Liz Pemberton and Decolonisation of Children

Liz Pemberton, the Black Nursery Manager and the four Labour-run councils that employ them. Six cunts for the price of one. A bargain if ever there was…

Reading the link (behind a paywall, regrettably):

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…superheated my internal organs to the point that I was pissing plasma.

For those who can’t access the article, here are a few excerpts for your delectation:

– Councils have drafted in “Maoist” diversity consultants to “decolonise the mindsets” of nursery staff working with toddlers.

– At least four Labour-run major public sector authorities have worked with The Black Nursery Manager, a firm which runs Zoom diversity training sessions to explore the concept of race and culture with children under five.

– One of the consultancy’s two courses is titled “inclusion in role play for the under 5’s [sic]”, which gives nursery staff practical strategies they can “embed in order to work towards decolonising their mindsets before they decolonise the play spaces”.

– The decolonising course includes advice on “how to audit the dressing-up box” by avoiding racial stereotyping through pantomime costumes and others.

– The firm is run by Liz Pemberton, a former nursery manager, who tweeted last year under the Black Nursery Manager banner that she “hate[s] the regulatory body and the Government”, adding: “They’re all agents of white supremacy.”

– Ms Pemberton, from Birmingham, has written in guidance blogs that “white supremacy is woven into the fabric of how society is built” and said: “We live in a racist society.”

– The Black Nursery Manager’s Twitter account has criticised “how early the violence of whiteness starts” and claimed that “structural racism is upheld by local authorities and regulatory bodies in the decimation of Early Years settings with particular demographics across race and class that don’t ‘fit’”.

Question: If Britain is such a racist netherworld, how come thousands of unregistered dinghy vermin from every shithole under the sun are queueing up to be ferried to towns and cities near you by the Border Force and RNLI, and enabled by Priti Useless?

Another question: Why the fuck are the likes of Liz Pemberton allowed to drip poison into the ears of anyone within a million lightyears of education? Oh, I know: twisted and corrupt socialist councils! One of the many scourges of Western civilisation. That fat Jellyfish and the spineless retards that allegedly ‘govern’ this country need to get their shit into gear and sort this shit out, but I won’t hold my fucking breath.

Unless we want Liz Pemberton, the Black Nursery Manager and the four Labour-run councils that employ them skull-fucking future generations, then such cunts should be banned from being in the same county as any school, or in fact any human below retirement age.

Here’s the Black Nursery Manager’s website

:Black Nursery Manager.

Warning: superheated urine might result.

Nominated by: Cunty McCunt

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  1. “Reading the link (behind a paywall, regrettably):“

    Here’s a handy tip to get past paywall pop ups for most news sites and read the news articles for free.

    First of all open a new browser tab and go to

    Then click on the article you want to read and copy the full page URL.

    Go back to and paste the copied page URL into the ‘my URL is alive and I want to archive its content’ box.

    Works on most pay wall news sites. 👍

  2. What was in the make up box they they didn’t like?
    I vaguely remember things like cowboy and Indians, pilot uniform etc.
    Was there a Slave Traders outfit that I forgot about?

    • I think there was a ball and chain and a big bullwhip, just in case you had a n*gn*g who wanted to play Kuntakintoo!

  3. What a spiffing idea. Ail children of the pale variety from the age of one should be trained to realise the hurt and damage their distant forbears caused. This is because only 87% of the population is White. Also let’s get really heavy with transbenderism as they/it/what the fuck make up a massive 0.02% of the population not counting illeagals obviously.
    Never ceases to amaze what sort of bollocks a person can use to make a well respected living. Fuck them all to the centre of hell buried in the ice plain traitors one and all.

  4. Good to see Labour using taxpayers’ money to fund racism.

    …I mean ‘Anti-racism’.

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