Break Dancing and the IOC (3)

Break Dancing as an Olympic sport.

I thought I’d mentioned this pile of stinking cunt before, if not it’s about time.
The ridiculous pastime of break dancing has finally stepped out of its normal role of pissing people off in the street, to force its way into the now woke and destroyed institution known as the Olympics, in Paris 2024.

Paris 2024 News Link

If it’s not bad enough watching men competing in women’s events, drugs cheats, political stupidity and Tom Daley, now the twats expect people to watch a bunch of epileptic fuckwits throwing themselves about.

A sport should be measured by time, distance or scoreline. Not a bunch of crooked and biased judges who are coerced or bought off before the stupidity starts.

Bring in some real sports like Tiddlywinks, Welly Wanging, or Bog Snorkelling. Or better still, my own personal favourite, Piano Smashing. (Preferably with Elton John tied to it).

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

101 thoughts on “Break Dancing and the IOC (3)

  1. How’s about Olympic Bare-Knuckle fighting? England’s top competitor is from somewhere in Worcestershire, hanging around the bike sheds, waiting for a Keyboard Warrior to turn up. He does, because he won’t back down.

    But they never do.

    • DCI@ – Morning DCI – Knuckles are a “sore subject” at the moment – I have yet another one like a walnut on my right hand after a recent friendly chat with a local smack rat who liked to steal bicycles..😀👍
      Small victories Lennie, small victories my Son!

    • I think wanking has been given the green light for France 2024 , apparently Macron is the odds on gold medal favourite ……

      • Quislings@ – And a gold medal for communism, BO and necrophilia!
        Dirty smelly little fucker he is.

  2. 🏳️‍🌈The Queen’s Baton Relay 😆😁😂🤣…you couldn’t make it up!

    From the BBC: “Then on Friday at Alexander Stadium, in a ceremony watched by more than one billion people, Daley will enter as a final batonbearer in the Queen’s Baton Relay, accompanied by some of the athletes and advocates he meets on his journey and with the Progress Pride flag on display.”

    • RC@ – I imagine there will be quite a procession of Queens at that one.
      And I have a pretty good idea of where that baton will be shoved later..
      Fucking degenerate Peter Phile filth – 40 years ago they would have been hunted through the streets.
      And now they are in our schools.

      • If they are in line, winking each other off, as they mince in, the leader and rear-ender will be shouting, “Quick, quick, form a thircle!” (so as not to miss out, for the uninitiated! reader)

      • DCI@ – Hmm – the only black man the BBC won’t give a job to – I wonder why?
        Best athlete in the world, Jurgen Hinkson was a machine and he would just sit there looking at the floor as Daley Thompson annihilated him.
        Not a woke bone in Thompsons body, a good Man and an outstanding athlete.
        Now – I hear rumour of a fiver floating about..

  3. Dancing is not a fucking sport doesn’t this just make the olympics into a slightly more athletic come dance with me? Ah yes I can see it now back in Ancient Greece the discus the javelin the fucking head spin 🤷‍♂️ I’m the interests of equality I’m going to demand that there is also a Morris dancing event also so us whiteys might get gold at something 🤣I hate this world and 99.99% of the cunts in it although the irony of the “queens parade” did raise a slight grin 🤣

  4. I tell you what will be next up in the Olympics.


    Spotty nerds who’ve never kissed a girl can then stand on the Olympic rostrum, after defeating an obese, eczema ridden, stuttering, crusty sheeted lad from a foreign land at ‘FIFA’.

  5. Bring back pigmy hunting, grass skirt stealing and shore rapery (but only for trans female athletes).

    I think a points system would be best on measureable stuff rather than corrupt paid of judges.

    On another note we could have ROTOR BLADE walking, the bri ish have a great competitor a full Gold Medal Specialist trained and ready.

    Stupid cunts lecturing everyone else about what went on from over 1000 miles away and said helicopters were powered by propellors. Really are they seacopters? Seriously what a cunt, maybe she should be the new cricket or football commentator, she clearly is over qualified to make key and cutting and knowledgeable statements.

    How about you’re a thick cunt and walked into rotors? It isn’t someone elses fault. (Search for blame syndrome). Whereas someone being murdered by a machete wielding somalian or through a terrorist imam spouting treasonous death threats and invoking murder is all ok.

    what a shithole the woke have created.

  6. I suggest our so called elite would wipe the board with a new event of Synchronised Tugging.
    In fact, afterwards, someone would have to wipe the board.

  7. I suggest the IOC bring pole dancing in as an Olympic sport. That would spice things up.

  8. Posted this on the wrong thread earlier.

    I was a ‘B Boy’ back in ’84. I was in a ‘crew’ and everything. All honky kids, break dancing to Electro albums. Badly. Bit of ‘poppin’ too.

    Moving the furniture when my mum went shopping. We had an outfit and everything (light blue hooded tops and tracky bottoms with two white stripes around the calf area). Nike trainers.

    We looked a right set of cunts. We thought it would attract the birds, but they thought we looked fucking ridiculous so we gave it up, never to be spoken of again.

    Olympics you say?

    I’m a bit past break dancing nowadays, I’d do myself a right mischief. I did learn to do the Macerena on holiday a few years later though.

    I’ll wait for the IOC to add that I think.

      • Yes, Vern, because all that film showing ambulances queuing outside EDs and pts on beds in corridors is CGI. Anyone with a NHS email address is in on the scam😉 Shhhh…You ain’t seen me, right?

  9. And this was also posted on the wrong thread:

    And we all got ‘Ghetto Blasters’ for Christmas ’84.

    All walking around with them Christmas morning in our outfits. Arguing over who gets to play theirs.

    Then all off to watch Beat Street on a pirated video for the 500th time.

    Ramo! Get to fuck.

  10. Could I suggest new events – the 100 metre shoplifting Stella from Aldi sprint, fried chiggun eating (“well done Diane – yet another gold!” “Oink, oink – dat make twelfty big medals I done got”..), abandoning dumb white Women when they get pregnant, drug dealing, stabbing, claiming undeserved benefits, driving around in piece of shit BMWs playing utter shite at deafening volumes, getting stoned, having your trousers round your knees and claiming “waaycism” when they are called out on their fucking vile behaviour. (Definite gold for Dawn Butler there).
    I have a simple ethic – if people want to live in MY Country then fit in – or fuck off and never return.
    We need a revolution – not a violent one – I’m not taking the risk of Rees-Mogg chasing me down the street threatening me with Veuve Clicquot and Beluga caviar!
    A political revolution, where the traitors, wokeflakes and various shit who are destroying this Country are just swept away and then observed with a combination of distrust and dislike forever more.
    It is up to US to change things for the better, and if we can’t be arsed doing anything then we shouldn’t be whining about what our laziness and cowardice allowed to grow.

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