New York PSA – What to do after a Nuclear Attack

Earlier today I wrote a somewhat lengthy nomination for the latest New York City PSA (Public Service Announcement). Whether due to a technical glitch, user error, or Divine intervention, it vanished into cyber space never to return.

I was livid.

But then it dawned on me. Instead of my usual diatribe, maybe I should simply cunt it, post it and let the distinguished members of this august body render their collective judgement.

So here it is…unedited…without context…without comment…but probably with a commercial you’ll have to suffer through)…the latest New York City PSA on what to do in the event of a nuclear strike.:

You Tube Link

Nominated by: General Cuntster

(The MSM will probably blame Trump for this nuclear apocalypse – Day Admin)

113 thoughts on “New York PSA – What to do after a Nuclear Attack

  1. Step one: blame Trump.
    Step two : blame racism.
    Step three : blame Putin.
    I think that covers everything. In the meantime, put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye.

    • If you’re lucky you managed to get directly under the first missile so you ain’t gotta worry about too much , if not you can spend a few months watching your face fall off before your internal organs turn to jelly and fall out of ears whilst you’re asleep………

  2. After a thermo nuclear attack there will be no one left. And if your unlucky enough to miraculously survive Youl soon wish you hadn’t. The most annoying thing about the video is the cunt waving her hands about. Blackting, womensplaining cunt.

  3. After the apocalypse, there’ll be a ‘Mad Max’ type character, in a tattered string vest and torn jogging bottoms, roaming Worcestershire, offering the irradiated survivors out, behind the bike sheds.

    And he won’t back down, either.

  4. Oh its simple. Just get into the middle of a building and wait till it blows over.
    I dont know what I’ve been worrying about.

  5. Find the nearest fit bird and give her a good shagging, may as well make your last two minutes as enjoyable as possible.

      • Console yourself for 1m30sec with the re-assurance from the friendly NYC PSE video cartoon person that “You Got This” 😐💩

      • Hehe, shout ‘did the earth move for you too, don’t worry it will in 90 seconds’

  6. Believe it or not, we used to have Public Information Broadcasts on the Telly when I was a Kid. “painting your windows white ” ( of…so 40 million rush out to buy white paint and with only 4 minutes to go ). “Leave for the countryside” ( The whole family in Dad’s Ford Anglia )..”Listen for the whistle” ( A Police Officer will run through the streets blowing his whistle in 3 blasts and repeated ) ( No, if he has any sense he will cop Dads care and fuck off to the country ) And the one I liked best was “hide under your desks until the Master tells you you are clear ) ( I don’t need any fucker telling me Im alive )

    I had to laugh, how little has changed, New York need a swift kick in the knackers ( That way, bent double , you will miss the blast )

    Public Information Broadcasts….Shite then and shite now !

  7. I’ve been to New York a couple of times. It’s better off laid waste, trust me.
    Mind you there are so many cities you could say that of these days.
    Big Vlad won’t touch Londonstabistan. The fucking Ivans own half of it already. You don’t shit on your own doorstep.

      • That’s true. They also set off bombs on their own doorstep but that’s usually by accident rather than design. The thick cunts.

    • I first went to NYC in 89 it was a fucking scary place, I didn’t return until 2000ish totally changed lovely place. Went back many times last visit was 2016 and it was going down the tubes. Years of demorat cunts, Good administrations and then total shite woke cunts.

  8. Step one. Place hands behind head.
    Step two. Place head between legs.
    Step three. Kiss arsehole goodbye.
    Protect and survive…

  9. Carry an umbrella.
    It will do fuck all but at least you will have the satisfaction of beating your least favourite neighbour to death with it before your eyes melt.
    It will not be one hit, it will be a chain reaction of missile strikes all around the world, more than enough to make the planet uninhabitable and quite possibly enough to destroy it.
    An unwinnable conflict.

  10. Didn’t Citizen Khan say something about a nuclear attack on our glorious capital earlier in the year? We don’t need the threats of any foreign cunts, if we want to bring our biggest city to its knees we call a fucking tube strike or eco nutters gluing themselves to the roads.

  11. I think the accepted thing to do when staring down a few megaton nuclear detonation is to instantly evaporate.

    You aren’t going to survive it intact and you wouldn’t want to.

    But always look on the bright side. London is now over 55% illegal immigrants and they will die in greater numbers than the indigenous population

  12. Maybe if they have a test run or 14 in various London boroughs ?
    Might wipe out some nayf craim and the r playa

  13. It damning of the human race, for sure.
    One inhabitable planet out of quintillions and we invent weapons that could destroy it.
    The human race is a bunch of cunts.

    • My morning beer farts could have the same effect Thomas if the quilt is raised up. Mrs has slept in a spare bedroom after I’ve let a few go. Cat once foolishly got under the sheets after I’d been boozing and had a takeaway. I let one go and it whimpered and climbed out quickly, demanding to be let out if the room. Actually, it left the fucking house.

      Don’t blame the cunt. I’d move away too, but you can’t run away from your own arse.

      • Isn’t that called a ‘Dutch Oven’ ? When someone lets rip volatile, vitriolic, vile – and tremulously moist -fartage, then pins down the duvet so that any unfortunate bed-occupying partner cannot escape, and dies a horrible death while trying to cease inhaling the god awful stench?

        According to Mr Wuckffittery anyhow … 🤢💨

      • It wouldn’t be funny if I did that to the Mrs.

        I’d do life for gassing her to death.

  14. Nuclear apocalypse wipes out North America and 500m people.

    However, step up Greta Thundernotits to complain “All that dust and radiation. My 3 private jets have been destroyed. Think about my childhood! How dare you!”

  15. This reminds me of those 12′ versionns of ‘Two Tribes’.
    Patrick Allen grimly telling you to hide in the cupboard under the stairs, or to put your granny outside in a bin bag.

    Also, we have had a bit of this. In Summer 1987, Granada TV did actually show one of these Protect and Survive information films around midnight. My dad nearly choked on his cup of tea when he saw it. Whether it was an error or a prank, who knows? But in the Evening News the day after there was an apology about causing the people of the North West any sort of alarm.

    • Im surprised at that reaction. People from the North West would probably say, ‘Nuclear bomb? Nuclear bloody bomb? I’ll give you nuclear bomb in a minute you big puff.’

  16. I wonder what superpower I’ll get after a nuclear attack? That’s how it works, right?

    I think I’ll end up like a Spiderman/The Fly thing with x-ray vision, so I can ogle the women at my leisure.

    Yes, they might not look their best after a nuke has gone off, but that’s no excuse not to stare at the clunge.

    At least the woketards may actually have something to worry about with regards to high temperatures, when the weatherman says its 3000 degrees Celsius outside today, but in a few weeks temperatures will drop to minus 120 for about 200 years.

    The fucking shithouses.

  17. There would undoubtedly be many knobs who would claim it a false flag, spun by the media, and in no way a product of Russian aggression. It said so on RT, so it must be true…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. OK then, very good. How the fuck do you listen to the radio or tv when the electro magnetic pulse has fried ALL the electronic components in said radios and tv’s?
    Dopy fucking tart. What a load of old bollocks.

    • 🇷🇺☢️💣🌉⏳
      I fucking knew these things would come in handy one day.

    • CuntyMort, you just committed an unforgivable sin, you were watching, and thinking!
      You are, of course, entirely correct.
      Those of us who are not vaporised will die a miserable stinking death, and will pray for someone to shoot us.

      • Sorry mate, just pointed out the flaw in the plan. I will arrange for Mrs CuntyMort to discipline me later. Don’t report me to the authorities I might find myself an MP next.

  19. I’m seeing this type of politics happening here in the UK.

    Scare mongering, doom and gloom, fear into the general population and then…

    Stick with us, we’re the party to help and get you through this.

  20. I presume this bomb has been dropped hundreds of miles away, else the advice is the biggest pile of shit since the recent Birds Eye plant food advert.

  21. Japan has claimed its highest temperature this week 41deg.
    I don’t fucking think so!

  22. Just watch Threads or, in the case of the bomb going off, look outside your window.

    • Threads was/is fucking terrifying. I thoroughly recommend fellow Cunters watch it.

      • I like the bit where the women pisses herself we laughed like fuck when they showed us the shite at school.Fucking CND woke poof of a history teacher was responsible for its screening.

      • I couldn’t look at a traffic warden the same way, after watching ‘Threads’.

    • Just the ticket, Six, that’ll ensure that there’ll be a magical exclusion zone around yours.

  23. After I’d survived the apocalypse I would go around taking photos for future avatars.
    No more visits to catacombs I’d have all I need on tap.

  24. The four minute warning siren will be too triggering, so it’ll be the four minute jazz hands. After the blast, the rescue services will first seek out the trannies and make sure their make up, wigs and East European prozzie clothing is all fixed up nicely.

    It’ll then be on to check on Dame Elton’s gaping ringpiece, which took over 80% of the initial blast.

    After this, they’ll be sure to fix the windfarms and solar panels and then they might start looking for survivors in the rubble.

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