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So Amazon have dropped the BLM fund raising from its charity platform as 60M Dollars is unaccounted for. Anyone see that on the BBC or Sky or ITV ? No and you won’t as it doesn’t fit their agenda

When was the truth dropped from being the most important thing in the news ?

Cunts – on the bright ide, the amount of my money that was swindled from the charity was , err , Zero

BLM and Amazon No Longer Friends.
(Link provided by his Lordship, Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler)

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  1. True journalism is still around but you have to go find it. We live in a world of lies. People seem to want the lies more than the truth. Lies are easier to believe because the truth shows us the ugly side of things.
    Mental illness is a disconnect from reality. People who reject truth must be mentally ill on some level.
    Scary thought.

    • MC@ -True, honest and investigative journalism has been pushed to the edges of the internet and marginalised, ridiculed and demonised.
      Impartial, honest mainstream journalism is dead, and has been for a long time.

  2. The fact not one Corporate Business or single MSM broadcaster has ever called BLM out for what they really are – marxist “useful idiots”, rioters, looters, vandals, thieves, arsonists, terrorists and murderers is telling – how could anyone with an iota of intelligence or a functioning pair of eyes actually believe they were anything else? The MSM has a hive mind mentality endlessly spouting the same bullshit and lies for their corporate and political paymasters and the shadowy puppet masters behind all this. I complain quite regularly to OFCOM about the MSM – OFCOM do the sum total of fuck all and have a snide, arrogant gaslighting attitude – they are a joke.
    The fact the MSM – like corporate business, the police, politicians, the legal system etc (I could go on forever) actively support these fucking rats shows the very dark (no pun intended) agenda behind not just the MSM but those pushing this vile bollocks. (Take a knee Officer Rainbow, but investigate crime? No, not my job).
    BLM have had a over a billion Dollars in funding, but the fact that they have not to my knowledge spent one Penny on feeding, clothing, housing, educating or assisting one black man, Woman or child in need speaks volumes – but Patrice Cullors has a portfolio of rather pricey property and a VERY nice car.
    Black lives matter is a racist statement in itself but this is never called out – but try being Jake Hepple and flying a banner saying “White lives matter” and see what you get. The corporations and MSM know full well what a rabble of vile fucking shit BLM is, but if anyone calls them out for their behaviour the immediate accusation is (drum roll) “racist”.
    I call this what it is – theft by black crooks aided and abetted by rich, guilty white snowflakes and a wholly evil cabal driving a wicked agenda.
    “Television, the drug of the Nation
    Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation”.
    They will keep pushing this evil shit until decent people snap.
    Then it will stop.

    • Sorry Vern, I don’t believe it will stop. The genie has been let out of the bottle in so many areas and, in the longer term, that’s the end of whitey. And not just with whitey’s agreement, but also their help.

      • Moggie@ – Agreed – deeply entrenched, State backed and wholly evil.
        Good to see my local MP arseholed (again) outside parliament calling a member of the public a numpty and telling him to “fuck off”.

    • Eloquently put Vernon, I wish I had your way with words! Needless to say they are all weapons grade cunts!

      • Thought it was funny that you said you don’t have a way with words and your avatar is simply “Ed”. 😄

  3. I hear the three other police officers present when Dezza hurt his knee, have been found guilty of not doing anything to stop St. Chiggun George from croaking. They face 25 years it seems (sentencing due sometime soon).

    I can’t recall all the details, but weren’t at least two of these officers noobies?

    The fact they’re getting their lives ruined is a fucking disgrace. If I were new on the job and in that situation, I’d do fuck all too if told by the experienced officer he was doing the right thing (I definitely recall a noobie rozzer questioning what Dezza was doing.)

    Life for that? Fuck off! Anything to stop the chimp out. More compo coming for Chiggun’s family – despite not giving a fucking shit about him when he was alive. “He made du best banana sandwiches ever. Ah miss mah big bruva George (sniff)”

    Fucking bollocks. I bet he wouldn’t swap his millions in compo for having the useless cunt back!

    None of these officers should see jail. Including poor old Dezza.

    In my opinion, the useless cunt (Floyd) got himself killed by resisting arrest and being off his tits with heart disease, covid and dangerously high blood pressure (a few days earlier at a hospital) of something like 220/140 (a nurse gave this info in court).

    That sort of blood pressure is incredibly dangerous. I believe the first number, if over 180, is considered a medical emergency. The nurse wanted to admit him there and then, but Georgie wanted away to do more drugs.

    Anyway – what a cunt all this shit is.

    Fuck BLM and free Dezza and co.

    • Cuntybollocks@ – George Floyd died of a self administered Fentanyl overdose stopping a heart damaged by decades of drug abuse. There was no damage to his larynx, pharynx, trachea or windpipe and no discernible bruising to the neck. Chauvin followed procedure, and what would have happened had Derek Chauvin stopped restraining him and this violent armed robber with a decades long rap sheet pulled out a pistol and began offing bystanders and the cops? The first rule in any kind of security work is do what you HAVE to do to keep YOU safe.
      And if George Floyd “Couldn’t breathe” how could he speak? – Speech is formed by air from the lungs being exhaled and making the vocal chords in the larynx vibrate – but don’t take my word for it – hold your breath then try and speak without exhaling – it is impossible.
      George Floyd died as a result of his own actions, not those of the Police, and Derek Chauvin was wrongly convicted.
      A political decision, not a correct or lawful one.

  4. No doubt the MunKey’s in charge of the funds will be driving huge S.U.V,s shod with 25” rims, a new set of Gold teeth and matching Chains the size of a ship’s Anchor, the temptation is to much for them and they have no shame in dipping into any charity’s funds, I myself wouldn’t have parted with a penny in the first place, personally I think that the Police involved in the neck kneeling incident went lightly on Old Chokin George, they should have set about him with their boots.!

  5. This is a case in point why no black nation ever in history has prospered (no Umbongos, ancient Egypt wasn’t a black nation. You were never “Kangs”).

    The moment money comes into the equation, you steal it and spunk it on shinny things. No forward planning, just bling bling.


    • Gibb’s me Dat. The National Moto for these types.! I enjoy seeing them Capering about, all Hallelujah style when everything is going their way then the sloped shoulder look, think old man river, when the free cash is denied, they then usually set fire to their nest or beat their young as a protest.!!

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