The Nanny State [2]

My fellow cunters.
For your cuntsideration:

“The Nanny state banning Easter Egg displays”

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Now of course, this is “all” about removing impulse purchases of unhealthy food and nothing at all to do with the symbolic representation of the singularly most important event in the Christian calendar, causing offence to our minority populace 🤔

As a youngster, Easter eggs were proudly displayed in huge quantities-and obesity was rare.

The removal of our traditions continues apace.

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

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  1. Why don’t they stop fucking about and just bring in ration cards? That will create a whole new black market for their rich friends to exploit. You can have all the Mars bars you want but double what they cost in the shops.
    We’re being played.

    • For once I dont blame ethnics.

      They dont care about Easter anymore than they do Christmas ,
      Doubt they give a fuck.

      No, this is government meddling,
      Knowing whats best.

      Smoking is bad for you
      Chocolate is bad for you
      Making decisions is bad for you
      Its for your own good.

      They deny themselves nothing.

      • Google had nothing on its front page about Easter-except perhaps “bunny wabbits”.

        Yet Ramadanadingdong was represented.

        This is not just about unhealthy grub🤔

      • @CG
        It’s not just Ramalamadingdong, add Passover, Eid,LBGTQ,Diwali,BLM etc.
        You name it, it’s represented, except white,Christian values.
        Fuck Google.

      • I’m probably being conspiratorial when I say that I think we are being gradually replaced in our own homelands.

        Looking around the country, my own town of late and attempting to read between all the other various lines, it leads me to the conclusion that we are.

    • On the news this morning supermarkets limiting purchases of cooking oil, fear over shortages, rationing has started, but petrol sales are down (3.5% I think) so the strategy of letting the price rise to £160 + per litre has worked, forcing motorists off the road, welcome to the the green new deal.

      Soylent Green anyone.

      • Yes, the solution to overpopulation, but I wouldn’t be happy eating camel shaggers or Somali types, Better just used for fertiliser 😂

  2. I don’t think it’ll have much to do with causing offensive to minorities… don’t think many people actually connect religion with those over-priced, faux-chocolate shite anyhow…..No,I believe them when they say they want to try and reduce childhood obesity.

    A better way would be to stop child-benefits.

    • We used to have an “egg-jarping” competition at the Pub on Easter Sunday…everyone would be given a hard-boiled egg and you would try and crack your opponents egg by tapping them against each other….anyhow,by slyly tapping my opponents’ eggs slightly off point,I got to the final where I was up against a young lassie of about 10…people had been deliberately letting her win but I was made of sterner stuff…when she held out her egg,I took an almighty swing and knocked the egg clean out of her puny hand…smashed it to fucking bits. I was somewhat grudgingly awarded first prize of a chocolate egg…chucked it in the bin later…but what really irritated me was that the child also received a smaller chocolate egg ( not that it did much to stop the brat’s yammering and crying)….I think it would have been better to give the child nothing….teach it that second-place means nothing.

      • Women weren’t allowed in the bar of our local Working Men’s Club, let alone permitted to join in with the Easter egg jarping. Much simpler, happier days…..

    • Easter eggs really have nothing to do with Christianity anyway. It’s an old pre-Christian pagan survival connected to rebirth and fertility traditions associated with the Spring.

      • correct MMCM.

        It is actually called Eostre.

        Another thing those pain in the arse Christians ripped off from the Pagans to keep the peasants from tearing them a new one.

      • ……Christians didn’t invent or were the “only victims” of crucifixion-but the cross is THE strong symbol-like the egg is the symbol of new life/re-birth.

        Blimey-starting to sound like Miles🙂

    • Cuntfinder- ‘starting to sound like Miles’?
      Just be grateful that you don’t sound like Cuntstable!

  3. If they really gave a shit about combatting obesity, they’d clamp down on
    Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
    Of course, that won’t happen and we all know why.

    Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are far worse than chocolate.
    Fizzy drinks are worse for your liver than alcohol, unless you’re George Best that is.

    • Nowt wrong with a Easter egg.
      Good for you.

      Kinder surprise are proven to make you lose weight.

      Happy Saint Georges day cunters!🇬🇧

      • I’m going to celebrate this the way George would have wanted.

        I’m going to get smashed out of my mind on hard drugs, eat a banana and then start a fight for my life with the local police.

      • There was an old rumour amongst the civil service, that John Major was hung like a carthorse. He turned that Edwina Currie inside out. She can still tuck her prolapsed cunt innards in her socks, allegedly.

        He had us all fooled with his grey, pea- eating, boring cunt image, the dirty old goat.

      • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Sorry to pull you up on the use of the incorrect flag Mis.

      • I can’t find it on my phone MrScunthorpe !

        So had to use the Union Jack flag.

        It has every flag bar the cross of saint George ☹️

      • Typical of the multicultural loving English to have a foreigner as their patron saint. 😂

    • Good Morning Harold,

      Where I live, in the East Midlands, they are building the biggest drink canning factory you will have ever seen , about half a million square feet, minimum. They have taken some decent farm land to do it.

  4. It’s a bit of a strange one.

    I remember Easter being a big fuss as a kid.
    Rigged out with new clothes, Jesus of Nazareth or something similar being on the telly, finally being allowed to get stuck in to the chocolate Eggs which had been on display in a rather ostentatious way in the front window for the weeks leading up. (Like many council houses on the estate back in the day)

    Now it just seems like it’s being forgotten about or just being deliberately phased out as part of the UK’s dystopian multicultural vision of the future.
    I don’t know.

    As Harold alluded to above – if it was about chocolate and childhood obesity etc then why the fuck are we still bombarded with all the other over priced sweet sugary crap.

    in my opinion – Get the Easter Eggs back out on display (at Easter)
    Fuck the nanny state, fuck worrying about offending the pyjama wearers and get the kids out playing like they used to.

    Good Morning

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if the subtext was to steadily decrease overt signs of our way of life on our steady march towards oblivion by way of a caliphate.

    Alternatively,and most likely,is that the government are control freak cunts using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,after all they could just make a new advert;

    Stop Being Fat Cunts and Go For A Walk.

    Naturally all their laws won’t change fuck all so eventually for our own good higher taxes will be levied on everything nice to eat.

    Tofu will become free.

    Nice cunting CG and good morning.

    • Morning Uncle T.👍

      God id rather starve than have to eat tofu.
      Its bean turds or something?

      Willy Stoker was a veggie and he said it was nice,
      Capt Maggie I think said the same,
      Im not willing to test this.

      Guaranteed they wont be eating the shite in Westminster!
      No tofu for the Whitehall rats
      Steak for them.
      Alfalfa sprouts for us.

      • It clogs you up. I couldn’t shit for about three days.

        Might as well have eaten wallpaper paste.

        Your shit when it finally comes out (days late) fucking stinks the house out too.

        I’m not sure Quorn will be enthused with my proposed advertisement.

      • Soy can cause some mild stomach and intestinal side effects such as constipation, bloating, and nausea. It can also cause allergic reactions involving rash, itching, and breathing problems in some people.

      • Tofu is the Devil’s Diarrhea.

        In protest at such Satanic doings I’m having the Full English.

        Morning MNC.

  6. I agree with the nom. If it was really about childhood obesity, they’d ban sweets and pop. And they’d also ban kids under 16 from owning smartphones. Games consoles and laptops for kids would be designed to automatically shut down for at least 3 hours a day after school, during the night and daytime at weekends.

    And instead of local councils robbing us blind to pay for the council’s pensions and for peaceful housing (10 kids means a big fucking home needs to be paid for by the taxpayer) I have a suggestion.

    Use the money to provide ‘free’ sports facilities for kids. Let kids walk to school. That’ll even keep the fatties and sickly children reasonably fit.

    Over protective parents clog up the roads every day during fucking morning rush hour. Almost every parent nowadays seems to think Ian Brady is hiding in every bush on the route to school. I used to walk to and from school from the age of about 6. No cunt tried to abduct me. Hard as fuck me. Or maybe too ugly for the diddlers? Nah. I was fucking stunning, of course.

    Do these things I suggest, and we might not have so many fat little cunts.

    And yes. No more child benefit. Can’t afford ’em? Don’t ask me to pay for ’em. Peacefuls, pikies and piss takers have 15 kids on the dole for the money, free people carrier (yes, this fucking happens!) and free rent on a £2 million home in London. Stop child benefit and the money can be used to improve the health of the nation.

    And stop cancelling our traditions you cunts!

    • Set me thinking about the walking to school business. When I started school in 1956 shortly before my fifth birthday, my mother walked me there on the first day to show me the way. Afterwards I walked there and back alone. School was about three-quarters of a mile away. When my brother started school two years later I took him there and same with my sister three years further on.
      When our two daughters went to school starting in the early nineties we always took them to and from school in the car. Main difference I think was that whereas my siblings and I automatically attended the nearest school, my wife and I inspected various schools and enrolled our kids in the one we rated most highly and with two cars available travelling was not a consideration. As we neared the time that our eldest would start secondary school we made a conscious decision to move into the catchment of a highly rated grammar school and we moved ninety miles down the country. An estate agent was happy to give us a map of the area and drew a line on said map delineating where we should look for our new home.

  7. Banning Easter eggs seems a bit egg-cessive to me. Seems the government is controlled by anti- obesity egg-stremists.

    • We’ll all be shelling out for it MMCM.

      They’ll be poaching money from the tax payer again like the sugar

      It really is a complete yolk.

      • Yes. The government needs to change tack on this or they will be ordered by voters to scramble.

      • As eggs is eggs, you’ll always get a bunch of cunts cracking jokes about fucking eggs.

        Yolking aside, I sometimes feel my brain is scrambled after reading such tosh. But I guess you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few fucking eggs.

        Cluck off!

      • But you can’t egg-nore the proliferation of recent egg- noms. Clearly eggs are eggs-ercising the imaginations of many cunters. We need to eggs-plore this phenomenon, although it’s a little eggs-hausting.

        Anyhow, that’s enough egg jokes. Admin might eggs-pell me.

        (Eggsterminate! Eggsterminate! – Day Admin)

  8. When I used to live in Brum quite a lot of my BAME work colleagues, either weren’t too fussed about Christmas/Easter, or more often than not celebrate/recognise them both in their own particular way, but without the need to feel offended.

    It was only Birmingham City Council, who felt they needed protecting, and would constantly stick their oar into many Christian activities that they felt might offended minority groups (and this is going back to the early 90s – pre-woke days!)

    And if this really is a “health option” move by the non-gender State rather than a religious move, then why don’t they take a look at kosha/halal food, and how that sees the light of day without seemingly offending anyone!

    • I’ve noticed the mainstream supermarkets promoting eid already, and its chock full of halal meat. Halal should be banned on animal welfare grounds alone (never mind imposing it on an unsuspecting native population due to its not being labelled as such).

      Happy St George’s Day (as in George and the dragon, Patron Saint of England, not the other irrelevance from across the pond). 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  9. They could improve the health of the fat kids if they actually taught PE in schools as a proper subject.

    If a kid is falling behind in Maths or English for instance, then that child would be given extra work and tuition in order to ‘catch up’.

    However, if a kid is turning into a fat little fucker then they get excused from PE to make them feel better about themselves.

    Give them extra PE and after school activities when needed.
    That would sort out the piggy little fucks.

    • Get on the floor and give me 50…then times it by five maggot.

      P.E plus maths.

    • I reckon that take aways are more of a problem than chocolate. Where I live, all you see in the evening are these delivery cunts on bikes going round and round with these big containers on the back to keep all the shite warm. If people are inclined, they can make these dishes at home with less salt, fat, sugar, preservatives or whatever, and minus the packaging. You can probably make three times the quantity at home as well, for what a takeaway costs. I’m not suggesting people should never eat the things, but there must be people who eat nothing else now, judging by the amount of advertising and outlets. When I was at secondary school, we had a lesson called Home Economics where we learnt to cook various things, but also about hygiene and food storage, these lessons have stayed with me all this time, I’m not sure anything like this is taught now and home cooking seems to be a dying art, being replaced by watching some cunt doing it on telly. Occasionally the other half and I have fish and chips from a very good local shop but this costs about £18 each time – how can all these cunts afford to keep eating take away at these prices?

      • And the fuckers who are constantly eating these things are probably the same fuckers who are whinging about not being able to afford to heat their home … !

  10. As someone said above, I think this has nothing to do with not offending effniks. It’s about the government worrying about obesity and throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Easter eggs are only on sale a few weeks of the year. Banning them or pushing them out of sight as if they were fags is a grotesque over- reaction. We should be free to buy Easter eggs if we want and fuck the woke- nanny blob that’s taken over Whitehall.


    • If the government is worried about obesity perhaps they should order the closure of all the bars in the Palace of Westminster!

      Then you have to look at some of the fat cunts in both Houses, especially Mr Blobby Johnson and Priti Awful Patel. Perhaps these cunts should stick to salads and vegan bollocks rather than stuffing their holes at the Taxpayer’s expense.

      • @Terry.

        Is burying your new alternative to The Oven?
        Probably a cheaper option now that heating bills are going through the roof!

      • I don’t think cement is cheap any more Techno. But if you needed a hole filled, I guess you would save £ on ballast.

      • There always loads of gypos around happy to dig and cement in holes, no questions asked, for the odd 20 or 30 thousand pounds.

    • It’s not effniks that are offended by Easter eggs, it’s the lefty white wokes intent on promoting division in society who feign offence on the effniks behalf. They do the same shit stirring thing at Christmas. The effniks are merely pawns in the left’s game. Sadly there are always a few on the right willingly take the bait. Different cheeks of the same flabby arse.

      • Spot on RTC. Right wingers are as prone to being offended on others behalf as the wokies. It’s an easy rallying cry for those that wish to seed anger and hatred to further their own agenda.
        Take the pea dough issue. The despicable behaviour of the predominantly Asian grooming gangs is often used as an example of how ‘effnicks’ are enabled and protected, yet every other week there is a court case resulting in jail time for these people. Hardly enabled. Failures in policing due to fear of being labelled institutionally racist, a generally left wing social services that is not fit for purpose, and the failure of OUR society for allowing these kids to be in that position in the first place.
        Grooming gangs are a relatively modern phenomenon in the U.K., thirty years or so, but they will have to go a long way to beat the Catholic Church for subjecting children to such misery. The abuse that has been committed by this organisation, on even younger children, has been going on for much longer, infinitely more widespread, and protected from prosecution by the leaders of the church by ignoring the scale of the abuse, enabling it by just moving someone who has come to attention to another parish, so they can carry on.
        Don’t forget, no one in their right mind would trust their child’s safety to a bunch of swarthy men from kebab shops and taxi ranks, but priests? This is the Christianity that people bemoan the decline of in our society.
        My final thoughts on this issue are this. The attempts to downplay race and religion as factors of the grooming gangs to prevent racial hatred has only done the opposite, as it gives oxygen to the far rights claims of protection for the perpetrators and will unfortunately lead to a rise in their popularity. 1930s Germany springs to mind.

      • RTC, GJ, I think that between you, you give a detailed and precise explanation of the situation we find ourselves in. Thanks both.
        And GJ, I’m relieved you didn’t carry out your threat to leave us.

      • That logic does not hold water.
        Blaming lefty whites is a cop out.

        Was it lefty whites protesting outside those Yorkshire schools?🤔

      • Catholic scandal, Church beyond reproach (supposedly)

        P*ki Grooming gangs, fear of being called racist. The seeds of this shit was being sown 50 years ago when I lived in the shit hole that is Rochdale.
        The police were fucking useless until they were slapped in the face and kicked up the arse, they fucked up big time and still got away with it
        And still you can’t call it what it is even after hundreds have been rounded up and jailed, There is an issue with Muslim men and in particular P*ki men and if that is racist so what, it’s fucking true
        And if we ever get the inquiry into Bradford there will be even more evidence, not that it’s needed ffs.

      • RTC, we now live in a society where it only needs one person to be offended and everything is turned upside down, the balance no longer exists.

      • My logic doesn’t hold water? Social services are almost exclusively staffed with left wing whites. How often do we hear at the trials of parents who have killed their children that the poor kid was on some at risk register, and had knowingly been living in tangible danger. From baby P to Logan Mwangi this week, the same sorry fucking excuses for inaction and the same mantra of lessons will be learned. How many kids have to die before one of these cunts actually learns a lesson? There are many forms of neglect as there is many forms of outcome from neglect, and if a teenage girl is getting pissed and stoned and fucked by a group of skummy men, then part of the blame that allows this to happen sits with the parents, and social services. That doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the perpetrators, it’s looking at the whole of the problem. A rare approach in today’s world.
        As for people hanging around a school, what has that to do with grooming gangs? What makes me giggle about that is that they were protesting about sexualising children by teaching them about LGBTQ issues, and if Tommy Robinson and his mob were doing it, they would be lionised! Funny old world.
        Talking of Robinson, perhaps it might look less that he was trying to start a race war and more about child protection if he and his merry men protested outside a Catholic Church over their centuries of systematic child abuse, which preyed on the nature of good trustworthy parents. I won’t hold my breath.
        P.S., thank you AB for your kind words, much appreciated.

      • I was replying to Ruff Tuff.

        However, you do seem to have a real bee in your boner about criticism of our failed multi-cultural experiment, which leads me to conclude that like Ruff, either you have family who are non-white or are non-white yourself.

        I base this on your inability to separate FACTS & FEELINGS🤔

      • Wishing to live in a country where we have our values respected is white supremacy?

        Every day is a school day, on IsAC🤔

      • “White supremacist fella”

        Spot on MJB! 😂

        FYI, Cuntfinder, both me and Lady C (she of Indian descent) are 100% opposed to multiculturalism.

        For some reason 🤔 you seem incapable of differentiating skin colour from culture.

      • Not at all-however, more often than not, skin colour and culture are the same thing🤔

      • @ CG
        I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a country where your values are respected.

      • No, you will stay and welcome in all the detritus of humanity, won’t you 😉

      • I’m just a white middle aged, not particularly intelligent short arse, neither proud or ashamed of any of those attributes, all assigned by fate. Thankfully I have enough brain cells to be able to see the wider picture, otherwise I could have ended up a knuckle dragging gammon, poisoned by modern false prophets with their white supremacy bullshit.
        No fan of multiculturalism, it’s way too divisive and ultimately unworkable.
        My sister in law is only half white, but is as British as anyone I know. That makes my nephew only three quarters white, and he’s a bit of an anathema, as he’s twenty, and hard working happy lad, far more worthy than many of the lazy ‘pure bloods’ I see these days.
        I suppose having these people I care deeply for in my family has definitely effected how I see the ethnicity issue, and that’s why I despise cunts like mockney Eichmann Tommy Robinson and his simpleton followers. Because of them, there is a danger of violence against my family members purely based on their misguided prejudice rather than any ideological threat that is a fantasy in their septic minds.

      • “Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.”
        — the late, great Christopher Hitchens

  11. Just another item to fuck aound with. Just like many other ‘essential items’ that get moved about on a regular basis, so custumers see, & therefore buy more stuff.

  12. The only thing that should be banned is putting the fucking things on sale 2 months before Easter, ridiculous.

  13. Is it their shape and cultural connotations that offends?
    I only ask because you can buy untold slabs of chocolate all year round so obesity is available to those who choose it. Add to the aforementioned fizzy pop, how about bargain burgers and pizza, processed foods,tobacco? Its all about saving the nations health right?
    Hmm, where have I heard that before in the last two years…. 🤔.

    • I agree. I don’t see what difference it makes when you can usually buy triple sized Mars Bars the size of dildos and sky scraper sized packs of Dairy Milk any time you want.

  14. Sell off playing fields, cut down PE lessons and a fast food outlet on every corner.
    Yep, politicians sure care about childhood obesity..

  15. Going back a while, but when was in school a fat cunt, was called a fat cunt
    they knew it too but couldn’t stop themselves from over indulging in there obsession with shit. there whole day revolved around the breaks in the schoolyard where they disappeared for a few minutes cause that’s all it took for them to gobble a load of shit.
    Fatties ” kill the pig batter him” William Golding
    and Enid Blyton also had Fatty as the lead character in the Mysteries series (my fav from childhood and better than the famous five)
    so fat cunts is not new but there’s just more of them around than before because its easier to shut the cunts up when you let them stuff their face until they become sick and then that’s your fault.
    never bought into the glandular condition bullshit
    lazy brain parenting ,becomes the fat basterd

  16. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the giant Toblerone bars on prominent display in their local Tesco?

    They have a special sleeve on them proudly emblazoned with Eid mubarak.

    Special offer with club card, £4.

    Obviously only Christian kids are at risk of being glutinous fat cunts. Although evidence to the contrary is found waddling round the shop every time I go in.

    • You should’ve seen the Turkcunt kids in Vienna… A combination of Kaffeehaus-Kultur, and then all the glutinous, sticky Turkcunt pastries that were being provided at home.
      Kids about 3 ft tall, and 6 ft wide, with heads like brick mosks.
      Ugly fat cunts.

    • Little chicks an ducklings (awww)🐤
      Daffodils (kids eat them!)
      Lambing season
      Hot cross buns
      Cadburys easter eggs.

      Easter was never about religion for me as a kid.
      Not a holy roller type family.

      Baby animals and chocolate.
      Still like both.

      • In a single generation (ours), we have gone from a Christian, mostly white, patriotic nation, into a multi ethnic, failed multi-cultural experiment, shithole.

        Respect is at an all time low.
        Entitlement at an all time high.

        The decline in the celebration of traditional British values and the polarisation of our society, are not mutually exclusive🤔

      • Oh we always kept traditional ways in my family,
        A roaring bonfire on Beltane,
        Corn dollies at Imbolc
        Decorating the Oak at midsummer
        Dancing round the maypole
        The wicker man etc

      • I think the Wicker Man is how Fiddler will meet his end when the village finally decides enough is enough.

      • I can just picture you now Miserable, blacking up and prancing around the street with a bunch of fellow homosexualists, hankies aloft, espousing traditional British values. 😀

      • How dare you call my fellow Morris dancers homosexuals!
        We’re nothing of the sort!

        We sir, are good wholesome old fashioned sexual deviants.

        Hey nonny nonny.

  17. Easter Eggs haven’t been banned, that’s’ Guardian click-bait. The article says all confectionery and fatty snacks have to be moved away from eye catching store spaces.

    Pointless really whilst KFC, Pizza joints etc continue to purvey a load of high calorie crap, be that in a cardboard box or on an actual plate. I expect they think it’s a step in the right direction, yet still allow the NHS food pyramid message of base your meals around carbs. Sorry but if you are as overly nourished as The Flabbot, the last thing you need is rice, potatoes, pasta and cereal. Better off with lean grilled protein and green leaves. Nil by mouth would be my advice to her!

    Does anyone actually cook meals from scratch anymore, or do they just get deep fried carbs from Deliveroo and munch on biscuits all day? It’s like we’re in that film, Idiocracy.

    • If the ecoloons get their way food as we know it will disappear from the shops. Instead we’ll just take tablets and fluid packs that will contain all the vitamins and nutrition we need, but without killing animals, plants and other wildlife.

      If you want an Easter Egg, you’ll end up with a eco-friendly festive brown pill that you can either swallow or shove up your arse.

    • Have to say Mrs C, that the idea of eating out of KFC, Burger King etc., wouldn’t enter my head. My culinary skills are minimal to put it politely, but those of my wife are exemplary so yes, I know, I’m a lucky bastard.

    • Well done Cuntologist, your comment could do with a 1000 up arrows. The dopey NHS pricks are living in the 70s/80s frowning on fat whilst championing carbs. I don’t think any of their pen pushing management types have ever heard about the half wit ‘Ancel Keys’ and his dodgy data concerning diet – wankers

  18. Chocolate does not make you fat.

    It’s how much you eat of it and how often.

    There is nothing wrong with giving a kid an Easter egg.
    As long as it is not in addition to the Mars Bars, pizzas, burgers, chips and slabs of chocolate that they eat every fucking day.

    A little bit of chocolate now and then is a treat.
    An average sized Easter egg should be eaten a little at a time over several days.
    That’s what fridges are for.

    But if you allow your already fat kid to stuff themselves with several chocolate eggs during Easter morning then you are not really doing them any favours.

    • Exactly! Karen Carpenter ate dozens of Reese’s cupcakes, pizzas galore and endless plates of spaghetti and she was as thin as… as thin as… Karen Carpenter! She got so thin, she disappeared like David Blaines.

      • Aye-but she had ACME plumbers on a retainer, to keep her u-bend clear😙

  19. Give kids raw liver instead.
    Full of iron and proteins,
    For building healthy muscle,
    And also slimming if they get worms.

    Theyll have hours of fun rubbing their itchy arses on the carpet.

  20. I’m happy with the nanny state as long as I can FUCK the nannies.

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