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The Great Gama cunters? Now that is a sobriquet to be reckoned with. He was an Indian wrestler. And won some Heavyweight championship.

The thing is he won it in 1910. The Google Doodle was celebrating his…wait for it…144th birthday.

All part of de-Europeanising of human achievement isn’t it? We all know.
That was a few weeks ago.

The other day (21st July) it was the 78th birthday of ‘Jovelina Perola Negra’. She ‘revolutionised Brazil’s samba dance in the 1980s.’

The day before that it was Lydia Tim Ha Sum”s birthday. ‘One of Hong Kong’s most beloved comedians’.

How interesting for us all.

We all know what they’re about. Celebrating individuals from the hated Patriarchy of Western European culture. (Better say they do celebrate under-celebrated non Western European scientists. But many of them are still very obscure.)

They celebrate holidays and festivals. But of course Christianity is a no no. Being linked with Western European civilisation.

There always in a quandary how NOT to refer to Christmas or Easter when they arrive.
Yes doodling. They say it says something about your personality. Certainly the Doodles of Google tell you the type of personalities that run the company.

“Google Doodle celebrates India’s wrestling legend Gama Pehlwan” Google Doodle Link

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

74 thoughts on “Google Doodle

  1. I agree Miles.

    Im always Googling addresses,
    And the little picture is always some Ramjam or puddleskipper ive never heard of?
    Dead obscure.

    Put great Britons on there!
    Boxers, soldiers, science eggheads,
    Comedians, whatever.
    Why would I give a fuck about some
    1930s fishsupper who got stoned to death in iran for drinking from the mackrel taco?

    Fuck off Google.

  2. He looks a bit lumpy in that photo. He probably won all those contests because he never had to face Giant Haystacks.

  3. Excellent cunting. These Big Tech companies have unimaginable power to change the way people think. The Google Doodle is one small cog in an unholy machine. Douglas Murray recommended searching for ‘white people’ in Google and seeing what the top results were under Images. Have a look. It’s a sobering result and demonstrates how White people are viewed By Big Tech.

  4. These digital hippies are cunts.

    Always flapping on about obscure foreigners who lived in places that usually only existed because of Western Civilisation and it’s technology.

    A load of Globalist shit,all of it an empty husk upon examination.

    Hey Google! Your computer servers that help make you billions consume more energy than some countries so you are accountable for destroying the planet.

    Get Greta to look it soy shithouse cunts.

  5. This is a brilliant and righteous cunting. It shows the lengths and the subtlety the Progressive Left will go to in order to advance their agenda and destroy our traditional Western values.

    • I firmly believe we’ve had it. Wokism will win, it’s indoctrinated into our children, at school and on social media. I cannot contemplate what living in the UK will be like in 20 years.

      • I’ll try an edited version of the moderated post:

        Britain has always had discontent in it, misery, poverty, violence. The streets of late 1800s London were awash with homeless child prostitutes. It’s never been a utopia. The tycoons of Britain weighed in heavy into slavery for 250 years and it took a Herculean effort to end slavery.

        Most people in Britain now have good lives, but if you read the comments section of the Daily Mail, you’d think we lived in Somalia. Life is pretty awesome in Britain. That’s why foreigners come here. The ones I have met are decent, but they never make the papers, only the worst ones. We have out own home-grow scum in Britain, I saw one on Sunday morning 6am screaming and kicking the door of a flat in, smashed the window. White cunt. All the Àfricans, Chinese, Àrabs around here behave themselves. The once-empty churches are no filled with Àfricans who walk to services smiling and singing. Muslims don’t cause bother here. Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, they all keep themselves discrete.

        I just don’t let myself get sucked into the gender, race, culture wars. I know they enemy is and it isn’t the average person on the street, it’s the psychopaths in power. The corporate media act as shit-stirrers so don’t watch their propaganda. It’s all kicking off now, just keep safe, keep smart and keep on rocking’ in the free world.

      • No, moderated again! Fuck knows which word I am using that is causing that. Nothing nasty in my post. Fucking WordPress, man.

    • Good day General.

      I heard the Lefts revisionism of history, U.S history in this case as being described as “how every cowboys black cook is given their own page in the history books on how they won the West”.

      Very apt I thought. The thing is they don’t seem to want to know about any of their own history unless it involves old whitey and his slave ships. Not being taught stuff in school is a cop out. We covered the basics at my school but it piqued my interest enough to go and do my own research and studying .

      • Hey LL,

        Your point is very well taken. American historians…especially the liberal “New Deal” historians…omitted blacks from the history of the American west. Presumably, they didn’t want them associated with the White Supremacists doctrine of Manifest Destiny and the “genocide” of the American Indian.

        That began to change when the “Buffalo Soldiers” were mainstreamed into the mythos of the west. Soon other black “cowboys” were introduced and lionized which led to the idiocy of “Django Unchained.”

        Now that history and Ho;;ywood has embraced the notion you don’t have to look far to find…the fastest schwartz in the west.

      • Hey LeCunt,

        I was waiting to see if your other remarks came out of moderation before I responded.

        Your points are on target as well. Life in Britain of the past…as well as America…was full of hardship for many. Tales of hardship in the East End of London are prolific and we all know of the Artful Dodger.

        But as you so correctly point out…life in the UK as well as the USA…is good.* As evidenced by the fact that you don’t see flotillas of dinghys floating back to France!

        (*It will even be better when we thwart the Evil Fascist/Nazi/Progressive/Neo Marxist Left.)

  6. Good cunting Google Doodle = Pile of woke bullshit people “celebrated” for no fucking good reason whatsoever other than coming from 3rd world crap holes..

    A total and utter shit sandwich. I reckon Owen jones or one of his minions sits in their attic trawling the internet for each obscure fucking selection.

  7. How about Shaka Zulu’s birthday. Responsible for about a million black and KoiSan dead?
    Idi Amin?
    Every black dictator? Mandela the only one I can think of who wasnt a corrupt savage.

    Stick Google up your arse. Or was it blacks who came up with the technology? Any technology? Alright, necklacing and car jacking.

    • Nowt wrong with Idi.
      One of the funniest men ever.
      Had a poor diet that made him grouchy.

      And he was kind to crocodiles.

      • Mnc@ And he was always very well dressed!
        The Last King of Scotland is an excellent film – well worth seeing if you haven’t already.

      • He certainly did Foxy!

        A fine young cannibal.

        Loved a medal more than Muttley.

    • Ah, but wasn’t Saint Nelson of the blessed Mandela – patron saint of leftie celeb cunts and shit stadium rock – a major player in the terrorist organisation that was the ANC?

      Also, didn’t he order/authorise the bombing of a South African shopping centre?🤔

  8. Don’t use Google then. Plenty more browsers available.
    BTW, credit where its due, Thomas The Cunt Engine put me (us) onto you tube vanced.
    It’s youtube (owned by Go-fucking-gle without the ads promos and returns the thumbs down.
    Less revenue for the commie fucksticks and easier viewing for us.
    * Only works on android so if you’re a slave to Steve Jobs’ trendiest, tough shit cos Apple can go suck a bag of woke dicks an’ all.

    • On my phone I use an app called NewPipe. It’s like YT but without any ads.

      When I’m in the gym or out on a run I often use music playlists from YT but in the middle of the song you’d have some arsehole trying to flog grammarly or this fuck-knuckle
      which puts me off and/or enrages me.

      My only complaint is the interface is a bit shit.

  9. I thought ‘Doodle’ was slang for cock. As in, “Look at that Olympic female swimmer over there, her doodle us flopping out.”

    Fuck the Fish-heads, black bluegums, and durka-durkas who run google. Just use DuckDuckGo.

  10. West is (or maybe was) best, sorry but there it is Google.

    “Great boxer, but you are no Charles Darwin!” I would shout to Mike Tyson from several streets over.

    The West brought a lot to the table. In fact we probably built the bloody table.

    Shame its going down the shitter.

  11. There’s this myth in the IT industry that to work for one of the big tech firms, you need to be super smart and practically super human. Internet searches will throw up all kinds of stories and examples of the gruelling interview questions and requirements. Dumbass questions like if you were an animal, which animal would you be and why? Or how many tennis balls can you fit inside a plane. Moronic.

    I can’t comment on the whole company, but I interact with a certain section of Google’s staff on a regular basis. With ONE notable exception, the rest of them are pig ignorant, unprofessional and borderline stupid. I would go as far as saying some of these cunts shouldn’t even have jobs in IT. Flipping burgers would be a bridge too far for some of these thick cunts.

    I can also tell you, Google really thinks a lot of itself. The arrogance and overbearing condescension is quite nauseating. It comes across as ‘I said it, I work for Google, so it must be right’. Cunts.

    Google can fuck off.

    • Alight IY.

      Big tech seems to attract a certain type of cunt. Anyone who needs beanbags and hammocks or table tennis as part of their ‘wellbeing’ (I hate that phrase, needs cunting) needs to go back to nursery school and fucking stay there.

      Also pets in the workplace? What arsehole came up with that one?

    • Google is clearly composed mainly of sanctimonious bellends who think that are the Lords of Atlantis or something. Of course they are fine that all kinds of porn gets funneled them. It’s all bullshit. Google, like Facebook want money and power and will pay lip-service to sensitive issues, but the reality is, they are just another behemoth that needs to be cut down to size.

      • One of my ex tutees is now a geopolitical analyst.He was recently turned down for a post at Amazon as ‘whilst you are ideal for the post, we feel that you embrace the values of our business ‘
        My ex tutee replied ‘No, I am afraid that I think for myself’.

      • This is it now – joining a big company, a corporation, is like joining a cult. It’s not enough to show up on time and just do your job, you now have to pretty much give over your mind to the group-think of the company, their ideology, which is constantly changing to appease the latest woke brigade.

    • I knew someone through a mutual friend who worked for Google in some role that was basically a glorified HR officer role.
      In London “natch”.

      They spoke in the same psychobabble word salads as the likes of Zuckerberg and the Me-again. Starting sentences with So, using all the words like empowerment, synergies, platform, cultural exchange, enrichment, etc.

      They left that job and now basically get paid lots of money to go around to tech events and talk bollocks. The irony being this person didn’t even know how to compress or zip folders. and attach them to an email.

      These big tech firms make me laugh. They try to make out they’re on some sort of moral crusade of justice and that they’re ethical and socially aware and that they care so, so much.

      What’s that smell??
      Oh yeah I know what it is


      They usually treat their employees and customers like crap.
      The very people that actually make the company a success.

      Mark Zuckerberg is a more convincing robot than Mr Data from Startrek.

  12. Reminds me of the myth behind Netflix’s Bridgerton, that Queen Charlotte was part black, therefore high society in Regency London was full of tanned people called Tyrone.

    Turns out Queen Charlotte was white and may have had an olive/dark-skinned ancestor in Spain centuries before, but probably not as closely descended from Moors as the wokies claim, and even then the Moors themselves are not Sub-saharan/West African ‘black’.

  13. I’d never heard of Google doodles before this nom but I’m not surprised. When I open up a tab to search for something or go to a bookmark, whatever is already on the page is not relevant and I simply don’t notice it. Now that I know what they are I am confident that I still won’t.

  14. Google ought to do one of Winnie Mandela necklacing an opponent whilst chewing on a recently severed and barely cooked arm, as is the tradition amongst the subhuman South African blecks.
    Hang on a sec, petrol? Rubber? Cultural appropriation…you darkıe cunts, you didn’t invent these things.

  15. Hilarious really we have to have months where they scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for genuine third world savage inventions and usually come up with something designed yo grind wheat, invented about 4 years ago.

    There’s a reason we don’t need Western history month, because we invented everything.

  16. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed this particular phenomenon. Probably too preoccupied typing key words into my search engine to pay it any mind. Nothing currently on my Google page… so typed in ‘google doodle’ to see what came up and found nothing to frighten the horses.
    Clicked on the link below for an overview: hard to see in what respect doodle avoids celebrating individuals from the hated Patriarchy of Western European culture, etc.

    I’m no expert, but is Google not a worldwide search engine? By acknowledging the achievements of humans worldwide they are bound to get the hackles up of a certain demographic unable value or respect anything beyond their own narrow confines.
    Personally I’m not much interested in any culture other than that born of the Age of Reason – but then I’m not a Chink or an Indian, or anything other than an Englishman brought up in the golden age of 1960s Britain.

    • You may scoff, but in 1898 WJ Ballow invented the Combined Hat Rack And Table.

      Patent No. 601422. We shall not see his like again.

      • Couldnt you just put your hat on the table?

        Seems a bit pointless.

        I put my flatcap on a nail in the hallway.

      • He would have been better off inventing the Combined Hand Gun and Crack Pipe Holster.

  17. Hey up ! Miles.
    Good nom 👍
    How’s the Angie worship going ?
    Did you know that for a fiver, Sam Tarry will let you sniff his nose after Angie’s been sat on his face.
    That’s belting value in the current economic climate.
    I’ve already spent a pony this week.
    She’s a musky wench, all right. 👍
    Not ‘arf 😀

    • I picked up some chewing gum Angie spat out.

      At night I chew it while sniffing some knickers I found in the woods.

      I cum that hard I once bit through my tongue.

      • You are both speaking of the woman I love.

        I see her not in your debased terms. But a woman of refinement and class.

        Like a flamingo she is- with her red plumage, long spindly legs.

        Oh Angela!!!

      • Im with you Miles.
        Shes got gravitas and a demureness about her.

        Stockports Rose 🏵️

      • ……covered in gravy wearing Nora Batty’s stockings.

        Oh wait that’s Miserable’s Granny Rayner fantasy.

      • Either that or

        “splash that on yer dumplings!!”

        You winning Harold?

  18. A minor irritant at worst. Ignore it.

    Nothing to get hung about.

    Other search engines are available.

  19. It’s my one hundredth and eleveneteeth birthday and I’ve got a cock the size of a stallion, Google doodle that you cunts.

  20. I typed “what is Google ? “ in another search engine and the top result was
    “Filthy cunts”

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