World Health Organisation (4) – Mandatory Healthy Eating

You SHALL have a healthy diet!

WHO are at it again, knowing what’s best for us. Because we are too pigshit thick to realise, after years and fucking years of media, etc crowing on about it, that eating Big Macs several times a day isn’t healthy.

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And because of this, because 20+ years of healthy eating education isn’t enough, we now have pending legislation to stop bogof, buy two, third free, etc, etc.

Why the fuck do these people interfere with our right to make a choice, and don’t give me that time worn argument about the strain on the NHS.

Spend the money on the NHS, instead of supporting and promoting this shite.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

84 thoughts on “World Health Organisation (4) – Mandatory Healthy Eating

  1. WHO is a joke. There are foods that have carcinogens in them in 2022. Are these foods banned? No. I rest my case. WHO is a joke. And they pushed the Covid BS hard as fuck, harder than any other health scare in history. Fuck these creeps, they care as much about human health as the governments do. As long as you are fit enough to work your slave job and be a retail consumer, they consider you healthy. Outlawing dangerous “foods” would be easy. But it’s 2022 and cigarettes are still legal, after knowing for almost 100 years that they are pure poison.

    Your healthy is YOUR responsibility, no one is looking out for you these days.

  2. State control, that’s what it’s all about. Drip, drip, drip, a little bit here a little bit there. It starts with sea belts and ends with controls on booze, fags and food. We tell you what to do but of course if you’re rich you can afford to consume all this stuff, it’s the peasants who must be excluded and kept under control. They won’t be happy until every pub in the country is closed down and we are all stuck at home watching their propaganda on the diversified idiot box eating their fucking vegan fake food.
    Of course, it’s all for our own good. You know it makes sense.

  3. Quite right JP.
    They can suck my withered knackers.
    I’m a grown man, I don’t appreciate some bucktooth egghead cunt telling me what I can eat.

    I’ll eat what I want.
    Meat .
    An a pie too,
    Some chips if I want maybe a nice cakey afterwards.

    An if they think I’m wrong I challenge them to come for a days work with me?

    Some lettuce licker trapped under a piano, weepy an exhausted,

    “Only 2 flights of stairs an your there sweetheart”…

  4. Any chef knows in a professional kitchen you only need 2 items.
    A tin opener
    An a chip pan.

    Anything else is just fancy really, acti-fryers, ninja air-fryers, bag of shite.

    Oh hummus instead of potatoes will increase your life by 3months…
    Fuck off!
    I don’t want to live 3 months longer,
    And I want to shave 3months off your life too you patronising cunt.
    So open wide,
    Big handful of chips,
    Suicide pact with salt n vinegar…

    • A realistic British version of Kitchen Nightmares would be a fat sweaty bald bloke in a stained tracksuit and flip-flops who barges into restaurants, chucks all the food in the bin, boots out the pretentious foody cunts and starts frying chips while wet-farting then shouts, “COME AND GET IT!” then slurs, “next week we go to Gleneagles!”

  5. We now live in a “I’ll do what I want” mentality and calling someone a fat cunt is offensive and hurty.

    Therefore WHO should be cancelled for being fascists etc woof woof

  6. The ‘sugar tax’ was another cunt. Having to pay more now for drinks that actually taste nice because they makes kids fat. Wtf? A bit of excercise would help. Always the few that screw it up for everone else. Fat cunts!

    • Indeed it is, Mi’Lord.
      They want to try cycling, walking, playing rounders or kicking a footie about, instead of being glued to Whathefuck, Instawank, Facecunt and Twatter.
      Their parents should chuck them outside with a jam sandwich and a bottle of orange squash, tell them to come home when the streetlamps come on, then lock the door.
      Thats what my parents did, never did me any harm.

  7. Banning?

    The cunts usually don’t miss a trick and because they know what is good for us don’t ban anything,just put a new tax on it instead.

    Oh and the W.H.O are just another set of freeloading windbag soppy cunts.

    Oven the fuckers.

    • Since they took all the additives,E numbers and artificial flavouring out of things,
      A lot of things taste shite in comparison now.
      I want em back!!😡

      I make myself a Nesquik®
      Banana milkshake,
      I want to be hyperactive afterwards.
      I want to be unfocused and jogging on the spot.

      They’ve fuckin ruined it.
      ‘now made with real fruit’

      Get it out!
      Put the chemicals back!

      • I morn the lack of salt in savoury foods.
        Fortunately, no one has managed to ban the sale of salt, yet, so I put shed loads on my food.
        That justifies the amount of alcohol I drink, dry mouth from the salt.
        My kidneys must look like lace curtains!

      • Never liked Nesquik.
        I don’t trust that rabbit on the box.
        Looks a shifty little fucker to me.

  8. The WHO, the WEF, the UN and the fucking EU are a bunch of globalist cunts who can fuck off out of my face. Partygate, Beergate, the C*mmings eye test….,do as I say not as I do. Fuck off if anyone thinks I’m going to listen to these cunts.

  9. Quietly an enormous number of countries are signing over their pandemic planning to the WHO.
    That includes us, Boris has said.
    So the WHO treaty, once signed, means this unelected bunch of twats can override our sovereignty.
    Slight sniffle? Lockdown the country.
    And the MSM don’t seem bothered to mention what appears to be the biggest threat to western life and democracy.

  10. Jamie fucking Oliver is having a hissy fit because the government are postponing the ban on bog off and advertising unhealthy foods, the silly cunt is organising a girlie protest on Saturday.

    Fat tongued wanker, oh and the WHO are a bunch of charlatans.

    • It still amazes me that all this bull shit always involves me paying more money.

      • Yes, strange that. You’d almost think it was all about ripping us off…

  11. I think you should be allowed to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.
    And, on your own coin.
    You should also be responsible for the consequences too. If you need medical treatment for overindulgence of your favourite vice, overeating, to much fags, booze, drugs etc, either pay for it, or fuck off.

    • Thought that was what my 40 fucking years of tax and NI are for just another 11 years and I can draw my pension only 2 years late and only 7 years late for my Mrs.

      • I’ve got to say that the fucking about with state pension payment dates really boiled my piss good style. I had to wait an additional 18 months to get it, the fuckers.
        I guess it’s because hardly anyone works, anymore. They just pop a baby out, every couple of years, so contribute nothing, but expect to be paid for it. Along with supporting thousands of ” refugees”, Arrrgh!.
        I’m just so angry.

      • Jaguarpig@ – I have also coughed 40 years of tax and National Insurance, and if I need treatment for ANYTHING I expect to have it – I have paid for the fucker!
        “You ate a fatty thing once so no treatment”..
        So how about “you had a car accident? Well, your own fault – you could have walked” etc.
        Picking and choosing who (those have actually paid something in) gets treatment based on their lifestyle and eating habits is a very, very worrying concept.

      • Mr Fox I have had 3 ops in my life, 1 my parents paid for when I was 5 and the 2 others I paid for because the waiting lists were horrendous last op was 25 years ago fuck knows how bad it is now. I must admit I’ve been stitched up numerous times in A&E, tight head props seem to attract cuts. I’ve not seen a Dr in 20 years an NHS dentist in 10 and to think some dingy cunt would be entitled to the same shit Heathcare as me.

  12. Back to 1950’s rationing, there were no fat cunts squeezed into leggings then, 1/2 oz of lard a week and a sugar butty never did me any harm…..🍚

  13. I heard on’t wireless that WHO may soon be given the power to determine which counties go into lockdown and when, if another pandemic hits. Scary stuff.

    • Yes it’s going to be signed on 22nd May and Jellyfish can’t wait to get his moniker down. Of course the WHO have no power of enforcement but they don’t need to. They’ll all be falling into line because they are all in it together. We are being fucked up the arse and we don’t even know it yet.

      • Hungary will get hit hard by the WHO as Hungary aren’t in anyway “woke” and mock it, in fact.

  14. Looking at my school photo of about 700 I honestly can’t say for sure that anyone is fat.
    Wtf has happened, I see kids getting dropped off and picked up in cars everyday. Nobody seems to walk anymore. We sent our kids with a sandwich, crisps and fruit everyday. They are healthy, fit and walk regularly.
    Must be doing something wrong!

    • I used to walk my grand daughter to school every school day. All uphill, and a right shag it was, too!
      Then I’d walk it again to collect her at the end of the school day.
      Walking home was a joy!
      But we walked, and chatted.
      I miss that, now she’s in big girl school.
      These days I get turbo dog to drag me around twice a day.

      • 👍👍👍
        Children learn what they see, Jeezum. Take solace that she will probably walk to school with her children and grandchildren🙂

      • One can only hope, CG.
        By that time, they’ll probably have jet packs, instead of rucksacks.

      • What is it with Sheffield?

        Everywhere you walk there’s a sneaky fuck off hill hiding.

        Hidden valleys. Deceiving descents.
        Particularly to the west of city.

        Greystones cliff for one can fuck right off.

  15. JP answered his own question in the nom. The NHS spends so much on socialized health care that it needs to lower costs. The costs are unsustainable especially with all the camel turds in the equation. If people were in better health the costs would go down (supposedly).
    The WHO is a global government agency being used to make us submit to global policy. Evil to the marrow.
    Enjoy your junk food while you can. Soilent Green coming soon.

  16. Spending even more money on the NHS is just throwing bad money after worse – stop making it a free health service for the entire world and see how waiting times and costs come down. And getting rid of the commie bastards who run the unions would also be helpful.
    Locking people in their own homes was certainly good for the health wasn’t it? The Bill and Melinda Gates “vaccine programmes” helped the health didn’t they?
    And I do not take lectures in what I eat from a dictatorship headed by an Ethiopian terrorist (for legal compliance I will put “allegedly”).
    I do not take lectures from anyone.
    Hey WHO – FUCK OFF.

  17. The WHO went downhill after they replaced Roger Daltrey with that “darkened gentleman”.
    Come on Tedros – all together now – “We’ll be fighting in the streets”..

  18. Just don’t comply.
    See how long this bollocks lasts when plod can’t find enough cells for the dissenters,what next, put ’em up in sequestered 4 * hotels?
    No more masks,no more solitary confinement.
    You want healthier people? Ban tobacco for starters,limit processed food,encourage local community shops like pre 1970’s..teach horticulture at early school,encourage manual,skilled trades,limit TV broadcasting hours.
    Nope,scare folks into being crash test dummies and enclose them indoors.

    Lockdowns are for jail riots not civilian lives.

    If anybody thinks this is for our benefit….they’re a dumb cunt.

  19. “the people will come to love their Soylent Green, as Supplies of Soylent Red run out”

    Soylent Green is set in the year 2022, and people thought it was just a dystopian movie!!!

    fact is made as strange as fiction by these cunts!!!

    only the “Elites” will have real food!

  20. Like another EU. It swallows a huge budget of billions each year, all paid by their “membership”. Guilty on so many levels for its corruption, political Impotency and grandstanding this is the organisation that employs rapists and pedal people to seek out the vulnerable and roger them stiff without any fear of prosecution. Its employees are beneficiaries of a Blue Badge which opens many a door, and expense accounts to which they can claim for “services” such as prostitution.

    I mention these things to highlight the hypocrisy of an Institution that tells US how to live, what to eat and how to shit.

    I struggle to think of any positive contribution this Global Quango has made, with the exception that they have a “nice flag”. Past Leaders have included many a Nazi, and to this day still are proud supporters of our continued servitude.

    In the event Mr Putin gets exasperated , I hope the area of target includes the fucking big expensive Building that is the United Nations !

  21. Eat healthily, ok so why the fuck is every high street packed with turkaman kebabs and fried chicken and burger land outlets and pizza cardboard crap ,most of which burn the cooking oil so the cheap shit food they sell is even more unhealthy and most times tastes shit and is not cheap to buy

    A good fish n.chipper is worth it’s salt in gold but less and less seem interested in running one as it’s hard work to keep the standard high ,ain’t cheap but at least the fish wasn’t in a freezer since last year or longer.
    Oh and a battered sausage ( just a single for the quick drive home)with the oven already warm for the entire bag to brought to temp
    “The chips are ready hurry up or they’ll be gone”
    WHO’s kiddin who

    • You have a point, Mecuntry.
      Shut all the fast food outlets.
      Delivery a copy of Delia’s How to Cheat FOC to every household.
      Learn to cook!
      Teach our children how to cook, not how to use non gender specific words.
      Fuck me, teach them how to light a wood fire and roast a rabbit over it.
      I can see a world coming that we may have to live in.
      Hope I’m dead by then.

      • Ah Jeezum , that would be seen as good parenting to the children if they were expected to learn fend for themselves for a day or two , so instead deliver oooh and just eat shit fill the need to spare them from having to wash up after cooking a meal. Just fuck the cardboard in a bin and save the planet

      • The last thing the UN and WHO (along with all who share the same mentality) want is a general population with survival skills or any form of ability for self reliance.
        Or self defence…

    • I’d like to think that I have fire making & rabbit catching/roasting skills.
      Sadly, I’d be fooling myself.

      • Rabbit catching….I can teach you…I’ve killed hundreds of the furry little fuckers over the years…eaten some of them but mostly do it for sport.

  22. Don’t give the shit NHS more money for fuck sake. We need a working health service not the 28 th best health service.

  23. They can shove it up their arse…what would become of the ” I’m 35 stone and on benefits” programmes that I so enjoy?….I particularly enjoy the ones that flash up ” In memory of Fat Bastard” at the end,,they always make me chuckle.

    Free takeaways for all…that’s what I say….and I hope that Spacca Jamie Oliver,his slack-clackered wife and his benefit-sponging brats are involved in an industrial-sized pressure-cooker explosion.

    • Ban Fat People from owning Spacca-chariots…they’re a fucking pest and probably smell.

    • My 600 Lb Life. 👍

      The neighbours on our left never miss an episode. 😂

      • I watched one once where the US fire brigade had to take a fucking window out to extract some fat cunt using a block and tackle.
        It wasn’t even lockdown.

      • I love it…that creepy little Doctor telling some lard-arse that they’ve only got themselves to blame…..the indignation on their wobbly,purple faces!!…but what really gets me is the amount who claim to have been sexually abused….you’d have to be a fucking desperado of the highest order to tackle those grotesque bloaters.

      • Dr Nowzzardian is a star when the fat cunts lie to him he’s seen it all.

    • Fat coloured people are an affront on so many levels…I’m getting outraged just thinking about them.

    • I watched a clip of someone cooking and deconstructing a Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pie, and thought of you.

      • The Govt. should dish Fray Bentos pies out to all those Cunts who say that they can’t afford to buy food ( but can afford the latest mobile phone)…by the time the Cunts worked out how to open one,they’d have probably croaked.

      • The WHO is fronted by Ted Dandruff who is a Billy Ocean impersonator.
        He gets paid off the chinkies and says what they tell him.

        Gullible Johnson does as Ted says .

        No prawn crackers .

  24. If you want to be skinny,
    Have that Karen carpenter gaunt look,
    The best way instead of sticking your fingers down your throat is tapeworms.

    A slimmers best friend!
    And a cheaper pet than a French bulldog.
    No more salad
    No more health shakes or shameful weigh ins at the church hall from the slimming world Nazis.

    Eat what you like,
    Your eating for two now,
    You’ll soon be in those skinny jeans!

    Posh spice has em.

    • Posh Spice takes it up the arse apparently…I wonder if David has ever felt her tapeworm nibbling on his bell-end…probably still better than Posh herself having a slurp.

  25. Obesity problems?

    Ban food deliveries of any sort (unless for OAPs, and those genuinely in need), if people want take-aways, let them walk 10 minutes, it won’t kill them. If it does, tough luck. Deliverpoo cyclists are a fucking menace.

  26. I thought we were all ‘my body my choice’ now? Let people do what they want – there’s enough information out there about diet. They don’t actually cost the state any extra because they die younger so pensions etc aren’t paid for as long.

    I wonder if the people flapping about the proles being obese are the same ones who flap about the proles not being able to afford to eat? Some impressive mental gymnastics going on there!

    Anyway the WHO are cunts.

  27. The WHO are despicable fat-shamers and need to be cancelled. Fat is healthy, even when you are 25 stone and 5’4″ high. Be big and proud.

    Cosmopolitan, Twitter and The Guardian (probably)

  28. Kiss my arse.I am an adult and I please myself.Not listening to those shifty twats.Smeg off and Smeg off for a second time.

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