Soldiering On

Martin Tyler is a Sky Sports commentator and was covering the Wales vs Ukraine World Cup play-off final when he committed that gravest of snowflakery sins; he offended someone on another persons behalf. Having said that the Ukraine goalkeeper would have to “soldier on” after an injury, the Twatter language Stasi erupted after conflating a well-used expression to convey battling through adversity, in this case an injury and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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He wasn’t going to conscript him and send him onto the Donbas you soft as shite fannies!! These cunts are probably sat on their arses watching Netflix, ordering Deliveroo while WFH, they couldn’t even find Ukraine on a fucking map.

They chose to ignore the context of the comment and instead responded with the typical reactionary bedwetting hysteria. So I suppose in games involving not just Ukraine but other teams with ongoing conflicts, no more attackers or going on the offensive and a rocket of a shot . When I was growing up watching football a popular expression was having “a shot like an Exocet missile”. I don’t remember survivors and the families of the dead from HMS Sheffield, sunk in the Falklands War, taking offence.

Tyler did quickly apologise on air and I can’t really blame him, if he had left if for the Twatter pile on to fester a grovelling self-flagellating statement after the game would have been humiliating.

Maybe we can cancel this cunt, my feelings are hurt forty years later.

England vs Norway 1981

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator


52 thoughts on “Soldiering On

  1. I think we got our own back a few years later LL when Gazza was asked if he had a message for the Norwegian people and he said ‘Yes, fuck off Norway’.

    • And when Gascoigne signed for Lazio. He said (in Italian) to the Lazio chairman, ‘Your daughter’s got big tits!’

      Good old Gazza.

  2. Martin Tyler has been one of the worst for spewing out pro BLM bollocks and calling for cunts to get ‘educated’ about the knee taking.

    So fuck him. I hope they tear him to bits and replace him with a dark key trannie.

    Shite commentator an’ all. With an even shitter ‘catchphrase’.

    “Aaand it’s live!”

    For £100 a month I should fucking well think so, you cheeky twat.

    Get to fuck.

    • I agree, Cuntybollocks. Tyler is a cunt. I remember him gleefully being part of the witch hunt on Eric Cantona, after the big man twatted that gobshite at Selhurst Park in 95. Tyler, Garth Crooks, and Gary Lineker (naturally) were the worst offenders in the ‘Get Cantona’ TV lynch mob.

      Also bang on about Tyler being a sanctimonious Chicken Floyd George lover and BLM acoylte. Tyler – like JK ‘Cunt, but with superb tits’ Rowling – has discovered that the leftist nazis have no problem whatsoever turning on their ‘own’ and throwing anyone who dares to ‘offend’ them to the social media wolves. Ah well, tough shit. The left will eat itself. And I love it when the cunts turn on each other…

      Tyler is also a shit commentator. The Great BrIan Moore (RIP) was a proper football commentator. When I still loved the game…

      • Brian Moore
        David Coleman
        Barry Davies

        The 3 greatest commentators in my opinion.

      • Yup

        Didn’t mind Hugh Johns and Gerald Sinstadt either.

        Bazza was king though.

      • Stuart Hall was entertaining a a football commentator.

        The great Murray Walker, Ted Lowe and that Geordie darts fellow👍

      • I don’t know much about fuzzywuzzyball but I have spotted the tits on the tranny hating aging writer and I must say they do make some fine mighty viewing. Better than watching fuzzywuzzy ball anyway.

  3. Never ceases to amaze me how an application on a mobile telephone used by a minority of the population spreads such terror across the land.

    This fellow should have immediately followed his original comment with

    “Hang on,why aren’t these cunts in Ukraine fighting the Russkies? ”

    Twatter is an affront to any sane person.

    Fuck off.

    • UT@ – Afternoon Unkle – mobile phone footage can be VERY useful when it captures an argument about penalty takers and “England” “managers” 😀👍 – got you bang to rights I have Gareth the snitch.
      Tyler has been at the forefront of all the bollocks in football – not nice when you get a bit back is it, cunt?

  4. Football is full of military terms such as ‘Defence’ ‘Attack’. ‘SHOT’.

    That will all have to left out now.

    • And the Liverpood defence sorry I mean the back players are doing a stirling job….”

      ‘Man Utd are of the attack sorry I mean they are bringing the ball forward….

      ‘And what a superb shot sorry kick towards goal that was…’

      • I hear modern commentators, particularly the wimminz type, use terms such as “forward press” or “transitioning”-terms more appropriate to the application of a sanitary towel or a mangina-which is appropriate, as the modern game is full of cu…..

      • There was some dozy fucking bint, Emily-something, spouting forth her ‘opinion’ on the England vs Barbarians rugby match, yesterday. I don’t know, neither do I care who the fuck she is, all I do know is that her ‘opinion’ is fucking worthless as she’s never played at the level she’s spouting shite about. The only opinion I want from her, or any other fucking wimmin, regarding rugby is should I have Bourbons or Custard-fucking-Creams with my half-time refreshments.

        And what’s with this ‘Player Of The Match’, bullshit??? ‘MAN Of The Match’, you cunts.

      • Afternoon DCI.

        Don’t know if you had the misfortune of witnessing any of Channel 4’s recent coverage of the England internationals.

        It seemed to have it all.

        Woke Box ticking.
        Southgate Virtue signalling.
        Southgate Race baiting.
        Southgate & England getting thrashed.

        Football Italia from the early 90s with Peter Brackley on commentary it certainly was not.

      • Afternoon, Herman. No, I looked forward to missing that shite. Sounds like my prediction about it being bollocks was spot-on!

      • ‘Batters’ and ‘Third’ (instead of third man) in the cricket fucking annoys me too.

        Play, fund and commentate on your own sports, split arses.

        Stop leeching. No cunt wants you gobbing off.

        And to think, we once moaned about Jimmy Hill.

      • As a boxing fan, it’s starting to get on my fucking tits with the women commentators especially the USA, Every big punch is given a “Aahhh, Ohhhh” by the split arses as if they’re flicking their beans. Just get me a cup of tea love, no sugar.

      • Greatest commentator ever was Tom Tyrrell (RIP). He did the games at Old Trafford for Piccadilly Radio for years. An absolute authority on United and a really top bloke. The cunts ousted Tom out in the mid 90s, and got some horrendous loudmouthed Chris Evans clone called Keith Fane. What a fucking cunt he was.

    • The feminists have written many column inches about this adoption of military language in sport.

      All for nothing, except for mockery, I’m afraid.

  5. I suppose “get some fucking glasses ref, you cunt” could be construed as offensive to blind people?
    Or “ the differentially sighted” as they call them now.

  6. It’s all about power. If you are shit scared to say anything that might be construed as evidence of some kind of “ism” then you say nothing at all. I saw an interview on YouTube recently where Matt le Tissier describes how Sky sacked him for refusing to wear a BLM badge. He points out that they took Carragher back after six months after he was filmed gobbing on a little girl. So we know what Sky considers the greater crime.
    All these football commentators and pundits spew out this wokie shit these days. Whether they believe it or not is another matter. Fuck the lot of them anyway.

    • @Freddie

      To be fair to Carragher he was possibly just talking normally when that phlegm came flying out of his Scouse gob towards that girl.

      Seriously though – what type of society/TV company pardons something like what Carragher done, which was fucking repulsive but in the same breath practically terminates another mans (Matt Le Tiss) employment for the crime of feeling uncomfortable with being forced to wear a race baiting organisation’s logo on his clothes.

      Fucking Cunts

  7. I doubt theres a Ukrainian born who would of taken offense at this,
    They just aren’t that mard.

    No this is bollocks,
    Also banned should be
    Fish tank
    Top gun
    Space invaders
    And pitch invasion.

    Why worry about if something is going to be seen as offensive?!

      • Afternoon LL,
        I doubt ISACs foremost cunter unduly worries himself over a word causing offense?

        Quite the opposite in fact🙂

        Hey LL, you ever been offended by a nom or anything on ISAC?

      • The ‘Ugly South Coast Flashers’ nom springs to mind, Miserable. Not the nom itself, just the header picture, I’m sure they have a better class of flasher up north.

      • That fat lesbian with a neck beard, a few years back, has left me with PTSD😢

  8. If you apologise your a twat. Never apologise to the cunts.Tell them to fuck off instead,

    • He said “soldier on”? While Russia’s at war with Ukraine? How insensitive can you get? I’m truly offended. i think we need more female commentators. As for that Norwegian, I believe he had the orgasm of a lifetime and never fully recovered.

  9. I remember when during a World Cup some South American defender scored an embarrassing own goal. In the studio Alan Hansen said “he should be shot for that.”
    Two weeks later he was!! 😁
    I seem to remember the Jock had to apologise for that…….or did I just imagine that?

    • That USA 94 World Cup was a mad one.
      Diego Maradona off his tits on the pitch, Scouse cunt John Aldridge going off on one, the most boring final ever between Brazil and Italy, and Pablo Escobar getting shot.

      I bet the Qatar one isn’t going to be half as interesting..

      • I loved the 94 world cup.

        Diego was reported to have been on a “cocktail of stimulants” during the match v Greece where he happened to score an absolute worldy before screaming with crazed hysteria into the pitch side camera 😂
        Looking back to Mexico 86 and Diego was probably off his tits during most of that tournament an all.
        Some player though.

        * I think I’m particularly fond of that 94 world cup because I was shagging a cracking looking lass at the time and I remember some of the matches being on the telly in the background while I was bollocks deep. 😀
        Great days.

  10. Am I missing something here?

    If the sainted Ukraine are in a full blown balls out war with the Ivans, why are some of them poncing about on a football pitch and not mucking in with the rest of them?

    When Blighty was rucking with the Krauts (both times), at least everyone (well, almost everyone) did their bit and weren’t fucking around on football pitches.

    • Mad Frankie Fraser was breaking into houses while everyone was in the air raid shelter and nicking their ration cards. Fucking thieving cunt.

      • Used to like Frankie Fraser but he is a cunt. Wanting the war to go on and not forgiving Hitler for giving up? No wonder the Krays thought he was a dwarf cunt.

      • Which was part of the motivation behind ind of my earliest cuntings: the celebration and aggrandisement of “gangsters”.

  11. Do I dare tell a black person they are “picky” lest I reference the cotton picking days?
    Or tell a homosexualist “keep your shirt on”?

  12. Who the fuck I’d Martin Tyler? Never heard of him should I have done?
    Sounds like a cunt who needs his teeth knocking out with a toffee hammer.

  13. Tyler also was a cunt when his mates, Richard Keys and Andy Gray were axed for being ‘sexist’.. Tyler probably stabbed them both in the back and went on about how ‘shocked’
    and ‘offended’ he was.

    Self serving woke cunt.

  14. Bring back Big Ron Atkinson, he told everybody what he thought of Marcel Desailly…. even if it was by accident. 🤣

    • If I were a billionaire, I’d buy Sky just so I could sit Big Ron next to Tyler for every match.

      Tyler: And as the players take the kn..

      Ron: What a load of bollocks all this is, Martin. They look like a bunch of twats. Oi you! Split arse with the nice arse! Do you have any more of these sandwiches left? While you’re down there love…oh fucking hell I left me mic on again didn’t I Martin.
      ?..Martin? Fuck me the old pooftah has fainted. Would never have happened with Brian Moore.

      • @CB

        Its a real shame that big Ron ended up a cancelled figure within the game.

        He was a top manager who had some decent success with different clubs.

        I don’t buy the racist shit for one second either. A man of his time definitely, but not a racist in the bed wetting Twitter sense. Just a man of his time but also a manager with the vision and conviction to give players a fair chance regardless of skin colour.

    • It’s like when people at Old Trafford said Andy Cole was a miserable chippy clack bunt. But that’s because he was exactly that.

      I loved Big Ron when he was at United. Football with a swagger, always a wisecrcrack for the media, some cracking players and cup campaigns. Cunt trumpets like Pogba, Lingard and Rashcunt would not get anywhere near Big Ron’s team.

      • @Norman

        I always enjoy your perspective on the game and how it once was and it’s good to have you cunting again pal. 👍

      • Cheers, CG and Herman.👍

        Once we had a team with Robbo, Whiteside, Muhren, McGrath, Wilkins, Hughes, Moses, Moran, Stapleton, Olsen, Strachan. All stars, and all of them knew what playing for United meant and what it was about. Even Gary Bailey had his moments and gave his all.

        Fast forward and it’s Lingard (God, I fucking passionately hate that cunt!), Lindelof, Pogba, Rashford, Martial, Maguire and other sacks of ‘I’m alright, Jack’ shit. Breaks my heart, it really does…😒

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