Romanian Street Gangs

Romanian gangs of street thieves and con artists are cunts, these pieces of dog shit turn up here, claim all there is to be claimed under the guise of being dislodged gypsies, then they go to town on how many laws they can break, muggings, prostitution, people trafficking, conning, begging, drugs you name it these cunts are doing it.

Anyway the above spunk trumpet (Stefania Tinica) has been relieving old gents of their time pieces by running up to the hugging them and then separating them from their watches and has got caught and has been given 40 months for her crimes, I hope she gets a good fisting from the dykes.

The fuckers do this all over the world, they need napalming of the return of the third Reich

The bitch should be deported on release, but that won’t happen her and her pack of cunts will Romania for ever until one of their own stabs them….

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Nominated by: Fuglyucker

(At time of writing, no mention of Stefania Tinica on the BBC or Guardian. Funny that! – Day Admin)

111 thoughts on “Romanian Street Gangs

  1. Yeah, the filthy bitches outside supermarkets pretending to be homeless. When their shift is up a big Merc pulls up with 2 dodgy looking cunts in the front. She climbs in the back, hands over the money and off they go.
    No doubt to pick up the kids after an afternoon begging and picking pockets.
    Dickensian London they used to call it.
    Now it’s back!

    • Not just London. There’s one chubby, swarthy Romanian bitch in my town, permanently grinning outside WH Smith flogging the Big Issue. She waljs down to road before entering her Mercedes ride. Any moron giving to these gypsîë cunts is well-fleeced.

  2. Had personal experience of these street tarts conning people. Went to budapest years ago with a mate for the grand prix. These two birds stopped us in the main high street bar/club area and asked my mate for a light. Duly obliged and we got chatting…we suggested a drink and they said they new a nice bar (yeah, yeah…..we were being mugged off, but we had full sacks so hoping to offload them) needless to say they chose drinks off themenu and we ended up with a huge tab…..girls did a runner and to hairy arsed brick shithouses frong marched us to the nearest hole in the all. Went home, sober, potless and had to give myself a wank. Cunts…lot of em

  3. I have a wallet with a chain attached to my belt which I keep in my back pocket. When I go on the Tube or into central Stabistan I transfer it to my front pocket and keep my hand on it. I always wear the same jacket because it’s got an inside pocket with a zip. That’s where the phone goes. I never wear a watch even though it’s a cheap piece of shit.
    If any of you northerners come to Stabistan my advice is……
    (1) Don’t
    (2) Don’t smoke in the street
    (3) Never use your phone in the street
    (4) As a white foreigner you stick out like a sore thumb so always keep your wits about you. You are a target!
    (5) If you get done don’t bother with the coppers. Don’t waste your time, put it down to experience.

    • Oh…..(6) If you’re on a station waiting for the Tube keep your back against the wall. Never let any cunt get behind you.

      • Sorry, but you sound like a public information film from the 60’s. These cunts have always been amongst us. For the east end, read eastern europe
        they have always been heading west

      • Theres a big fat romanian woman who sells the Beeg issue outside Aldi.
        I hate the gyppo cunt.

        Shes that fat her eyes are sort of chinese?
        Know what I mean?

        I let the dog go for her,
        Theyre scared of dogs,
        Especially big dogs.

        I hiss under my breath which is a command for the dog and she sets off after the cunt
        Gets a fair turn of speed considering shes morbidly obese.
        Fuckin eastern european dosser.

  4. I’ve said this before, so I wont go right into it, but there has been a development.

    Long one short, my brother is completely blind, but worked up until the day he lost his sight (aged 30). Despite 2 years of applications, letters, visits, phone calls etc etc, nothing for him at the council, so I had to find him a private rented place.

    A row of about 20 town houses and flats go up 2 minutes from where he lives. Really nice ones. Immediately filled up with Roma vermin. They are no longer nice and that area has gone from respectable, to outright dangerous. There’s also shit everywhere, pets are going missing, crime is on the up.

    I contact the local housing department to ask why it’s filled with foreigners and why my brother wasn’t offered one. Immediately called a racist, was warned that I could be arrested for hate speech, then the phone was put down on me.

    Couple of days later I walk his dog past said houses and notice in a front garden loads and loads of buckets and flower boxes (obviously selling them at traffic lights and guaranteed they aren’t declaring it). I’m fuming now, so I call the benefits people the next day to report it (I’m no grass, but fuck those scum). The moment I mentioned the word “gypsy”, the woman on the other end became hostile and told me that they must be doing it above board and to take it up with the local authority! Before she knew they were foreign, she was helpful! Phone goes down again.

    So, in my personal experience, you can be blind and have paid your taxes and not be a criminal, but if you need help and you are British, you are fucked. However, if you are a criminal piece of shit from another country, are able bodied and have paid nothing into the system , plus work and claim benefits, there’s a free house for you and nobody will touch you.

    My friends, the country is finished. I never thought I’d say this, but the only thing that can stop this now is for a strong leader to kick them all out and for us to take the law into our own hands. it’s got that bad. We are about to have an Indian fucking prime minister for fucks sake.

    • There’ll be no brown skinned leader of the tory party for years. Majority tory supporters are white and although they’ll entertain the idea of a brown leader they won’t follow it through.

      • (yes I know) one of the Tory faithful, we have the choice to vote for a fucking raggy billionaire, or a pig shit disloyal tart.

        ..the choice is like deciding which bollock you would rather have chopped off.

        All that will happen with either of them that gets voted in, is we will start with another government headed by a PM who is already held in very low esteem in the publics eye, and someone who the media already have a back log of shit on.

        …it’s a crock of shit.

      • Christ I hope not. Brown skin in charge and we’re officially a bongo bongo shit house country. We are now all but in name.

        Can anyone name a country where the indigenous whites still put their own first and have some pride? I’m seriously contemplating fucking off out of it.

      • Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland.

        Budapest and Prague are lovely cities, but quite expensive to rent decent property. Latvia looks great (heard good things but never been).

        Oh, Iceland is about 99% honky. Africans/peacefuls not keen because it’s too cold, although the people are quite woke (friendly and heavy drinking too).

        Beautiful country, but fucking freezing and not cheap. Difficult for foreigners to get good work/residency there though.

        Poland is cheap and they’re very pro honky. You’ve probably experienced them here too, so you’ll have your own opinions on them. If not, I’d say they are mostly pleasant, but the males are very heavy drinkers and prone to violence quite easily. They’re pretty fucking loud too! Hard workers. Europe’s version of Americans in some ways.

    • You’re right. What would all the wokies and race baiters have made of her? They missed a trick there the dozy cunts. Now they’ve handed it to Starmzy the wankers.

  5. One day a real rain will come and wash the streets.

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of vermin.

    • It ain’t Bertrand Russell but what do ya want? I’m a cab driver……I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  6. Where’s that immortal Wallachian prince? One of his ‘brides’ needs sorting out.

    • Vlad Dracul requires the blood of virgins to sustain himself and he knows full well he won’t find any among these dirty slappers.

      He’d probably rather die of thirst.

  7. That’s the face of a cunt, that never got enough, on an evenings thieving for her cunt daddy

  8. We have the f animals in Auistralia now,Pay up front for your driveway and they fuck off after 1 day and half a job. Not to be trusted at all ,filthy animals.

    • Dodgy cunts in the UK quote, say £500 for doing your drive (no upfront payments mind you) then once done it’s £5000, coz their quote was per meter, inch or whatever fucking measurement they can use to confuse the old dear into handing over her life savings.

      Bunch of cunts.

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