The Silence of the Feminazis

This is just a general observation, so I don’t think I need any reliable news links to back my nom up.

But what I do find rather interesting in the complete silence of the wimminz, and especially the feminists with regards the intrusion of transformers identifying as a wimminz, especially in sport.

Feminists were/are very outspoken about “normal” blokes, even bordering on hatred/misandrism (which is another issue that needs to be nominated), and have done so for nigh on 50 odd years!

But as far as I can tell they haven’t come out of the woodwork very much with regards transwomen wanting the same rights and privileges as women.

Would this be because feminists are too shit scared to be cancelled by the invisible woke? Or do they actually support men identifying as women? And do feminists still call themselves women anymore?

Seems there’s an awful lot of hypocrisy/fear going on, even by the most fervent man-hating groups.

By coincidence I found this in today’s paywalled Telegraph, basically suggesting that if feminists speak out against transwomen then they are racists/bigots etc (and that’s from some loony spokesbint on behalf of the SNP/Greens coalition)

To be fair there was some criticism of this statement by some women’s’ groups, albeit rather muted, and not quite on the same scale as those street protests we used to see from the feminazis of old back in the 70s. And it doesn’t alter my view that the Woke will eventually devour itself as it begins to look within its own virtue-signalling groups and take pot-shots, thus creating a civil war among the signallers!

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53 thoughts on “The Silence of the Feminazis

  1. Most “feminists” are plug-ugly old Hags or unwashed,unshaven Lezzas….serves the Cunts right that their hysterical screaming for “wimminz rights” has bitten them on their flabby arses.

    They need a damn good cocking….teach them their place.

    • ‘damn good cocking’
      Care to make a list of volunteers/ victims from IsAC regulars who might rise to the challenge?

      • That would be none, Guzzi.
        Jeez, what a shower!
        Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  2. Well you’ve only got to look at what happened to JK Remoaning and Germaine Greer (Germaine Greer for fucks sake!!) to see the truth of this. They even have a disparaging label for them……TERF……trans excluding radical feminists.
    Wokism is an all encompassing ideology……a set of ideas from which you must not deviate. So you cannot be a wokie and be anti abortion, you cannot be a “ climate change denier”, you must love the Peacefuls. You can probably get away with eating a bit of meat but you’ll be a bit of a cunt and not fully accepted.
    You’re either in or out and despite all the contradictions in wokism don’t even dream about thinking for yourself.

    • Yeah, the fact that perhaps the numero uno icon of Feminism, GERMAINE GREER got shoved off the LGBTQ+ bus tells you all you need to know, ie. this isn’t about women’s rights or gay rights, it’s about causing chaos, just like Black Lives Matter. It’s Marxist tactics, KGB tactics. We are in a spiritual war, it won’t be won through logic, we’ll have terrorise these Marxist cunts or we’ll end up in a dystopian hellscape.

    • “Respect My Sex if You Want My X” it says on the banner. The trouble is, Mrs, we don’t know what your sex is and we don’t fucking care. The Labour Party are holed below the water line on the trans issue and sinking fast. When Starmzy loses the next election the wokies will double down and want to go even further left. The Conservatives are shit but you’d have to be crazy to vote Labour. Fuck off Boris you soft green wanker.

      • I often wonder if Labour were infiltrated by Marxists or some sort of group to destroy Labour. There basically isn’t a working class party anymore and 80% of people in Britain are working class. From the 1920s through to 2001, Labour WERE the working class party, but after Blair was enfolded into the dark arts of politics after 9/11, Iraq with Bush-Cheney-Rumsfled, it was over and since then Britain has became a No Man’s Land for the working class, politically. Even in Scotland, the SNP don’t engage with the working class of Scotland anymore, they have a fixed goal of independence and thus a one party state, as Labour and Tory will be irrelevant, defunded at that point.

        But, yes, there are signs that people have had enough of the bullshit. 2022-2025 with be interesting years with or without World War 3.

      • “‘Respect My Sex if You Want My X’ it says on the banner. The trouble is, Mrs, we don’t know what your sex is and we don’t fucking care.”

        That’ll be music to the ears of the social Marxists!

        If we don’t care about the rights of females, then we can hardly complain when men identifying as women choose to invade women only spaces.

      • Men who identify as women are welcome to invade my girls ” women only space’.
        They’d better be proficient in Brazilian Ju-jitsu though, because there’s 12 ladies there who’ll be happy to demonstrate that girls are NOT sugar and spice and all things nice.
        Even my 12 year old warrior grand daughter can kick 7 bells out of the average bloke.
        I’d love to be a fly on the wall.

      • Also, they think this gender stuff is a load of shit, don’t care who gets offended, and they’ll be doing any ‘cancelling’.

      • Evening Jeezum.

        Sadly not all females are proficient in the art of Brazilian Ju-jitsu. My missus and nieces certainly aren’t. 🙁

      • Evening Ruff.
        Most gyms do a free taster session for anyone whose interested in getting a bit fit, and learning some self defence moves.
        Have a look about.
        My lasses have been going for over 4 years now, they love it. Especially the little warrior. Younger has been helping the beginner white belts, assisting the teacher for a while now.
        Does wonders for kids confidence and self esteem.

      • With the greatest respect, there isn’t a wimminz martial art that can stop an 18 stone 6’3” geezer with a knife🤔

  3. All these demented wimmin activists are witches around the same cauldron.
    They cast Twatter spells on the silly buggers who don’t speak Libtard and are foolish enough to use social media to air their opposing views.
    Quite frankly they are a pain in the bollocks that the world could do without.
    Hopefully the painfully Right On can witness wimmins sport being ruined by the Trannie and the Gays being hammered by the Religion of Piss.

  4. The whole woke ideology is rooted in hypocrisy, double speak and everchanging university student union psychobabble. There is even a narrative that straight men who don’t want to date or sleep with a trans weirdo, are transphobic. Well I will happily wear that label but there will be many cucked wokies who will have to go along with it because this is what the dogma dictates.

  5. Fanatical feminists/doughnut bumpers say all All Men are pigs. They also say Women ere equal to Men.


  6. A notable silence from ALL the wimminz/creature/thing groups about 5 decades of industrialised r*pe and sexual exploitation of white, vulnerable underage girls.
    No easy targets there..

  7. They’re just moody harridans, due to not being able to get jizzed on because of their looks and gobby uppityness, and instead, have to put up with going down on a yeasty, cheese-stringed vag.

    • Well said, that’s always been my take on the lezzers so fucking pig ugly they could never get a cock hard.

  8. In the near future, most wimminz will look like Desperate Dan.
    Many of them already do.
    The battle between females and wannabe females will be an interesting spectacle to watch.
    Sport will be the first major battleground, followed by shenanigans in ” the arts ‘ and media circles.
    The cunts can rip each other to shreds for all I fucking care.
    I’ve got far too much to do and busy myself with to bother with any of them.
    Should any of these cunts and the equally mental extinction rebellion nutters mither me in the street, then an immediate, no warning twatting will be administered.
    I will not tolerate Marxist loonies.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Don’t worry, Jack.

      The thing with these fucktards is they all try and out do each other for the ‘I’m the most persecuted / misunderstood’ prize.

      What this will end up in, is a circular firing squad of wokies.,virtue signaling wankers and cultural Marxists.

      Just put the popcorn on, sit back and watch the whole insane bunch of cunts implode.

  9. Don’t fancy yours much!
    Fuck me! The one on the right looks like she could eat an apple from the other side of a chain link fence.
    That’s me celibate for a week, what a bag of frogs!

    • I think they are all blokes to be honest. They don’t even dress like women, more like sex starved geezers would like women to dress.
      Bunch of f**got cunts.

  10. My first thought was that Lorna Slater is mad as a shithouse rat. But then I read that her “job” pays £98,000 per annum. Hmmm…..

  11. Who is in charge of the Woke?
    There doesn’t seem to be much debate amongst themselves. It’s like it’s all handed down from above and thou shalt not deviate from the rules.
    So when the Great Woke Leader says trans rights trump all ( fnarr fnarr), then everyone has to take it (!), including the femi nazis, who’ve been dishing it out for ages.

  12. Feminists, what a shower they are hanging on every word spoken.
    Always waiting to be offended so they can launch an attack usually over nothing because you can’t express an opinion because your a bloke and they don’t like blokes
    As said by others already, blokes wanting to transform into women is confusing to there usual response 😂😂

  13. I wonder how a kick in the cunt apiece would go down? The one on the left and the one in the middle would have some. The fugly on the right can tidy the house and cook dinner.

  14. Feminism is no more about women than BLM is about getting rid of racism. They are both about destroying Western culture and values that lurched the whole world a quantum leap forward.
    Look at how any women or black or even a h0m0 gets treated if they dare to question the leftist narrative.

  15. “When a man loves a woman……….” Percy Sledge sang all those years ago. That would be cancelled straight away these days. Fucking fascist.

  16. The question ‘what is a woman’ any answer other than Adult Human Female is just bullshit smoke and mirrors, it’s not such a difficult concept.

    ‘Trans Woman’ bloke in a dress or female impersonator but it ain’t and never will be a real woman.

    Women need to reinforce their Sex based gender at every opportunity or they will be taken over by this Tranny Crap.

  17. I find myself wondering what would Jess Phillips do at a fraught time like this, and I am pretty sure she would shit in her pants, if she thought she might upset the sisterhood. Usually she has an opinion about everything. Never mind, Jess, Auntie Starmer is there to pour oil on troubled waters in a bright red off-the-shoulder ballgown, frilly knickers and a black suspender belt.

    • It would be interesting of Phillips and other faux feminists would react if they were questioned on Question Time about why the Sisterhood isn’t all that vocal about men pretending to be women dominating women’s sporting events.

      Phillips would probably go on the defensive and resort to the usual tropes just to deflect attention from the fact she has no answer.


      • Jess Phillips is as fake as they come. She is only interested in shit like mansplaining, women getting wolf whistled or the mythical gender pay gap. Like young girls getting groomed by Muslim gangs, she has no answers to the serious issues.

    • Steady on, Boggs. That sort of talk might arouse the men.
      After all, it’s Friday night and they’re already a little restless.
      Easy…….. Easy…..
      That’s better 😀

      • You have a point, Jack. I think our Keir is a kweer kettle of fish. His Shadow Health secretary for one, a practiscer of the Gayness, would bend over backwards to accomodate him 🙂

  18. Wimminz Champions League semifinal, 1st leg ……..
    Barcelona 4 Wolfsburg 1 after 70 mins.

    Just thought you might be interested.

    No trannies playing as far as I know.

    • The Spanish women have something to prove cause Spanish men treat them the old fashioned way🤕

    • How about that Swiss team, “Young Boys”

      Is there a Young Girlz or a Young Transformers, or Young No-fucking-ideaz?

      • Do you know the name of the stadium where Young Boys play?
        Wankdorf Stadium
        I kid you not
        However, the Beeb and the MSM refer to it as Stade de Suisse for some reason

  19. Nah, Rob.
    They don’t eat until 10 or 11pm, or summat ridiculous like that.
    She’ll have left a slow cooker full of fish stew on, 10 minutes for the rice, bish, bash, bosh.
    Either that or a pizza.

  20. Final score…….

    Barcelona 5 Wolfsburg 1

    You can’t expect the Krauts to take that laying down.Anticipate a few hairy blokes called Helga, Eva or Magda in the 2nd leg.
    You know it makes sense!

  21. I Iike women
    They’re great!!👍
    One of my favourite things,
    An not just the saucy ones with big knockers!

    I like the ones that bake,
    The ones who work behind the bar in the pub.
    The ones in the chippy.

    But when they get all moody and whining about sexism,
    I just think

    “Wind your fuckin neck in you moaning little cunt”

    Thats what tranny monsters need to study if they want to be birds,
    The fuckin whining and nagging.
    Like real splitarses do.

  22. The LGBTblahblahs, are all heading for one Big Crunch as they all compete to out woke each other.

    If trans groups are calling feminists racist bigots, then what about black lesbian feminists? How will they react to that kind of charge from black transwimminz?

    Will it be a case of “I’m a transwoman, black, disabled, lesbian. And therefore I am more of a victim than a black woman disabled lesbian, who hates trans people!”

    They keep on creating labels for themselves, and its only going to end in tiers as well as tears.

  23. TERFs vs Trannies. It’s the left eating itself.

    The feminazis that tow the line at the moment will be excommunicated at some point.

    Fuck them all with combine harvesters.

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