.

  14. It’s his best day ever! The plebs will be going green this winter because even turning a light on will cost pounds not pence. No power for the people.

    The cream on his cake is Trump will be disbarred from a run in 2024 on some technically that’s never been thought of until now.

    Owen is closer fascist, but he’s ready to come out of the closet now.

  15. This twat can solve the coming winter energy crisis. We just need to convert boilers to run on piss.

  16. Owen Jones really is the profanisaurus (dictionary of profanity) literal meaning of a Cunt Candle.

    ‘A person of outstanding idiocy or twatdom, one who stands out from all other twats as a shining example of what not to be like’

    Owen Jones, you sir are a Cunt Candle of the highest order!

  17. When this little pound shop Larry Grayson got ‘violently attacked’ by so called ‘Far Right extremists’ the evidence was thin at best.

    He proudly sported to his ‘left wing extremist’ cronies in the media what were at best the sort of carpet burns he may have expected after being bummed by his latest squeeze that he’d taken home from the Blue Oyster Bar.

    Eventually after exhaustive enquiries the politically motivated police force identified the suspects and they were put on trial.

    Even though no dialogue was exchanged during the so called ‘Far Right Extremist’ attack (she was pushed over) James Healy received 2 and a half years in Chokey.

    No dialogue exchanged.


    What’s not fully covered in this link is that apparently when the politically motivated police went to his house and found the pictures of him doing Nazi salutes the Judge then sentenced him on the probability that he was ‘probably’ someone who hated the Gays.

    2 other people were also sentenced but received suspended sentences so you have to ask why the disparity?

    It could have only have been down to the Nazi Salute because if any of them had ratted on the others there’s no way that wouldn’t have been reported.

    So 2 years and 8 months because he ‘probably’ hated the Gays.

    I’m sure it would take me far less than 2 minutes and 8 seconds on the internet to find a case where real horrendous violence had been dished out to some old Granny and the perpetrator gets less bird.

    Of course that was a few years back but if anything things have only got worse, we had the horrific torture of the gentle bank robber Chicken George Floyd that sparked mass protest in the UK during a legally enforceable lock down where thousands marched unmasked to vent their righteous disgust without the fear of prosecution but should a relative die and you dare to sing or invite more than 20 people to the funeral then you can expect the full force of the law to bear down on you.

    In other news, energy prices are going through the roof, inflation is at a 40 year high, interest rates are doubling every two months but call a spade a spade or push over a puffter and all your money worries will disappear overnight as you will be entertained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

    The shrills at Jimmy Saville House (credit to the Emperor of East Anglia) continue to knowing employ all types of deviants, males of South East Asian heritage are exposed as having raped thousands of vulnerable under age white girls whilst the authorities knowingly turned a blind eye, paralysed by the fear of being branded ‘racist’.

    Dingy riders continue to arrive on the shores of Kent so much so that during the legally enforceable lockdown out of nowhere we were treated to the Kent Variant of C19 which led the authorities to reclassify the variants in the names of the Greek alphabet whilst at the same time they were handing out contracts worth billions to friends and family such as SERCO.

    And let’s not forget the new ‘Hate Crime’ laws. A convenient piece of legislation that make voicing opinions against most of the above illegal.

    How on earth have we allowed this to happen?

  18. I have never read any of his opinions. I assume he is a middle class leftie bumboy. Dont seem to be many of them up this way.

  19. I remember this turd when he wrote for the newly released “i” newspaper, I thought hhmmm.

    This lads never done a days graft in his life , what the fuck does he know about left wing politics and the struggles of working people..scraping ice of your windscreen at six in the morning, getting a written warning for being late clocking on.

    The conclusion I came to was.


  20. Wokey cunt, well fuck him an knickers an all
    The only solution to limps is, stand and be counted.
    Nah, i wouldn’t be bothered either.

    It is sad though, that

  21. The police may have commanded respect at one point. Now they are as intimidating, composed and as laughably overzealous in control freakery as a substitute art teacher. They seem ill at ease with the general public, don’t seem to know the law, are quick to start shouting and often condescending pricks, as the above video shows.

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