Edward Lord

A teaching assistant raised concerns about the tranny indoctrination in our schools. She was promptly fired for having ‘transphobic’ views akin to a ‘nazi’. Her own child is being indoctrinated with this shit and as a Christian and a mother, she is uncomfortable with such views. Fair enough I say. She shouldn’t have to force this crap on kids. Isn’t compelled speech illegal too?

She’s going to an employment tribunal and the judge will have an advisor on the panel.

Who is it? Some chap named Edward Lord who uses the pronouns ‘they/them’. Yup, he’s a politician of sorts, but also a trans rights activist.

Lawyers for the teaching assistant and members of the public, have obviously expressed concern that this appointment is unfair and will lead to an unfair trial.

Has Mr Lord agreed to step down in the spirit of fair play?

Has he fuck!

And we thought the Chauvin trial was a crocodile court stitch up!

Get to fuck!

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  1. It’s not ‘transgender’, that term is meaningless the correct term is ‘transvestite’.
    They’re just blokes who like to wear wimminz clothing but need to qualify it as normal.

  2. Time for a discussion on what transphobia actually is.

    And a definition of what a trans person is.

    Biologically you can’t switch sexes.

    If you can switch genders with some cosmetic changes then surely you can switch races?

    As you can switch gender by simply stating it you should also be able to identify as anything you want.

    Follow the science unless the science doesn’t agree with your delusion it seems

    • At this stage, it’s pointless applying logic when a schizoid “man” with dildos glued to himself is teaching kids about how amazing sodomy is in school. It’s time to start crushing heads at midnight…

  3. These oddballs,
    The social marxist and gender warriors,
    Wonder how theyd cope in a real life setting?
    They only seem to talk in their own bubbles,
    Education, council offices, safe spaces etc

    Imagine them spouting off in say wetherspoons or a workingmens club?

    Or to notorious Worstershire hardman HFC?

    They choose where to gob off.
    Ive never heard anyone say this shite?

    • This shit happened in the last days of ancient Rome and not for long. They eventually get the choice of: wise or onto the bonfire you go, bumboy.

    • “Or to notorious Worstershire hardman HFC?”

      🤣🤣🤣 aka Gripper Stebson or Captain Irony🤣🤣🤣 He’d sort Eddie out, behind the bike sheds. Somewhere in Worcestershire.

      • “And you can bring your fucking dinner, because I’ll have that an’ all.”

        I reckon you should offer him out DCI.

        Fight! Fight! Fight!

      • You can have our cat DCI.

        Right fussy cunt (fresh mackerel or hunger strike until organ failure).

        Mind, I think the Mrs would have me out before the cat.

  4. We live in a shithole where bullshit is the currency and most of the population take no fucking notice.

    Keep quiet and carry on or wear a T shirt ‘Woman, Adult Human Female’ 😂

  5. It is the politicisation of the Judiciary that I find really worrying and this appears to be another example. The Brexit court cases when Baroness Hallet saw it as her role to overturn a democratic decision, that Carole Cadwalladr woman winning her case against Aaron Banks, were judged by people who were politically influenced. It began when Blair got rid of the House of Lords as the highest court in the land and replaced by the Supreme Court.

  6. The appropriate reply to twats who announce their pronouns as ‘they/them’

    So, you’re a nonce?

    (Beware: WordFence doesn’t like nonce – Day Admin)

  7. If i were Mrs Higgs Lawyers I’d be attacking the cunts that made the case against her and around her.

    The Head is a weapons grade cunt who according to his LinkedIn bio likes nothing more than romping in the hills.


    Anyway apparently he tasked the schools ‘business lead’ a Mrs Sue Dorey
    to carry out the initial investigation.

    Sue Dorey says she has a 2:1 in Schools Business Management from Manchester Metro Uni but as far as I can see no such course exists.

    So McCuntface sniffs a cunt.

    Lucky me.

    Of course I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. Why does it never occur to these lawyers to scrutinise the cunts making the claim as opposed to simply trying to defend the claim these cunts make.

    If you discredit the process by undermining the credibility of the individuals involved you discredit the case.


  8. Said it before, cut your cock and nads off you are NOT a woman you are a fecking amputee pure and simple.
    World is now being run to suit the fruitcake community.

  9. I’m currently facing the quandry being cunted herein; email appeared from my youngest lad’s headmistress gobbing off about their ‘integration’ of an LGBTQP+ ‘awareness’ program into the school’s ‘ethos’ or some such fucking bollocks. Now. do I ignore it? … politely voice my disquiet?… or … go FULL CHOPS along the lines of…
    “I am in receipt of your email of the 13th Jun – Wot the fucking hell’s all this shit you malodorous claque of amoral, perverted bastards… if you think I’m going to allow you cunts to parade your collective degeneracy (for it is nothing less) in front of MY child then you simply do not know me well enough and trust that this communication will provide sufficient enlightenment as to my piss boiling disgust that you could even think to encompass this societal sickness and thereby lend it legitimacy… you twisted fucks! …(Chops pauses for breath)

    … I’ll then pad text with some of the choicest, moistest musings on the subject of fellow cunters gleaned from these hallowed pages for the alleviation of any doubt as to where I stand. And conclude with…

    Please supply by return a FULL brief of this proposed program and how you intend to ‘integrate’ this into the curriculum AND the wider school environment.

    Yours, loaded for bear!

    Pa Chops … y’cunts!

    • …and y’ just know they’re already editing the ‘new wave’ of biology textbooks to include a section on “male pregnancy”… fuck’s sake, normally you’d just laugh it off as ridiculous but… now…? it’s a racing certainty.

  10. The image is rather good, shows off Mr Lords feminine side as he appears to be a fucking huge cunt. Previous cunters who mentioned the fact that these sick fucks rarely make provocative statements outside a “safe”;space are correct. Never have I seen one banging on about same sex toilets etc in the middle of a shopping centre or some other public place. Wonder why?

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