Gareth Southgate [3]

Sorry cunters for another football related nom but yes, it’s Mr Gareth Southgate again.

Words just about fail me such is my contempt for this inept rat faced tosser.

Not content with his England snowflakes turning up in Budapest and stinking the place out with an abject performance – Mr SJW decides to once again lecture the uneducated masses on racism as well.

This game was originally due to be played behind closed doors to punish the Hungarian supporters for recent “racist” banners, anti alphabet people sentiment and booing of the now mandatory George Floyd tribute the last time the England woke roadshow rode into town.

However, the Hungarian FA exploited some vague loophole where children under 14 were actually allowed in to the stadium after all making a bit of a mockery of this so called punishment.

Anyway – just as the England players drop to their knees a cacophony of boos rings around the Puskas Arena much to the dismay of Southgate, the two Channel Four female presenters and money grabbing crock Michael Owen.
To make matters even worse for the sensitive woke types – the boos were obviously from the children in attendance.
Shock horror.

Enter Mr Wokegate who has decided that these children are all inherently racist thanks to their racist parents and are in need of “education” and yet more kneeling will be required.

No Gareth, perhaps like most other people – they just don’t appreciate extreme leftist, race baiting propaganda shoved down their throats and maybe just want to watch football.

Kudos to the Hungarian kids is what I say.

Oh and Southgate…. you are a monumental, hopelessly out of your depth cunt.
Fuck off.

Daily Mirror Link.

Nominated by: Herman Jelmet

A second knocked in by: Sick of it

In support of HJ’s nom I am cunting Southgate with a vengeance, it is unbelievable that this cunt doesn’t understand that the knee gesture has political connections that many people find unacceptable.
Having started this fiasco as a support for BLM (undeniable) how the fuck can he hope to somehow convince people that it isn’t anymore and why continue with it, is just he too stubborn to let it go.
He talks about educating people, on what planet does going down on one knee educate anyone and with all the revelations about misuse of funds in the USA the BLM movement is being exposed as a toxic brand.

He makes the assumption that the ‘young fans’ are influenced by the older generation, I think he needs to understand that is what happens in all societies which is why our Yoof are becoming brainwashed into Tranny lovers.

It’s football, it’s national football and nations have their own values, they don’t have to accept YOUR values, trying to inspire by a toxic gesture only adds fuel to the fire.

What a cunt!

Eurosport Link.

(I hope German fans do likewise and that Germany beat England 5-0. – Day Admin)

81 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate [3]

  1. I’m amazed there has been nowt negative about this cunt till now. As soon as you saw his line-up for the European Football Championship final against Italy you knew he was obviously way out of his depth. A line-up that had 3 centre backs and 2 defensive midfielders meant he was starting with 7 defenders!
    How the fuck did he keep his job after that selection? The most negative line-up ever!
    Roy Keane didn’t stamp on the twat hard enough. Have another go Roy.

  2. This link gives a list of England managers over the last 60 odd years along with a shitload of stats. Seems that Wokegate’s performance isn’t all that bad. But I suppose it depends on what kind of opposition England played under his tenure.

    This is probably one reason why the FA love him so much


    • Imagine Don Revie with chippy cunts like Sterling and Rashford and sulky bollocks knee taking mards like Maguire and Kane?

      He’d have turned them into puddles of liquid shit…

  3. The national game is being emasculated. The powers that be will not be satisfied until they’ve filled not just the pitch, but the stands too, with pooves, transbumbers, rug munchers and coffee coloured cunts.
    Rainbow flags and Unicorn mascots will abound, taking the knee will be officially written into the FA rule book and straight man whitey will have to Fuck Off elsewhere.
    Anyone for tennis ?
    Oops my mistake, that’s fucked too.
    Southgate is a cunt of hypersonic proportions, and a fucking wanker.
    Feed him to the Service Crew.
    Get To Fuck

    • What you accurately describe can be reflected for the country as a whole. Every village, town and city are being nudged down the same diversity rabbit hole.

      • You’re right, Techno.
        They’re trying to recalibrate us all.
        They’ll not recalibrate me.
        The cunts.
        Good evening 👍

  4. People – and especially the media – don’t like to say it, but England are mostly shit.
    Just look at some of the the team…

    Pickford – A gnome in goal, who makes Jim Leighton look good.

    Maguire – Worst Man United and England defender in 30 years. And worst United captain of all time.

    Stones – Overrated cunt. I’ve seen an oil tanker turn quicker.

    Sterling – Softarsed chippy show pony, and a total bottler when things get tough.

    Rashford – Eldridge Cleaver loving cunt and arch-gobshite, who couldn’t score in Hamburg with twenty grand up his arse.

    • Ha ha reminded me of the old joke-
      Jim Leighton was so depressed after being dropped, he threw himself in front of a train, but it went under him.

  5. This ugly Cunt couldn’t Manage a Shit.! His belly must be full of old man Jizz courtesy of the F.A. Hope The Craut’s stuff us.!

  6. Wokegate. Tells us we need educating, tells us what to agree with, tells us what not to agree with, tells us anyone who dares to have a different opinion to him is wrong, tells us anyone who questions or criticises the ‘knee’ is racist, tells us it’s his way (BLM) or nothing, without any room for discussion or compromise.

    The man is a complete fascist.

  7. I didn’t bother watching the (Knee-)benders. There is no place for worshipping dead criminals or sham Marxist organisations in a sport thriving on super-capitalism.

    Hypocrites playing a boring style of football? Not interested.

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