Priti Patel [8] – Out of Africa

“Wot! You don’t want a nice African vacation?”

I want to nominate Priti Patel as a cunt for her idea of sending our very brave dingy riding asylum seekers to Rwanda whilst they get their claims processed.

I think its racist for starters. Im a white UK citizen and to be fair I wouldn’t mind a free government trip abroad with free flights and digs, Rwanda although a bit of a corrupt country, is supposed to be beautiful and you must be guaranteed a lovely nice tan. If there’s a free bar at the this new Rwandan processing centre then Im all in.

You’ll please excuse me now please, while I put on some gravy browning, buy a cheap dingy and float around the Devon coast for a bit hoping to get caught very soon by the UK Border Force. I think it may take a few days though as they appear to be a bit thin on the ground as they are on the water. I’ll swallow my passport and regurgitate when I get fed up and want to come home.

I’m very excited that I will be probably making a lot of olive skinned friends. I think its a marvellous idea to pretend to be an illegal asylum seeker with the UK cost of living rise at the moment. What could better than a bit of Rwandan fun in the Sun!!

Happy holidays to you all, I’ll send you all a postcard xx

Nominated by: Baldieboyz

61 thoughts on “Priti Patel [8] – Out of Africa

  1. I remember Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy was extremely effective in stopping the flow of illegals in the US. Maybe this will help the UK. Not sure.
    Trump had stopped the illegals almost 100% until this Biden cunt undid it all and made it worse than ever overnight.
    This was Trumps crowning achievement in my opinion.

  2. Out of Africa?
    I wish Priti fucking useless would go back there – anyone got a Hercules transport plane handy?
    But don’t worry – Parliamentary over eating champion Piggy Patel will “assure, promise, threaten, plan” etc, as fucking always.
    It’s all the useless fat cunt does.
    Back to Uganda Priti – you could be a tourist attraction as “the worlds fattest gorilla”.
    How come “quotas” never seem to include competent, heterosexual white Men?

    • yes – “quotas”. Saw it in action yesterday. Some construction work going on at our local Shell garage. Three strapping lads, who could obviously do the work with their eyes closed, having to wait around while two young women (one black) looked at some drawings and couldn’t make head nor tail of them. I smirked at one guy who raised his eyebrows. If he said what he felt, I guess he’d be out of a job.

      • A woman’s place ( regardless of colour ) is on the bed ready to please.

    • Couldn’t they just strip her naked, tie her between 2 trees, ring a bell and let the horny tramps have their way with her?

  3. It’s a smokescreen, bullshit, call it what you want, it ain’t fucking happening. If one fucking scrounging Peaceful sets foot in Rwanda I’ll put on a dress and you can call me Fifi Trixibelle.

  4. That header pic of my photo of Patel when she saw my cock always makes me laugh! 😀👍

    (Actually she is trying to keep a straight face telling the press corp “Yes, it’s true. Vernon’s cock really is that small!” – Day Admin)

    • You can’t see it in the picture but she’s being fisted by the odious dwãrf Sadiq Khan. As to which hole one is uncertain, maybe both.

    • DA@ And what exactly was the point of that poster & signed photo from Grandad Adolf I sent you as a bribe to keep you quiet?
      Can’t trust any fker these days..

  5. The rapid rise in the cost of living just might focus a few minds in HMG to put the lid on the unnecessary spending of taxpayers’ money – illegal migrants and foreign aid.
    Is this the wishful thinking of an old man?

  6. Look at the size of that poppy on the bitch’s coat. Is that a special virtue signalling politician’s size? I bet you can only get them on Parliamentary expenses. Fuck off Patel you fucking fake.

    • FtF@ She probably thought it was edible.
      But at least we know where Shergar and Lord Lucan are – Piggy Patel ate them!

  7. With the hordes of wokist lawyers plus massive amounts of legal aid, not forgetting uman rights act I doubt if many refugees will see the sunny side of Rwanda and if they do further doubt it will be for very long. A much better idea would be to franchise the handling of refugees to China. Much more efficient in their handling of large numbers of people and proven much harder to run away from.

  8. When will cunters realise, these dark skinned limpits are here with our governments blessing-and are here to fucking stay.

    The establishment love a lower tired society, who know their place. Whitey trash, since he got the vote, post WW1 has proved uppity and troublesome.

    They need domestic staff and labour prepared to do the “shitty” jobs, under market wage.

    The agreement that will see hundreds of thousands of Rwandan cunts flooding into the UK, with a few token dingy-divers going in the other direction, is all part of “the plan”.

    The new Dr Cunt being a Rwandan, is not a coincidence.


  9. I like Priti. She could nosh on my sausages anytime the fancy takes us.
    Being fair to her it seems that every time she has tried to deal with the french refugee debacle some civil servant court woke bullshit Cunt puts obstacles in her way.
    We are fucked. Just tow the Cunts back to France 🇫🇷 Priti and come here for a nimble.

  10. The fat cunt could stop legal aid for illegal immigrants.

    No more vexatious claims and expensive lies then.

    After that the Great Rwanda Plan would have nothing to stop it.

    So none of the above will happen.

    This foreign invasion will end very badly indeed,one way or another.

  11. PS:A popular parlour game amongst chaps in the pub…

    Name a Home Secretary who wasn’t a Useless Cunt.


    • Arthur Wellesley, aka (the 1st Duke of) Wellington was Home Sec. He definitely was NOT an entirely useless cunt – he defeated Napoléon at Waterloo.

      Only for a month though, in November/December 1834 during the so-called “Wellington Caretaker” ministry… so maybe he doesn’t qualify.

  12. Any sightings of ‘our’ Asylum Seekers being in Rwanda will be as rare as halal pork…

  13. Any cunt who arrives on our shores without identification should be locked up and all those with ID returned to whichever shithole they came from.
    I thought this silly cow was changing the law to make it illegal to arrive via the channel dinghy convoys, but the cunts who being sent to the old barracks in North Yorkshire will be free to wander around the local village, that’s going to be great fun for the local residents.

    What the fuck is wrong with this country, all the refugee camps in Turkey and Syria are tents and surrounded by a fucking big fence, we send the cunts to nice hotels and give them pocket money.

    The vast majority of Brits want these cunts OUT, by any means, We are on target for anything up to 100,000 this year, that’s something like 5 to 6 Thousand small boats…. How the fuck is an industrial scale operation getting past the French police!

    If this Rwanda ploy fails we will be overrun!

    • The Frogs couldn’t give a fuck just so long as there is enough boats for the vermin to climb into.

      • I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that we’re providing the bloody boats as well. These cunts should be torpedoed before the get to the UK. In fact, do it when they’re still on the French beaches. And, while we’re at it, nuke the fucking french as well.

      • Can’t blame the odious, garlic munching turds though really.

        I mean, if the boot was on the other foot, we’d be delighted to see them fuck off too wouldn’t we.

      • @Ghee, if the boot were on the other foot we would have even more fucking lawyers and do gooders making sure they stayed in the UK even if the fuckers were desperate to get out.

  14. Rwanda was just a ruse to get Johnson through the local elections. Even the Home Office only expect to send 300 dinghy divers a year to Rwanda.

    That leaves 7000 still here from this year alone (so far), not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have illegally entered this country over previous years and remain here.

    God knows why Johnson is so wedded to uncontrolled immigration. Easy to see why Labour is: votes.

    • For Johnson, mass immigration keeps wages down. I think ot was admitted as such by the old BoE governor a few years back.

      • LC@ Problem being a “certain demograph” don’t want to work, and I am getting priti fucking pissed off paying 40% tax on every Pound I earn to keep these leeches.
        They hate us, and are sucking ud dry.

  15. I think the government should adopt a policy where we just scour the country with a Dulux colour chart in hand.

    Magnolia ✅
    Buff, – into the further investigation pile.
    Burnt Umber, fuck off.

    • when they’ve finished with it, perhaps they could let the BBC have a go. And the advertisers. FFS – a family with a black father still with them? pull the other one….

      • And what is it with Dark Keys bouncing about with a blonde on bed adverts?

      • Some blondes like a bit of dark-key monster cock. That’s all there is to it.

  16. The Tory party has no intention on stopping the invasion. They could have done so years ago if they had the will. Fucking cunts. It’s a uni party stitch up , like everything else.

  17. The Rwanda thing won’t happen. Priti Stupid will do what she always does. Gob off about how she’s going to do this and that. The woke zealots will spit their dummies out, the treeswingers will jump out of their trees, the peacefuls will get all upset, and Priti Daft will just capitulate and do fuck all as usual. Nothing will be done, because nothing ever is. And the infestation will continue unabated.

    Still, on a brighter note: Netflix has told its employees that if they feel “harmed” by offensive ideas or jokes, then they should go and work somewhere else. This is a positive step. We need more of this kind of pushback against millennial authoritarianism. So, Netflix aren’t as bigger cunts as we maybe first thought?

    Oh, and Avast is still blocking ISAC. It’s working now only because I have disabled the cunt…

    • My issue with her isn’t that she’s useless at her job.
      They all are.

      No, my issue is that shes gone from looking like a Asian Diane Keane to looking like a Asian Roseanne Barr.

      The tub of guts.

      Priti, Priti va-cunt, oh she’s Priti a Priti va-cunt,
      An she don’t share!!!

      • Diane Keen. A cut above. Watched her in The Professionals yesterday. What a piece she was…

      • Mnc@ – In the nom pic piggy Patel has just seen a sign saying “all you can eat!”.
        Ignore any other scandalous rumours by DA! 😀👍

    • I cancelled Netflix on principle. Don’t want any of my money going to making woke shit. Tubi is free and awesome. I use the ad breaks to look at the phone. Netflix can bite off the point of my coiled turd.

  18. Do you think that politician that was watching p0rn in the House of Commons was watching Priti Patel sitting on a tractor?

    The Rwanda Plan sounds terrible. Send refugees to a place that has been known for civil war and genocide for decades. Brilliant.

    To my surprise the government only makes £131.9Bn a year from VAT. Reducing VAT to 15% would help most families save around £750 a year helping with the cost of living crisis (Food, Bills etc). It would cost the government about £10.552Bn in lost revenue but if they increased corporation tax on fuel companies to 98% they’d make that back in no time. WTF are the Tories doing increasing taxes and not reducing VAT that was only meant to be a temporary measure in 2011?!

    • No mate. Plant the landmines, don’t put up any signs. I’ve yet to hear of any peacefuls carrying rucksacks with a “Caution. Bomb on board” sign. Fight fire with fire.

      • Moggie@ It’s fine – none of the fuckers can read English, just need an arrow with a photograph of a 12 year old white girl..

  19. She’s pritti from the neck up but from the neck down looks like Violet Beauregarde from the Chocloate Factory after she’s ballooned massively, except not purple but brown.

    Fat, useless cunt.

  20. Do the ruling classes have some island paradise ready to jet off to when they’ve finished fucking up this one?
    They will not be immune for ever from the shitshow they have started.

    • Well it used to be New Zealand that the super rich had plans to escape to when it all went tits up but that was before the Blair Witch Project came to power. Fuck knows where it is now but they won’t be telling us cunts that’s for sure.

  21. Surely our intelligence services have some idea who the cunts are who are facilitating the dinghy cunts across the channel? It’s about time the so called dirty tricks squad started rubbing a few of the cunts out with a series of unfortunate accidents?

    • Well, they also knew of Lee Rigby’s (RIP) killers, and also about the unwashed filth who bombed the Manchester Arena. Yet, they still did fuck all about either of them….

  22. Priti Daft should try watching the telly.

    On one side: NeverEnders. Nasty heterosexual right wing white male types plotting attacks on lovable dark hued and Peaceful personages. So the ‘brothers’ have to take matters into their own hands.

    On the other side: Emmerdale. Nasty heterosexual right wing white male types plotting attacks on lovable dark hued and Peaceful personages. So the ‘brothers’ have to take matters into their own hands.

    Uncanny, eh?

    • But, of course, there are no plots about camelshaggers bombing innocent people at pop concerts, grooming girls or killing politicians. Nor are their any stories about a thug called Chicken Floyd George, who pointed a loaded gun at a woman while his mates hit her and ransacked her house.

      I mean, come on…. That’s not true to life at all, is it?

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