Shamima Begum (7)

Cunters, for your pleasure I give you one of this sites pin up jihadi’s brides. Apparently she could face either 20 years in prison or death. Oh boo fucking Hoo bitch. Want to live as a savage? Enjoy the fucking backlash from people you and fellow savages pissed off.

Apparently the other two bitches she fucked off with are dead (Oh shame) I reckon a dangling might put everything in perspective as she drops down the trap. Anyway zero fucks given from Cunty Towers. Plus I have Cuntvid what a cunt.

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86 thoughts on “Shamima Begum (7)

  1. Mad cunt dressed like a nun but lethal in harm, for this is the word that is lalaa
    Cunts like her and hims like her should have their Lalaas severed, for a time of reflection before the inevitable nothingnesses that the end brings.

  2. Shame General Pershing isn’t around anymore, he’d have known how to deal with this buck toothed carpet kisser!

  3. I bet she must be right pissed off with our government. Allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented “refugees” into the country and yet she is still barred – admittedly due to her dealing with ISIS. But who is to say those “refugees” aren’t connected?

    I suppose the woke sympathisers will be protesting in the streets anytime soon

    • it ain’t only the UK, its many a Government allover, that has let undocumented shite run riot through there social welfare systems, bleeding dry the fresh water from the well and many now cannot be arsed to ask the question. Who the fuck are You

  4. This is such an obvious and desperate ruse to get back to Blighty.
    As someone has already mentioned, some human shites lawyer will get on the case. Probably suggesting she should go through a justice system that doesn’t have the death penalty.
    Personally, I hope she gets stoned to death by a mob of her fellow brainwashed savages.
    The uncouth strumpet.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Justin Welby will probably chip in and suggest “we should forgive her trespasses and embrace her back into society!” (obviously not too close to where he lives, but in some grimy violent city or town hundreds of miles away)

    • She’s playing the victim, she is desperate for us, in the UK, to see her as a victim.
      Reality is a bitch, I am reality.
      You are not coming back here, you’re not even a pawn on the chessboard, you have no value.
      You are not a victim, you are your own creation.

  5. Put her to use.

    Send her to Moscow as Putin’s assassin. If she succeeds in her mission, she can live in the UK, with a £250k a year salary for life and a position in the HOL. All charges against her quashed.

    She’d be on that offer like a Syrian dog on a goat kebab.

  6. There’s a certainly inevitibabilty that she will return to the country and have a British citizenship restored, as well as all past misdemeanours brushed under the carpet because she will play the victim and will blame everyone and everything for the error of her ways back in the day.

    The MSM will adore her of course; lots of TV and social media interviews; she’ll appear on reality programmes, a documentary about herself, probably even a film, books and fuck knows what else.

    In essence she will become a millionaire, and the MSM/Woke will protect her from the usual horrid right-wingers (in other words the Silent Majority again)

    It’s a shame Osama Binliner was killed. I’m sure the British government would have welcomed him to live here with open arms and a few thousand pounds in benefits, a new identity and house.

      • Only in your SUPER SOARAWAY SUN

        “Shamina Begum’s page 3 DEBUT”

        PHWOAAR-what a scorcher!
        Dusky dish Shamina is busting out all over-(at a children’s pop concert near you soon!)-you would be a complete BERKha to miss this sultry miss!!!!

        Get your detonators out for the lads!

      • After all those kids she supposedly whelped I should think her tits are somewhere around her belly button and are far from firm and juicy.

    • Just like that Malala cunt. British mansion, British education, British money. All for gratis, of course, and with all her relatives in tow. Yet she still likes to tell us how we do things ‘wrong’ and shit like that. She can fuck off!

  7. Shamima Bigcunt could end up sharing a house with that other professional peaceful parasite, Malala.

    ‘But… But… She was shot!’ And don’t we fucking know it. When anyone criticises this gobshite and her (free and in Britain) luxurious lifestyle and expensive education, all we get is ‘But… She was shot!’ And this entitles to her and her leeching family to a life of luxury how, exactly? What a cunt and what a load of bollocks.🤔

      • Bitch is now set up for life, CG. Not only her, but her hordes of never worked and never will relatives and all. A gated mini mansion, a free place at Oxford or somewhere like that, money to burn. I bet all the lads who were in the Falklands, Ulster, Iraq and Afghanistan are thinking ‘Where the fuck is my house and money then? I was shot to fucking pieces!’

        She is a cunt!

  8. I have no doubt that there are an army of yewman rights lawyers salivating at the prospect of restoring this victim to her rightful position as Guardian correspondent.

  9. She’s no better and no worse than all the other deluded idiots who went to “fight” and they are already back here plotting to kiill you and all paid for by your taxes.

    Thing is, people in power who make the decisions are completely isolated from the fallout so it makes no difference to them if they have these backwards savages running around killing children at pop concerts.

    I’m honestly suprised Boris has seen it as a vote winner and brought her back, he’s so crooked in judgement it would make sense to him like people on benefits getting on the fucking housing ladder…ffs.

    • Yeah terrible that natural disaters that occur in areas that are know for them keep happening…yawn.

      Yes but think of the human misery? no thanks, it’s happening all over thw owrld, look after your own is what most seem to have forgotten.

      I’m starting a rainbow coalition against eartquakes, floods, asteroids and alien invasion.

  10. I’m in a strange state of hating her for being the rag head vermin she is and wanting to laugh at her because she looks like Bernie Winters.

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