Sir Lewis Larbalestier Hamilton (17)

Sir Lewis Hamilton will soon be Sir Lewis Larbalestier Hamilton as he has graciously decided to use the maiden name of his mother who raised him until he was 12. This tribute should delight feminists as Hamilton says he does not understand why women “lose” their names when they get married.

However, this does not mean he will be cutting off his dreadlocks. As he once said in the Guardian (where else) ‘“My mum was wonderful. She was so loving,” although he admitted she couldn’t fully understand what he was going through as a young boy at school as she is a white woman.”’

Read all about this latest thrilling instalment in the life of a living legend in “Vanity Fair”, that magazine that is required reading in ghettoes from Moss Side to Minneapolis.

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Nominated by: Mr Polly

60 thoughts on “Sir Lewis Larbalestier Hamilton (17)

  1. Daft woke cunt hasn’t thought this one through, has he?

    After several generations, everyone would be walking around with multiple-barelled surnames.

    Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel.

    • Exactly. If he’s going to do it he needs to do it properly and look back into his family tree. Or else it doesn’t count. He’s forgetting about all the other wimminz who are part of his ancestry.

      His new name would take a day to read out, the silly twat. And if on his dad’s side there were 2nd marriages etc it could get messy (although I don’t think they kept such records before 1930 in Umbongoland.)

      • You foul racist LS, such an image never crossed my mind.

        I’m reporting you to ISAC’s equality and diversity dept (Chair Thomas the Cunt Engine, directors Dick Fiddler Esq and Miserable Northern Cunt).

        (Unfortunately they’re all down the pub eating a Full English and discussing Gemma Arterton’s assets – Day Admin)

    • That was from Monty Python 1969 Paul, didn’t it have “Thompson” on the end as well?. Far too English for Dame Lewis.

  2. I wish this cunt would take up alpine mountain biking,get the ratty dreadlocks tangled up in his chain and fly off the side of the Matterhorn.

  3. Where did the spook nick the necklace? The only necklace he needs is a Soweto necklace, the hypocritical self centered cunt, morning all

    • I’m hoping his long suffering dog, forced onto a vegan diet, looks at Hamilcunt one afternoon and sees the image of a giant, (very) well done steak and eats the cunt.

      • The poor mutt will need to make it soon, before it looses the strength to do it!

  4. Baiter & Stirer are both in there. Just a shame there is no ‘H.’

  5. His two current surnames will ultimately mean nowt because when he gets married, he’ll take his husband’s surname.

  6. Well I’ve got some news that’ll spoil Sir Lewis Hamilton’s day….after doing absolutely no extensive research,I have discovered that both the Larbalestier and Hamilton families were involved in slavery 300 years ago….Chief Chetewayo Rastus Un’Bongo-Hamilton-Chiggunlicker is recorded as selling his neighbouring villagers to a slave- trader called Lady Myrtle Mudshark.

    It’s a fucking disgrace…not only slave dealers but Chief Chetewayo identified as a “Male” and Myrtle as a “Woman”…did these people have no sensitivity towards the LBGDBTRSLXXCUNT community ?

    I expect when I reveal my shocking news on Twitter that the sly Sooty.Sir Lewis, will offer to change his name to some kind of symbol…like Prince.. in fact,I’m surprised he hasn’t already thought of doing it…after all,he’s not just some attention-seeking Cunt,is he?

  7. I wonder why a multi millionaire would want to add a traditional Jersey surname to his name, I just have no idea why, a real mystery that!!!

  8. Oven please Unkle Terry for Sir Shirtlifter of Queerness

    (Beware of the word “queer”. Wordfence doesn’t like it. Cheers – Day Admin)

  9. Add whatever name you like, you bloody n*gn*g because you’re still a cunt!

  10. Here we go again. A mixed race Markleoid whining about the Racist/Misogynist patriarchy he has struggled against all his life as he is knighted and recognized for his professional achievements.

    He wants to honor his mom and then proceeds to trash her because she was white and therefore, couldn’t possibly understand how poorly he was treated. Mommy must be so touched by this act of devotion.

    Typical self absorbed, narcissistic cunt. Perfect for the (in this case) aptly named rag for the tragically hip, VANITY Fair.

  11. Someone should ask the cunt, live on television, if white lives matter.

  12. Just another sleb racebaiter.

    He’s tied in to a contract with whoever he drives a car around for. That contract will have clauses and legal implications for him if he were to break them, so a form of modern day slavery that he’s signed up to. Perhaps.

    As for the fact he is 50% black and has changed his name. I couldn’t give a fuck. He is still a cunt.

  13. Both of my parents were black and each had the same surname: Beau. Quite lucky really.

    • Well, they must have been brother and sister, Sam! No self respecting s*mbo would impregnate a bleck sister. They much prefer to rape the white wiminz as they believe it gives them special powers you know.

    • Masamba Beau Beau.

      It has a kind of tribal, Mau Mau ring to it.

      I like it!

  14. This uppity n*gn*g can call himself whatever he wants, he’s still a cunt. I don’t give a fuck today because Mrs Ghee has gone to stay with her Mum so I’m about to fire up a doobie and stick on Space Ritual.

  15. Just a fuckin mirror kisser.
    Narcissus chocolate face.

    Loads of these about,
    Anthony joshua
    Will Smith
    Theyre gay for themselves.

    Louie lardbutter Hampton is the only driver whos rearview mirror has a fuckin lovebite.

    Hope they can’t cut him out of the wreckage.

    • One of the most racist diatribes I’ve seen on here Mis.

      Laughed so much I almost pissed myself.

  16. It’s about time Sir Lewis came out of the closet.

    He’s a very progressive woke type, always supports the latest thing, is a bit camp and talks out of his arse.
    So why doesn’t he just go the whole hog and admit to taking it up there as well – just to complete the full “right-on” identity set.

    Unless they don’t allow gays to drive Scalextrics.

    • It’s about time Lewis skidded off the track and ended up in a fireball.

  17. What a shameless virtue signalling wanker. With all his money I’m sure he could afford a hologram of a halo to be permanently hovering over his stupid fucking head. If he’s going to fuck about with his name why not just put “Saint” in front of it and have done with it.

  18. As if another reason not follow F1 were needed there is this cunt.

    He’s also getting uppity about not being allowed to wear his “bling” in a race car. Simple solution to that: tell the cunt to fuck off and don’t let him race for the rest of the year/rest of his life if he whinges about it.

    (There is a scheduled nom on this very blingy subject due to go live soon – Day Admin)

    • Formula One is so sanitised and boring that I genuinely would prefer to watch NASCAR.
      There, I’m out…

  19. I wonder why “mid grid boy” didn’t just change his name to “anti white racist backmarker”.
    Lewis Kaepernick.

    • He’s lucky his out of touch white mother named him Lewis. If she’d have been in touch with black culture she would have given him a black name…like Quintorian…LaDainian or DeToine…then he’d really have something to whine about.

  20. Another half and half who, for reasons of career enhancement, only identifies with the black half of his ancestry. Ok, I understand his relationship with his mum is a difficult one, as his father spoiled the living shit out of him in a different household through his teens. But to blame her and the fact she’s not black for all his alleged issues is pretty low. What a horrible closet gay cunt he really is.

  21. Now he’s not got the best car for once he’s fucking shite I notice.

    He must hate all those privileged honky drivers zooming off into the distance every week?

  22. I don’t know about other countries but having 2 surnames is traditional in Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

    The first surname used to always be the person’s father’s surname, the second was always the mother’s surname.

    It is now accepted that the mother’s surname can come first if that is what you want.

    When shortened a person might only use their first surname.
    The 2 together are for more formal use.

    For instance…..
    Lionel Messi…… Lionel Messi Pérez.

    True name.

    It’s that way so that people can trace back their true lineage.

    I thought that the cunt Hamilton was only interested in his black ancestry.

    • My mistake……

      Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini.

      Messi was his father’s surname.
      Cuccittini his mother’s.

  23. That explains why he’s such a cunt, his mum is fucking Paul O Grady…dont know why I’m surprised….

  24. Desperate to be black, but someone must have had a word in his ear, ‘you have a white mother you dumb fuck’

    He is a cunt, he has always been a cunt.

  25. I wonder what loopy Lewis would have done if his mum’s name had been Gladys Pratt?. Would he have been a Hamilton-Pratt…..

  26. I’ve just found out that the ” Fat controller ” in Thomas the Tank engine is now called ” Top Hat Man” more fucking woke cancel culture shite…..🎩

    • My boy was a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine as a toddler, and we had to change the name to the Station Master as he kept calling him Fat Cunt Roller! True dat!

      (Another interesting factoid is the push to have the word “master” abolished and replaced with “primary” or “expert”. Too colonial apparently – Day Admin)

      • You have no idea how much I enjoy explaining to clients that their slave unit has gone AWOL from the master in terms of programming.

        This refers to Air conditioning units.

        Bonus points are awarded (to me, by myself) if the client is a middle class woketard or actually blek.

        You can almost see the tiny cogs in their brain turning while trying to figure out whether saying something, or getting their air conditioning / heating working again is more important to them.

  27. The cunt has been given 2 days special dispensation to race with his jewelry embedded in his body. It takes that long to find someone to remove his Prince Albert and nose ring. A hark back to his ancestors’ time in bondage no doubt.
    What a complete cunt.

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