Annoying functionaries and sycophants that stand behind politicians bobbing their heads up and down like a dashboard bulldog as some slimy trougher repeats the same 30 seconds of information over and over again for up to an hour or more (fuck you 24 hours msm news).

These cunts piss me off more as they themselves hope to become professional elected troughers one day. I’m writing this now as this is more prevalent now as we here have a six week election campaign only into week three when they’re traditionally only one month long (We’re presuming you’re referring to the Oz federal election 21st May – Day Admin)

I’d vote for Madge to sack the televangelist Prime marketeer as well as the “my single mum and I lived in state housing” opposition leader ( my mum worked herself to the bone to pay off our war service house), and every nodder caught filmed nodding properly this time and appoint HRH Princess Anne with a swagger stick and a serious hangover to shout at government functionaries to do their job or be sent to Antarctica to mine ice cubes for her gin fizz..

As voting is compulsory here I also hate the gormless cunts shoving how to vote leaflets in your face and electoral staff telling you how lucky you are to fuck up your Saturday participating in this shitshow, just so the troughers can ignore us for another three to four years.

Nominated by: Shackledragger cunt

30 thoughts on “Nodders

  1. Sycophants, arselickers, yes men,
    Wouldn’t be politics without them.

    Dunno about in Australia but guessing like the UK or US or any country for that matter,
    That the politicians elected are the sort of miscreants that in any other job youd sack or wouldn’t employ in the first place.

    Sexual deviant?
    No redeeming qualities?

    Step aboard!
    Youll be set for life…

    • Your point Mis, about people you would not employ or would soon sack. In half a century in field service I visited a huge nuber of public sector offices and institutions. I couldn’t count the occasions where after seeing and hearing the way these places ran my first thought was ; “You lot would be unemployable in the private sector”.

      I suspect these folks know that themselves, which is why they go into panic mode when it’s suggested their numbers shoud be reduced.

      • Hello Arfur👍

        I think your right.
        I think some people are more than aware that they cant do their job, and that someone more capable is being denied the position due to them.

  2. When I saw the heading for this nom, I assumed it was about condoms.
    I was wrong.
    It’s about knobs.
    Good morning. 🌞

    • Hehehe 😀
      Funnily enough I too frst thought it was about rubber noddies!
      Suppose its in the same vein?
      I dont like either!

      Morning Jack👍

      • Morning, MNC 👍
        Some girls wouldn’t let you anywhere near, without putting a mac on.
        Better than going without 💪
        Don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods.
        But it’s a sunny 😎 tax free Saturday, round here. 😀

      • Aye, birdies tweeting, suns shining, and im shortly off on a job in the peaks,
        Three cheers for the taxman!

        Hip hip hurrah!!👍

  3. Judicious use of an axe tends to preclude this type of nonsense.
    Just more aspirationall clowns in the fucking circus called politics.
    Well, sod this – I’m off to mug some pensioners!
    Shifty no good pensioners..

  4. “…just so the troughers can ignore us for another three to four years.“

    Nail on the head there👍

  5. Most of them are Rentboys or underage prostitutes employed at the taxpayers expense to do “research” and learn from the Masters how to be a conniving Cunt..but their main occupation is indulging in sordid sexual shenanigans with their M.P….and keeping the seat warm in the local Public toilet until their M.P. shows up.

  6. Good shout.

    The nodding cunts can fuck off,it’s organised crime that they can barely be arsed to disguise.

    Gas them.Its a lovely day to gas them all.

  7. Nodding in agreement and looking at the floor is recommended if before the Magistrate on some alleged “speeding charge”.

  8. I’m just wondering about this compulsory voting thing. Do Australians not therefore spoil their ballot papers on a grand scale ?

    • You wouldn’t want to be the last one to enter a polling booth after everyone else has p1ssed in it that’s for sure!

    • Spunking knobs are a common drawn feature on spoilt ballot papers here in Queensland.
      SWMBO has done done time as an Electoral officer and confirmed as much to my good self.

  9. the only time one will see them face to face is election time
    Cunts with their smile of slime, convincingly trying it on.
    they really are only good for one purpose, that is corruption to the highest bidder and has been the way of the West for far to long now.Theres still a few honest ones but their voice is on mute

  10. Apples, oranges, chocolates and cigarettes were the mutterings,
    marketeers standing before a stall as you made your way to a match selling their shit for wear, from a time gone bye.

  11. Australia should have been kept as a colony. Then we could send all the Peacefuls and other unwanted trash out there to live in tents in the Outback. It’s what they’re used to……..they’d fucking love it! They could even have desert wars and kill each other the cunts. Just like the old days.

    • Is it really too late to try it? I mean, we could parachute the cunts into the middle of the outback and the Aussies may not even notice. I’m willing to give it a go.

  12. Interesting. I never knew that the poor fuckers in OZ were forced to vote. I have always taken the opposite view, that an absent electorate screams volumes when all the candidates/parties are shit, shit and more shit.
    So what the fuck to Australians do when there is shit, shit, and more shit to vote on.? Vote for shit ?
    In the UK, compulsory voting is confined only to those chosen ones, especially the cunts in peterborough.

    Food for thought this. Good nom shakledragger

    • The local elections had a 31% turn out which is probably why Labour and Libs were a little muted in their ‘great victories’ says a lot when 69% couldn’t be arsed.

  13. Nodders?
    Noddy Holder and Noddy.
    Anyone else nodding may be a company man – best beat the cunt up at smoke break time! (you can’t be too careful! 😀👍)

  14. The only nodding acceptable to a gentleman, should be the rhythmic head movements of an attractive lady kneeling in front of you.

  15. Front bench troughers are the worst for this.

    Was it Dawn Butler (they all look the same to me) who was forever nodding away at Steptoe’s ramblings?


    • She did it to make herself look “sagely”.
      The low IQ’d, race-baiting simian👎

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