The Booster Programme (Admin Warning)

An emergency cunting please Admin for the Booster Programme, which is a complete and utter cunt. Sorry, the report in the Telegraph is behind a paywall, but the headline tells it all.

I can barely control my anger at what is going on. 5000 people a month could miss being diagnosed with cancer because GPs are being forced to cancel appointments and concentrate instead on the booster programme. A programme to vaccinate people against a Covid variant which is harmless to virtually everyone.

Is anyone running this shitshow of a government aware that CANCER IS NOT HARMLESS. Get your fucking priorities right, you cunts. What would you rather have, a mild viral infection or cancer?

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Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

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153 thoughts on “The Booster Programme (Admin Warning)

  1. I’ve just survived the bat flu.

    I must be in the most risky bracket.

    84 years old, I’ve been a chain smoker for years and I’ve got a host of other heath problems.

    I’m 6 foot 3 and weigh only 12 stone,- maybe that has helped me? All the pictures of people I see who have succumbed to the bat flu look right fat bloaters.

    It’s left me weak, but I’m gaining strength every day now.

    If it’s not killing the likes of me, who the fuck is it killing?

    It’s not worth worrying about. And bollocks to this booster. I’m not a fucking pin cushion. Nor is anyone else.

  2. Staying a pure blood, have a look at Richplanet website, he’s got some terrifying vaccine investigation results…no one’s putting that shit in me or mine

  3. It’s an absolute disgrace.
    Use the ‘pandemic’ as an excuse to make operation waiting times longer, delay cancer and other critical illness examinations and that when you do find out what you have, it’s too late to do anything. Kill off a large proportion of the elderly and infirm, who are costing the government pensions, benefits, drug and care costs.
    Meanwhile, let in limitless numbers of migrants, untested, unvetted – criminal ? disease ridden ? here to leech everything you can and get jobs under the counter and pay no tax.
    And let’s take the opportunity to give all our Eaton & Harrow chums contracts for useless government schemes. Lets waste as many £ Billions as possible building a crappy railway that’ll not even run half the length of Britain, so ‘me and my chums working in London’ can get there 1/2 hr faster.
    All aboard the SS Titanic 2 – full speed ahead toward the Icebergs. All us important people have lifeboats and lifejackets. Bad luck for all you plebs ….

      • That doesn’t make it any better Dio. The way we have handled this pandemic has been completely wrong throughout.

      • @OC

        It’s been handled wrong for the plebs that’s for sure.
        Not for the cunts who have been busy lining their pockets.
        They’ve played an absolute blinder so far.

        Onwards with the perpetual booster programs, the fake climate blackmail agenda, the gradual hoovering up and removal of cash from circulation we go then.

        Progress 🤔
        No thanks.

  4. Government Vaccine Project Medical Analysis:

    1st Vaccine: Negative Results [Adverse effects]
    2nd: Vaccine: Negative Results [Adverse effects]
    3rd: Booster Negative Results [Adverse effects].
    Prognosis 4th or Yearly Vaccine: Negative Results [Adverse effects].

    Social Engineering/Pyschological Manipulation: Positive Results.

    Vaccine Financial Returns: Excellent.

    Conclusion: Continue with Population Experiment, with increased social risk factors for greater effect, ridicule or restrict all contrary information.

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