US Merch Raiders and Soft-on-Crime Policies

This nom is aimed at the symptom rather than the disease admittedly but these cunts deserve our worst.

Not sure how much of this is happening where the Union Jack flies but it’s a real threat here in the colonies.

The hue of the epidermis not withstanding, these animals are being allowed to be the cunts they are. Insane soft-on-crime policies by cunts in certain state governments have made it a regular occurrence. And if that isn’t enough, if a store owner dares to protect his shit, he gets the book thrown at him.

The raiders of African villages and these cunts are cut from the same cloth. Am I implying that race has something to do with it? You decide.

Western culture had law, order, privacy, and property held up as sacred at one time. Now we hold in high regard all sorts of degeneration and condemn those who speak highly of our past values.

If I had a store I would be in prison for shooting these fucking rats.

Nothing will happen to them, they will do it again, and other cunts will follow.

This link is one example of many.
Daily Mail News Link

Nominated by: Meat Curtains

26 thoughts on “US Merch Raiders and Soft-on-Crime Policies

  1. Got to agree with Brucie Boneless Jenner on this. Gavin (creepy looking cunt) Newsom is to blame.

  2. When reparations happen in the US I’m putting all my money into stocks of Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. These dumb fucks are brainless. Africa has always been a shit hole , is a shit hole and will always be a shit hole.

      • @Meat Curtains

        That is exactly how the Neo-Marxist Progressive left views it. The dangerously stupid Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and various members of the criminal.terrorist Burn Loot Murder (BLM) organization have openly said so.

  3. Is it allowed to blame all the big mess in America on St Floyd of the Knee?

    Everything seemed a lot better when he was still up and about,taking drugs and robbing people.

    Oh well,his martyrdom is a shining beacon to us all.

    • UT@ Morning Unkle – one less junky.
      Don’t like “whitey world”?
      Then fuck off back 8 centuries to your own.

  4. I feel sorry for the young lass Brianna in the thumb nail picture of the nom and of course condolences to her family. What a waste.
    24 year old girl, working a job to pay the bills gets stabbed to death by a fucking thieving, mindless savage cunt (cut from the same cloth as Sir G Floyd of the knee) who’s after some designer gear to steal then sell on to fund his crystal meth addiction! CUNT!

    Get that barbaric cunt strapped in the Electric Chair and wire it to the US National Grid. Enjoy 11,000 Volts you fucking murdering piece of shit.

    • BVC@ – If that was my girl the perpetrators would be hunted down.
      I would not bother with the “powlees” – I am sure they would be too busy checking for online thought crime.
      When there is no law enforcement every man is his own policeman.

    • Couldn’t agree more Baron, a truly dreadful waste. Our daughters are in their early thirties now and for one of them to go out this way doesn’t bear thinking about.
      However, I beg to differ about the disposal method. A good connection to 11kV could very well take him out instantly. Far better to bind his hands and feet and leave him at the tide line when the tide is out.

  5. Welcome to “liberalism” 🤣🤣🤪🤡. The hateful sinistra of the extreme and dangerous far left (real name – ENEMY) are as toxic and evil as they were in the regimes of Stalin, Hitler, the Khmer Rouge, North Korea, China etc – take your pick, so many to choose from – but ask them to explain the benefits of “socialism” to the Families of the now 150 million people butchered by “socialists” (in reality all the “isms” are just different words for murderous dictatorship) and watch the tumbleweed blow by.
    Make no mistake, despite the platitudes they hiss with their forked tongues every on of these unconscionable bastards would have us in a concentration camp as soon as look (down their noses) at us.
    Traitor bastard Gavin Newsom “won” a recall “Election” which had massive evidence (not opinion, evidence) of fraud, yet again not one US “politician” did a fucking thing and the doors were opened to the shit of the world – just like the US “border” which China Joe is leaving open for every piece of human sewage in the fucking world to waltz in and create mayhem – WEF have we seen that before?
    My opinion on “Merch raiders”?
    Try it with anything of mine and it may well be the last and worst day of your life.
    “A walk behind the woodshed” as I believe the American expression goes.
    Their hatred of Trump shows how much he terrifies them – a brash and controversial character and not universally liked – but in my professional opinion the best President America has ever had, and a massive thorn in the side of the enemy of the free people.
    When we fight back we will not make the mistake of mercy.
    Well, back to me new bike sheds – had to carry them all t’ way from Worcester I did! 🤣

      • Soi@ – Yep, I was wearing my “period pants” at the time so I can empathise with the suffering of wimminzes – my T shirt saying “make my tea, bitch” was not universally well received!

    • Sirs:

      These sure ain’t the “liberals” of 50 years ago. Liberals used to be cool. Now, when they’re not banning things and sticking their nose in everyone’s business, they are defunding police departments, ending bail, and decriminalizing theft.

      Vernon Fox is correct: Trump completely broke these people. Now they are more determined than ever to turn the US into ZImbabwe.

      • ACYiKAC@ – Correct – the “hipy types” of the 60’s have been replaced by evil, hate filled extremists who are determined to destroy everything they infest.
        The soap dodging locusts move to an area, destroy it and then move on to the next one – filthy, junky, degenerate, Peter Phile shit who cause misery and pain everywhere they go.
        There is nothing liberal about those who claim to be “liberal”.
        Now put Justine Turdeau down fore we all get bleedin rabies!
        (I would derive great satisfaction from seeing Trudeau hanged).
        Why the FUCK aren’t the American people stepping up?

    • “Traitor bastard Gavin Newsom “won” a recall “Election” which had massive evidence (not opinion, evidence) of fraud”

      Afternoon,Vern….can you point me in the direction of this evidence,please?…I just looked up “Gavin Newsom election fraud” and could only find reams of sources saying that it simply didn’t happen.

      Waiting to be educated…

      • DF-F@ – There was plenty of evidence of voter fraud in the California recall Election, the normal thing – dead people voting, illegals voting, drop boxes stuffed with mysterious ballot papers all for Newsom, shifty electronic vote counting trickery from Dominion Software Systems (Dominion Software were also used in the Venezuelan and Canadian Elections) – but when the entirety of politics and the media deny anything has gone on, sing the same words from the same scripts and will not tolerate investigation or scrutiny does this not make you rather suspicious? – If there is no evidence of fraud why are they so desperate to stop any investigations or audits?
        The evidence of fraud in the California recall “Election” is there, but when there is mass denial and Judges who will not even hear the evidence and throw the case out without even bothering to look at it, which has happened innumerable times in the US what can you do to have the truth and facts heard?
        I do not waste mt time with the MSM because they are pretty much all liars and politically motivated propagandists from my repeated experience.
        Could I suggest you watch a film documentary by Dinesh D’Souza called “2000 Mules” made about the Presidential “Election” – it lays bare the fraud, shows how it was done and provides the evidence.
        But don’t let the cat out of the bag – we may all be brown bread if we do! 😀
        Your reticence in believing such things happened is understandable – a cabal of traitors rig a US Election at the behest of foreign powers sounds like tinfoil hat nonsense at its finest – but it happened.

      • Vern…this is nothing personal….there is none of the evidence in your reply….The fact that,judiciary,politics say that it didn’t happen doesn’t somehow make it proof that it did….

        Gemma Arterton,the Police,the probation service and the libel Courts all saying that my claims that she enjoys anal sex with me nightly are total Bullshit doesn’t,unfortunately, make them true.

  6. These stores that stock high value items should do what many top jewellery shops do, have locked doors and people have to be buzzed in, I don’t know if all Spanish banks are the same but the ones I have been in also buzz people in.

    I would ban sooties from all stores except primark.

    The US is going down the shitter and we know what happens there will follow here.

  7. Yes there have been a few violent smash and grab raids but they have been “mostly peaceful.”

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse knew how to deal with shit. (A very decent young Man from all I have seen and heard).
    What’s the difference between Kyle Rittenhouse and Pfizer?
    Kyles shots worked 😀

  9. It does sicken me when the narrative is all about equality, diversity, inclusion, poor darkies this, poor sooties that…

    However, most stories seem to start with…

    Two black men were today…

  10. If they’re selling high end goods like Gucci and all that shit you can spot the kind of George Floyd trash bag who can’t afford it. So you have some kind of turnstile and only let in the socialists like Kamala, Pelosi, AOC, Lightfoot and Sparkletits. Problem solved!

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