Net Zero 2050

I thought it might be topical to nominate this steaming pile of the proverbial once again in the face of energy costs increasing exponentially of their own accord awaiting Net Zero to deliver the final killer blow.

Dr Benny Peiser, GWPF director, puts it more eloquently than I ever could:

“Decades of childish and misconceived green policies have done nothing to reduce global CO2 emissions and have only succeeded in stirring up intense public resistance. We are constantly told to do ‘more’, but more of the same will be disastrous. Renewables are futile, ineffective and have no future. Gas and nuclear have to be fast-tracked if there is any chance of publicly acceptable, long-term climate policies.”

Will the new PM grasp the nettle on this (should we start saving up to buy her some Kevlar gloves to protect her dainty little hands)? Answers on a postcard to…..

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Environmental levies currently cost the UK economy £11 billion a year (that’s £150 extra on every electricity bill and adds a further £250 to every household budget).

Plus if you need further proof that Johnson is a serial liar he stated that “renewable energy has helped reduce bills” whereas the OBR has confirmed that green levies are currently piling an extra £billion onto bills every year and forecast to rise to over £12billion in 2026.

Will a Labour/SNP coalition reverse this madness or increase it?

Start saving up for a diesel generator now before they all sell out!

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Nominated by: Mikdys

71 thoughts on “Net Zero 2050

  1. Dr Peiser is exactly the sort of person you’d never see or hear on the BBC, which is a fucking scandal.

    • David Bellamy back in the day was black balled by the BBC because he admitted he didn’t believe in Global Warming. Minute that came out, he was never seen on the BBC again.

      • Absolutely. Poor old fucker. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Maybe we’ll have it in this country one day.

      • I always remember him on Blue Peter saying a hamburger was a superfood bet the beeb didn’t like that.

    • What else would we expect from a corporation who think Orwell’s 1984 is an instruction manual.

    • loved david bellamy as a kid, remember wondering why he suddenly disapeared. then i found out the real reason a few years ago. his wife said he never ever got over it and could not understand as a scientist it was the first time he had ever been denied the right to question things. fuck the bbc cunts and all the green actavist retard bastards

  2. Net zero? Fuck that, the net should have dinghy riders ,Greta thundercunt , magic grandpa, suck dick khan , and the whole labour party and every one who is anti Britain, and the unions and the rip off power and utility companies, ( it would need to be a big net because of Dianne Abbott and her fat arse, ) and then be dropped in the marianas trench

  3. Just another Marxist Trojan horse, designed to keep the human race inline and grateful!

  4. There will never be a ‘net zero’ while hundreds more parasites a day land on these shores. Im past caring about it all now, I have done all I can do to save energy and am still being fleeced from all angles. And just to spite little cunts like Greta I am definitely going in the oven to be disposed of when I croak. Zero that you fucking eco loons.

    • In the spirit of the nom; I’ve been pondering the options for Terry in order to drop his overheads significuntly and ensure his viability into the next decade when his services will be needed most and I’ve come up with an idea…

      Y’know those desert solar reflector installations that focus the sun onto a heat exchanger atop a 100ft high concrete pillar; how’s about yanking the generation plant out and installing an elevator lined with furnace brick. The unwanted are sjamboked in, press button for “TOP FLOOR”, elevator ascends, doors open, vapourisation within 3 seconds and….phwoomph!

      Quick, efficient and basically self cleaning.

  5. Don’t forget the ballast for these eco loons. A nice large vessel so it implodes should sort it. Mind you imagine all the shit bubbling to the surface.

  6. The Green agenda, where does one start. we have lovely wind turbines planted in hundreds of tons of concrete across mountains places of beauty and blades that spin have a short life and not recyclable. That’s a very good long term strategy.
    They tell you to go electric but the batteries are bolloxed after a hundred k, another great and lovely fluffy ideal by our poisons Green Greta’s.
    Its all bollox from start to finish with em as they get subsidies and grants for they’re partners in crime. Everybody loves the Environment but fuck off with the shit for brains alternatives that these clowns come up with.

  7. Net Zero BOLLOCKS.
    It’s the Overly populated planet that’s the problem, you can bang on about green policies and fuckin net zero as much as you like it doesn’t make a scrap of difference . We are a virus on the planet and no cunt seems to be able to see it .

    • It might be helpful to depopulate the worst cesspits on the planet Fenton.

      Imagine a world devoid of stinking sob stories about a flood in Bangladesh,a famine in Sudan,typhus in Pakistan,typhoons in Indonesia..the list is a fucking long one..

      Annihilate the sponging rubbish and save a 300 year old oak Tree in Berkshire!

      Jolly good.

      • But what about the comedy sketch of little Umboko M’Wengwe and his dodgy bicycle journey, played in prime time TV as I’m eating my white privilege dinner? I need a fucking good laugh each day.

  8. A the Chinese? Indians ?
    Developing world 🌎. Oh no they’ll all have crossed the channel by then.

    • Quite so, Cuntstable. The commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050 was in all the main parties 2019 election manifestos.

    • My thoughts too CC, all the bloody same. Not one of the major parties Have done anything to stop mass immigration, NHS problems ad infinitum. Nothing but piss and wind then collapse when some cunty legal twat demands that General Marshall Zonk Asire Ramabottom butcher of kilmorebongo should be granted permanent resident status cos 84 of his wives and 40 children live in social housing in Barking and he is of the opinion that he will be killed if he returns to what he left of his country also school, medical treatment, housing are free here and white women, short prison terms. Fuck them all

  9. Whoever become PM needs to stop the bloody “green levies” on day one – it doesn’t matter how many eco warriors and Starmer arse-lickers piss their pants in frustration, and however much Greta Thunburg squeams and squeams and squeams, we just can’t afford it – and whatever we do, it will mean fuck all to China and India play ball, which they will never do.

  10. The eco loons always counter with the same argument. “Look at the science”.
    But it’s not science is it? Coming up with a doomsday conclusion and skewing figures to fit isn’t fucking science. Only one theory being accepted by the msm isn’t science, it’s propaganda.
    Real scientific theory should be tested to destruction, and that’s why they don’t want opposing theories becoming public knowledge. The whole climate change lie would be blown apart and they know it.

  11. But what about these unprecedented heatwaves? I mean wildfires near london.
    And Europe is as dry as a bone.
    There’s summat up with the climate.

    • It’s a very hot summer.

      And, as well as the fucking human shit that comes up from Africa we have to also put up with hot air.

      In the UK we have increased the population without increasing water storage and fixing leaks so a bit of hot weather and it’s a fucking crisis.

      • seems a lot of the water pipes have more leaks than flow through them. the cunts get fined for not fixing them but the fine is cheaper than the repairs so they keep paying the fine. nothing will change till they start jailing the bastards

    • We had fucking ice age where the population was near wiped out. If we had an ice age must mean it was warmer before….fuck all back then to do with emissions and humans getting colder. It’s planetary evolution…….several species have wandered this planet before man, and evolution of the Earth will, in time make way for the next species.

    • We had very similar summers in 1959 and 1976 but people didn’t get so panicky back then – 1960 was one of the wettest summers on record (1958 was piss poor too) and as I recall 1977 wasn’t great -these things have a habit of working themselves out.

      • ‘The Azores High is a persistent atmospheric high-pressure ridge over the North Atlantic surrounded by anticyclonic winds that steer rain-bearing weather systems and modulate the oceanic moisture transport to Europe. The areal extent of the Azores High thereby affects precipitation across western Europe, especially during winter. Here we use observations and ensemble climate model simulations to show that winters with an extremely large Azores High are significantly more common in the industrial era (since CE 1850) than in pre-industrial times, resulting in anomalously dry conditions across the western Mediterranean, including the Iberian Peninsula. Simulations of the past millennium indicate that the industrial-era expansion of the Azores High is unprecedented throughout the past millennium (since CE 850), consistent with precipitation proxy evidence from Portugal. Azores High expansion emerges after CE 1850 and strengthens into the twentieth century, consistent with anthropogenically driven warming.’

      • Yup….I was in my prime early teens in 1976 and yes, it was fucking hot, but back then the UK adult population- actually even the non adult population were a lot more matter of fact and stoic than they are now. Remember tarmac melting, so lorries if stationary were quite literally sinking into the roads. Water stand pipes and bowsers were a regular sight in the village where I lived…… people can’t even be bothered to go out and pick up a McDonalds, they order it from their sofa and get shit in a bag delivered. If you told them today, to get water they would have to walk to the village green with a couple of jerry cans they would go fucking nuts and say it’s their human right to have water coming out a tap…..that’s the fucking difference- everything today is blown out of all proportion because the population is fucking spoon fed by the government, councils, and help groups.


      • Last summer was the coldest on record.

        This year it’s unusually hot, but that doesn’t mean everything the eco loons are saying is right.

      • It was all the fault of greedy Capitalism
        exploiting the earth too much.

        Like we’re having to clear things up after a long wild party.

      • @MP
        If you disapprove of Capitalism – an economic system responsible for bringing unprecedented numbers of people in the world out of poverty, raising the living standards of billions of ordinary cunts, including ourselves – then maybe you’d feel more at home somewhere like North Korea… or failing that, Venezuela. Or perhaps you fancy living under a Kleptocracy, a la Putin’s Russia – he’s fabulous isn’t he?
        Failing that, how about an authoritarian Theocracy – Iran would fit the bill – should be right up your street being a fundamentalist religious type n’ all.

  12. Any cunt who moans about the cost of living crisis, but demands net fucking zero asap, is a fucking moron.

    Had a bit of a disagreement with an acquaintance recently on this. Whining on he was about his bills and shite. I mentioned sacking off the net zero madness, at least for a while, but he disagreed. I basically told him to keep pushing for net zero then, until he lives in the dark with no heating on and no fucking food in the house, apart from a few bugs.

    I also told him never to fucking moan to me about the cost of living crisis, if he agrees with net zero.

    The thick cunt.

  13. Who would argue that our so called elected representatives appear to be little more than enforcers for transnational interests who hate us? For decades they used the EU fig leaf to avoid responsibility for their actions, parliament voluntarily became a mere rubber stamp.

    Then Brexit followed by Trump! Now they are throwing all their toys out of the pram at once, desperate to achieve what they want before they lose everything. The financial crisis, bat flu and Ukraine can all adequately be explained by excessive greed and stupidity by a tiny group of cunts imho.

    Tin foil hats only.

  14. Reliable v Unreliable, if you want energy security then there is only one choice.

    I am not against clean energy but it has to be reliable and nuclear, large and small plants, seems to be the best answer to the core supply.

  15. Thats why I’m buying shares in Uranium mining companies. (Such as Cameco)
    As much as it pains me to say, Nuclear power will be the saviour once western governments realise how green produced power on its own will never meet power demand in at least the next 100 years.
    Something needs to bridge that gap. That’ll be Nuclear. Hence why I’m buying stocks in the raw fuel that will power these nuclear power stations.

    The green agenda is driven by profit and taxing people who are tricked into feeling guilty about having a hot shower twice a day. Trust me, the Davos gang will keep having hot showers and flying their private jets:

    Slightly off topic, this short 45 second video shows nuclear reactors being turned on, quite eerie I found:

  16. Remember the hole in the ozone layer that was all the rage back in the 80s?
    CFC’s removed from aerosols, all sorts of panic mongering.
    It was then pointed out by some helpful astrophysicists that if we didn’t have holes on the ozone layer, earth would choke and end up like Venus.
    The ‘experts’ looked pretty fucking stupid, so changed their tack to global warming, and still people fucking believed them.
    If you have two ‘experts’ in a room with different theories, only one can be right. Which means only one of them is a fucking expert! I’m sick to death of Mickey mouse climate ‘experts’.

    • Yeah…what the fuck happened to acid rain…did we cure it back then or was it all bollocks….hmmm let me think.

  17. Human activity is damaging the planet, to what extent is a question I can’t answer. What I do know is that windmills, electric cars and reducing flatulence in cows will be as effective as trying to stop Mount Etna erupting by standing at the bottom and pissing on it. Jordan Peterson, and many others, believe the global population will naturally begin to fall dramatically in just a few decades. The Chinese might decide to speed that up a bit too, don’t suppose the long term climate models take that sort of thing into account. The 2 best suggestions I have heard to reduce CO2 emissions on a significant scale are not under serious consideration; Re-greening the Sahara and other deserts, this would involve major investment in desalination plants and infastructure to channel the water where it’s required. The Saudis have made noises about doing this on a limited scale but are stupid and lazy sociopaths.
    (Giving Brazil a few billion to stop deforestation would be a decent start also.)
    Best chance I think would be to turn to tidal power globally. Building a dam across the Severn estuary full of turbines could supply half our energy needs, with the added bonus of annoying the Welsh. Might cost a bit admittedly. Write to your MP and inform them that they are a cunt, possibly enclosing a bit of dogshit. It’s the only language they understand.

  18. Aww look at the bunny wabbits in the picture. Reminds me of Watership Down. ‘Fiver’ and all his fweinds.

    How brave they were!

    Yes, thats it. Our only hope of saving the planet. Captain Mag enlisting an army of wabbits to confront developers.

  19. The commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050 was in ALL the main party’s 2019 general election manifestos. That (and the horrendous thought I would be helping Boris Johnson get into Downing Street) was why I chose to spoil my ballot paper.


        “Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.”

        Hardly “small print” 🙄

        Also in the manifesto:

        “We will lead the global fight against climate change by delivering on our world-leading target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as advised by the independent Committee on Climate Change.”

        Can’t say we weren’t warned.

      • But who reads a manifesto RTC?

        Maybe we all should as this is how they sneak this shit through.

        We vote on our tribal instincts without realising our tribal leaders have done a deal with the devil.

      • That’s alright, I was called a tory because I’m not that fussed by the Irish.
        Saying that, I’ve been called a gimp and an erratic clown, and some other childish drivel earlier.
        Oh, and cuntspedding trolling me over spelling and grammar.
        Where is the dude who was banging on about cunters picking on a cunter?
        Not complaining though, it’s only guff from Internet randoms.
        Insults only effect me if they’re from someone whose opinion I give a shit about. 🙂

    • Not only should we be worried about party manifestos but also the UN who are proud to boast their relationship with the WEF.
      Last I heard the UK had signed up to all of the UN’s not so fluffy sustainable development goals and mass immigration policy.

  20. The only real benefit I got from the COVID bollocks is it once and for all stopped me watching / reading the MSN or pretty much all news for that matter.

    I very occasionally pop into Guido Fawkes and of course the award winning ISAC.

    I can’t pinpoint a day when it happened but I just realised it really is all bullshit that I can do nothing about so the best way to stop my piss boiling and my blood pressure going through the top of my head was to shut it out completely.

    My Dad used to tell me this years ago but I thought I knew better and was what could be described as a political animal always ready to take on a Lefty and prove my gang was better than their gang. Oh dear me….

    I used to have it my head that once upon a time politicians were nobel and came into politics after a life in business in order to give something back, I’m sure in some cases that was true and for me I believe Thatcher was one of these people however in reality I’m sure most did it to protect their and their establishment mates business interests.

    Now it’s the other way around and we have career politicians who are the puppets of the Industrialists who when booted out of power make gazillions in industry or the like, you know like Blair for example.

    Western ‘leaders’ believe even less than Donald Trump that there’s climate change and the only way we can ‘defeat’ it (fuck me that’s hilarious) is by going Net Zero by 2050.

    The simple fact is there’s loads of tax payers money to be made out of it and they are actually totally fine with impoverishing millions of people along the way in order to profit from it.

    I’m afraid t’was alway the case but these days they have to try to be a bit more subtle about it. At least the Oligarchs are open about raping the state.

    So I don’t watch or read the ‘news’ anymore because what’s the fucking point?

    If it’s important enough I’ll find out about it.

    I can’t do anything about the stories I hear and it only boils my piss when I see/hear it because I’ve finally realised that there really is an establishment and a so called elite who genuinely think we are all cunts and if they could they’d swat us like flies.

    But they can’t because fortunately we still have a ‘democratic’ electoral process but I’m sure they are well on with fixing that.

    In the U.K. we now have a whole raft of laws which have gradually worn away our freedoms of speech.

    It has been a drip drip process but it’s very real and it’s been done in plain sight

    Take religion for example. It is simply a set of beliefs and in any democratic society all beliefs have the right to be challenged.

    Not anymore I’m afraid because the right of Religious expression is now protected under the Hate Crime Law.

    I am under no illusion this was done to stop open criticism of the religion of peace and the effects of mass bombings and stabbings that for some time have become routine so what do you do, well introduce laws to make it illegal to criticise a religion that advocates this shit because it’s shines a light on the shit cunts that have allowed this shit to happen.

    And this has all been done under a ‘Conservative’ government.

    Wow. Fucking wow.

    So what’s the point?

    Fuck me I’m ranting and I shouldn’t be because Blackistan Rovers won again today and we are top of the league and going to take that Tsunami of shit Man Utd place in the PL next season🤣🤣

    • Net zero is what my taxes will come to for this financial year and the foreseeable future .
      I refuse to give funds to the irresponsible.

      Is mankind destroying the planet?
      Thats undeniable.
      We pump shite into the rivers and sea.
      We cut down massive tracts of virgin rainforest.
      We are like maggots infecting a apple.

      But, the atmosphere and global warming?
      Doubt we do it any good,
      But dont think we are heading for a manmade armaggedon.

      Id have more respect for the green lobbyists, eco warriors, enviro mentalists,
      If they had the courage to say the basic truth,

      Overpopulation is the biggest eco crisis.

      But you never hear them say it .

      • Figures vary, but only between 10% and 15% of world is honky.

        It’s not us breeding like fucking rats.

        Nobody dare point out the elephant in the room. Too many Sam Boes, Bat munchers, wobbly heads and Joe Dakis.

      • You’re right MNC and once upon a time this was a prominent message.

        However to suggest it now could lead to accusations of racism so it’s been conveniently side stepped.

        It’s now the fault of meat eaters and motorists and Trump supporters.

        There’s fuck all point trying to research this subject on the internet because Google have made sure that any ‘dissenting’ views don’t get heard.

        The oceans emit a staggering amount of Co2 via decaying sea life.

        And population growth even more.

        Harry Hewitt is a cunt of stratospheric proportions but on this subject he had a point

      • Fuck me, Prince Harry’s carbon footprint must be the size of Godzilla wearing clown shoes.

        Leonardo Di Caprio, he’s the most hypocritical. He preaches all the time about carbon footprint and he’s rarely off a jet plane.

        The rich cunts need to lead the way with going green, as they can afford to. The average household can’t go green. Give council housing folk free solar panels. Like everything else, “going green” is being handled in bumbling, money-wasting way by Westminster. Get the Japanese to handle it, not our shower of spastics.

    • Nicely put👍

      I’ve been trying to wean myself off the “MSM news” and it’s helped a lot where I’ve ditched the “telly tax” and don’t watch live TV any longer. (Having said this it may take a few years to get the image of that sneering cunt who presents the “ITV views” out of the back of my mind!).

      Usually, in the past, the politicunts have done things like swipe half of your wages in tax whilst squandering most of the tax they take in. No change there and you could reasonably safely ignore that status quo. But Net Zero is so much worse than that I don’t think it can be ignored. If it’s followed through on it literally has the potential to lower the standard of living of the vast majority of plebs (that’s you and me) to that of pre-industrial times. Worse actually because you won’t be allowed to scavenge for wood to burn on a fire in an attempt to keep warm.

      To add insult to injury there can be no net gain for the planet from this madness either. If you take as read (and many don’t) that rising CO2 levels are skewing the earth’s climate the UK stopping CO2 emissions completely will make no difference whatsoever while China and the developing world increase their output annually by more than the UK absolute total.

      The UK Net Zero plan is like a drowning man clutching at a cast iron drain pipe to breath though in an attempt to save himself. It is utterly, totally, ridiculous and a pernicious imposition on the populace. The non-politicunt wankers that support it are beneath contempt.

      Like has been said above there is no alternative to vote for so spoiling the ballot is the only way forward as far as elections are concerned (yes, I did miss it in the 2019 manifesto – manifestos are like “cookie notices” nobody reads them – and I naively thought I was voting for a consetvative government who would deliver Brexit and repeal some of the bollox but they did neither).

      As for Net Zero itself our options are limited but we should call it out for the horseshit it is at every opportunity and spread the word in the forlorn hope that some common sense may be applied before we all end up in mud huts!

  21. I just hope that in my own modest way I really have helped steal Greta and her whole generation’s future…serves the soft,whinging,benefit-sponging brats right.

    I’ve had my fun and couldn’t give a shiny-shite if the Planet Earth said “enough is enough” and wiped out our whole parasitical species.

    • Evening Dick,

      Im glad im not a young whippersnapper anymore.

      The world doesnt make sense to me anymore.

      I count myself very lucky I grew up when common sense was the order of the day.

      Id hate to see what this country is like in 40/50yrs?
      Glad I wont be around to see it.
      So , yeah fuck the little cunts.
      They get the world they deserve.

      • I just hope I shuffle off before bug eating becomes mandatory to save the planet.

      • Not keen on a lunch with 8legs LL?

        Me neither .

        The marketing and PR depts have their work cut out shilling bugs for dinner😁

  22. Will the government be fitting for free solar panels on council housing? No.

    Will the government be subsidizing solar panels for privately owned homes? No.

    Will the government be installing river turbines and sea turbines? No.

    Will the government create thousands of cheap-to-rent fruit and veg allotments? No.

    Will the government pedestrianize cities and large towns and allow rickshaws? No.

    Will the rich cunts become richer under the Totalitarian Green Age? YES.

  23. Germany is fucked this winter, their gas supply is crucial for they’re chemical and petrochem industry which happens to be the basis raw material for their light industries for their economy.
    The globalisation model is over and the USA will survive it, The writing is on the wall for other countries. Accept a lower standard of living.
    This doesn’t apply to all countries but rather just the ones, that would have had poor geographical terrain to trade.
    China is an American construct and the plug might be pulled sooner than you think.
    We are at a tipping point and it has fuck all to to do with the climate change.
    We are heading for shortages as the wheels of trade start to crack under the strain and the dependence on food imports or even fertilisers for food production (75 percent is imported from guess where) we are dangerously close to upheaval.
    if Russia fucks Germany for supply and Germany imports from other sources it will be five times the cost and that’s game over for them.

  24. Its a London Wall street Alliance that has created the current situation since 1945
    Japan has made a deal with America under the Trump and Biden administrations to survive this coming from the reduction in babies being born. France will also survive as will Turkey and i could go on.
    America is busy at work.

  25. Apologies if the point has already been made, but what is the point of a net zero target if dropping our emissions is cancelled out by developing nations?
    Another point; aren’t we now beyond the tipping point of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere anyway? Heating will continue for decades if we stopped all CO2 producing activity immediately.
    Also, i found out from data from the World bank that the use of e energy of UK per capita in terms of Kg of oil equivalent is less than most of Northern Europe, than US, Canada and Aus and far less than the Persian gulf states.

    If Extinction Rebellion and co.were worried about the environment, they wouldn’t have stopped that (electricaly powered) commuter train. They are simply anarchists and narcissists trying to destroy civilisation.

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