The G.P.O.

Yes! A real Cunting for this 500 year old or so company, for the way it treated some 1000 + of it’s loyal employees, running sub post offices, after the introduction of the I.T. system called Horizon. Build by the nip firm Fujitsu, it was pretty much right from the start showing signs of cash irregularities, in many branches where it had been installed. But I guess that was at the time deemed “impossible.”

So from a little time after it’s introduction in 1999, previously honest people, who had never ‘dipped the till,’ became thieves literally overnight. What made matters worse was that the Post Office had it’s own ‘police force,’ So it really was a case of judge, jury & executioner. They were not going to listen to anything either that went against the Horizon system. Some postmasters topped up the shortfalls with their own life savings. Custodial sentences were handed out.

Lives ruined & some committed suicide. The Post Office needs to be held accountable for this outrageous scandal, one of the worst in British history. Prison! Yes & that means right from the very top, with the cell keys thrown into an active volcano. I personally have my own reason why I fell very strongly about this. I just want to see justice for those that have been shit on.

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

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  1. “Justice” is a word that has been watered down and appropriated by parasites is it not?
    Justice is an absolute so if you have to place a modifier in front of it like economic, racial, or social then you no longer have any actual justice do you?

  2. tony cunting fat of the land fuck all you cunts blair

    and knighted because satan was such a good boy.


  3. Every single person responsible for this injustice needs to be sentenced to life in prison.

    • One of the biggest cunts overseeing this shit show was Paula Vennells, a former Anglican priest! On her Wiki page is states her occupation as ‘unemployed’ where as you rightly state it should read ‘in prison’. Cunt.

      • Mr Justice Fraser in his judgement on the disgraceful episode –
        “Institutional obstinacy (which)…amounted, in reality, to bare assertions and denials that ignore what has actually occurred, at least so far as the witnesses called before me in the Horizon Issues trial are concerned. It amounts to the 21st century equivalent of maintaining that the earth is flat”.

      • LL@ – Vennells? She was the fker who waterboarded Postman Pat, allegedly..

      • I see the wicked bitch also had involvement with the NHS. Figures.

  4. This was a horrific injustice and innocent peoples lives were ruined. Good cunting.

    What it all adds up to is this –

    Postmaster – “But I’m innocent. I would never steal money.”

    Post Office – “Computer says “no””.


  5. Morning/afternoon all.

    Top cunting this. I remember this story from years back and it seemed obvious that there were system issues. The corporate hierarchy must have known too but instead of admitting their vastly expensive project was not fit for purpose, they knowingly let people rot to save their own skins. Evil. Now multiply that by about a billion and I give you Pfizer.

    PS. I’ve been somewhat absent from ISAC of late. Am checking in periodically but digging the fallout shelter, planting turnips and building a horse drawn cart ready for Brandon’s latest adventure takes up all my time.

  6. These cunts knew the problems. They and their scum lawyers tried to outspend the victims. Jail the cunts, and their fucking lawyers.

  7. One or more people need jailing for this. I wonder if the powers that be can be arsed. Maybe the victims need to get an angle on it if you get my drift.

  8. “well I’m worth a million in prizes,
    With my tortured film
    Drive a G.P.O
    Wear a uniform
    On government loan…”

    Oh its GTO,🙄🤔

    Anyway, Royal mail?

    Theiving gypsy bastards.

  9. My ex wife worked in a PO concession in Spar when this system was introduced. It was only a matter of weeks before everybody, including management, knew it was shit and full of bugs but obody was allowed to say anything. Senior management should be held to account. First of all, use everything tha bastards own to pay back the employees who coughed up their own money, then they can all go to prison for the same length of time the victims did.

    • Some mate of my missus was round squawking and carrying on, she ran a sub post office.

      No smoke without fire I say.

      When she went to our toilet I followed her up.
      Just to make sure like.

      And when she was at our table I said to keep her hands where I could see them.

      My missus bollocked me,
      ‘never been so embarrassed’
      ‘always think bad of people’
      ‘sheila is honest’
      Blah blah blah

      Went quiet when she couldn’t find her engagement ring though.

      • Mnc@ – It’s this kind and forgiving nature of yours which means you keep getting taken advantage of by despicable rogues – I would have machine gunned her before she got her grubby filching claws on the handle of the Country Cream gate – can’t be too careful when dealing with these monsters! 😀

    • Great video Miles. I had an uncle who used to work as a sorter on this kind of mail train. He would go down from Glasgow to London and return the following day. A long gruelling trip. Impossible to imagine nowadays.

      • Perhaps the equivalent of doing a couple of junctions on the M25 in rush hour?

  10. Thanks admin, & an excellent pic. I guess though it will all just go the same way as Boeing, & no one will be personally held accountable. Sigh!

    Thank you, my Lord. – NA.

    • I assume by Boeing you are referring to the 737 MAX death trap debacle?

      It might interest cunters to know that a possible cause of the instability issues is that this aircraft was designed with more consideration for placating the climate mob than the safety of passengers, crew and any unfortunate on its flight path. Still, each one can only carry a few hundred people so it’s just a rounding error that the eco lunacy will ultimately kill by freezing them to death in their homes etc.

      • Yes B.H. A classic case of ” If it aint broken – leave the fucker alone.”

  11. All local post offices closed. Back in the day they were little alladins caves with sweets, postcards, pens, pencils and the like. Nowadays tagged on to a branch of WHSmith and looks like a jumble sale.

    Postmen used to wear a smart uniform and deliver her majesty’s Royal Mail, todayPosties look like scruffy sorts with shorts being worn all year round.

    Missed a delivery…. The collection office is only open between 10 and 11 and 14.00 and 15.00…. so no use to any poor cunt who has to work.

    As for the scandal regards the software. What can you do. In the old days they’d use a ledger book and pencil, but hey a computer equals progress. What’s not to like?

    • LDC@ – Amen to that – WH Smith – the worst “customer service” in the UK.
      Empty shops, massively overstaffed, lousy overpriced products and now with a rathole “Post Office” dumped in the back staffed by slack jawed imbeciles – how the hell do they stay in business?

    • And remember when the wank first introduced ATMs. There were flat denials all round that there could EVER be any mistakes. People never seem to learn.
      My biggest fear re nukes is that some computer system will go doolally, and put one into orbit. There’s actually a good ‘murican film on this. The yanks have to phone Moscow to admit things, and grovel. Moscow’ s reply is “OK, but you must send up a bomber, and nuke one of your own cities.”
      The Americans agree, and, IIRC, the President’s daughter and granddaughter get vaporised.

  12. Several things beyond points already raised both here and more widely stick to high heaven.

    Dozens and dozens of people with no previous criminal records passed through the CPS who prosecuted them all without stopping to wonder why so many suddenly cropped up at the same time.

    At a corporate level and likely at a high level politically many persons knew of the faults but stood by and saw people they knew to be innocent go to jail to protect their own jobs.

    Finally I see the burden for compensating the wretched victims of this gigantic and systemic corruption is the taxpayer.

    No mention of persuing Fujitsu for their complete incompetence.

    Utterly lazy corrupt lying cunts.
    Par for the course.

    • Think the PO had the right to do their own prosecutions, so it wasn’t down to the CPS, for once. As m’noble Lord Scunthorpe said, they really were judge, jury and executioner. Everyone involved should be done for perverting the course of justice and served up with a big lumpy dose of porridge, ideally in some maximum security shithole on Anthrax Island.

      • Yes that’s bang on the nail S.P. On this occasiion the Post Office really were ‘Above The Law!’ That is why they need to be strung out to dry for this!

  13. My Brother worked in Royal Mail management – did a few years as a postie first.
    Royal Mail were a good cash earner for successive Governments, but the greedy, avaricious bastards weren’t satisfied with this – so palms were greased, deals were done and sneaky privatisation by any other name began.
    Royal Mail is now an utter fucking shambles – not the Postmen and Women who do the deliveries, they are absolute stars where I live and will do anything to help and provide good service – a refreshing change.
    But Royal Mail has been broken up into Post Office Counters, Royal Mail and Parcelforce – with the resultant obsession with cost cutting, profits and greed for the vampire shareholders – all at the expense of the end user – the customer.
    Where I live there was a main Post Office in the centre of Town, big place, Royal Mail staff and it was always busy – but the counter staff grafted and did the job right. Then, the place was closed down, sold off, all the staff made redundant and the choice now is to go to a dingy back area of WH Smiths where a fat, thick, snide, bone idle cunt may or may not deign to serve you – queues to the door and a 40 minute wait is not uncommon as three counters are unmanned and the “manager” sits behind glass poking at her phone. Both the the “service” and attitude are APPALLING. (I got the last “manager” sacked after I repeatedly caught the fat lazy bitch wandering around the shop doing nothing but filling her face with chocolate when around 20 angry customers were not being served and the counters were shut in the middle of the day). I do a lot of business online selling specialist items, some of which are high value and this seriously affects my profits – standing like a twat there for half an hour a day does not improve my mood or ability to make a living. Further, there is an epidemic of theft by Royal Mail employees, it used to be you were vetted and signed the Official Secrets Act but now it’s just employ anyone cheap through an agency – thieving is now so routine they no longer bother investigating it but just direct you online to claim for the loss.
    Royal Mail AND Horizon knew as far back as the stress test stage back in 2000ish that the system was fatally flawed but they ran it anyway and just had the attitude of bullying, intimidating and threatening anyone who reported the issues and they deliberately terrorised, harassed and dragged people in front of unaccountable and wholly unlawful kangaroo Courts where the outcome was decided before the victims even walked in. Innocent people – who Royal Mail KNEW were innocent – lost their reputations, jobs, homes, savings, liberty and in some cases even their lives.
    In my unforgiving personal opinion this national scandal should result in life sentences and asset stripping of all involved who KNEW horizon was flawed and still carried on – but they will come out with the usual “lessons have been learned” bullshit and slide out of any accountability.
    They need publicly fucking whipping.

  14. I see the price of stamps has gone up again. Great business minds have decided to compete with everyone’s free email…

    The episode was a national disgrace. Fair play to Private Eye on that, though. They didn’t let go once they’d picked it up.

  15. Lord Scunthorpe-an excellent nom👏
    Perhaps the following tale will lighten your mood:

    I relieved the daughter of one of the “3” most senior Post Office directors, of her virginity, shortly after her 18th birthday.
    She was a strawberry blonde with massive tits and matching “collar & cuffs”😉

    She was an enthusiastic learner👍

    I dumped her shortly afterwards for an older and more “experienced” model😉👍

      • I withdrew my deposit because of of low interest and “splashed out” instead👍

  16. And when we talk about prison, let’s make sure it’s the real chokey; not six months in Ford Open on the shagging ping-pong table…

  17. I believe the incompetent bitch who oversaw this criminal persecution has since become a vicar in the C of E. sorry love you’ve been found out and no amount of virtue signalling is gonna save you from justice.

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