Samuel Brinton

The Sleepy Joe Clown Show just keeps rolling on. A non-binary drag queen called Sam Brinton has just landed the role of ‘Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy’. Phew! Bit of mouthful Sam, and not for the first time either.

Sam’s colourful CV includes pup play, some kind of deviant fetish, I didn’t really want to Google it and lectures on ‘kink’ activism, eh? He is also part of a drag queen troupe who dress as nuns and campaign for alphabet peoples rights. Fuck me, he makes Keith Vaz snorting coke off rent boys arses look almost mundane.

I can see why Joe hired him, I mean someone who looks like they have been Lubboked in the broom cupboard by Philip Schofield for a week is an obvious choice to run the department that is responsible for the nations nuclear weapons programme and its reactors. The hopeless Kamel Toe Harris is the vice president purely on the basis of being a minority woman so why not.

When Donald Trump mentioned “Draining the swamp” back in 2016, I don’t think he expected Sam with his dog collar and cock ring to be the bottom.

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Seconded by: Meat Curtains

I tried to resist the temptation to cunt this freak but alas I can’t.
This is China Joe’s pick to oversee the disposal of nuclear waste.
There is so much cunt here to rant about:

The non-binary bullshit.
The weak ass parents acceptance of “them”.
The Daily Mail using the non binary pronouns to accommodate the cunt.
“Their” same sex “marriage”.
“Their” drag queen lifestlye.
“Their” choice of mustache with lipstick.
“Their” promotion to a no doubt good paying federal job and my tax dollars funding “their” wardrobe of drag.
This being a virtue signaling pick by Joe and nothing else.
The sad attempts at “conversion therapy” (useless).

I think this could well be what led Putin to realize he had nothing to fear from US if he invades whoever he wants.

And how do you trust “them” with this task of waste disposal to someone who doesn’t know that a waste pipe is supposed to be exit only?

Warning: Don’t have any beverage in your mouth when opening the link.

73 thoughts on “Samuel Brinton

  1. It looks like one of the monstery fuckers in The Descent. If I knew this cunt you can bet your life I’d never admit it.

    • if i knew it then it would be a skid mark behind my van thats mashed into the tarmac for a mile up the road

  2. Take this freak on a tour of Sellafield reprocessing plant and through the deviant into the cooking tanks.
    Then oven.
    Nuclear powered, obviously 🤔

  3. Sickening, almost-certain pædos like this cunt should be forced, by law, to have to adhere to brightly-coloured, flamboyant transvestisism whilst outside of their domiciles.
    That way, children could not only see them approaching a playground from a distance, they could easily outpace the degenerate, as he’d be wearing his legally required garish wimmin’s frock with matching high heels, plus it’d make for an entertaining spectacle for the kids’ parents to upload onto Youtube.

  4. The Biden shower lays itself open for blackmail – or would have done in the day when public life demanded at least a degree of circumspection, dignity and decorum. Having a part time whore in the back of a taxi would see you sacked, but now sexual perversion seems to be a “must have” ingredient on the murky steps of power.

    Trust the decrepit Biden to approve this sort of appointment. He and Putin should share a room in the loony bin,

  5. I have little doubt that this will all end in tears, when Mr Fruity tries to shove an intercontinental ballistic missile up his shitpipe for ‘kinks’.

  6. Attention-seeking arsehole.

    Delegate to Unkle Terry for processing.

    Freedom for East Anglia.

      • Unkle Terry? Don’t know. I could offer him the position of Chief of the Imperial Ovens in my new Empire.

        The freak in the nom? Sure we could find a place for him. Under the Norfolk Broads perhaps. Or hanging from the walls of Norwich Castle like Robert Kett.

    • How about getting ‘them’ to break into Tony Martin’s house on a dark night, eh Emperor?

  7. When it’s visible on the surface you have to ponder what is hidden beneath. The reality is these freaks are the Democrats, probably more than the odd deviant among the republicans as well.

    End times prophecy live in front of our eyes in a self fulfilling shit show. But everyone’s scared to call it out for what it is.

    We are fucked!

  8. Congratulations on your new position Sam.
    Unfortunately we’ve taken you off our babysitter list.

    Nothing says serious politician like a bald bloke with a big tash and red frock.

    Savvy appointment by mr Biden.
    Whos at 55% dissaproval ratings in the polls,
    And inflation in the US at a 40yr high.

    Glad to see he’s concentrating on whats important,
    Nutters in dresses.

    Gas chamber.

    • That headline is offensive to slapheads with moustaches, like my good self.
      Although his moustache is pathetic. Mine would put Lord Kitchener’s to shame. It’s a beast!

      • To be honest Thomas I think I could trust you to look after my pet Gerbils when I go on holiday.

        Sam Brinton on the other hand, I wouldn’t let near Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Rabbits or anything else that could be lured up his back passage with tasty sunflower seed treats.

  9. When there is a full press conference with all of Demented Biden’s team, it’s hoing to resemble the worst Pantomime ever performed.

    “Here’s ma noo secretary of Dee-fence, Widow Twankey. And here’s ma noo secretary of Justice, Christopher Biggins…”

    • at this point in the phoney war i’m backing stephen seagal and his B rated clowns

  10. In view of the current madness that has infected the Lands of the the West, the ways we are forced to follow the idiotic narrative as spouted by our “leaders” the only question that is relevant in such circumstances is “can they do the job well enough to justify the responsibilities dumped on them?”. If the answer is yes and their abilities proven by previous employment/education then fine. There may be friction due to their/them/it/deviant character but as long as the jobs a good un colour of them/they/what/it’s lipstick does not really matter. Sign of the times fellow cunters, problem is how many such persons get a nice cushy number because of their odd foibles and a distinct lack of ability.
    To be honest I have never given a flying fuck what a person does as long as the only person they are liable to fuck up is themselves. Have always thought than n@@@@s should be hanged have no truck with any sex crim. That is my line in the sand

  11. I don’t understand this…does it want to be fucked by a man or to fuck a woman?… I know one thing for sure though…it’s a fucking challenging wank at a pre-Bushmills time of the day.

    • He could doubtless take the full forearm of a certain Mr Barrymore with minimal lubrication. Possibly more…Michael would have to further apply some “elbow grease”.

    • Thats why your unlucky in love Dick.
      Fussy, unadventurous and shy.

      Just get in there!

      Pour a bit of aftershave on its head and doubles as a roll-on deodorant.

      That tash tickling your harris as Sammy eats you out
      You bucking as you reach orgasm.

      Be more open-minded.

      • You vile creature….this is a site for serious topical debate…I’d ban all sexual miscreants,windbags, complete raving nutters,the mildly delusional and removal-men….that would leave the way for myself and…..myself….. to discuss matters of great importance in peace.

      • Mnc@ – Sir Fiddler is most discombobulated by this dreadful degeneracy (no – not mine this time!), and has had to be assisted to his antique Chaise Longue with a Fray Bentos pie and some smelling salts shouting “It’s a fucking disgrace”!
        Rumours the Chaise Longue was “acquired” from the Palace of Louis XIV by distant ancestor “Count Henri De Fiddler-Guillotine of le vast Country estate” cannot be confirmed or denied at this point..

  12. Uncle Joe also appointed a tranny as an Assistant Health Secretary. Some ridiculous looking freak who calls himself Rachel Levine. The cunt ought to sort out his own fucking health…….mental elf I mean. You only have to look at him to see he is fucking crazy.
    Or maybe it’s us who are the crazy ones. Perhaps we are living in a parallel universe. Maybe somebody put LSD in the water supply and none of this shit is real. Wake me up before you go go…….

  13. I wonder what the old time Nuclear scientists would think of this woofter:
    J. Robert Oppenheimer
    Sir John Cockcroft
    Sir William Penney
    They could design a particle accelerator in their shed. He doesn’t even know what gender he is never mind the half-life of Plutonium 238.

    • I’m sure I’ve seen this cunt going round Broadmead shopping centre in Bristol. To be honest, it wasn’t the weirdest thing I saw that day.

  14. Stolen elections have consequences, and Americans are being hit with them every day now. HONK HONK, LET’S GO BRANDON!
    There is now overwhelming evidence that Trump was ousted in a communist coup after winning by a record number of votes. Biden was chosen because he is a weak, greedy, senile, morally bankrupt CCP puppet and loves a dirty Dollar more than a clean conscience. Americans loved Trump, and love him or hate him I believe he was (and still is) one of the best Presidents America has ever had – the fascist libtard vermin hate him because he exposes them for what they are – sub human creatures who should be swinging from a noose.
    And for almost 18 months now not one US politician has done a fucking thing to force decertification – they whine online “someone should do something about this – give me your money” whilst never actually doing a fucking thing about it because there is only one real party in America who spend their time counting their dirty Yuan behind closed doors instead of representing the people – 95% of Congress is corrupt to the core and they have fuck all intention of doing a damned thing about this as long as they get their mansions and millions, and as they are pretty much all either complicit in the steal or bribed and blackmailed to look the other way they know that when it is exposed they would be getting life terms and dragged to the gallows.
    I call the “politicians” out online (Marjorie Taylor Greene and Wendy Rogers are repeat offenders) and say “What are YOU doing to decertify the fraudulent election”? And I advise others to do the same, the momentum against them is slowly growing and I keep pushing the point of “who would vote for you when you do nothing about this”? Because the only thing that bothers politicians is the possibility of losing the opportunity to have their fingers in the till, their greedy, slobbering, never satisfied filthy snouts in the trough and their First Class taxpayer funded seat on the worlds biggest gravy train – I genuinely cannot describe my hatred for these bastards, and my lifes work is to bring them down, boot their arses down the road and get decent people in.
    Politicians are fucking vermin, and it is time we dismantled the political system and replaced it with something that works for the people.
    Cromwell knew what needed to be done, we need – wherever we are in the world – to do the same.

    • Foxy@

      Some mad canuck woman said on the news that those Freedom Truckers were neo nazis.
      And them honking their horns,
      Honk honk meant heil Hitler.

      Now I doubt real neo nazis say heil Hitler anymore due to him being dead 80yrs.

      But its captured my imagination.
      I honk honk people now and shout heil Hitler.

      Live imitating art.

      • MNC@ – Agreed – as I go through Leeds City centre stood on the roof of the Krautmobile (claiming business mileage at 45P a mile of course) I get my assistant Eva Busty to lean on the horn as I give Hitler salutes – it’s a top day out! 😀👍
        These fuckers are so easy to read – everything they do they immediately accuse everyone else of, China Joe is hiding (yet again) in his piss soaked mansion in Delaware for the weekend – there is a hundred+ mile long truckers convoy just about to hit DC – the people are seriously pissed off and they mean business but I strongly believe they are walking straight into a J6 type trap.
        I am working with some people in the States to arrange every trucker takes a 2 month holiday, need to get more money in because this is a long time to be without income for people who do not feed off the taxpayer like the leech politicians..
        Three weeks of a truckers embargo and the commie thieves fall.
        It’s time.

  15. One thing I will say is that these virtue signalling prats could end up getting us all nuked.

    If I were Boris my reply would be, “I hope there’s s peaceful solution to the Ukrainian issue, but I’m keeping the fuck out of this one.”

    Instead, they’re all mouthing off and even the pillock footballers are protesting.

    If Putin really is a nutter, I don’t think constantly berating him and his country is a particularly wise thing to do.

    But fuck it, will be fun to see the look on these prats’ faces when the big mushroom cloud rises up in front o them.

    Wave your little banners now, you fucking helmets.

    Btw – I’m not pro Putin, I think he’s a helmet and out of order for the invasion – but why threaten the nutter?

    • CB

      The Premier League and it’s employees doing what they seem to do best of late – pick sides in incredibly toxic politics that is absolutely nothing to do with them whatsoever and antagonise lots of people along the way. They’d really do much better if they just fucked off and stuck to what they’re paid to do – play football.

      The absolute cunts.

  16. This creature must’ve stuck a spent fuel rod up it’s date to appear as it does. As has often been said on this site “kill it with fire before it lays eggs”.

  17. Looks like it emerged from a witch’s cauldron.

    Certainly it needs immediate oven cure.

    • Oh and it’s wonderful to see the Democrat Party leading the free world in outright degeneracy.

      The fucking useless commie cunts.

      • Im bored.
        Should be in the pub and walking in the peaks,
        It being a Sunday and that.

        My missus has the Covid.
        Cant go out☹️

        Admin, we could do with a game on here,

        Cunty roulette
        Or cunters poker
        A oujia board,
        Sweary hangman
        Brexit snakes and ladders
        Tourettes tic tac toe

        What can you give me?

      • Hangman’d be a good idea, MNC.
        I’ll start: this is a dangerous creature who will stab you as soon as look at you if you disrespec’ it.
        I’ve filled in the first and last letter for you:
        N _ _ _ _ R

      • @MNC you no longer have to self isolate with COVID, get her down the pub and share her experience with any cunts in the near vicinity.

  18. The world just keeps on getting dafter and dafter. We are potentially on the verge of a world war and the leader of the free world (leader my arse) is still up there appeasing the tran nies weirdos. Cannot make this shit up. China and the Ruskie Bears must be shitting themselves.

  19. MNC here’s another one for you F–k— B—–D.

    You are welcome. I hope the Mrs is up and giving you a hard time in no time.

  20. A definite qwar with a predilection for young boys. Send the cunt to the front with no gun.

  21. I mean it’s not as if the good ol’ US of A was going down the shitter anyway…

    Keep going Brandon.

    Somedays i think it’s a Chinese plot, but then remember the old saying about sufficient levels of incompetence being mistaken for malice.

  22. Is there a female Brinton, carpet muncher out there?
    Christ, what a freak. Kill it with fire.

  23. They can call themselves whatever they like. I call them what they are…perverts.

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