Gypsies [5] and the Appleby Horse Fair

Pie keys are cunts, we all already know this I know.

Now if memory serves me right these fuckers were moaning because Applyby didn’t want to be descended on by these tinker mother fuckers and basically shut everything in the town, pubs, shops, everything so they didn’t have to deal with these cunts on any level and who can blame them.

Everywhere these cunts go there is rubbish and shit everywhere, human most of it as well, they really are the scum of the earth.
There used to be a roundabout near a closed factory that the bike group used to meet up at for some wheelies and knee down before a ride, the pie keys commondered the round about for a weekend and after they left, there was shit everywhere, dead dogs, rubbish, unfucking believable, these cunts make pigs look clean….

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May I second this worthy cunting. (You may – NA)

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Our protected minority of Romany tinkers, those cheery chappies that “live by their wits” have been up to fun, frolics & larks, in Appleby.
Desecrating war memorials.
Armed gangs.
Record numbers of arrests.
Record amounts of rubbish.
Oh well-boys will be boys.

Or should that be:

“Cunts will be Cunts”

44 thoughts on “Gypsies [5] and the Appleby Horse Fair

  1. Yup they lie thieve destroy property intimidate locals defecate in the street what’s not to like about the cunts ?

    Oh of course everything.

  2. As fairs go Appleby is rubbish.
    Not even any rides!
    No bumper cars no waltzers no ghost Train.
    Cant even get candy floss.
    Only ride is on a out of control pony an trap.

    Don’t see why the gyppos rave about it?
    Go Alton towers instead.

    • But you are forgetting all the interactive attractions,like stealing a dog from its owner..and breaking into sheds and won’t get that level of VR at alton towers..

  3. Years ago some Austrian bloke developed a cure for this.

    But like the cure for pickpockets (thalidomide) it wasn’t taken up globally.

  4. A question for the Chief Constable of Cumbria:
    Have any of your officers run a check on how many of those vehicles are taxed, insured and MOT’d, and then taken appropriate action against the owners of those that aren’t?
    If not, why not?

    • A practical solution I have proposed on here more than once Geordie. The pikey response would be a mob which could be accommodated if the political will were there. Scargill’s mobs were handled after all.

  5. My pie key invasion cure all suggestion of a strafing run by an A10 warthog has yet to be rolled out by Cumbria plod I see.

  6. Years ago the locals knowing these ‘gentlemen of the road ‘ would be gathered in one place would take some reasonable measures.

    Poison the well

    Leave out blankets riddled with smallpox

    A freshly baked pie cooling on a unattended window which when stolen and eaten would reveal to be the local delicacy of rat poison and glass shards.

    Why don’t Cumbria Police try these?

  7. I would happily send every last man, woman and child to the fucking gas chamber.
    Hate the cunts.
    Good morning.

    • “I would happily send every last man, woman and child to the fucking gas chamber.”
      Morning Jack, you mean pıkıes, I assume? Rather than just literally everybody?! 😄

  8. ha ha this always makes me laugh…people buy houses here and then moan when the gypos and dids arrive for their anual drug dealing and law breaking.

    Both sets of cunts deserve each other and I just sit back and laugh….one guy found a human turd on his drive next to a pile of vomit, there was a photo of him next to the turd, probably his wife’s after getting spit roasted up the arse by the dids….I laughed so hard I nearly vomited myself

    • As a Cumbrian chap, did you ever have an encounter with those roving groups of Yowkers*, in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?

      *Yowkers being the term for Hillbilly like hill farming bumpkins.

      I was in a large pub in the sticks on a Saturday night, aged 16 or 17. Out with two older female friends.
      Suddenly everybody started getting up and leaving through the rear doors.
      Looking out of the front windows, a convoy of decrepit looking open backed pick up trucks were parking up, complete with the fucking cast of “Deliverance”, on each vehicle.

      I often wondered if they “clashed” wit the pie-keys?

  9. They make any area they infest look like Islamabad.

    Therefore they should be routed at bayonet point.

    Then give them a Chinese .. mobile death wagon.

    Dirty parasites.

  10. When I visited the place I was amazed that it hosts such an event, it is quaint and peaceful, hardly where you’d expect to organise a filth convention!
    Another group above the law because the lefties regard them as an ethnic minority. ffs.
    One day we may get what the Bbc and The Guardian call a populist government who will do what the vast majority want and eradicate this vermin. Here’s hoping.

  11. We have quite a lot of these cunts around my way. I live in quite a big house and they are always knocking to see if I want my drive jet washed ie casing the joint.

    Funnily enough the calls stopped the day I adopted an ex police Belgian Malinois. Just looking forward to the day one of them breaks in 🤣

  12. The cunts have a fair at Brigg near me. The town becomes a no go area and there were arrests for modern day slavery a few years ago. Culture?

  13. Do as you likeys. They live outside the law and are treated as beyond it by old bill. According to the leftie Islington types, these vermin belong to the category of cultural enrichers. A cross between Harold Steptoe and Tinker from Lovejoy. Kindly old fellas who run fairground rides. Fucking idiots!

  14. I’m looking forward to Islington horse fair, where loads of these “famine dodgers” rock up on Jezza Cuntbyn’s lawn, but that will obviously remain a lovely dream, in Pembrokeshire we have a village called Monkton aka Pîkêŷvillè, where horses run free around the estates and tax free tranny vans ply their trade of dog thefts and copper “reclaimation”, thankfully it’s not far from the LNG, so fingers crossed!

  15. Every time we are forced to embrace someone’s culture we end up holding the shitty end of the stick. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Understandably after the genocide carried out by the Germans (oops Nazis) during world war 2 we embraced human rights and rejected the Stereotyping of people by race or culture.

    These cunts are the elephant in the room, they exploit the laws put in place to protect them (that’s a fucking joke, everyone else needs protection from them) and use them as a shield to hide behind as they carry on making life a misery for decent people wherever they show up.

    I’m not sure why it turns out that human rights allows a vermin minority to trample the majority’s human rights with impunity but that’s how it is.

    The law won’t do anything about them so all that’s left to do is to make their lives miserable wherever they turn up. People are intimidated by them, nothing to be scared of, they run like rats if they are out numbered and out gunned.

  16. You ghastly racists.

    This is a glorious diverse event to be celebrated by all. These quaint friendly travelers come and enrich this disgustingly white privileged town and you complain?

    The horses are very well treated and you can see the smiles on their faces if you look carefully.

    If only you’d never lived near these lovely people, read the Guardian and listened to the nice folks at the BBC, just like me.

  17. In truth I did once live near an infestation of these cunts as a kid.

    Caused absolute misery, all the ‘myths’ about them are absolutely true. I fucking detest the cunts. Not out of blind hatred. Out of experience.

    They need to start camping out near the lefty champagne socialists.

    They want you there, Seamus O’Guffins. Imagine being around folk who welcome your presence?

    You know it makes sense.

  18. Apparently more than 40,000 of these fucking filthy thieving bastards turn up for this shitfest. They should combine it with Glastonbury and drop a fucking great bomb on the place. Thus killing all the pikies and their snowflake champagne socialist friends in one go.
    The BBC could be there to film the aftermath and give the licence payer value for money at long last.
    Cunts, the lot of them.

  19. Methinks the late Fuhrer had the right approach to the Gypo’s. In a less Liberal Society, and without the protections of Laws forbidding exclusions, we may revert to the old and trusted pastime of pelting the fuckers with stones. bottles ( those filled with turps and a lit wad ) and of course ,the old time Council House kids favourite, white dog shite!
    Oh happy days.

  20. Racist Britain once again leads the way. These cunts are restricted in their operations in Ireland. Eastern Europeans treat Roma like vermin.
    But good old racist UK gives them more rights than the majority population.
    Thet are largely immune from littering, trespassing, tax, road tax, insurance and most thievery.
    If it wasnt for the Guardian they would be even more opressed.

    • You are right, there is no other country in the world who would put up with this filth the way we do. That’s why every p*nce and criminal in the world wants to get here……..despite the terrible racism they suffer and the threat from the “far right.”

  21. Are these cunt Travellers or Gypsy. We knew a fair number of Gypsies when I was younger shitting in the street was not considered part of the culture neither was leaving rubbish all over the place. The fact was the Gypsies my family knew were not that keen on the Travellers as they were often blamed for the shite fest the Travellers left when they vacated some illegal site. In fact the first time I heard the word pikey was from the “log man” when he delivered a load of logs, he was Gypsy, really nice chap.
    Most of the Travellers I have come across have been cunts pure and simple similar to many peacefuls in fact. What a fucking sad World I have to spend my dotage in.

  22. Where I used to live the local farmers were plagued by gypsies. As were the locals – the police could do nothing, despite being just as angry
    It was decided one year before the annual locust plague began that action would be taken.
    It was, and the gypsies have never been there since.
    Discreet solutions for disappointing behaviour.

  23. Fortunately for the NIMBY in me, Appleby is 70 odd miles east and inland. But all the same this kind of annual shitshow has repercussions for nearly all villages and towns in the surrounding area.

    Every year after the show has finished there is the same massive complaints from the locals, followed by the usual softly-softly retort from plod and the local councils, to the effect that “the show brings in a lot of revenue” and “crime is exaggerated” and “Travellers are entitled to be here!”

    Well, it would seem arrests at the show increased by almost 30%. Although what exactly happened thereafter is moot. Probably let off with a caution. But its good to know that the local taxpayer will be left to pick up the bill, not least for the massive clean-up operation, but also for the extra plod needed to monitor the event (in other words stay in their plod cars 20 miles away and look for hurty-word crime on their tablets!)

    Also interesting to note that a shedload of tough hard-case locals from Carlisle, Barrow, Workington and Whitehaven descended on Appleby with the pure intention of kicking the shit out of the Pie-keys. Yet this was the only time Plod was called to action, arresting them while protecting the tooled-up Travellers

    Below is a search list of the Appleby Carnage… sorry, horsefair!

  24. What would be funny is if these travelling filth invaded Glastonbury, and put the wind up all those snowflake, student knobends and yuppie twats. A swarm of thieving pikeys wouldn’t be so ‘super’ and ‘brill’, would it? I think it would be hilarious though.

    As for ‘Glasto’ itself? An 80 year old (and well knackered) McCartney, the reunited Sugarbabes (What? All 25 of them?), the miming Motown relic, Diana Ross, and that horrible cunt, William Eilish. Quite possibly the shittest line-up ever, and that’s against some pretty stiff competition.

    And, I know they are both cunts, but Just William Eilish above Macca on the bill?! Fucking hell, at least the old cunt has been there and done it (albeit over 50 years ago with his old mates). Even as a doddering 80 year old, he’ll do better than Chilly Willie. Who knows? Maybe Billie Boy made certain demands to those Eavis cunts? Maybe Eilish refused to have a shave if it wasn’t put above Macca on the list?

      • I bet at Appleby there’s no tent serving a Pimm’s or locally sourced organic food,
        Or even the chance to buy artisanal baked bread!!

        And no bands playing?!
        Poor showing musos!
        Come on Mumford and sons and Ed Sheeran,
        Don’t be racist!
        Play a free festival
        Do you hate gypsies or something?
        Don’t lock your car doors either!
        That’s insinuating that they’re all theives.

  25. Unfortunately the town I live in has a peg seller settlement.

    No idea why these thick bastards call themselves travellers as they never fuckin leave.

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