“Brave” Footballer Comes Out

Welcome to our latest member of the arse ticklers, faggots, fan club and why is it we have all these cunts who are determined to label themselves as damaged in some way, shape or form, its obviously attention seeking, to try and boost his value as a player[let hope for his sake he can deliver the goods on the pitch],

Needless to say the ubacunt Garry wingnut Liniker has come out in favour of the hemeroid harasser, anything to get some tv footage of his funny fucking face.

Not being a football hoolie sorry fan myself i cant say for sure the kind of reception he,s going to get for coming out as a chutney ferret, until of coarse he fucks up and misses a goal, then I’m sure effigies are going to be burned in the car park and he,s going to be offensive chats and songs from the stands.

We will then see him in tears and ubacunt Gary will be on the telly again saying how disgusted he is that not everyone is onboard with accepting whatever perversion comes down the road next.

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77 thoughts on ““Brave” Footballer Comes Out

  1. That’s Gaylords business where he chooses to stick his winkie.

    Nobody else gives a fuck.

    • Footballers are always kissing and cuddling anyway,
      Least he’s honest and goes all the way!

      “You’ve got some gel in yer hair….oh. good grief”

    • Brave!? Brave is saying you don’t agree with the the cunt’s decision to be a rectum wrecker.

  2. To be fair to the lad. at least he has been honest and not done the usual trick of appearing with a WAG on his arm, as so many have done. At least Sue Baker will not have to pretend to be his girlfriend like she did for the Peter Pansy of Pop.

    • True. The current England international who has allegedly been getting rogered off a tranny, should also be brave and proud and ‘come out’, as the team keep telling everyone else to do.

  3. There no rule that says a footballer can’t be gay. Personally I have no problem with gays. It’s only the militant woke ones I don’t like – and not because they are gay.

  4. Isn’t being a poofta part and parcel of playing footie? All that hugging and kissing and the poofy haircuts. Closet qwar to a “man”.

  5. Accepted? In Blackpool?

    He should move to Brighton if he can. Blackpool is full of peacefuls and grumpy old racist honkies (salt of the earth in other words).

    Let’s see if the team dare get in the communal bath now. Be careful if he gets ‘Man of the match’ and offers you a glass of champagne in the bath.

    Lubbocked to fuck if they’re not careful. Three months with a calf strain? Now if they’re not careful, it’ll be six months with the Aids, or a year with a destroyed ringpiece.

    “Come on in, the water’s lovely. Here drink this!”

    “Get to fuck!”

    • If he moves onto a bigger club and they play European football then away games in the provincial backwaters of Poland or Bulgaria might not seem so accepting.

    • I once visited the Orange Club in Blackpool. It was to watch a mate fight in a boxing night laid on. Tickets by invite only, it was a bit of a dodgy unlicensed gig. Ricky Hatton attended as guest of honour. About 6 or 7 fights laid on I think.

      The place was full of big scary cunts with UVF tats. I’m no shrinking violet, but I was genuinely terrified that night. My mate said I shouldn’t come if I was a Catholic. I’m not so he said no bother. I didn’t get it at the time. Genuine hard cases, some who’d done time for murder by all accounts. The worst of the SS would’ve shat themselves and left after ten minutes.

      Didn’t see any dark keys or benders that night I can tell you lol.

      I don’t recommend this seemingly nice enough lad goes in and asks for a Babycham on such evenings.

      • Dear dear old Ernst Rohm would have shat himself darling . Mind you ducky, there’s a qwar lurking in the most unsuspected places.

      • Wait… wait… wait… you went to Blackpool to see men fist each in the ring?

  6. Forget going over the top at the Somme or storming the beaches at Normandy, being brave now means admitting to sticking your cock up another blokes arse. Fucked up world.

    • Bob on SMP.

      Bravery also appears to mean running from the scene of an accident when pissed, then blaming it on the stresses of being a tranny.

    • They say that Stan was always dribbling on the pitch (gross), putting his ball through players’ legs and the reason he worse those longs shorts was to hide his raging cock. The reason he played until he was 50 was because he was so potent in the box (gross).

  7. What I’d like to know, if this isn’t too indelicate an enquiry, is he plug or socket?

  8. I note this shirtlifter is only 17 and has made just one first team appearance. Therefore there is a very good chance he might not make it. However he has seen the way the wind is blowing and has guaranteed his future. Every time he gets stick from a crowd it will raise his media profile. Perhaps even as a reserve Blackpool may feel obliged to renew his contract for fear of accusations of homophobia. Failing which I can see him as some sort of FA ambassador promoting the cause of poofery in football. Or perhaps a nice cushy job at the BBC reporting on sporting bumbanditry. He might even end up with Linekunt’s job ………let’s face it the cunt can’t go on for ever and it would be such a delicious irony.
    “Brave” and “courageous” they call him. Nah, I call him fucking smart……as well as a disgusting little bender.

    • Gareth southcunt is bound to pick him for England now. He loves a koon and a bender.

    • I agree with Fred, no-one had heard of him and no-one gives a fuck. There’s no guarantee he’ll last as a pro footballer, most seventeen- year-olds disappear into non-league and then into oblivion. I think he’ll have put a bit of thought into this regarding his future career opportunities. Anyway forget Brighton, if he has to live in the north of England he’s chosen the right place.

      • True that.
        Once watched a 16 year old in a few friendlies for Arsenal called Gedion Zelalem or summat like that, about 8 or 9 years ago.

        Every cunt who saw him, including myself, thought he was going to be world class.

        The poor cunt has ended up a bit part player for some crappy Yankee teams.

        Not worth ten bob now.

  9. Should have announced that he was becoming a woman….if he’s good enough to be a reserve player at Blackpool,he’d have been the Pele of the women’s game…endless international caps,scoring records,awards for bravery and Gary Lineker hanging off the end of his female cock.

  10. “You’re gonna get your fucking arse caved in!”

    “You’re going home in a rainbow ambulance!”

      • Does he take it?
        Does he take it?
        Does he take it up the arse?

        Does he take it up the arse?

    • “You couldn’t score with your brother ” that’s what we sang to John Fachanu.

  11. Stunning and Brave.

    Gareth Southgate sat at England HQ as we speak. Sat scratching his bonce.
    Frantically trying to find a way of somehow getting this fella promoted, not just to the squad but to England captain, regardless of skill, with immediate effect – yet try not to appear like he’s pandering or just being unfit for the role. Again.

    He may even be picked as the teams fifth penalty taker so he can slot the winning goal in Qatar.

    What a message of hope that would send out. In Southgate’s dreams.

  12. He’s seventeen?! God almighty! It doesn’t seem so long ago that any other deviant going near this would have been detained at her majesty’s pleasure for a couple of years. Where the fuck are we going?

    • Midnight Cowboys, the shit the young grow up with nowadays is fucking a nightmare compared to what my time was growing up
      I kinda knew the cunts from the start
      They know fuck all these days,only that gross is acceptable
      It’s ducking not

  13. I thank Dog I’m not gay… or black… or even female, fer Christ sake! Or born into a Muslim family.

    No, I won first prize in the lottery of life. Still have to pinch myself occasionally.

  14. Saw that Clare Balding on the telly earlier. Promoting poofery on BT Sport I think. Rio was getting all excited, bless.

    Is it me, or does Clare Balding look a bit ‘downsy’?

    • Well she has the forehead to confirm ones suspicions
      toffs luv brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers
      It ended with a kiss

  15. As a Sheffield United season ticket holder for 40 years, I’ve been dry bummed many times. Why is it ‘brave’ to say you like cock sucking? Brave to me is storming an enemy machine gun nest single handed not mutual masturbation but maybe it’s just me.

  16. Manchester City and Newcastle United won’t be putting in a bid for him anytime soon. Or any other rag head owned club for that matter.

  17. Football related:

    The kick off of the Champions league final (free on BT sport on YouTube), Liverpool vs Real Madrid-the kick off has been delayed for 1hr 30m because of “trouble” outside the ground.

    Does that translate as the bin-dippers trying to break in to watch the game?
    Surely not😉

    • No problem, the French coppers ain’t going to open the gates and let them all in and have loads of dead “victims” on their hands. They’ll get out the tear gas and the batons and give them a good kicking. The Scousers can cry about it on the BBC afterwards and nobody gives a fuck.

      • FtF@ – That’s exactly what the French cops did after the bin dipping smack rats tried to force their way in – again! Is Heysel and Hillsborough not enough lesson for these shitstains?
        And Liverpool “supporters” wonder why people hate them?

      • Feral scum.
        However, you have to admire their ability to stretch their “benefits” to cover “bevvies”, “smoke”, new “trainers” and still have enough left for a ticket to Paris👏

    • Liverpool fans turn up at a neutral venue, en masse without tickets.
      Causing mayhem.

      Who’d have thought.

  18. Fucking cunt, ain’t never going to make National headlines for his football talent so thinks taking one in the back of the net will open up more than a few back doors for him!

    Now he’s a hero for leaving an open goal for the guys to shoot in!

    • langerkur will be first in and many more will follow
      The media, press etc, really have made a bollox of what once, belonged to the ordinary
      Put your shirt on and shut the Fuck Up, would get one a jail term for insensitive behaviour skills Act, written by nobodies but carries a maximum sentence of cancelation

  19. Let’s see if this shit stabber will be welcome in Qatar world cup tournament, don’t think so….

  20. I pity the poor person who has to wash his shorts.

    Brown skidders with a slug trail in them.

    I’m sure Jug ears and Southgate will be queuing up to give them a lick.

      • Mnc@ – I believe it was a well weathered slice of Cleopatra!
        Anyway, thought I’d come out as someone who does not push his cock up another Mans arse but instead prefers to do naughty things to gals – stunning and brave of me! 😀👍
        Has anyone thought of telling this kickballer that nobody gives a fuck?
        He should play for Liverpool – they have been ROYALLY ass fucked by Real!

      • Evening MNC. Hope you are well.

        I had out of date Sirloin steak, with peppercorn sauce.

        No sign of the shits yet, but my belly is creaking a bit.

        Oh, and I had out of date ‘crumpet creations’ for breakfast. They were supposed to be dinosaur shaped crumpets I think? I kept spinning them round trying to make out what animal they were. Might have been a rhino even. Fuck knows?

  21. What the fuck is ‘brave’ about taking it up the cadbury alley? Next thing we know, these cunts will be getting higher wages than other players. Simply because they are poofs and for that reason only.

    Needless to say, that woke tosspot and Euro 2021 final saboteur, Gareth Cuntgate is slimily servile in his arselicking to the ‘brave’ sausage bandit from Blackpool who ‘came out’. As sickeningly woke as ever, then…

    Oh, and on the subject of football and cunts, cop (or should I say kop) this from tonight’s European final. Some things never change, eh? I wonder, which police force will be blamed this time?


  22. I am naturally all for anything that points out Gary Lineker as the copper bottomed cunt he is. But that’s Gary Neville in the pic….

  23. Alright Foxy?
    Nobody cares if he’s fruity.

    He’s 17yr, what does he know?
    Only just stopped playing with Barbie’s.

    He better be careful bragging,
    He goes to the BBC for anything ,
    He’ll be like a Cadbury s creme egg at weight watchers!!

    A feeding frenzy!
    His arse will be like a window cleaners rag.

      • Liverpool exposed.
        Burnley relegated.
        W.ogba fucking off back to Juventus.
        A great week👍👍👍

      • I’ve absolutely no idea why any club would touch that useless, tired wanker Paul Pogba.
        Kante and Pirlo have both helped paper over the cracks of this egotistic cunts multiple flaws.
        Fuck him

    • A Liverpool player who fucked odd to Madrid ( then Man U) for Money😂😂😂😂😂

      A cunt from Mickle Trafford who has one loyalty: MONEY.
      The cunt😂

      • The bias from the pro Liverpool “expert” panel was bordering on embarrassing for most of that match there.
        Helped remind me why I usually have the commentary on mute and music on instead.

      • I tell you, CG. When I cheered that Owen winner in that 4-3 Manchester Derby, I felt dirty….

  24. Everton fans set up a bogus coach company, took bookings but never turned up.
    A bunch of scousers weeping into their Kappa shell suits as,after 6 hours waiting realise they’re missing the final and a large portion of giro.
    Tears threaten floods throughout the Home Counties.
    Viva Espana

  25. Gerry and the Pacemakers will be getting a hammering tonight.

    I can see tears in Toxteth as an old scratchy 45 is spinning round in some shitty Accy bricked terraced hovel. Shell suits smouldering on the fire.

    #You’llneverwalkalone #rememberthesquished96

    • A fine Rodgers and Hammerstein song first ruined by Gerry and his pacemaker.

      Then its credibility was completely destroyed when the club started using it as their anthem.

      Post Hillsborough, surely “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies would have been more suitable?

      Insensitive bastards.

      • BBC’s all time Liverpool side… Typically as woke as can be expected. Trent Alexander Arnold? John Barnes? Mo Salah? Bollocks! An all time Liverpool team with no Crazy Horse, Heighway or Keegan? Taking the piss, that is.

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