Airport Customer Service

I’ve banged on a bit about the way people are being treated in airports, long queues for everything, cancelled flights/Holidays at no notice, the travel industry whining about lack of trained staff, err, I think you’ll find if you sack someone,, they’re unlikely to come skipping back, just because you said please..

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But this appalling treatment of a severely disabled person is so egregious that I can see a law suit coming. This time I don’t think sorry, and a free return flight, will quite cut it.
Poor lady, I hope she’s comfortable now. Utter bastard cunts.

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  1. “I want to see macchu pichu”

    “But it’s hours of climbing steps uphil”…

    “I want to go, disables have rights, can’t you carry me?”

  2. Stephen Hawkings white water rafting holiday

    Helen Keller swims with great white sharks

    It’s the fuckin scraping minimum wage carers I feel sorry for.
    Dragged on some adrenaline sport holiday by these selfish cunts.

    Why do the disabled think they’re Michael Palin?

    Just get a fuckin ice cream on Blackpool seafront
    Your not the Milk Tray man.
    Your more Davros.

  3. Wasn’t there a bloke the other day in a similar situation……..fell down the escalator and fucking died of it?

  4. Just had a thought before I leave; if I came onto the plane to clean it or whatever and see her abandoned like that, provided she couldn’t speak, I’d have a little fumble after quickly looking this way and that to make sure no one was looking.

  5. On my little foreign jaunts I had the greatest pleasure of using Manchester airport.

    Full of thick cunts
    Foreign security staff cunts
    Rude cunts
    Ten bob millionaire cunts
    Loud cunts

    Oh,and fucking Ryanair.

    Thank fuck Bat Flu killed all that shite off.

    Airlines,travel companies and airports are a living Hell.


    • You’ve touched on something there. Those foreign (mostly Africans or peasant Eastern Europeans) security staff in airports, shops, anywhere, tend to be right little Hitlers don’t they. Power goes to their unsophisticated brains. Definitely kapo material. When one of us is a guard of any type, we can be reasonable. You get the odd bell end of course, but those foreign johnnies always take the job as a ticket to overlord everyone else. Until a bribe is on the table, then they are as bent as the best of em.

      • At Heathrow it is Muslims at the security gates removing bottles of water and hand cream off of unwary passenger.

        I even had the stud key to a pair of football boots I bought my son for his birthday confiscated.

        The irony of cunts who are famous for blowing themselves up confiscating stuff from people who don’t spontaneously explode for religious purposes is obviously lost on BAA.

      • My Dad always used to baulk at having to ‘prove his Britishness’ (flash his passport) at the non-indigenous Luton security types on the gates in Luton airport. This back in 2006, cock knows what it’s like now.

      • @Odine. What?! The very cunts who want us all dead are in charge of what does or does not go on a plane? What traitor allowed that to be? That’s actually fucking appalling.

    • UT@ – Afternoon Unkle – yep, Manchester airport is indeed appalling.
      But airlines and airports have a long history of treating their paying customers like shit, and the nuggets still use them to go on holiday.
      I recall snake Branson crawling out from under his rock, laying off lots of employees without pay but still claiming furlough for them and then demanding Rich tea Sunak cough up 2 billion of OUR money or “Virgin Airlines” will collapse despite this leech tramp not paying a penny of UK personal tax his entire life and permanently avoiding Corporation Tax.
      Air travel passengers are used to being ripped off and treated like dirt and until they start organising and boycotting the airlines and airports nothing will change.
      But they won’t.
      So fuck them.

    • I went to a job at our local airport to a woman, entered the country illegally, (no idea how), moaning about chest pain. The irony that all the fucking Border Farce [sic] staff were Eastern European or ethnics wasn’t lost on my crewmate and I…

      • A bit like that Minister some years back, who had the portfolio to control illegal immigration-it was revealed he had a couple working for him as cleaners.
        Probably cash-in-hand, too😉

      • And no doubt on arrival at the hospital, was found to have no serious health issues.

      • I couldn’t possibly say…

        Done a few where they’re waiting deportation and suddenly get ‘chest pain’. We’re called to the cells, we do the tests, ECG which is NSR, all obs within normal parameters and say:

        “Sorry to give you the bad news, but there’s nothing wrong with you, so you’ll be on the aircraft, today”.

        Never not funny, and, the coppers love it!

        Little victories, little victories.

    • Thanks for the warning!
      I hope to mo e over to Lincs. in about 10 days, and Manc Airport looked quite handy. However, I mentioned to ex that this Christmas visit might be done by train, as Lincs. to King’s X/St Pancras International is p d handy.
      If, of course, the railways aren’t still on strike.
      Oh well / hell…

  6. ‘Airport Customer Service’. Now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.
    It’s right up there with the very best, like ‘Socialist Worker’ and ‘BBC impartiality’.

  7. It’s the treatment of a disabled person that boils my blood, like they’re some kind of lower class, and should just STFU, and accept whatever crumbs are thrown their way.
    I’m sure that there are a fair number of people on this site who have family, friends, even theirselves, who have been treated like they really don’t matter, struggling to get any kind of meaningful help, or care.

    • JP@ – Afternoon JP, a well made point but from my reading of this the Woman was determined to play the victim.
      There appears to have been an issue passing on her care instructions which is unacceptable – it is important to get these things right as EVERYONE has the right to be treated with respect and dignity (except the French of course – shifty smelly no good four foot amphibian snafflers!) but I do get the feeling – whilst having sympathy for her less than pleasant situation – that “The Lady doth protest too much”.

      • I think it was a case of the “lady” who was with the lady proresting too much.

  8. Victoria who is quadrophenia is mates with Sonia Sodha who took the picture.

    I know who Sonia Sodha is.
    Shes one of Corbyns lot.
    A right little lefty!

    The staff were busy elsewhere and Vicky was brought drinks etc.
    I don’t think they intentionally mistreated her.

    I’d of used her as a draught excluder the moaning cunt .

      • “Can ya feel the real meee?
        Can ya?
        Can ya?”

        “Er, no. I have no feeling from the chin down😢”

        From Qudraplegia.
        ©️P. Townshend

      • Foxy @
        She works for the Guardian?

        Know she was always on Sly news

      • Miatta Fatandbulah is always on the BBC, the latest ‘pet blick person’ left winger, nice gap in the front teeth, very white eyes, ticks all the boxes 👍

  9. Whatever happened to those Hare Krishna cunts who used to hang around airports? Compared to the mental snowflake wankers we have today they seem almost normal. I saw a couple in Streatham High Road last week.
    Nice haircuts. I wouldn’t mind one of those.

    • At Heathrow it is Muslims at the security gates removing bottles of water and hand cream off of unwary passenger.

      I even had the stud key to a pair of football boots I bought my son for his birthday confiscated.

      The irony of cunts who are famous for blowing themselves up confiscating stuff from people who don’t spontaneously explode for religious purposes is obviously lost on BAA.

  10. She’s got point but it’s hardly Torquemada’s dungeon.
    Man up you wet flannel.

  11. Some years ago, the night before I was due to fly home, I had an accident and dislocated my left shoulder. OK, I was PAFO.
    The Spanish quack hoicked it into place, strapped it, and gave me a sling with painkillers more suitable to sedating a rhino.
    Arriving at the airport, I was immediately put in a wheelchair, I’m utterly astonished, taken through check in and security, transferred to one of those oversized golf buggies and whizzed down to the boarding gate.
    Given priority boarding, in brilliant seats so no one could knock my arm, disembarked first, through passport control etc PDQ.
    All I had was a minor injury. I appreciated the extra attention, but it really wasn’t needed.
    Now, if they can do that for one person….?

    • I read last week of passengers pretending to be disabled to get priority boarding (not you JP of course, I’m sure your injury due to vigorous wanking was genuine). After seeing this the fuckers would probably do a Lazarus and walk off the plane.

      • I’m hurt, LL.
        I’m well beyond vigorous wanking, these days, and I did admit that I was PAFO!

    • a Jewish Lawyer I knew used to travel between his houses in London and US regularly.
      His wife, who was as fit as a flea and had never done a days work in her life (a Jewish princess who fled Adolf in 1938, aged 6), used to pretend to be “disabled” and received similar treatment.
      Every fucking time.
      They don’t breed em’ dumb, do they😉👍

    • When I overnighter in Cardio a month or so ago (just for tests, no emergency), upon my discharge the nurses were very sollicitously asking how I was going to get home. I said I’d walk to front entrance, pick up a bus. Their faces hit the floor… Don’t you want a wheelchair to the exit?
      No thanks, I’ve been sitting/lying down for last 12 hours, I don’t want my legs to seize up.
      The NHS can still be brilliant, especially with smile, please and thank you!
      I guess if someone’s English vocab is restricted to “Gibme,” it might be different.

  12. A thought just occurred to me.

    Were there no other passengers on that plane who could have given her a hand to get into her pavement porsche?

    Not that long ago, if you saw someone obviously struggling, you would offer them some help.

    • Not on any plane I’ve been on. Every fucker wants to be first off and be at the head of the queue. The cunt with the sharpest elbows wins…….fuck everyone else!

      • Too right, Freddie.
        So anxious to start/end their holiday as they hustled like penquins going to the Antarctica breeding ground.
        There they are, first to queue for everything, but their bags went on first, so they are last off.
        How me and Sis laugh, as we stroll off last, get waved through customs, retrieve our bags in seconds and have no trouble finding a taxi.

    • Odin@ – That would have been my first action had I been an observer.
      But we live in a mean, sour, greedy “me first” world.
      “There is no such thing as society”.

    • I wouldn’t….the Cunt is liable to sue if you make some crack about it being a shame that she couldn’t sprout wings like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang….some handicapped people can be very entitled…wonder why they didn’t just stow her in the luggage hold and unload her with the baggage.

      • DF-F@ – Afternoon Sir Fiddler, you despicable brute you!
        Good form, carry on! 😀👍

    • Indeed Odin. Any right thinking, compassionate person would try to help, but
      It’s litegous society, you could be sued if you bruise them.
      Most people don’t care.
      People who do care don’t really know how to help a disabled person.

  13. Keep buying shit and they will keep selling it, doesn’t help that the majority of people want cheap deals.

    The biggest power we have as consumers is boycott bad products and services but we don’t and so we keep eating shit and complaining because it doesn’t taste good.

      • Mnc@ – Netto? You and your la di da Stockport ways – Yorkshire shopping depends which supermarket has left their wheelie bins unguarded! 😀

      • Netto? Is that like the northern Harrods? Top quality whippet leads and fashion flat caps?

      • Whippet leads?
        What meks thee think our whippets need to be led, Lad?
        Nay, they’re unfettered, and the dun’t wear caps.

  14. “Woman mildly inconvenienced – world stops”.
    Staff realised something had gone wrong, did what they could to address it and what is not mentioned is that she had carers with her.
    How about she visits an A&E unit to wait for hours in agony as everyone without a white face is treated in front of her?
    Because LOTS of people face that discrimination and appalling service, but they don’t feel the need to get a snake Guardian “journalist” to stir the shit.
    And I haven’t noticed Sonia Sodha saying a word about the physically and mentally disabled who have endured 2 appalling years at the hands of a dictatorship masquerading as a “Tory Government” – why get all preachy and judgemental now Sonia? – were there no headlines and virtue signalling points?

  15. Modded? I thought it was FtF’s turn this week?

    (No idea why your comment was modded. But I think we have been paid anonymously by someone incredibly wealthy to put your comments in the mod queue this week. Love. Day Admin)

    • DA@ – Well for goodness sake say they did a rude thing to you, demand compensation and we will split the cash straight down the middle 70/30! 😀👍

  16. Sonia Sodha, what a cunt, fucking eyebrows…

    I have sympathy for this lady but.

    The aisle chair arrived so why the fuck didn’t the BA staff or her carers bung her into the chair and wheel her off, who were they waiting for, fucking wimpeys with a JCB.

    Why the fuck was she flying, doesn’t she know the planet is on fire. I have reported her to Greta, she will be for it, the Trump death stare is coming her way, being disabled doesn’t give her the right to burn aviation fuel!!

    Airport customer service is usually OK but stuff does go wrong, 100’s of flights a day from the larger airports and thousands of passengers, if you are totally reliant on other to get you from A to B then there has to be some allowance when stuff doesn’t quite right, it would have been a different story if they had turned the lights off, locked the plane and fucked off home.

    • Her carers, where the fuck are they? Having taking this pic, & no doubt, maybe a few more, they have obviously fucked off to the airport lounge, for a desperate fag washed down with wine. Cunts! Airport customer service is not entirely to blame here.

  17. I’ve not flown for a few years now, but I guess they have posters up saying ‘Abuse of our staff will not be tolerated’. Which usually means you are gonna be treated like shit, or something worse. And airlines have been using the ‘Security’ card for years now as an excuse for every fuck up. If they were that interested in passenger safety and security, they wouldn’t have an army of park key baggage handlers for a start.
    Unless you really have to, don’t use the cunts. Stay here and enjoy the rain and rampant inflation.

    • In my opinion she’s a little pisstaker.

      Only her word for this ‘supposed ailment ‘
      And that photo proves nothing.

      Bet when out of prying DHSS eyes she’s on the fuckin dancefloor all night!

      Twerking an doing the robot.

      Bet if that plane was on fire she’d be hurdling suitcases and running up that tarmac like Lynford Christie…

    • And multiple ads for Hoseasons and similar.
      Fuck off!
      If I wanted a “staycation”, I’d go to Bristol and pretend I was in Cairo.
      Was a loathsome phrase, staycation.

      • JP@ – “Staycation” – AKA “I can’t afford to go on holiday, ask the fkin ex Wife why!
        Quick point of clarification – I was referring to Sonia “I am so offended on someone else’s behalf” Sodha when I referred to “The Lady doth protest too much” – the disabled Woman seems to have done a lot less beefing than Red Sonia.
        I keep trying to get a disability claim in for “Elephant penis syndrome” but the doctor refuses to see me and states I am an evil fat fantasist and probable deviant.
        Cheeky fker – I’m not that fat!

      • I actually don’t want to go on holiday, until I’m sure I won’t have to have multiple jabs, wear a mask anywhere, and can get PAFO secure in the knowledge that caring Philippinos will put me to bed. Yes, a cruise!
        Fucking fantastic.

      • You could probably sue the doctor for saying you are fat, Vern.
        That’s sizeist and hurtful.
        But evil, deviant, more or less covers what we cunt here.

      • Yes JP, staycation is a cunt phrase almost as bad as ‘holibobs’. Not quite Unkle Terry’s oven standard but a good horsewhipping would be in order.

  18. According to the article, fishface,her carers (plural) and the Grauniad/Observer hack stood around tut tutting rather than be pro active ?
    Had they carried her to the steps and put her down things would have improved rapidly.
    The more I read of this the bigger the fucking victim card gets. I hate plane travel so I don’t go overseas. Too many morons in close proximity for my liking.
    The whole thing reeks of entitled victimhood,the surefire mark of the leftard.

  19. I understand Ukraine vacation packages are really cheap this summer.
    I don’t see myself every flying again. Last time was 2019. Flight to Denver went well. The return was a miserable shit show.
    I may end up going Mexico if things get bad enough. I can drive 2 hours and be at the

  20. My dearly departed Uncle Joe wanted to bungee jump off the Clifton bridge in his wheelchair and raise money for the Spastics society. He was a fearless old bugger.

  21. Off topic but just saw on BBC News that yet another inquiry has been taken into child grooming. Usual story, cops and council practically aiding and abetting. Oldham this time.
    No mention of the groomers. Not a fucking word about yet another bunch of P aki cunts. The groomers could have been Sally Army for all the BBC divulged.

    • @Cunstable. I saw that. Said exactly the same thing to Ethel.
      The usual cuntery from the BBC.
      Pisses me off.

      • Dodge the ethnicity grenade.

        Our media is at the Goebbels level.

        I cannot fathom how much of a fucked up deviant traitor you would have to be to side with foreigners who would happily see us all dead.

  22. Fuck all that hassle.
    You don’t need a plane to get to Scarborough.
    Nor a passport.
    I’m not one for this abroad malarkey.
    Dodgy tap water and strange wotsits.
    Is it Greece where you have to put your shitty bog roll in a bin, and smash plates up?
    Spain where you can’t drink the tap water?
    No thanks.
    Inoculations for flea bitten holes like Afrika, incase you get bit by a lion or a hungry Somalian.
    Delays and getting frisked at the airport.
    Foreigners and shifty cunts looming around terminals.
    Rip off Pàki taxis to get there.
    Plus, I can’t take any drugs on holiday.
    You can stick airports and foreign shores right up up your ringpiece.

    • Scarborough? I wouldnt. The Grand Hotel is full of dinghy sailors shitting in the lifts.

    • I’m with you Dick.
      I’ll never leave these shores again.

      I’ve been abroad and I didn’t like it a bit.

      If I want exotic I’ll drive to Congleton.

      • I haven’t been at an airport for years. I hear that they are now a cunt magnet, staff and customers alike. They were bad enough when I used to use them. I wonder if they are now as bad as people say?

      • Congleton Mis?

        Downmarket and full of inbreds.

        Bet you nip to Alderley Edge or Wilmslow to rub shoulders with all the slebs.

      • I like down-market inbreds!
        My kinda people.

        Alderley edge & Wilmslow?
        Yeah, I do lots of work round there.
        Don’t drink there though!
        Full of TV types an football Mary’s.

        Did some work on that Cheshire Housewives thing too.
        Right weird looking fucker had that much placcy surgery her ears flapped when she breathed.

        Looked a bit like Mickey Rourke, know him?

      • They wouldnt let you into Congleton. Cheshire la di da rather than Cheshire rough as fuck.

    • DickVanDyke@ Evening DVD – Bridlington is always a good place to visit – I love it there. My Grandfather was an engineer in the merchant navy, as was my Uncle and every time I see the sea I want to be on it and away, I think it is in my blood.

      • I like Brid Vern, and Flamborough Head.

        Went sea fishing from Bridlington once.

        It looked a bit rough from the harbour, and the skipper asked if we were sure we wanted to go out.

        I was like yeah, fuck it, it will be fun.

        By the time we had got out the bay the swell was horrendous.

        It shit me up a bit. It was like being in a valley of sea, then on top of a mountain of sea, and repeat.

    • Dick: get yourself over to the Idle of Wight👍
      Feels like your going abroad, going on that ferry.
      It’s a bit backwards-in a good way for a holiday-like 1950’s England👍

    • Can’t move though for all those Dracula wannabes.

      Fucking weirdos. But harmless and polite young folks.

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