Sir Keir Starmer [15]

Not content to claim that it’s ‘not right’ to say that ‘only women have a cervix’ (Daily Mail Link 1), this spineless buffoon now can’t bring himself to deny that women can have a penis (Daily Mail Link 2).

To think that this walking, smirking haemorrhoid could be the next prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Fuck me sideways, imagine him and Sleepy Joe on the world stage vs Xi Jinping? If he can’t accept that women don’t have a meat and two veg in their knickers, what other shite is he going to deny? That gravity isn’t real? That 2+2 doesn’t equal 4? It sounds too much like 1984 dystopian bumfoolery.

Labour leaders of old carried about them a certain dignity, campaigning for the rights of working people, forged in the dignity of toil. None after about 1950, obviously, but nevertheless it’s hard to imagine the likes of Clement Attlee or Ramsey MacDonald squirming when asked by the Nick Ferrari of their day whether it’s possible for biological women to have a throbbing ‘pensioner’s leg’ between their thighs.

Of course, this is merely the tip of a very rancid iceberg. I’m sure that most other ‘members’ of our once great parliament will soon morph into lefty, virtue-signalling, fantasists denying biological fact.

Women don’t have cocks, but Labour certainly has a cunt for a leader.

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Well well, another cunt crawling from underneath its stone backing the treasonous statement of Fabian Hamilton. Isn’t it about time that action was taken against these cunts?

Apparently not being able to tell the difference between a man and a woman he now ups his game to this shit.

Has it not occurred to these two that hacking Trident could cause a nuclear launch and all of us going up in a nuclear conflagration?

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  1. Tony Blair should… sorry, SIR Tony Blair, should become Labour Leader again. He’s a great hate figure and anger we have, as a nation, great anger these days and it needs to be focused, laser-like on the top politicians and there’s no one of greater stature of cuntery than Tony Blair. Starmer is… a non-entity as someone said above, he’s hard to hate as he has never done anything except be yet another caretaker manager of the Labour Club. Labour need someone to step up the plate, anyway. Where are the Neil Kinnochs? He was a strong leader, despite his failings, he would have told Bush to go solo in Iraq, I’m sure, who knows. Point is, either get a strong decent leader or get a strong EVIL CUNT, Labour as we are all bored, fed up of the blocks of wood you put up as leaders.

  2. Mangy Angie for me .
    She calls them scum😁
    She cant control her temper
    Is thick as fuck
    And at least shes Northern.
    I can understand her,
    Not some chumley Warner twat like a lot of them.
    Plus I want to see her snap under pressure and stick the nut on some old Etonian.

  3. Labour have had the same problem since Miliband: they only appeal to fringe nutter in Tower Hamlets and Dalston, the student class and a few hotbed of militant Islam and wokeness. The post-brexit youth-quake was just a reaction to the referendum where the tories represented Brexit in the eyes of Marcus and Jacinta. None of the darlings knew or researched Corbyn’s history with the EU.
    Also, Theresa May’s campaign was a turd

  4. Ask Him what a Woman is and see his reaction He doesn’t know 👎
    The Wanker knows what a party is though Change the fucking record move on no one cares it was 2 years ago hypocrite 👎👎

  5. “We need to have a mature debate about this”; The usual bullshit these spineless turds spout when they need to extricate themselves from an awkward question or appear they are trying to show solidarity with some fringe woke radical protest, but in reality couldn’t give a shit, like every other bastard. Suckdick Khaaant is a master of it.

  6. As Starmer where Barry Gardner is he seems to have done a Lord Lucan ?
    Gardner has disappeared since he got found out taking the Chinese cash Labour Hypocrites 👎👎

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