Annoying Tunes

Annoying tunes stuck in your head.

What, like One Day At A Time by Lena Martell? That sort of annoying? – NA

I don’t even like the song, but for a few hours now I’ve had ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ stuck in my head.

I fucking hate it when you get a shitty tune in your head you just can’t get rid of.

People who then pass these tunes into the heads of others by telling them about it are even bigger cunts, of course 😉

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

94 thoughts on “Annoying Tunes

  1. Of course, I must mention ‘Everything I Cunt, I Cunt It For You’ by Bryan Adams.

    And ‘I Would Do Anything For Cunt, But I Won’t Do That’ by Meat Loaf.

  2. Some perky little tune has just entered my head… again. Oboe, I think.
    Oh well, only 11 Bruckner symphonies to check out!

      • I believe Bruckner was straight, but odd… The only photo he had of his mother was of her corpse, and he seemed to have a well – de veloped Interest in death. Also in younger teenage girls.

  3. I hate all those cunts at Glastonbury who sing along to a tune, not because they like it but because they heard it on some advert. Glastonbury is for cunts that listen to music in the background but don’t particularly like music

    • Is Glastonbury about music?

      I though it was a woke gay LPGTHIJKLMNOP Fest – With an old cunt, a fat cunt and an annoying gay cunt on stage at different times of the day. And some unknown Americans over for the free ticket or to sell a book or album.

  4. Any of you fellow cinters fed up with those fucking adverts that have mangled and destroyed a once decent tune. If I hear “sweet Caroline” one more fucking time I’m going to SCREEEEEAAAAM. Several songs cometely FUCKED by these corporate cunts.
    A pox on their eternal souls and those of the ad agencies that do this to us.

  5. I don’t tend to experience ‘ear-worms’ as most of the stuff played on BBC or commercial stations is such irritating, bland shite that I’ve learned to simply ignore.

    Once mawkish recent example I openly laugh at is Ed Sheeran’s sentimental ‘Joker and the Queen’.

    The anthem of self-pitying fagguts and snowflakes.

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