Just Stop Oil (2)

Just Stop Oil, or I’ll zip tie myself to a post!!

Brilliant idea!

As an alternative to the usual oil powered transport, we can simply use our dragons.

That’s after we’ve trained them, of course.


What kind of fucking fantasy world do these certifiable loons live in?

Anyway, did anyone have the same thought I did, when I saw the header in the news report of these fools?

Nominated by Jeezum Priest

66 thoughts on “Just Stop Oil (2)

  1. Morning/afternoon all.

    I’m catching up here and haven’t read any of the comments here yet so apologies if this sentiment has been expressed already, but, I was hoping that Vlad would turn the supply off just for a couple of weeks long enough to give these cunts a rude awakening and show them there is no unicorn fart alternative.

    When they can’t get the avocado for their toast, have rolling blackouts etc they might get the fucking message.

    • I honestly doubt it, it’s clear that most of these protesters are dense as fuck and a lobotomy would be a step up in their understanding of things.

    • Evening/peaceful sleeps, BH.
      What really grinds my gears is they don’t offer any kind of feasible alternative.
      It’s Insulate Britain, as long as it’s free, etc, etc.
      Warm homes, a wood burner that heats water, too.
      Oh, but no, we can’t cut down trees.
      OK, we’ll use windfall wood.
      Now the whole nation has a wood burner, and we’re fighting over fuel, who should have it, where it comes from, how much we pay for it, does this sound familiar?

  2. Seriously what can we do against these utter shit-for-brains twatty scumbag libtard arse wipes ?
    The Plod are under orders to do nothing.
    Same with the judiciary.
    Maybe time to wear a silly mask so the cameras can’t see who you are, and kick them to death. Cnuts

  3. I wouldn’t mind so much if the retards actually offered some feasible alternative to oil, but what’s the comment ” insulation and sustainable energy”
    Fine! Suggest something , you hard of thinking idiots, before we’re reverting to the fucking steam engine and horses pulling carts.
    How are you going to recharge your bloody mobile & what the fuck do you think plastic is made of, acorns?

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