Sir Keir Starmer (18) Pride before a Fall

A mammoth cunting for wanabee PM and his “lady” deputy , Keir Starmer for going in the Pride Mince yesterday (July 2nd) sporting glitter round his eyes:

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This pathetic graceless pudding of a man pretends to be the friend of every minority – black, tranny, bulldyke or poofter, so desperate is he to get the top job. I hope Rayner kept her legs closed for once.

The party of bum fun, men dressed up as wimminz, women dressed up like men – Christ knows what this country would become within weeks of this freak attaining high office.

He could just have sniffed a pair of Chris Bryant’s underpants, but no where there is a camera there is Kweer performing, and the skidmarks on Bryants keks might not have been as photogenic.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

104 thoughts on “Sir Keir Starmer (18) Pride before a Fall

  1. I am so ready to be a fan of anyone in high office who will dare to declare this h0m0 shit what it is. It’s degenate and should be shamed back into the shadows. And for the love of God can we stop adopting kids out to the cunts? What the fuck is wrong with us?!!

  2. Next year he will riding on a float covered in a gallon of spunk singing, “I Will Survive” and we will all rush to the ballots like good little plebs.

  3. He only ever looks that comfortable in a gay parade with glitter on his face. If he ever gets his nail-varnished hands on the keys to No.10, the likes of Xi Jinping will eat him for breakfast and shit him out by lunchtime. Cunt.

  4. Tolerance is the lube by which the dildo of degeneracy get rammed up the arse of a normal society.

  5. That bloody Turdgun wimminz is moaning and whining AGAIN…
    The day she croaks (please nom her in Deadpool, Shaun!), I shall celebrate with a bottle of Balfour’s best fizz.
    What a mingling auld trout she is.

    • It does seem to be a thing, doesn’t it? If you want some fucker dead in short order, just get Shaun to nominate them in his Deadpool. Personally, I think he’s an assassin.

  6. I wonder if “sir” kweer had his aids de camp with him?

    Actually he seems quite happy. Maybe he’s finally found people who like him.

    That they’re a bunch of filthy degenerate, mentally ill sodomite freaks that Dante himself wouldn’t have despoiling his hell is neither here nor there in his desperate scrabbling for relevance.

    But compared to the labour party I suppose it must seem like Plato’s fucking academy.

    Fuck me that man truly is a cunt among cunts.

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