Johnson’s awful “deal” with the EU gets worse of it’s own accord. In the UK pensioners got a 3.1% increase this year in the face of double digit inflation. Not so for pensioned EU troughers though. The UK government is bunging them an extra £10 billion to make sure they don’t lose out.

You really couldn’t make this up. Watch out for slimy Sunak sneaking into No 10 and giving us dingyloads more of the same…

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  1. That he was.
    Brexit in name only.
    Never trust a politician.

    “Ever get the feeling youve been cheated?”

  2. Why did we bother trying to negotiate in the first place?

    Everyone knows the EU is a dictatorship.

    Better we had opened up our markets to its competitors by getting rid of all import duties on goods from outside the EU.

    The government should have made it top priority to ensure trade outside the EU bloc was stimulated in every way possible.

    Instead we went cap in hand to the rotten cunts.

    Fucking embarrassing.

  3. It all makes it easier to slip nicely back in which was the long term plan in the first place. June 23rd 2016 was a massive shock to the Establishment as was the victory of Trump a few months later. Those things had to be put right and must never be allowed to happen again.

  4. These cunts will go to any lengths to secure their future goodies. This is typical behaviour for any politician, pen pushing eu cunt, especially if the dosh comes from the money tree of public largesse. They write the rules and taxpayer coughs up no problem.
    In the private sector criminality is often required to achieve similar results, so the eu cunts are twice blessed get the goodies without fear of a record.

  5. Idly wondering how many votes a new Monster Raving Looney party would get these days…a real one, not the clowns masquerading as CONservative or LIEbour.

  6. There was a certain inevitability that the Establishment. the MSM, bogus Tories and the large corporations would gear up to make sure that the Brexit 52% of the voting population were expecting would be watered down to become what it is today – Brexit Lite.

    Moreover, I believe the divorce bill for the UK leaving the EU has been increased by an extra £10bn to something like £46bn. On top of that the EU, and in particular the French and Germans are making life extremely difficult for the UK government, not least for the surge of dinghy migrants arriving on our shores on a daily basis, but also issues over oil and gas.

    The US isn’t all that interested in doing trade deals with the UK either. It’s as if the UK has been put on the global naughty step until it comes to its senses, has another referendum and bish, bash, bosh we’re back in the EU again (although if that did ever happen would we get our £40bn+ divorce money back?)

    I predict that come 2025 the UK will indeed be back in the EU on the back of a the “right” Referendum2 result. But even then the EU will not make it easy for us. It may even strip some of our powers to the point where the UK no longer carries any political weight with the decision-making process (not that we had that much anyway)

    Basically, we’re fucked either way.

    • Good luck to them trying to control an Islamic UK caliphate (20 years or so from now?).

    • If there was another referendum on rejoining the EU and these cunts rigged it to be 51% YES then there would be a level of outrage not seen in Britain for centuries. Maybe that’s what they want. Agents of chaos, the way of the ‘hidden hand’. Order out of chaos.

      • There will always be sad twats who will say the vote was rigged if the result is not to their liking.

      • It’s just that hardly anyone you ever meet is pro-EU, so if we rejoined the EU after a vote, you’d know there was fuckery. If there was a Trump v Biden election in November, would Biden win? Hell no! He has a 39% approval rating, the lowest of any President ever. But that wouldn’t stop the Democrats from rigging the vote, that’s how demented these imbeciles are.

      • Only if you assume that ALL the ordinary election officials are corrupt Democrats and that there are no Republican officials.
        And if there were any Republican officials, they would turn a blind eye to any Democrat shenanigans.
        Anyway, neither Biden nor Trump will be running in 2024, both are a busted flush, Trump due to the events of 06/01/21 and Biden because of his lamentable record.
        Trump could run as an independent, in which case he will split the Republican vote thus allowing the Democrats to walk it – no need for vote rigging.

      • I’m still waiting to see a single shred of real evidence of the last election being rigged. Lots of idiots screeching about it in the same shameful way that remainers did, but no actual proof. None.
        If there was, it would be used in court as sure as shit smells.

      • No real evidence? There’s video evidence of ballot stuffing. Watch this 86-minute documentary by Dinesh D’Souza…

        Skip to the first 8 minutes of you want to get the evidence being laid out.

        The 2016 US Election was as rigged as much as the Belarus election was. It’s all in that documentary. 81 million votes for Joe Biden? All legal? No chance.

        Trump will run in 2024. No one else has the balls to run. It will probably be Hillary v Trump again. But a tsunami of insanity will unravel in the next two years before we get to that bloodbath.

        I’m not a political animal, politics divides people, 99.9% of the politicians are stupid/sinister. But it’s fun making seeing through the bullshit and making predictions. It’s like a highest-stakes version of pro wrestling but with shittier entrance music. Anyway, watch that documentary. Or don’t. I don’t give a fuck.

      • I’ll skip the documentary if you don’t mind, my sides are still split from watching that Savile is a demon wizard you posted.
        That was ace. I sent it to few people that needed cheering up.
        On a more serious point, if this documentary has such damning evidence, as I said above, why isn’t it used in a court case?

        I hope if Trumpy tries again they just show that interview he did just after his mate Putin invaded Ukraine, and he was full of praise for the commie cunt. Only days later when he realised that it didn’t go down too well did he change his tune and say he’d have stopped him. Fuck off you fat orange lying piece of shit.

        Incidentally, did you know there was credible evidence that Putin was a fiddykiddler? When all the loons are going on about pizzas and adrenochrome, they seem to leave this cunt out.

      • Watch the trailer for 2000 mules. Ballot stuffing of outdoor ballot boxes at 1am, 4am. If you saw video footage of a murder would you be asking for more evidence, motives, eye witness?

        2000 Mules trailer:

        Obama hates Dinesh D’Souza. Great patriotic American. Great documentaries. It will get to court, be patient, the wheels of justice grind slowly and finely.

        Where’s the evidence Putin is a child rapist? Show me it, I’ll look at it and share it on the truther forums. Never seen those allegations against Putin.

      • @LC “81 million votes for Joe Biden?”

        No, of course not. Virtually no one voted for Biden. It was 81 million votes AGAINST Trump.

  7. It seems to me that absolutely anything any government ever does always ends up costing us more than they said it would. How about learning how to use a fucking calculator, you useless cunts?

  8. As we’ll all be dead by the weekend, it won’t matter!
    Assuming that the chınks will shoot Pelosi’s plane out of the sky, we might as well enjoy our last few days with booze, drugs and carefree sex before a nuclear weapon vapourises us.
    Actually, if it’s a tiddly-wink nuclear weapon and it’s over a year old, it’s guidance system will have gone rusty, like the fastenings on chınk 125cc motorbikes.

    • I do wonder if it kicks of in Taiwan, and the Japs mobilise, a ‘male feminist’ I once knew who moved to Tokyo will come scurrying back here to mummy and daddy, and leave his child to be eaten by the CCP.

      Everything’s better in Japan.

      • The Chinese don’t tend to forget and the Jap atrocities levelled against them circa ww2 are probably far from forgotten.The bayoneting of babies a feature.They probably still hold a grudge against the British East India company for looting and turning the populace into Opium junkies during the Boxer unpleasantness.Throw in Rockefeller/Kissinger’s CCP ‘arrangement’ with Mao’s instillation and what we could be witnessing is the covert removal of said CCP and a return to the original Confucian ruling dynasties before the CCP usurpation.Taiwan serves the same purpose as Israel does in keeping those pesky Ayrabs in line,.an operating military platform for Zog/US-power-projection which is Chinese territory in every sense as is Israels illegal seizure of Palestine.

      • The Rape of Nanjing by the Japanese. You can’t unsee those photos. Beyond barbaric. What the fuck did they brainwash those soldiers with? I love Japanese history up until 1930. They went more psycho that the Germans for some reason. Not a Jew in site. Racism in east Asia is probably the most hardcore of all the race hatred in the world. I’m not talking hatred of black people as Asians seem fascinated by bruthas and sistas, no I’m talking about Japanese loathing for Filipinos for example. That’s why you should never assume a nationality on an east Asian person, they may look Chinese but they could be something else. Might be a patriotic American. Japanese have the strongest sense of supremacy in the world.

        Chinese are supremacists too, of course. I love the Chinese. Got a Chinese painting of a pantheon of their gods today in the charity shop, 12 quid, looks great opposite my Japanese ladies under the cherry blossom trees 19th century painting. 5,000 years of almost unbroken civilization in China, amazing historical figures, art, poetry (Li Po, the 8th century wandering wino wordsmith), ghost stories that blow away western Scooby Doo drivel, amazing architecture, cuisine we all know and love. Just as shame that they bought into the madness of Karl Marx after the war. The government is inscrutable, though, no one knows their plans. An invasion of Taiwan has been planned for decades. If the flow of electronics from Taiwan stops then that could shutdown the world. And what else? We boycott Chinese goods? That’ll be fun. Everything made of plastic will cease to reach our shores.

        “May you live in interesting times.”
        – Chinese proverb

      • Aaahhh, the jews again.
        Why not just say jews?

        I have heard the term zog before come to think of it.

        American neo nazis use it dont they?

      • Zionism. Not a word you hear much. What is it? It’s not simply Jewish supremacy, as there are Christian Zionists, like Joe Biden…

        (3-minute video from Israel National News)

        Honestly, we let the Jews have their homeland, we let them have self-determination, but they still aren’t happy. More, more, more. Just like the gays, we gave them all they wanted – marriage, adoption, anti-discrimination laws, but they want more, more, more. I just love the Jews who make me laugh like Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Jackie Mason, David Baddiel (joking, he’s a sanctimonious bellend) but the political Jews are vampires. They should be grateful with what they have and keep to themselves in Israel. The ones who want to force Armageddon on the world are the worst. Imagine cajoling your God to wipe out your fellow humans?

        Let’s end on a positive note! Rabbis perform Pink Floyd on streets of Tel Aviv…

        Ain’t that sumpthin’! 😀

        (Hi. You’ve probably figured it by now but your original post contained 2 hyperlinks that WordFence doesn’t like. All sorted now – Day Admin)

  9. A few public executions would send a message..
    But the sheeple will still line up and vote these fuckers back in.
    We get rid or we continue to be fucked over.
    Up to us – have some guts or get more of the same.
    Right, off to work on my Messianic glow 😁

    • Morning Mr Fox….a ‘Messianic glow’…?
      Would you care to elaborate?
      I only achieve a messianic glow after knocking one out to a pic of Dianne Abbott in mismatched shoes.

      • TtCE@ – Morning Thomas, young Fiddler wants tickets to the Electoral debates being organised in my area so he can gaze upon me with the child like wonder of someone who knows they are privileged to be meeting true greatness, and wants to bathe in my “Messianic glow” as I dispense justice, wisdom and unrestrained violence on the sheeple!
        I get the feeling the impertinent blaggard was being somewhat sarcastic! Just wait while I am in power and double the tax on Fray Bentos pies!.. 😀

      • Knocking one out over Dianne Abbott? I would rather knock one out over Danny la rue while eating dog shit, morning Thomas, morning all

      • Morning,All

        Vern,I’ve got a favour to ask of you..I’ve rather rashly entered the “World’s Biggest Liar” competition…..….now, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking,I was hoping that you could give me some advice. How do I catch the “mouth-breathers” attention and stand out from the crowd?…I’ve beefed up my tales of 18 hoop croquet lawns and Fray Bentos tinned-pie mountains but fear that it just isn’t enough….I’m aware that professional liars such as politicians and the legal profession are banned from entering but hoped that you could give me a few tips even though your political shenanigans and inability to tell a fib would naturally rule you out of entering.

        Frankly I’m just glad I checked that a certain ” V.Fox” wasn’t amongst my competitors afore I paid the entry fee….I’m certain that your quite unique interpretation of the truth would be beyond the ken of the (sheeple) judges and you would become the undisputed winner of The Biggest Fibber in the World title despite delivering a blistering George ” I cannot tell a lie” Washington style manifesto packed full of the Truth,the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. !… bizarre would that be,eh?

        🙂 .

      • While you’re at it @VF could you let us have the contact details for your “We The People” organisation. I am keen to join and have money to burn. Thanking you in advance.

    • If only the masses understood that we have all the power in the world. No need to riot or get extreme, just stop obeying when government crosses the line.

      Democracy is a fraud to keep us inline.

      • Look at the numbers that complied with covid restrictions and mask wearing nonsense to see that’s not going to happen.

      • SV@ Completely correct – if we all just said “fuck you, you work for us, just like the police and Civil Service are supposed to – you are not Gods, you are not Emperors, you are parasite traitor cunts who serve any but the people” what could they do?
        The last real civil unrest were the Poll Tax riots – the Government and law enforcement shit themselves because they had completely – for pretty much the first time in recent history – lost control of the situation AND the people.
        Seeing the panic and fear on the faces of the “politicians” and police chiefs was memorable, the Poll Tax was scrapped (in reality it was just replaced by Council Tax) and it was one of the catalysts in bringing Thatcher down.
        Now? Crybaby sheeple indoctrinated, medicated, fat, lazy, greedy and needy – the perfect unwitting (and witless) subjects for a dictatorial takeover.
        When did we lose our balls?

      • “The last real civil unrest were the Poll Tax riots – the Government and law enforcement shit themselves”

        Not as bad as the 1984-85 miners strike. Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker was prepared for use.

        Not a lot of people know that.

      • “fuck you, you work for us, just like the police and Civil Service are supposed to – you are not Gods, you are not Emperors, you are parasite traitor cunts who serve any but the people” what could they do?”

        Arrest you and lob you in a cell, as I believe happened to you?

      • Watt Tyler was the closest we got but didn’t go too well for him.The UK seems deficent in the rebellion stakes.The monarchical control structures are too ingrained and deference remains implacable.The plaudits given to crap like Downton Abbey,the visits to bastions of Robber-Barron piles-Osbourne House,Chatsworth etc,suggests a yearning for the ‘Old-Order’..”everyone knew their place y know guv” HRH wingnut salivates at this prospect reviving and his last WEF vomitous prattle pretty much lays it out,under the fig leaf stone killing many birds.There’ll be a sizeable queue for toothpaste tube squeezers and probably a vacancy for ‘Groom of the royal stool’ I’d wager.

  10. With a remaining Parliament and the 48% determined to change the result we were never going to get a no holds bared Brexit, things may have been different if there had been an 80 seat majority 2016 but in the end it was rushed through end after almost 3 years of desperation by cunts like Starmer trying to get a second ‘peoples’ vote. The EU knew dragging their feet would help the second vote cause and we would have been trapped forever.
    It’s not perfect but it can get better if our leaders actually show some fucking backbone, stop indulging the ‘thoughts of chairman Twitter’ and just do what the people wanted to become an independent country.

    We have reached a point now where there has to be some radical action, on energy, food and fuel, not to mention this daily invasion organised by the Albanian tourist board.
    Liz Truss, seems like she will win, has to draw some lines in the sand and start ignoring the EU and its threats, the European court of human rights and most of all the Guardian, Labour and soppy Twitter cunts.

    690 cunts came across the channel on Monday, mainly in the huge 50 person rafts, these fucking things are so big the French must be experts in not seeing them on the beaches around Calais.

    • The illegal immigration thing is so bad that the traffickers are openly advertising on Tik Tok and getting away with it (try forwarding a non-PC meme on social media and see how quickly you get a knock on the door from plod!):

      What happens to the human body after all the piss has boiled dry, death? Maybe that’s the plan to get rid of whiteys…

      • It occurs to me that illegal immigration is just like Brexit. The establishment don’t want to stop it and have no will to do so.

        It is often said that the ECHR is the reason we can’t control the issue and that it is impossible, or at the least would take many years, to extricate ourselves from this. This has the rank odour of establishment bullshit about it but, even if you take this as read, why:

        Do we have to provide the “benefits” to migrants that make the UK such an attraction? Obviously EU countries can’t provide such “benefits” or the cunts would stop there. It can’t be for the sake of sucking up to the beloved EU so why don’t we can them;

        When we try to deport the fuckers Better Call Saul types come flooding in to line their pockets preventing deportation. Who pays the legal bills? The taxpayer I’ll bet. Why do we have to do this? Let them represent themselves in court (and without any government paid for interpreters);

        Then there’s the crossings themselves. The French authorities escort the dinghies to the half way point where the UK ones take over. If you have problems with trespassing you put up fences and barbed wire around your land. Instead of bungjng £millions at the French to help them with the assisted crossings why don’t we spend the money putting up defences on our coast to keep the cunts out? They only need to be passive (barbed wire and fuck off sea gates – no .50 cals).

        Why not? Because there is no political will to do so. It’s only taxpayers money and the dingy raiders don’t shit in the street in the Cotswolds after all!

      • Exactly, no political will.

        In reality we can pretty much do what we fucking like including turning dinghy raiders back but we will never ever do it.

        I fear for where this all ends. If I was American I’d have a gun room like that one in Tremors😀

      • 3rd of a £mil spent on takeaways for Dover invaders, and £1.5m spent transporting them to nice hotels

        Yet come winter Granny will be choosing between eat or heat.

        I don’t get it, Britain being forced to pay for its own invasion and takeover. Some strange cuntage afoot 💩

      • I saw that on GB news, I wonder if those TikTok adds are genuine or just scam artists but I did see an actual travel agent in Iraq arranging a crossing for some cunt, they pay the money to a ‘holding account’ and the money is released once they are on a dinghy.
        I am sure the Albanians are cashing in, either scams or facilitating the boats

        The only real deterrent at the moment is boats sinking with all hands, all the time they get across without incident they will keep coming, fucking French police waving the cunts through 😂

        They are all cunts.

    • What it needs is a few/lots of pissed off Brits organising a mass kicking for these fucking chancers. An alternative welcome to Britain sort of thing.

  11. ‘New figure of £42.5bn slipped out by Treasury as MPs head home for summer recess’

    That’s naughty isnt it.

    • I mean 10bn is a lot if money. And the payjng of it is just ‘slipped out’.

      No debate.

  12. We need another box to tick on the ballot paper..


    I wonder how many crosses would be in that box…..


    • They stopped announcing spoilt papers at elections – although you can still find the information.

    • JM@ – How about standing as an independent candidate?
      What we unwillingly have is destroying us.

    • If I was doorstepped by one of these independent candidates there are a few answers I’d like before considering voting for them.

      “So, after you’ve murdered all the migrants in the channel, and deported all the other foreigners you don’t like, what are your manifesto pledges regarding health and social welfare? Defence and foreign policy? What would you do to address the north south divide?
      Trade and industry? What about energy? Cost of living crisis? Brexit?
      Also, how is this coalition of independents going to work, are you all broadly in favour of the same policies, or are you going to endlessly debate them with little action taken?
      Finally, how have you costed your proposals, and if so, can you show the back of the fag packet you did your sums on to someone who can count?”

  13. David Cameron (remember him? where is he now?) gave the go-ahead for the EU referendum out of sheer whimsy. he was sick of hearing Farage scream for it. All the politicians thought, “no way more than 50% will want to leave Europe,” then 52% voted to leave. No one really celebrated this. I think that most YES voters were quietly shocked. I was. I thought, “nah, there’s too many people here who love the freedoms and privileges that comes with the EU, travel, feeling sophisticated, etc” so I expected around 40% at most to vote YES.

    Just another government clusterfuck.

  14. “Feeling sophisticated” 😆
    What,in a chino wearing,pastel hued sweater draped across the shoulders and loafers sophisticated ? How very continental more Chardonnay please Charles!

  15. As syphilis and lung cancer were Montezuma’s revenge against Spain this is Adolf’s and Boney’s revenge against perfidious England. Give’em their £42 billion in in Tridents, let the dinghy folk settle in the ruins and create a buffer against Uncle Vlad.

      • DCI@ – “Ra Ra that Putin, shirtless little mincing Queen”..
        We should have left the EU as soon as the vote was confirmed and negotiated a trade deal afterwards – we do not want or need anything more, less or else.
        Our “politicians” and “Government” never expected or wanted us to leave yet another corrupt branch of the same tree of taxpayer funded luxury and theft these fucking vampires have always demanded and assumed they deserved – and STILL we have not left, are paying 12 billion annually to dictators for the privilege of fucking us over and have no sign or progress towards getting out of this damned dictatorship.
        If I leave a contract with my phone or internet provider the contract is ended – this is business.
        The UK has not left, will never be allowed to fully leave, faces a massive ransom but gets back none of the money and assets we are owed by the EU (approximately 24 billion) – how can anyone with a functioning brain think this is even a deal, let alone a good one?
        Treason May surrendered, Johnson wrapped the white flag in our money and fucked us over further.
        We get rid – of them all – or we continue to get fucked over until we cease to exist.
        OUR choice, not the “politicians” who refuse to serve us.

  16. Lord Frost should have told the EU your choice is WTO rules, no divorce bill, fuck off, or there WILL be a massive duty on EU products.

  17. Let’s not forget that the real life benefits of Brexit are plentiful. Every single day there are a multitude of reports in the News how Brexit has made “this better” and “that better” and people experience all those vast improvements to their day-to-day living.

  18. Feckless idiots.Larry the cat would have told them to stick their rules up their arse.I might write on my voting paper Vote for Screaming Lord Sutch. A revolution is required now.Bin these remainers.

  19. Better growth than the EU
    Lower unimployment than the EU
    Lower reliance on Russian gas
    No contribution to the EU budget
    10 billion is chicken shit in the great scheme of things
    End to free movement
    Free trade deals with third countries

    Yeah, if that’s BRINO then I’ll take it…

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