Buxton and the High Peak

I live in the High Peak. As do a few fellow cunters. A month ago I threw my back out, so I’ve been largely bedridden. Anyway, this week I’ve been able to get some steps in and get wandering to walk off some of the growing girth that comes with working from what’s essentially a gout chair.

Yesterday evening I popped down to Waitrose to have a scavenge in the cheap aisle and swing into one of the local pubs on the high street for a pint. Upon exiting, mine earholes were assaulted by a fuck load of Allah Elk Bar music. Perhaps this ethnic ditty was something played ironically by the students working in CEX.

Was it fuck. Here’s why.

I walked down the hill to meet a very good fellow cunter for a drink and a chat. Intrigued by this cesspool of sound on my saunter down to the ‘nice’ side of this former spa town, I walked into the tip of the high street again. Same Sand People were there with their Nissan Grooming Wagon blasting out their music. And dancing. Proper “lightbulb, lightbulb” shapes.

Granted, these chaps of The Dark Hand own a shop there. However, the music they were playing and the amount of cack and filth they left behind their Nissan… this once wonderful spa town looked like Narborough Road in Leicester or when it’s to brass tacks, Islamabad.

Prior to today, I thought I was moderate in my r@cism. Now I get why everything The West ever fought for is under attack. There will be Buxton Mosque next if we’re not careful.

Liberation for Buxton.

Nominated by: CuntisCuntis

47 thoughts on “Buxton and the High Peak

  1. You want to see Bury, Cuntis.

    Once a rather pleasant little market town near Manchester and home of the black pudding. Now, it is absolutely infested. It’s like a cross between Bucharest, Islamabad, and Nigeria. All of them on the make and none of them contributing anything. Absolutely unrecognisable from the nice little town my mum used to shop at in the 70s and 80s.

    During that ‘Beast From The East’ in 2018, Bury town centre looked like a cross between Doctor Zhivago and Zulu.

  2. Fond memories (?!) of Narborough Road.
    Fester wasn’t TOO bad when I last lived there. Yes, about 1/3rd Asian, but generally still recognisably English, and, at the time, no sand^{-s.
    Am counting down the days to my move to N. Lincs.

    • It was a nice-ish area back in the 70’s when I had reason to be in that area. Nowadays it truly is a foreign country, even allowing for the students at Dr Montfort Uni. Then again, so is a lot of Leicester. Except council estates. The foreign filth are far too good to live there. Plus, they’d get eaten.

  3. On a brighter note, earthquake in Afghanistan kills over a thousand, total is rising as I type.
    See, there are good news stories out there.
    Get To Fuck.

      • Buxton spa is good for washing your pyjamas outdoors.

        I’ve noticed since lockdown loads of outriders from Sheffield wandering in the peaks,

        Making the place look untidy.

        How soon till the muezzin is ringing out from peveril Castle calling them to prayers?

        Although in Edale the other day a swarthy fellow said “how do” to me,
        Which is the right thing to do when out walking,
        If only the middle class snotty stuck up cunts could learn from this chap?!

        Good manners cost nothing,
        If someone greets you,
        Greet them back!

      • Either Pàkis or Indians have recently started walking around The Peak District.

        It’s on a relatively small scale admittedly.

        Buxton and the High Peak is easily accessible from cesspits like Manchester, Sheffield and Derby etc, where such shitskins reside.

        They can’t be any worse than the white scum I had wondering though my yard and glaring into my windows during lockdown.

        Plus the cunts damaged a stone wall, because they were walking where the footpath wasn’t.
        The scummy bastards were dropping litter too.

        Thankfully these ‘white tramps’ have fucked off now DFS and car boots have reopened.

        The poor dogs they all brought in a hurry are still in a rehoming shelter near you. Stupid cunts.

    • I see “waves of refugees from earthquake zone”…
      Apologies, my glass is half-empty!

    • JTC@ – Afternoon JTC, there is even better news – 74 parking stanleys found dead in a Bradford terrace house.
      No – a bunk bed collapsed!
      Police suspect Al-Ikea..

  4. I suppose the woke will insist on renaming the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Colour. And the Isle of Man to Isle of Person.

    • I suppose the BBC and guardian will twist the story to suggest the Asian cunts were the victims with mental health issues.

      As for plod. No bi surprise.

      • “We were not equipped to deal with organised abuse on the scale which we discovered.”
        Total bullshit. You’ve had Joe Daki living there for donkeys you cunts. South Yorkshire Police are a fucking disgrace and not one of them got the sack. But if one of them said “these trannies are all mental” his arse would be out the door before he could blink.
        21st century policing, ain’t it great?

      • Al Beeb has already trotted out a story from some poor beleaguered ‘peaceful’ denizen of the area who bemoans that ‘first everyone thinks we’re terrorists; now everyone thinks we’re Groomers’

        Fuck offffffffffff. And the fucking BBC who chooses to ignore the real issue at hand here.

        C u N t S

    • BCDCO@ – Afternoon Bertram – allow me to correct that – “Already in every town, City and now village”.
      But not to worry – “lessons will be learned”.
      Maybe the lesson should be concentrating less on “hurty words” 😢 online and actually doing some fucking policing.

      • The lesson will never be learned because ‘the community’, by that I mean the mudslimes, will never rat on their own.
        With all that has gone on over Decades showing sensitivity to the cunts hasn’t worked and never will. Time to crack fucking heads!

        There was another bunch of cunts in south London, a fucking mob, trying to stop immigration officers from arresting some illegal cunt, the police were there doing a bit of pushing and shoving but the only response should be tear gas and pepper spray followed by baton charges.
        What the fuck is it with these cunts who seem to think that it’s acceptable to try to stop immigration officers from carrying out their duty

        I fucking hate what this country has become.

      • I saw that on the regional evening news Sickofit. Horrifying. Proof if proof were needed that if you have a big enough mob the law doesn’t apply to you. To repeat what was once a joke; “Where are we going and why am I in this hand-basket?” Fuck ’em.

      • It’s unbelievable where these cunts come from, you can bet the only time they shift their arses is to cause mayhem.

  5. Once upon a time there would have been a law against this sort of very foreign behaviour.

    Enforcement would have consisted of the Dung getting a good hiding and being told quite clearly to Fuck Off.

    Nowadays a chap can be anywhere,out in the countryside for instance,only to find these dirty cunts pissing about with loud music and other troublesome shit.

    Vote for cunts and get flooded by cunts.

    Immediate Oven.

  6. Waitrose? Fucking Waitrose.

    May Buxton be infested with bin bag wearers and groomers, Allan willing (piss be upon him)

  7. I can see all white non wokies moving to the Scottish Highlands, the only place safe from the invaders. Too fucking cold for Africunts and Sand Pikies.
    Perhaps we could build a new wall and man it from the north side? At least we could make a proper job of it……no Umbongos involved.

  8. Narborough Road in Leicester has lots of Eastern Europeans. Melton Road is solid Asian.
    Spread to Buxton, eh? The end is nigh

  9. Where I live, from having one black person (great guy BTW – a genuinely good sort, born in Leeds, massively patriotic and hugely grateful for the money, lifestyle and good friends living in a decent Country has provided him) and zero stanleys there are now dozens (in just one year) of quite literally “fresh off the boat” sub saharan Africans, and shit loads of pyjama pigs dragging loads of fat, whining, dirty mobile diarrhoea behind them (you never see the “Men” as they are usually sleeping and getting stoned until 3PM then out for the, ahem, “school run” then the benefits office.
    Upon closer investigation it turns out these fuckers – who speak zero English – were directly bussed from their Kent invasion, all the black ones were given agency jobs and the stanleys straight on benefits – and none appear to speak English unless there is something free, at which point it improves dramatically!
    And all of these bastards have new build homes as locals wait 20 years for social housing. (To then see the social housing swallowed up by Poles and Romanians 🤬).
    Two years to save our world – but does saying that make me a “Poundshop Himmler”?

    • @ Vernon Fox (afternoon) .. Only to the wokie idiots; but then they’ll be the first to go down when / if their replacements begin to swarm so fuck em.

  10. You could try redirecting the buses to leafy Barnes in London, where Gary Lineker lives..

    • You mean the poor cunt who had racist abuse as a kid as he was dark, what fucking shit the pasty faced cunt, I really enjoyed Brian Kilcline kicking the cunt up in the air, come on you Pies.

  11. Interested in your comment on Narborough Road as my grandmother used to live there back in the day.

    Clearly it’s changed a bit since then, has it..?

    • All bollocks.Drive a JCB into the stupid statue.Waste of money.Diversity is our strength rubbish.

  12. Windrush generation, what the fuck is there to celebrate.
    The origin of the cunts who have turned Londonistan into a fucking druggie/stabbie/ ghetto.

    Fucking Marvellous…..💩

  13. That’s what follows this Trash, misery and filth, noise and crime, they are the Human equivalent of Locusts.!

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