New York PSA – What to do after a Nuclear Attack

Earlier today I wrote a somewhat lengthy nomination for the latest New York City PSA (Public Service Announcement). Whether due to a technical glitch, user error, or Divine intervention, it vanished into cyber space never to return.

I was livid.

But then it dawned on me. Instead of my usual diatribe, maybe I should simply cunt it, post it and let the distinguished members of this august body render their collective judgement.

So here it is…unedited…without context…without comment…but probably with a commercial you’ll have to suffer through)…the latest New York City PSA on what to do in the event of a nuclear strike.:

You Tube Link

Nominated by: General Cuntster

(The MSM will probably blame Trump for this nuclear apocalypse – Day Admin)

113 thoughts on “New York PSA – What to do after a Nuclear Attack

  1. Perfect advice –

    1. ‘get inside’ assuming you can find a building still standing
    2. ‘stay inside’ – see point 1 above
    3. ‘stay tuned’ to, one of the radio stations eliminated by the EMP

    Better advice –
    1. Die
    2….. Er…. That’s it

    • Step 1.

      Do nothing because your atoms are floating around in the stratosphere……….

      What a set of stupid snowflake cunts.

  2. The rescue services, hahaha!
    What on earth makes you think any of the emergency services are more
    A. Likely to survive?
    B. Interested in doing anything other than saving their own skins?
    How fucking altruistic do you think anyone is going to be, in the event of a nuclear attack, assuming anyone survives at all, or anything other than cockroaches.

    • Only the globalist elites in their bunkers will survive but there will be no one left to skivvey up after them or turn us all into Commie drones.

    • The Pikeys will survive, they always do. There’ll be a lot of scrap metal lying about….just pick it up for free.
      Lovely Jubbly.

    • There used to be plans for dispersal of us, but, fucked if I’d go. Not sure, now. I’d just nick a cocktail of drugs and a few syringes.

      Cockroaches, yes, and, a BBC ‘journalist’ looking for a story on how the nuclear bomb was racist.

  3. The very fact, that a Dr Strangelove scenario is being discussed and has been discussed before on many occasions should be telling enough that the cunts are fucking insane.
    Peter Sellers was brilliant though along with Stanley Kubrick in highlighting fucking insanity,

  4. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 12 kilo tons and destroyed an area of 2 square miles when airburst above the city. Later weapons developed had a 24 kilo ton yield. Modern missiles have multiple warheads, sometime over 100, with a yield many magnitudes greater.

    The likes of cunt Khan and these others spouting shit about surviving and being well placed to get out the other side really are utter cunts.

    Personally I’ll welcome the flash, living not far from a military installation that would likely be in Vlads sights, at least it’ll be quick.

  5. The aim of all this shit is not to help us survive but to scare the shit out of us. When you’re terrified you do what the Nanny State tells you to do. I hope you cunts haven’t thrown away those masks?

  6. That’s obvious, Freddie, to any sane person.
    I’ve always thought, as decades go by, that younger generations, having decided their parents were full of shit and too controlling, went off to “do their own thing”
    So now, we have a bunch of useless sods, can’t change a fucking lighbulb, never mind a tyre.
    Now they’re at “uni” doing a meedja degree, might as well print it on toilet paper and wipe your arse with it.
    And this is what we will get our next Government from?
    I’m glad I’ll be dead. Go ahead, clone the fucking dinosaurs, nuke the planet, you all get what you deserve.

  7. America’s had a false alarm of their equivalent of the Four Minute Warning in Hawaii in 2018. Almost pant-wettingly terrifying, I’d imagine.

    Said it earlier, but, watch ‘Threads’. I’m sure it’s on some of those file sharing things, but, there’s bits on YouTube, if not all of it. Genuinely terrifying.

    (Reason why your comment went into the MQ was because of the multiple hyperlinks which Wordfence doesn’t like as it thinks its spam. All sorted now – Day Admin)

  8. Off topic but Nadine Dorries has put the boot into Sunak. Put her delicate stiletto into his very expensive shoes. Prada. £450.

    And he thought he was a shoe-in for Prime Minster.

    • Bad moves. 1) being seen as the primary toppler of Johnson. 2) to rushy with ‘Ready for Rishi’.3)Too slick for the membership..

      Paradoxically the only thing in his favour now is his Race.

  9. New York nuked?

    Load of bollocks.

    If nuclear warheads are launched towards the US ,
    Defence systems kick in and its paid in kind,
    So itd be all out nuclear war.

    Dont worry about it.
    Its designed to scare you.
    Dont let it.

    Worry about me.
    Ive just finished work an cut my hand with a stanley knife cutting cable ties.

    You should probably sympathise, maybe pop a tenner in a card or something…

      • DCI@

        I did it in front of the customers,
        The woman screamed!
        “Breeding! You breeding!”
        ” It deep, you need stitches!”

        She thinks im sitting in A&E for 8hrs surrounded by tramps shes mistaken.

    • I’ve organised a quick whip round for you MNC and we’ve all clubbed together and bought you some OXO cubes.

      Or are you strictly a Bisto man?

  10. Biden probably wouldn’t even realise NYC had been blown away. He’d be too busy eating his early morning Farley’s Rusk and drinking a milkshake from a baby beaker to notice.

    And then you’ll have Kamala “word salad” Harris holding a press conference by saying “Yes New York has been nuked by a very large nuclear weapon which landed in New York which destroyed New York. We want to reach out to all those people who lost their lives even though they are dead and therefore reaching out is difficult but will reach out anyway just in case they are not dead due to a large weapon destroying New York which caused lots of deaths and misery because of the nuclear weapon. We all need to reach out and pray for those New Yorkers who might still be alive but are probably dead due to the….”

  11. Couldn’t give a shit about nuclear war.
    Germ warfare, on the other hand, is a much scarier prospect.

  12. I had a chat with an ex V-Force pilot, at work, and he said that the bomb on his aircraft, his aircraft alone, would have taken out London. One bomb, and that was in the sixties. Imagine the yield, nowadays. I asked him if he’d have done it and he said of course as if they’d got the order to go, they knew there’d be fuck-all to come back to as this country was an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the Yanks, back then.

    Interesting bloke, that’s for sure. Took the long way into ED with him!!

    • There was a Vulcan that hit one of the hills near me in the late 60s. My dad remembered all the helicopters around the crash site. What he, or anyone else for that matter, didn’t know at the time was that there was a 50 mile exclusion zone in place, because it wasn’t clear if there wasn’t a nuclear weapon on board.
      Later, it was confirmed there wasn’t, but I find it hard to believe the RAF would send out an aircraft without knowing it was armed or not.
      Perhaps they used it as an exercise, as it was quite easy to shut down the surrounding area without much fuss, but who knows?

      • I’m pretty certain that the captain of the aircraft had to sign for a nuclear weapon, so, I agree, they must have known.

  13. The great thing about nukes is that you don’t have to use them, just make it look like you are about to launch and the target cities will be pure hysteria, chaos, terror.

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