The BBC (67) Investigates the SAS

Cunt that is the BBC. Why? Because this evening, on BBC National News ( 12/07 ) the BBC have taken it upon themselves to investigate the SAS for their undoubted atrocities in battle.

Since when was the BBC able to commission themselves as ” Police ” and in particular, to broadcast footage that is claimed to be evidential and without bias.

I will not go into chapter and verse, but I strongly object to ( once again ) our forces are attacked by a bunch of London Centric scumbags funded by us the taxpayer. We have been promised the BBC will be axed. It hasn’t. It is way overdue that the institution is burned to the fucking ground and its cunts of staff tarred, feathered and then beheaded in the customary way of REAL criminal scum who they protect, nurture and actively promote.

If Putin is listening, a Nuke on the BBC would be greatly appreciated. And of our forces? If we cannot and will not stand up for them, then we deserve the great shit slide to our ultimate oblivion.

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130 thoughts on “The BBC (67) Investigates the SAS

  1. Cancelled my tax demand (BBC licence) about two years ago. Had a standard letter through the post the other day asking me to evaluate if I needed a licence. I wrote “FUCK OFF” diagonally across it and sent it back. CUNTS.

    • I get around 1 a month from the cunts. I’m still waiting for the visit, which will be amusing.
      If I do, I’ll have to do a nomination, although I’m not holding my breath.
      Regarding the nomination above, I hope the “journalists “ disappear 😉.

      • Same here (around one each month). I used to read the content for amusement but if bores me now so I just put the unopened envelopes in the shredder.

        The BBC are cunts of the highest order and should just be ignored. Their right to charge viewers a licence fee for watching live TV content is enshrined in law for the next 5 years so nothing is going to change anytime soon. Best to just not pay them and ignore them and pray that a future government of fuckwits (there are many contenders) doesn’t switch their income stream to a tax on the internet, or something else equally pernicious, that can’t be avoided.

      • Got two visits even after I told them I didn’t need one
        They asked for the wrong person my wife’s old name so told them not me
        Clueless couple of cheap imported kids
        If more folk stopped paying they would have to fuck off
        The people that run it are almost as out of touch than our politicians

    • amazing, chastise troops doing difficult and hard job.

      yet fully supports child rapists and dinghy freeloading groomers.


      When will the BBC elite start ‘disappearing?’

      • ooo and I forgot these cunts are gonna start using your council tax as a means to fund themselves.

        I suggest everyone in the UK finds out how much and refuse to pay in their council tax. BBC are bastard cunts, burn it all down.

    • Good idea. I kept mine but will do the same today. If no stamp is on the envelope do they pay for it still?

    • Wot did their investigation(s) into Jimmy Saville turn up?

      Please Explain BBC?

      Oh you can’t, nevermind.

      Just take down anything masculine and normal then please continue.

      Their agenda really sounds like ‘the unpopular kid at school’.

  2. Typical of the bbc, as part of their agenda to crap on everything British and not report what’s happening in the resk world.
    No mention of grooming gangs, Dutch government shagging their farming industry, Trudeau about to do the same etc. No. Just crap on any British institution, and in this case one that tries to keep us safe.

  3. If Islamic terrorists stormed the bbc studios and took everyone hostage, I wonder who’d they rely on to rescue them? Gays? Transgenders? Aspiring architects?
    If I was head of the armed forces, I’d tell em to go and get fucked!

  4. Fuck the bbc they are a bunch of cunts they can go fuck themselves jimmy savaile protecting shitbags their full of anal fucking wankers never had a licence and I won’t pay cunts like them to wat h the shite that they produce always sending me letters saying I am under investigation well fuck off your not getting in my house you vile poncing cunts

  5. A family not to far from me were stung by Panorama, when they got some crisis actors to make a film on their farm undercover and edited it to make it look bad to push the “agenda”!, the BBC truly are the enemy of the British people, I hope this SAS smear campaign will be the final nail in the BBC coffin, the fucking scum cunts!!!

  6. “We have been promised the BBC will be axed.”

    Really? By whom? Certainly not by anyone in a position to do anything about it.

      • @MP
        No. The closest she got was to announce a “review of the BBC licence fee and how it’s going to be funded in the future.”
        She went on to say “I know that there are people who are saying, ‘I know you are going to move to a subscription model’. I am completely hands off as to what that review will look like and what will happen in that review in the future.”
        All of which is a long way from a commitment to axe the BBC. At best the government will change the way it is funded, but like everything these charlatans promise (bringing net immigration down to the tens of thousands for example) fuck all will come of it.
        And when that review will be set up is anyone’s guess.

      • Of course she does. Along with all his other pathetic arselickers, there’s no way lightweights like Dorries and Hancock would ever have made it into positions of power without Johnson’s patronage.
        Hand picked to make Johnson appear halfway competent.

      • Tbh her and JRMogg were the heavyweights in the Cabinet. The lightweights are Rishi and Liz.

        The truth is she couldn’t act. They are hamstrung by the judiciary the civil service.

        Give me a politician with a personality rather than the professional politician like Rishii, L.iz.

        Rishi is so slick like his hair.

      • Mogg a heavyweight? Don’t make me laugh. He’s just another crook. Cleverer than Johnson, thank fuck he has next to no charisma. Strictly for the doff cap, tug forelock brigade.

      • Evening lads.

        Agree with much of what you say MJB, and Miles, re slick Rishi. No one was more responsible for getting the Tories elected in 2019 than Sunak. Always covering for Boris in the party leaders debates when he was hiding in the fridge, too frit to subject himself to public scrutiny.

      • Sadly that ship has sailed for me, MP, I would have gone for Badenoch. Will have to see how Sunak and Truss acquit themselves over the coming weeks.

    • I hear there is a plan to include the licence fee in your council tax. So if that comes to pass, you may again find yourself paying for something you don’t like , don’t use or want while some knob end on the dole next door ,who loves it, gets it for nothing.

  7. The only thing that should not be privatised truthfully is BBC News. It should be free for everyone to listen to and not have to pay tax. Executions the lot. Tony Blair justifying himself on National TV would be great. But it won’t happen. Hopefully the deep state gets even deeper with cunts like him at the helm that’s all I’m saying.

  8. I read the other day that the cunts are getting 5000 licence cancellations a day. That’s the only way……not paying is a form of civil disobedience. Are they going to put all those people in the nick?
    Fuck them. I stopped paying two years ago, I’ve had all the “final warning” letters but haven’t had a visit. If they do come round I’ll say the cunt has emigrated to Rwanda, didn’t leave an address mate. Fuck them and then fuck them again.

    • Good. Don’t pay the cunts. They are not supposed to be a propaganda arm.

    • Put it this way the BBC accountant needs a payrise because there is a shitstorm coming their way. BBC don’t do literal. They only do lateral.

  9. If there was any justice or sanity, the SAS would storm the BBC and shoot the lot of them.

    I stopped paying these cunts in 2018 after the World Cup*, and the woke fascists will never get another penny from me ever.

    The real World Cup, that is. Not that ludicrous laughable woke wimmins shite.

  10. Anti British bastards. I hate them with a passion. The veil fell from my eyes a good while back when I realised why they stopped showing crime watch.

    Every week the stars of that show were their favourite little brown eyed boys, parking Stanley’s and sand people. So rather than broadcast the truth about who was committing the majority of crime, they pulled the plug. Cunts.

    Speak truth to nation is their motto, or some such nonsense. Fucking hypocrite lefty shitmarks, they wouldn’t know the truth it hit them between the eyes.

    I wish some of the gents from Hereford would ‘disappear’ some of the cunts involved in the Panorama debacle. The producers have got form, a few years ago they tried to stick up Tommy Robinson, but it backfired and a fat blobby arrogant prick of a bbc reporter by the name of John Sweeney got found out. The cunt is still posting his bile on twitter however,

    Licence free for over a decade, they can get to fuck.

    • “All households would pay rather than those who had just opted in.” So what about cunts like me who haven’t got a fucking telly?
      I know exactly what they are going to say……people who have no children pay for education, people who don’t drive pay for roads, people who are healthy pay for those who are sick etc etc.
      They are going to hang on to their propaganda machine and we’re going to fucking pay for it.
      Cunts! Absolute cunts!

    • That being the case I’ll spend all my money on nice holidays then claim council tax rebate.

      I’ll be fucked if I’ll fund those cunts by stealth tax or whatever other dung they dream up.

      It’s literally the equivalent of sending money to Josef Goebbels.

      Except now he loves all the foreign muck and doesn’t want to murder them.

      Times change.

      • Good evening Jack.

        A new Cromwell may yet be on the cards.

        And he won’t be a friendly Sunak.

      • @Unkle. Cromwell must be spinning in his fucking grave.
        What an unkempt, corrupt and disorderly shithouse of a country we’re becoming.
        As you mention Cromwell, me and Ethel have been in Worcestershire for the week – end.
        On our way back, we stopped at Upton, stood under the little blue plaque, that commemorates the battle and shouted,
        ” Hurrah For Cromwell ! ”
        A passing woman looked bemused.
        I wished her ‘ Good Day ‘
        She hurried off.

      • Worcestershire, you say, Jack? I hope you stayed away from bike sheds?

        Good morning.

      • @Gene. I took the precaution of downloading a bike shed avoider app to my phone, to prevent chance encounters.
        I also issued Ethel with a blade.
        Desperate times and all that 😀
        Morning, Gene. 👍

  11. Apologies to getfuckedwokecunts, who has already flagged up this dastardly scheme.
    Good evening.

  12. Part of me hopes someone launches legal action against the BBC for its BBBullshit.

    Problem is that the licence fee payer ends up footing the bill.

  13. Shock, horror, elite soldiers trained to kill on command have been killing people on command.

    The only shocking thing here is that the kill count appears rather low.

  14. The stinking Bl@ck B@stard-loving Cunce.
    I don’t happen to use street drugs *
    So a filthy drug dealer sends me a shitty letter in the post saying that I must pay them £159.00.
    “Why should I ?” I ask the cunts, “I’m not a fucking brain-dead user. In fact I hate everything that you try to sell me !
    I don’t want any of your filthy shit!”
    “Too bad “ they reply, “you’ve still got to pay ……or there will be consequences.”
    Me: “Fuck you,Fuck you ,Fuck off!”

  15. Dog license-gone
    Radio license- gone
    BBC license- soon to be gone
    …..Royal family-gone, one can only hope….☠️

  16. Fuck me! 115 comments ( now 116 ).
    There are quite a lot of people who are very angry with the BBC. Could it be that they are cunts per chance?

  17. The Beeb do like to stick their noses in where it is not wanted.

    In my opinion the SAS are the most elite and one of the oldest specialist military units out there.

    They’re all hard bastards and if the shit ever hit the fan I would want them by my side.

    Perhaps the BBC should investigate this: (Sir Mo Farah: Calls to trafficking helpline go up after revelation)

    Maybe they could do some proper public service and find out what other darkies have played the system and round them up.

    I hear there’s a modern 474 warming it’s engines up on the tarmac, Rwanda is quite nice this time of year,

  18. As soon as I move from current digs, TV tax will e for the chop.
    Gary Linekunt, you can fuck off and beg on the pavement, along with the other addled crackhead, you patronising, sermonising wanker.

  19. Wouldn’t it be better if the SAS investigated the BBC?
    Iranian embassy style…

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