Independence for Liverpool (2)

Liverpool scouse socialist scum are cunts

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I take pride in being both British and English and whether you like her, the Queen, or not “Dick” it is the national anthem for the British. And as for turning your back on “abide with me “ beggars belief. Read the fucking words you inbred smack riddled bin dipping cunts.

Apparently this “we are scouse not British” stems from the Thatcher years when Liverpool were left to rot in high unemployment. I read Boys from the Mersey many years ago about Liverpool fans. And the Cunt that wrote it was on one hand saying similar anti-Thatcher shit yet claiming to be jaunting all around Europe watching the red shite whilst clocked on at work being paid.

Case of cake and eat it and apparently it’s Thatcher’s fault the car industry failed up there and not his thieving a wage and not being at work.

Give the cunts independence from Britain, brick up the east bound M62 and let the cunts develop their own smack, thieving, joy riding economy. And Chuck em out of the English league.

Scouse. Always someone else to blame. Fuck off Cunts we British don’t need ya.

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Liverpool FC “fans”

A platinum jubilee cunting for the scum who associate themselves with Liverpool FC. If it isn’t bad enough with foreigners knocking Britain all the time, we have the scouse cunts booing the National Anthem. I don’t know what was worse, the bin-dippers who were doing it, or the tosser from Liverpool fan podcast, a John Gibbons, with some long and boring diatribe about why the scousers felt the need to do it. Yes, you’ve guessed it, because they are all poor and hard done by, etc., ad nauseum.

I have no idea why Liverpudlians always have the victim mentality and think they are a special case in being hard done by Northeners. My family are from Newcastle, and they have had it hard up there. My mother’s side were from the (proper) East end of London and it was no picnic for them growing up there.

I’m sick of people being disrespectful on this country. Mr Gibbons – your excuse for the scouse bell-ends doesn’t wash. You say they were slagging off the monarchy, but the anthem is for the country. If you don’t like Britain, fuck off or shut the fuck up and just keep your trap shut when it’s being played. Fucking wankers.

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Scousers-more Irish, than British👎

(Note 1: Given the events at the Champions League Final last night (28/05/22), we have brought this scheduled nomination forward. – Day Admin)

(Note 2: There is a nomination regarding cultural comparisons between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester due to go live soon. Therefore, please just focus on the ‘Pool here. Thanks – Day Admin)

104 thoughts on “Independence for Liverpool (2)

  1. What makes me crease is how Hillsborough and Heysel are now twinned as ‘tragedies’ by the media.

    Granted, Hillsborough was a tragedy. But Heysel was a massacre.

    • Try telling that to a self-righteous scouse cunt.

      Even better if you have a scouse Missus! If you want to win an argument with the scouse bird, just say “HEYSEL”, then turn your back on her. Works every time.

    • Hi Norm –
      Although I don’t follow football anymore, I still loathe and despise everything Liverpool mainly for this reason.

      Hillsborough was indeed a tragedy. No one wanted that outcome. No one deliberately engineered situations where fans lost their lives. There were cock ups by many which led to the awful consequences, not least the scouse cunts themselves showing up en mass without tickets and trying to get into the stadium. But let’s gloss over that because it’s never their fault.

      Heyel, on the other hand, was a deliberate and premeditated attack by foul scouse scum on opposition fans, killing 39 of them and causing 600 injuries (according to Wikipedia). No doubt the scouse version of events includes things like Juventus fans running into scouse fists, throwing themselves at broken bottles and basically beating themselves to a pulp. You know, because it’s never the scousers’ fault.

      The resulting 5 year European ban for all English clubs meant that the team I used to follow were denied European competition three times. How about some compo for that then? No, thought not. That filthy, disgusting, repugnant and morally corrupt shit stain on football should have been wound up in the high court in my view.

      Fast forward to 2022 and they’re playing in the biggest European game. What happens? Truck loads of scousers show up without tickets, then buy fake ones and cause mayhem trying to get into the stadium. What was that? I’m sorry, didn’t quite get that? Oh, right it was UEFA and the French authorities who were to blame. No doubt the scouse version of events include being pick pocketed (oh the irony) and having their benefits cash replaced by what looked like genuine cup final tickets! What a crazy world.

      I heard they lost the game and I could not be happier. Fuck off Liverpool and all those who associate with it in any way whatsoever.

      • They do have a good team, IY. But their fans never change. They were jibbing and breaking into the 1986 and 1989 FA Cup finals at Wembley. They did it again in Paris yesterday. But they always blame somebody else when it goes wrong. I recall Norwich, Oxford, Spurs, Forest, Everton, West Ham and Man United were all denied the chance to compete in Europe. The fact that English clubs were banned and Scottish clubs weren’t was also a smack in the face. Also, should Liverpool have got a life ban after Heysel? Some say yes (certainly in Turin), but I don’t know.

    • Norman@ – My Cousin was in the Forest end at Hillsborough. All the way to the ground the Forest supporters were being hit with a hail of missiles by the bin dipping scum (as West Yorkshire “police” did fuck all), who then tried to force the gates open because they had no tickets and wanted to intimidate the ground staff and police to get their own way.
      I trust the direct eyewitness account of my Cousin, he is no liar, and he stated categorically that the disaster would not have happened had the Liverpool “supporters” not did what they did outside the ground, and the jury verdict that they had nothing to do with it was just wrong.
      Good to see the bin dippers getting some proper boot last night though – your bully boy tactics didn’t work so well then did they, smack rats?

      • On that subject, Vern, a grafter/swag seller mate of mine was selling scarves at the 1989 semi final replay between Liverpool and Forest at Old Trafford. He had to pay two coppers 50 quid apiece to keep an eye on his stall, because the Scousers would have – and attempted to – pick it clean and thieve the lot.

        Another pal of mine was a security steward at Wembley for the 1989 FA Cup final versus Everton. He had a very small Manchester coat of arms pin badge on his jacket. One Liverpool supporting ‘lovable rogue’ saw it and hissed loudly ‘You fuckin Manc bastid!’. My mate then said to the plod, quick as a flash, ‘This one’s trying to get in with a forgery’. And the cozzers dragged him off as he was spitting tales about victimhood and coppers being ‘bastids’.

        Only thing was, it wasn’t a forgery. Lovely stuff.

      • Big Vern – I think your cousin has it wrong mate. I heard West Yorkshire police rounded up thousands of scouse cunts the night before and bussed them all to the stadium. Then forced them to try to get into the stadium which of course resulted in loss of life.

        That’s why West Yorkshire police are to blame. A terrible thing to do to scousers who were innocently going about their business in their own city stabbing each other, selling drugs, having their hair permed and thieving shell suits from JJB Sports.

      • South Yorkshire police boys Sheffield Hillsboro is in South Yorkshire

  2. Give crappy Liverpool its independence. Let’s see how they walk alone. I say walk more limping, thieving and killing opposition football fans. Bunch of inbred Welsh, irish northern cunts.

  3. Funny how the French Plod can cause massive queues by blocking the streets to the Liverpool end of the stadium, tear gas innocent fans, deny entry to people with valid tickets, and tie up wheelchair users. But they can’t do a thing about dinghies crossing the channel,
    Is this because of the scousers previous behaviour, a brexit revenge, or because of orders to ship as many dodgy folk to England as possible?
    I also saw that many of the trouble makers and fence jumpers appeared to be local North African immigrants.

    • “I also saw that many of the trouble makers and fence jumpers appeared to be local North African immigrants.”

      Which is what I saw at the European Championship final (Italy vs England).

  4. The holier than thou lovable rogues and Tarby wannabes have now accused UEFA, the Paris police, and the press of ‘making things up’ about the antics at the European Cup Final….

    ‘Making things up’? What, again?! Funny, how people make things up about them all the time, isn’t it?…

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