Malala Yousafzai (3)

I nominate Malala Yousefzai..

Allegedly shot in the head. She deserves a medal for being the only person in the world to completely recover from a close-range head-shot from an AK47.

What would turn mere mortals’ heads into canoes was just a flesh wound to this modern day saint, who continues to perform miracles such as walking on water, raising the dead, becoming a multi-millionaire despite having no discernible talent, cock-waffling at gay pride events masquerading as the Commonwealth Games and winning the Nobel peace prize aged just 17 years old, ostensibly for getting shot.

I’m not surprised the Taliban didn’t want this muppet to be educated, look what happens when you let them ‘live their dreams’.

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Nominated by: Termujin

47 thoughts on “Malala Yousafzai (3)

  1. She ought to be forced to scissor with Greta (and finger each others’ bums) whilst they’re both being menaced by the things they hate most.
    An ear trumpet glued to Greta’s ear whilst a Lamorghini Countach revs into it through loud exhaust.
    And Malalalala would be forced to Linda Lovelace a selection of low-quality Farm Stores sausages.

    • Oh yeah, forgot to add…fuck off back to Karachi, you ugly pakı bitch and take Shamima Begum with you.

  2. The case of Banana Safari should be a lesson learnt.

    Wilful, doesnt listen to good, and no respect for firearms.

    She got a lesson.

    Also a lesson for the Taliban.
    Double check with bayonet.

    She can compare exit wounds with sleepy Sasha Johnson.

  3. Love to see her and Greta in a bitch fight.
    When to mongs go to war.

  4. If Manana can win the Nobel Peace Prize as a reward for being shot in the head, the surely a posthumous bravery award for “being violently buggered and then drowned by Michael Barrymore” ought to be awarded to Stuart Lubbock?

      • I was channel surfing yesterday afternoon and chanced upon a strike it lucky episode from the eighties,there was three or four in a row,forget which channel.After two or three minutes I continued to surf as it was a cringe fest,but was initially suprised they show them now.
        Then I thought,well,Barrymore was never convicted of any crime in a court of law,so I guess it’s all good.I am quite looking forward to binge watching all the old Jim’ll fix it episodes when they show them.

  5. Not very clever those mouthy efnics I was taught from a young age to be polite to people with automatic weapons..

  6. What a revolting cunt.

    Enough to put a chap off his ale,almost..

    Shithouse Britain pays for her medical treatment then let’s her entire family roll up permanently.

    An ever increasing infestation.


    • Unk, how much of the money she got from the Nobel Prize did she donate to the NHS to repay U.K. taxpayers (in part ) for the fortune that was spent on repairing a non contributor ?

      • When I was in the kidney unit the other day, I was surrounded by dark personages. Scores of them. All of whom you can guarantee have never paid in and never will. Their refusal to speak English (when it suits them) is bad enough. But I felt like some sort of marker, and their so-called ‘language’ drove me round the bend. British, born here, live here, paid in. Yet I was the odd man out. That tells you a lot about what this country has become…

  7. Oh yeah this is the bitch who came here to be treated by the NHS and never went home. Now where have I heard that before?

    • Hotel UK

      I watched a bit of GB news a couple of days ago, it appears that in July a large number of Albanians came across the channel (dangerous crossing – busiest shipping lane in the world).
      Well, they aren’t fleeing war, send them back, oh no you don’t, they are claiming they are victims of trafficking 😂

      There’s nowt like using the law to take the piss, I guess we have to wait until they commit a crime, get banged up before they can be deported.

      • They get deported with a piece of elastic attached, there was some Albanian cunt picked up Walthamstow who had been deported and then came straight back.

      • If we made them dead on arrival I would hope this sort of thing would no longer be troublesome.

  8. This mouthy bitch isn’t as much of a cunt as the Paki marksman who fucked up from point blank range.
    He needs to get in more practice on the rest of the Pakistani population.

  9. You’d actually think that someone who’d been shot in the head by the evil Taliban after years of abuse and being denied opportunities by them would ditch the silly religion, and culture that shot her in the first place, the moment she landed in Heathrow.

    Nah, instead the dozy backward fugly Spakker cunt comes over here acting like the jíhadí version of Mother Theresa, gobbing off how bad we are in the West and that we need to do more for wimminz of colour from the cess pit she’s from.
    Never once thanked our forces and agencies who saved her from the evil clutches of the Taliban.

    Let’s repay her lack of gratitude and drop a low yield nuke on Kabul, right on her home village and turn all of these troublesome goat fuckers into one big glass car-park?

    We can also livestream bómb footage to her luxury Small Heath Birmingham Flat so she can watch the destruction herself, just like Princess Leia had to watch her home planet of Alderaan destroyed by Darth Vader in the Death Star.

    That’ll teach the ungrateful cunt.

    • Yeah she’s a professional race baiter now so slagging this country off comes with the territory. Just like that miserable Iranian slag who we paid all that money to spring out of jail. Fucking w*g cunts.

  10. It’s about time she followed pakı tradition, married her cousin and gave birth to a Harvey Price.

  11. Yet another sponging, mouthy cunt that loves complaining but won’t pack her bags and fuck off back home.

    The powers that be deify cunts like this but are happy to prosecute UK servicemen that tried to domesticate the shithole she crawled from.


  12. Despite the UK rescuing her arse and giving her a great life (Oxbridge, now a millionaire etc), she’s spent most of her time slagging the country off (especially those big, bad honkies) and being completely ungrateful.

    She’d better hope I don’t become supreme leader one day. She’d be out on her arse before lunch on my first day, on a one way ticket to Afghanistan after having all her money and assets taken off her.

    The ungrateful smelly cunt.

  13. We have our illustrious political parties to thank for this ungrateful cunt and all her wretched brethren, since ww2 this and other dross has washed up on our shores , wrecked this country and slowly but surely turning it into the very same shitholes whence they came.

    Can any of you Isac faithful think of any part of the country where the ethnic has OCCUPIED which now isn’t a steaming pile of 💩.

    I’m buggered if I can.

    We have been right royally shit on ….

    A curse be upon their house….☠️

  14. Always hated this cunt. Lives in a mini-mansion (with all her fucking human leech relatives), gets a university place at Oxford or somewhere, and will never have to work in her entire life. All on the taxpayer’s nut, of course.

    Like most of her (cough) ‘ilk’, she sucks up all the perks of a foreign type living in the UK. Yet she still lectures us about what we are doing ‘wrong’.

    The leftie fuckflakes will blubber: ‘But.. But… She was shot!’
    Yeah, but not successfully.🙄

    She can fuck off!

  15. Also, hasn’t she been matey with U2’s Bonio?
    That shows spectacular cunt credentials….

  16. Terrible how girls are treated now in Afghanistan, but will this bitch talk about that? Will she fuck. She’s alright, Jack. Humanitarian, my arse.

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