The Booster Programme (Admin Warning)

An emergency cunting please Admin for the Booster Programme, which is a complete and utter cunt. Sorry, the report in the Telegraph is behind a paywall, but the headline tells it all.

I can barely control my anger at what is going on. 5000 people a month could miss being diagnosed with cancer because GPs are being forced to cancel appointments and concentrate instead on the booster programme. A programme to vaccinate people against a Covid variant which is harmless to virtually everyone.

Is anyone running this shitshow of a government aware that CANCER IS NOT HARMLESS. Get your fucking priorities right, you cunts. What would you rather have, a mild viral infection or cancer?

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Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

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  1. Are the Israelis having a 4th round?
    Where they lead other countries seem to follow.
    Vaccination every 3 months?
    If so expect nowt from your GP til next summer earliest.
    As for Omicron Delta etc my personal experience has been that’s it’s very much like a strong dose of flu and it took 3 weeks to see it off and my sense of taste to return.
    So my refreshments are again enjoyable.
    Thank fuck.

    • “As we enter the autumn of 2071, Prime Minister Wilf Johnson urges the country to prepare for a 104th wave of COVID and reminds the public to sign up for their booster brain implants”.

      • “…for their booster brain implants”

        By then they’ll probably come in the form of a downloadable cerebral ‘BIOS update’ akin to a ‘computer patch’. USB socket behind the earlobe.

    • Tobias Ellwood, Blue Green Red MP, and also Lieutenant Colonel reservist in the UK military’s ‘information warfare’ 77th Brigade (aka propaganda and psy-ops), was on talkradio yesterday:

      – “Again you avoid mandatory jabs by making sure gov has programme to say let’s consider the 4th jab, the 5th jab”.
      – “I’m afraid it’s likely to last a couple more [years]”
      – “You avoid the mandatory jabs by getting jabbed” LOL.


      – Blames the unvaccinated.
      – Setting the stage for ‘save the economy’ by getting jabbed.

      You have to ask yourself wtf is going on in the military/establishment. He’s not coming to these conclusions on his own that’s for sure.

      Last year:

      “Vaccinate the children” eh? WHY.

      Suspicious fucking cunt. Very suspicious.

    • The Israelis are embracing the ‘season of goodwill’ and distributing the vaccine to the Palestinians …… administered via 120mm artillery shells to ensure even coverage

  2. Can I just say that I should have ended that nomination with ‘a mild viral infection or cancer going undiagnosed’.

  3. I was under the impression, given by the msm, that the streets were piled high with bodies, all victims of covid

    • 9 people died with it not off it yesterday in a population of 70 million, there where 9000 people in U.K. hospitals with a positive test( probably some knocked down by fucking electric cars) and we have 1229 U.K. hospitals so that’s approx 15 people per Hospital taking into account some will not take covidians as they are hip and knee replacement places. Fuck contrick 1984 and their unregulated experimental medical experiments.

  4. Iv had two vaccines. I’m not having a booster. My wife is unvaccinated. We have both had omicron, which involved being tired for three days for me and seven for her, plus she had a bit of a sore throat. This bollox is well and truly over. Fuck the booster.

    • I really don’t know what to say about that. A con ? A swindle? Dishonest? But there again, why am I so surprised.? In a real story of yesterday, a 14 year old boy will now die because of 1) A cancelled MRI 2) cancelled treatment appointments.. Surgical Neuro Unit cancelling appointments. All of these due to FRAUD.

      Makes my piss boil. If lives were not at stake I could make a smart comment……but what do you say when kids ( and others ) are left dying because of a Global Con. That link was an eye opener

  5. I don’t get why other medical appointments cancer for instance need to be cancelled at all.
    A fucking chimp can administer a booster jab.
    Problem solved get your boosters down the coop, other shops available, given by any Cunt. And let the hospital get on with outstanding appointments

  6. A conservative estimate of an additional 30’000 plus undiagnosed cancers, treatable and curative-if caught early enough, missed in the last 12 months.
    Factor in other diagnosable and treatable conditions-heart disease, diabetes etc, etc, etc.

    All to inject experimental therapeutics into teenagers, children and non-vulnerable young adults.
    (I recently discovered that the next door neighbour of a family member has gone blind, due to the fucking Vakzine☹️).

    Boris and co, practising the Johnson family endorsed programme of “Eugenics”.

    The fucking CUNTS!

      • They say laughter is the best medicine. Tell that to my Auntie who didn’t receive chemo and has been given 2 months to live…

        ©️Peter Kay👍

      • Sorry to hear about your mother, but it sounds she was previously fit and healthy so they caught it too late.
        Not all patients get chemo. It depends on many factors but I can understand why you might feel this way.

      • Wotcha Dio👍

        I am not now and never have been an anti vaxxer.
        I would never presume to have the authority to direct people’s choices.
        I am however, adamant (go on Mis-make a comment about Prince Charming😉) that it should be down to personal choice.
        The government are likely to start knocking on unvaccinated people’s doors in the new year-seriously-to try and persuade (coerce) people☹️

        Ruff hits the nail squarely, with his comments below 👍

    • I’m not sure laughter is really the best sentiment here SOI. I know you’re joking about the possibility of another Covid flame war, but still, time and place.

      • That was referring to the general Punch and Judy behaviour of certain cunters on the Covid thread. Not something as serious as cancer patients dying due to having treatments delayed.

      • Covid is Punch and Judy, tell that to the ones on ventilators.

        You know full well my ‘joke’ was like the beryl (or whatever the fuck she was called) when told there was another election, you knew that but still couldn’t resist having a pop, it’s your style init!

    • That was referring to the general Punch and Judy behaviour of certain cunters on the Covid thread. Not something as serious as cancer patients dying due to having treatments delayed.

  7. As a triple jabbed cunter I am in full agreement with this cunting.

    The booster should be freely available to anyone who needs it or wants it. End of.

    But Government coercion of those who neither need it nor want it is an abomination and an appalling waste of NHS resources. With this mild variant of the virus, herd immunity is surely the only rational way forward?

    Only yesterday my missus received a text from the NHS stating in block capitals: GET BOOSTED NOW. Ffs, she had her booster over a month ago! Thank fuck I don’t have a mobile phone.

    • Im having my booster tomorrow morning.
      I cant wait!!
      Better than sex.

      Or at least how l do it😀

      • If you have it in your left arm Mis it makes you gay, my neighbour told me so I insisted ‘In the left, in the left’ , anytime now and I will be on the phone to Fat Reg for a ride on his nice shiny private plane. 😉

      • You won’t be disappointed Mr Sick. I got taken for a dicky-back ride in Elon Musk’s spaceship!

    • I received a letter urging me to get my booster the other week. I only had my second dose last month.

      • 👍 Not the first time we’ve been in harmony over something, hopefully not the last either.

    • Same here. I’m triple jabbed but this new variant is not fucking dangerous it seems. This is also why I think we should start putting to bed that figures are being ‘made up to control us’ and such bollocks. If that was the plan, they’d be saying this new variant is cancer with a coating of ebola and the aids. But they’re not. They are saying it seems to be fuck all. Well, early figures suggest it’s far less dangerous than normal flu anyway. Of course, there are some who have a covid fear and want to lock everyone and everything down even if the new variant is fuck all. Fuck them.

      Even though our government is a cunt, I think the figures are as accurate and honest as they can be though. Medical science cunts are fucking autistic when it comes to numbers in my experience. It’s got to be as spot on as possible.

      So if you’re saying the figures are all lies, then this means you need to ignore the figures saying this new variant isn’t dangerous. My opinion is get the delta jobbie and others and you’ll probably be fine, but there is a bit of a chance you’ll snuff it. That’s why I’m got vaccinated. I know there is a possibility I can still catch it, but the odds of snuffing it are dramatically reduced by getting it. Get this new variant though and even the unvaccinated should be fine in almost every case it seems. Despite this huge increase in cases, hospitals (according to today’s media) are not seeing an increase in admissions. Assumption? This new variant isn’t dangerous.

      I honestly don’t know though how exactly mutations work and perhaps the worry is it’ll mutate into something more sinister at some point, I don’t know. But we can’t carry on running from this shite forever. You’ve got about 25% of the world’s population who will refuse the vaccine. We’re pissing in the wind so let’s just get on with things. Open everything, but I’d still like some caution/testing for the rona when around the vulnerable (care homes/ICU wards etc).

      But there is no way that important doctor appointments should be being missed. Especially for shite like checking for the big bad c.

      • Considering it’s so mild now let’s stop testing people on masse and just get back to work . You might as well test everyone for the common cold and make them stay at home if they have it

      • My wife was told incorrectly by her own practice manager to isolate 10 days from when the (second) positive PCR test result was returned, after the first one came back invalid, but not from the positive lateral flow test taken 5 days prior.

        What a fucking pickle.

      • Paul, advise your fine lady, that a fresh Vitamin B6 mouthwash, taken three times daily, is recommended 😉

      • Dio – “Appointments are due to staff shortages due to covid not diversion of resources…”

        I’m noticing the term they’re using has altered subtley; from “…blah blah absences due to CoVid…” to “…CoVid RELATED absences.” So staff absence is not due to their being actually infective or even sick with CoVid but due to the ‘pingdemic’ effect or vaccine injury, inability to provide a negative test for all the use that is, sprained ankles from all these fat fucking nurses trying to dance, that sort of thing.

      • Scaremongering and advice are also two entirely different things.

        As is telling people what to do.

    • I agree RTC, anyone who hasn’t had the message by now isn’t worth worrying about, all the talk is about Omicron but it seems to have been forgotten that the booster program started when Delta was circulating at a fairly high level and is allegedly more dangerous, has it gone away, the numbers per day are double what they were a month ago but how many are still Delta.

      Omicron has the limelight but Delta is lurking in the shadows 🤨

      • Cunts who haven’t been vaccinated or have not booked a booster by now have clearly chosen not to. Ignorance of the existence of Covid or of the vaccination programme can no longer be an excuse. They have decided to take their chances, fine.

        The virus (Delta or Moronic) is no longer a serious threat to the fully vaccinated. But the destruction of the economy, the withholding of other life saving treatments and the nation’s mental health is a serious threat to everyone. It is simply not acceptable to continue with this madness for the sake of a small minority of vaccine hesitants and a handful of anti-vaxxer loons.

      • Spot on RTC.

        I agree it’s time to open up and get on with life now. Get the jabs and you ‘should’ be perfectly fine. Think it’s all Bill Gates nanobots? Enjoy your (possible) death.

      • Racist! What about the ‘hard to reach communities’

        Nothing new before new year, the booster must be at around 33/34 million by now and if the stats are to be believed there are 1 in 35 in England with Covid (1 in 15 in Londonistan).
        I think that must just about cover everything, nothing is closed at the moment, masks in shops and transport, ditch the silly Covid pass and carry on as normal.

        The reminders come from the message to all, I doubt that will change, I think I have had two or three since my booster but don’t take up resources.

      • Fuck the “hard to reach communities”. The NHS, Government and local authorities have all bent over backwards to inform those ignorant cunts.

      • Delta is down to about 5% of all cases in the UK. It’s being replaced and should be completely gone from here within a couple of weeks. It’s now extinct in Southern Africa.

    • I also got the same text a day ago and was also given the full pfizer dose, not a booster, about 6 weeks ago, as I am a special clincally vulnerable cunt.

      • Not sure if anyone will read this as come back to read this thread fully but just as an aside to the booster/full Pfizer dose above ALL boosters are a full Pfizer dose even for over 15’s that are vulnerable. Also we only have Pfizer too. No Johnson or Moderna or anything they are even saying If you had Astra zeneca for your last jab apparently Pfizer booster gives you better immunity.

      • My neighbour’s first two jabs were Pfizer, his booster was Moderna.

        My first two were AZ. Pfizer booster.

  8. The ghost of Josef Mengelè smiles with glee, who’d have thought sticking experimental injections in young people would be praised nearly 80 years later, I remember the performing seal style clapping everyone was doing for the NHS, I didn’t, I felt like the man in that famous image refusing to do a Nážî salute!

    • Me too Captain Q👍
      If you want to thank the nurses, who have bourne the brunt, send em flowers.

    • I hardly think the mad, off the cuff, let’s cut of this poor Jews head and see what happens could be scientifically compared to 100 years of influenza reasearch but Im not an expert so I will leave my mind open.

      However, I find it disturbing that many people compare what is happening now to nazi experiments! That’s where you lose me!

      If this is how far the government have come in their control of the people then we are already fucked!!!!!

      The earth is flat, 5G caused it, Elvis isn’t dead and aids was due to a dude that fucked a monkey! Pass me a rattle so I can sit in the corner and play with my own shot! Coo coo, coo coo!

    • I hardly think the mad, off the cuff, let’s cut of this poor Jews head and see what happens could be scientifically compared to 100 years of influenza reasearch but Im not an expert so I will leave my mind open.

      However, I find it disturbing that many people compare what is happening now to nazi experiments! That’s where you lose me!

      If this is how far the government have come in their control of the people then we are already fucked!!!!!

      The earth is flat, 5G caused it, Elvis isn’t dead and aids was due to a dude that fucked a monkey! Pass me a rattle so I can sit in the corner and play with my own shit!Coo coo, coo coo!

      • The Holocaust medical experiments, led by Dr Joseph Mengles, led directly to the Nuremberg Code.

        One of the most important articles of that code, was the international agreement, that no Human should ever, under any circumstances, be subjected to any medical procedure, AGAINST THEIR WILL.

        That is THE connection here.

        You have not been charged for this information 👍

  9. Totally agree Ruff.
    Most of us are well aware now that whatever is going around is like a mild Flu or quite often less.
    The MSM are the culprits with their 24. / 7 scaremongering along with SAGE who should be investigated in a public enquiry because of the social and economic damage they have caused.
    instead of rewarding cunts such as whitty with Knighthoods FFS.

    • I saw Dame Chris Whitty in “The Lady Vanishes” the other night. Great film.
      On my way home to Wales over next 8 days, crapola tests left, right and centre, but at least in Berlin it’s only €14.90. Of course, on my return to Wales, Amazon (supposedly cheat at £35) is now sold out, ot £64-. Funny, that.

      • ” …Berlin it’s only €14.90. … now sold out, ot £64″

        What the fuck??? I thought they were free??? Y’ waltz into the chemist, say “I’m shitting my knickers over getting a cold so gimme one o’ them Twateral Flaw Tests”, thy hand it over and you fuck off and test youself? Is that not how it works? I haven’t a clue ’cause I’ve not entertained a single part of this wankery from the day it started.
        So how much is the average goober shelling out per week on this pointless fucking landfill? Are some cunts doing them twice a day?? Fuck me you could be getting rinsed for £100 a week!

  10. As we approach the third year of this situation one would hope that a more considered attitude from HMG and the media would have emerged by now.

  11. My wife is a GP and is unaware of this directive. That aside, it makes no sense whatsoever. GPs aren’t there to administer vaccines/boosters for Covid 19; it would be a fucking gross waste of resources. My wife’s patients aren’t being cancelled from her list so she can focus her concentration on this booster programme.

    I smell MSM hyperbole/shitstirring. This is the Maily Telegraph, after all. A paper that is no more than a broadsheet version of our favourite budgerigar cage liner and all round cunt-wipe rag, the Daily Fail. Looking at the comments sections, readers go on about these highly paid GPs who do fuck all. Utter fucking fiction.

    Please folks, do not blindly swallow the shit printed in newspapers. Use your own nose/experiences.

    • Paul, you are bang on here. My local surgery weren’t even offering vaccinations via the resident nurse, I got my flu jab from the pharmacy, same with my booster and the two original jabs.

    • PM@ – A well made point. Newspapers are yesterdays propaganda, tonights TV and tomorrows birdcage liner.

    • “Please folks, do not blindly swallow the shit printed in newspapers. Use your own nose/experiences.”

      I’ll tell you my experience Paul – took the lad to the doc’s a few months back. GP (usually in slacks and blouse) appears in the waiting room in fucking scrubs! overshoes, blue placcy apron, masked up and rocking one o’ them welder’s masks. Starts quizzing me about why we’re not diapered. “Because I have a specific medical conditioin; a functioning cortex!” I then give her a condensed 60 seconds of supplementary info… dead air space, inhalation of fibres, damp mask being a very efficient collector for bacteria, hypoxia/hypercapnia, utterly ineffective as was demonstrated in the winter as they blasted exhaled frosty air around the diaper AND through it… etc etc…and therefore we will not be wearing one!… her answer…

      “Yes… but we have a poli…”

      “Woah; what was that first word again? you said ‘yes’ implying agreement so there is no point advancing onto ‘policy’ and policy is just that, by definition it can’t be taken as patient specific medical advice. Now about my lad’s thumb?”

      “…?… come on through.”

      She didn’t even get out of the starting blocks, whether our surgery is prioritising the spiking of its patients I don’t know but just the sight of her swathed in PPE when she knows damn well it’s medically pointless and can therefore only be for purely theatrical and intimidatory effect is shaming of general practice.

      (p.s. – this by the way is the same GP who for 18 months and despite my pleadings, studiously ignored my Wife’s gathering and ultimately catastrophic psychosis.)

  12. I’m currently fashioning a rather dashing Top Hat out of Bacofoil…I’m hoping that in a world where the Socialist Axis of Evil have killed off all the vaccine Sheeple with endless jabs, that my natty topper will enable me to stand out in a World where the only survivors are Piers Corbyn style anti-vaxxers wearing bog-standard titfers who woke up and smelled the coffee before the nanobots were injected into them.

    I shall be a very debonair King of the Nutters.

    • DF@ – Excellent form Sir – I have the BMX covered in Bacofoil – nothing cheap for me!
      A badger lining on the inside blocks the Z rays..

    • Well the tinfoil topper will certainly cut a dash but it’s a flawed design, the Zarkons have have long worked out how to penetrate both toppers and stovepipe titfers. I did experiment with a tinfoil bowler and two knitting needles with some sucess but I’ll stick with the classic, laboratory proven, ‘Pikelhaub’ design.

  13. We’ve just been hearing at work how instead of self certifying at work for any sickness under seven days, this has now been temporarily changed to 28 days. Brought in until the end of Jan to free up GPs to give boosters.
    So just in case we don’t have enough of a problem with staff isolating until their test result comes back if they have any symptoms whatsoever, once the lazy bastards catch wind of this they’ll be off for a month with nobody to fool with their fibs. The world’s gone maaaaad.

    • BS@ – Despite now 3 FOI requests the NHS and PHE have refused to provide the information pertaining to how many frontline NHS staff are/were “currently on furlough”.
      A subsequent review (at my request) has found the actions of both bodies to be “negligent and dishonest” (direct quote) and it is now in the process of going to Court as they refused point blank to provide either me or the review body the information.
      Apologies for my crude language but I consider both parties (NHS and PHE) to be devious, lying bastards.

      • Top work Vernon… keep punching!

        “Apologies for my crude language but I consider both parties (NHS and PHE) to be devious, lying bastards.”

        I would advance your “consideration” to the status of “absolute undying and undiluted conviction that” they are devious lying bastards. I have a whole drawer of my filing cabinet stuffed with the evidence of that FACT!
        I am by no means niaive to the ways and wiles of state entities but even I was genuinely shocked by the blatant duplicity, mutual inter-dept arse covering, spite, and ineptitude I experienced at the hands of the NHS both staff and management.

        As soon as I smelt the rat and started asking ‘awkward’ questions… bang… the shutters came down, I was transformed into the villain of the piece, a ‘vexatious’ party, a physical threat to staff!!! My rights as her Husband counted for nothing as MH staff actively reinforced her psychotic fears and bingo… it dawned on them that I was now a single white Father with two kids so obviously a danger to them… it was time to call in the bunko squad…. Children’s ‘Services’… if it was bad then it was about to turn really fucking nasty.

        …and the catalogue of their collusive attempts to extract our boys into the care system occupies the next drawer down.

        ‘Fraid all trust in either Soc Servs and the NHS have long departed the field. They are issuing reputational cheques they have no hope of honouring now.

  14. Of course the wealthy in the Home Counties will be largely unaffected-more surgeries and many can afford to and do, go private.

    Levelling up,
    Get-to-FUCK! ©️Jack the Cunter

  15. Which ever way you look at it, it’s a cull of the indigenous species, and a replacement by third world scum, cheap labour, init bro,
    You will own nothing and be happy

  16. My daughter is working today. She was also working yesterday. She’s a radiotherapist. The only slowdown in treatment has been due to staff shortages due to Covid.

    GPS are not being pulled off seeing patients because they are doing booster jabs. My local surgery administered jabs 1 and 2 earlier in the year. They are not involved in current vaccine administration, booster or otherwise. This is being done at vaccination centres.

    The reason you can’t get a doctor’s appointment is due to staff shortage, again due to Covid.

    So this post is factually incorrect and as to the current variant being harmless, the 8500 people in hospital may disagree especially, I suspect, the ones on ventilators in Intensive Care beds.

    The MSM is often guilty of blowing up, the story and offering columnists opinions as fact, but let’s not join in with inaccurate posts like this eh?…

    • Dio, my wife had Covid before Christmas and had to isolate, but it didn’t prevent her working as a GP from home, conducting telephone appointments. Her list was significantly extended for the day, too, to compensate for the non face to face appointments.

      The MSM is simply toilet in the 21st Century. Populist columnist opinions. I no longer take any newspaper – all of them are as shit as the next one, no matter if you are a red and love the Morning Star or a Conservative into the Mail and Telegraph.

      Even the Times is guilty of trashy work. I do wish people on here wouldn’t believe everything they read in the shitrags.

    • It’s not harmless, but it’s a lot less severe than the other variants we have seen so far. As indicated by the extremely low death figures.

      • When and ONLY when a comprehensive breakdown report on the SARS Covid19 virus deaths, separating those who died within 28 days of contracting Covid19, from all morbidities and those who have died exclusively OF Covid19, is published, can your question be answered, Dio.

      • Even with the vaccination program the death rate is still significantly lower compared with Alpha and Delta.

    • The booster is not only being administered at vaccination centres. My GP surgery is also administering it, but only to its own registered patients.

      • I remember back in the early days when the very first letter came through and it said something like either book through the NHS system or wait for your GP to contact you.
        It’s good that I booked through the national system because I would have still be waiting for my GP to contact me now 😂

      • I recently switched to a different GP surgery. The previous one (which I’d been with for over 50 years) was hopeless – not only did it not offer the first two vaccinations or the booster, it was also impossible gain access to, communication was only possible via telephone, and that was next to fucking useless as you had to be prepared to hang on for over an hour just to speak to a receptionist.

        My current surgery I can gain physical access at any time during surgery hours and have even had the privilege of a face to face consultation with a doctor!

      • “…and have even had the privilege of a face to face consultation with a doctor!”

        That’s actually a very condemnatory and depressing statement Ruffs; that one should celebrate the fact that in the 21st cent, in the U.K., one of the top 10 of the world’s economies, you managed to … see your doctor!

  17. A booster of the same juice you’ve had twice already which doesn’t vaccinate, and they’re saying only provides protection for 10 weeks.

    Spring 4th booster..
    Autumn 5th booster..

    And still we hear nothing about herd immunity or just tips for improving your health and immunity. It’s almost.. as if.. this is a pharmaceutical racket and extortion scheme.

    Jab. Jab. Jab. Jab. Jab. Jab.

    • Anyone remember three jabs and 2, 3, 4 booster jabs for smallpox, polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella etc?
      No? That’s because they WORKED – the ten to twenty year development and research periods saw to that. Anti vaccination? No. Anti experimental medication forced upon us? YES.
      You need to take a “vaccine” that does not vaccinate every few months to protect the health of people who have been “vaccinated”, because the “vaccines” don’t work and a “booster” that does not work to protect people who have had “vaccines” and “boosters” which did not work for a cold and a man made Wuhan bioweapon.
      And people consider this sane?
      I fucking give up.
      The “Government”, SAGE and the NHS are in my opinion either criminally negligent or criminal full stop – power mad psychopaths who need stopping.
      Empty hospitals, people dying of treatable conditions as NHS staff do TikTok dance routines in empty wards, a nearly two year campaign of lies, propaganda and fear porn.
      “Governments” have found a way of controlling people through fear and they will never stop now.
      And any clown coming to my door trying to “persuade me” to take something I would rather die than have will get one polite warning to leave, if they do not we will have a problem.
      But for those willing to take the risk I am confident the 27th booster allowing you to go from your front door to your gate upon production to the vaccine police of a valid covid yellow star will be “just the ticket”.

      • Really though this is the first time medical science has confronted a pandemic.
        With drugs I mean.

        Millions died of the Spanish Flu because they had no vaccine. I mean they put quaranteen measures but that is all they had.
        Measles, mumps etc…have been around since the year dot havent they? They are/were not ‘new’ is my point.
        We are trying to do simething new. Live with a Pandemic. That’s never been tried before. Medical science had been examining mumps, measles for years I would imagine.
        They could ‘study’ Over time. Over years.
        The oddness of the present situation is medical science has been rushed to prevent a world wide pandemic with many many deaths. It is wrestling with how to combat a NEW virus with a vaccine. In that sense it is experimental. It has advanced to the stage where we can be given ‘boosters’ which will give us an increased protection. Its not like measles or the mumps. Its new. This is just how the thing has developed.

      • You mentioned polio Vern, children being most at risk so get the vaccine early in a number of doses, there is a theory that this also has an effect on Covid so could explain why kids aren’t effected by Covid, it’s just a theory.

      • I’m very glad i didn’t stand on my doorstep banging a pot with a spoon like some cunt from Planet of the Apes.

        Shoving old people into care homes and killing the residents off, putting DNR notices on the beds of Downs syndrome and autistic people who caught Covid. How very laudable.

  18. It’s clear to me that this whole shit show is not about Covid at all. There are other things like massive profits, control/obedience, population control, etc. in play.
    None of what they tell us has turned out to be true.
    Lie to me once I’m suspicious of you from then on.
    Lie to me all the time and I don’t believe a fucking thing you say.
    I would like to kick Anthony Fauci’s face in.

    • I will hold your coat mate👍
      Fauci-along with Pelosi (the real fucking president) are surely Cunts of the year.
      Fauci-who knowingly bankrolled gain of function R&D at home and in China👎

      • In Fauci’s own words,

        “I became immersed in the intellectual rigour of a Jesuit education. Importantly, certain tenets of the Jesuit tradition have sustained me throughout my life and career. Two of these, precision of thought and economy of expression, inform how I think, how I write, how I communicate with the public everyday.. especially during the present unsettling times.”

        The Vatican silently conquered the west through its educational institutions. Fauci is a great example of how effective their system is.

      • CG@ – And the “gain of function” research paid for by, amongst others, Fauci, Bill Gates and Barack Obama created the bat flu crossover to create another human cold virus.
        The more sinister bit is what they are calling “covid19” which from what I can see was created artificially from a Manmade genome sequence – the REAL killer.

  19. Perpetual booster jabs equal happy pharmaceutical companies.

    A vaccine that doesn’t stop you getting the virus and doesn’t stop you passing it on.

    I’ve got a bridge in London for sale if anyone is interested?

    • “I’ve got a bridge in London for sale if anyone is interested?”….I am. Can you deliver?

    • It dramatically reduces your chances of becoming seriously ill or dying though. And of passing it on.

      • The data would suggest otherwise Vern. Whether the vaccine itself is safe enough to be worth it though is another argument entirely, and one we simply don’t know the answer to yet.

      • RTC@ – Apologies, couldn’t post on your lower comment – if the “vaccine” worked it would vaccinate – it really is as simple as that.
        It does not vaccinate, does not prevent transmission and does not prevent reinfection so cannot be called or described as a vaccine. “But it lessens the symptoms” they say – so does Lemsip, and that ain’t a vaccine.
        Even the fact that people and organisations are trying to change the definition of “vaccine” is telling.
        And I always put faith in the opinion of Spike Milligan – he’s nearly as mental as me! 😀

      • Lemsip, taken orally to relieve symptoms of cold and flu, it ain’t a vaccine.
        The ‘vaccines’ do not relieve symptoms, are completely useless if you have already contracted Covid.

        The cries of ‘I have got Covid, can I have the vaccine’ are answered by no but you can have a lemsip.
        Anyway Lemsip is made by the evil pharma boys, the bastards will get their money any which way they can 😂

  20. If it’s any worth I work overtime doing the admin side of the vaccination at the hospital I work at. Some of the nurses who administer the vaccine and who were “ pro vaccine wear masks all the time “ are starting to come around to the notion it might all be a bit suspect.
    I’ve been a pain in the butt for a few months now showing them stats and stuff going against the msm narrative and was always given THE SCIENCE the day of “I told you so” is coming soon and it will sweeter than a virgins pussy.

  21. Am just waiting for Blowjob Boris to threaten mandatory jabs on pain of fines or even imprisonment, especially if we have more covid variants over the next few months and years.

    Other countries have already done so, but I doubt if Boris would have the balls to do the same here in England. But the guy is so unpredictable and easily swayed by the science-that-suits-the-narrative, who the fuck knows what to expect!

  22. I’m recovering from Convid at this very moment.

    Felt really quite rough for a good couple of days and even as a skeptic of this whole racket – I don’t mind admitting it.
    Totally on the mend now though.

    I knew as an unvaccinated forty something that I was going to have to come face to face with this at some point.
    This in my experience is more akin to a heavy cold and is certainly a million miles short of the flu I had in 2018.
    I always had faith in the now seemingly unfashionable human immune system to see me through and not half a dozen injections.

    Unvaccinated I am and unvaccinated I’ll be staying.

    To think that people are dying because they can’t get treatment for a multitude of more serious ailments because of this bullshit is a colossal crime against humanity.

    We have been and are continuing to be lied to by some seriously fucked up, greedy and power hungry cunts in very high places.

    Top cunting and Good afternoon 👍👍

    • Glad to hear you are sticking to your common sense principles 👍

      I had Covid 19 right at the very beginning of this (UK) shitshow.
      At that point, no testing was available-I self isolated in a wing of my house for a week. In bed for a week.

      I also had Swine Flu years ago-which necessitated medical intervention.

      The latter (swine flu) was incomparably worse.

      This was never “just about a virus”.

  23. Said it before but a refresher.

    If you want to have the vaccine that’s perfectly fine and I will fight for your right to do so.

    The guy who developed mRNA tech has said he regards the vaccines using this tech as undertested and potentially dangerous.

    The man who invented the PCR test has publicly stated they are not fit for testing for a virus.

    If you want to comfort yourselves with the line safe and effective let’s meet back here in 5 years and see what’s what.

    Already the world is seeing a sharp rise in heart attacks, it’s a mystery apparently……

    Freedom requires people the option to make informed choices and the information on Covid vaccines is certainly no where near enough for me to make an informed choice.

    • Freedom has been the biggest casualty in all of this by far. Post 9/11 we saw the rapid acceleration of surveillance state infrastructure and laws were never rescinded after the emergency passed. Covid will be the same.

      Freedom to choose, and freedom to have all the information presented and discussed properly.. two things we have been denied. The gov-press relationship has been a fucking disgrace throughout.

      Highly recommend Dodsworth’s recent book, ‘A State of Fear’. Like 9/11 and WMDs, the public has been deceived by obfuscation, omission, and outright lies.

      I hope the public are awake enough now to head off what will be coming next. Mandatory jabs and scapegoating of the unjabbed.

    • SV@ – I think it is also telling that the former VP and chief scientist of Pfizer (Dr Michael Yeadon) has stated that the “vaccines” are unsafe and has challenged all who allege this is “fake news” to a televised debate so he can present his evidence and vice versa.
      No takers.

  24. As a matter of interest, does anyone know of the Government using a covert chemical spray on some of the population ( uk ) in the 50,s

    Q from pal who remembers this, but I can’t find evidence.

    • Someone says Independant 2015 carried a story on this when it was released that thousands of people were gassed as they slept.

      Government cunts

    • Both the UK and US govs have conducted tests with chemical and biological agents on their own citizens. These are only the ones we know about too – the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program revealed the shenanigans they were up to, imagine what we don’t yet know and with tech we don’t know exists e.g. EMF, microwave, nanotech, etc

      Tons of Zinc cadmium sulphide was dropped from planes in the UK:

  25. Apparently there’s a shortage of lateral flow tests. Good, that means we can look forward to the number of Covid positive cases dropping dramatically. Now stop testing healthy people and the statistics will be down to the low hundreds in no time.

    • 100,000+ daily cases.

      You’d think we’d be stepping over bodies in the streets with gargantuan numbers like that.

      The testing regime has been a scam from day 0. Positive test within 28 days of death counting as a covid death, people going in to hospital and testing positive there, false positives, shoddy test lab conditions.

      100,000+ cases but virtually no deaths highlights just how fucking loopy it all is and how statistics (with a dash of fear) can paint a completely false picture.

      • 100,000 positive tests… 90,000 of whom probably don’t even feel under the weather…

  26. I’ve had a booster just because i’m in the group of cripples that ‘need’ it, but looking at the govt’s own data the numbers don’t look worse than the winter flu.

    Out of 8240 in hospital in recent days only 407 have Omicron and daily deaths are 20-30.

    The SAGE weirdoes and Boris’s cronies are afraid to give up their authority and the attention they get, and the media can keep feeling useful by informing the public about a deadly cold virus.

    For the majority it’s over. Lift all restrictions now and stop trying to sell a vaccine to people who don’t want and will never need it.

    Remember when we were told masks were no use, then when the NHS had enough brought in from Turkey, suddenly they’re essential.

    What a load of old shit.

    • Spot on – there are too many cunts (Big Pharma and the Chinese by default) with a vested interest in keeping this gravy train on the rails. But they’re increasingly running out of track. The Civil Service, teachers, Government ministers, local authorities, the Public Sector in general, all benefitting (in their delusional minds) from not having to turn up at work.

      They’ll have another think coming when the private sector is brought to its knees and the Government runs out of other people’s money to pay for these feckless cunts.

      • “…and the Government runs out of other people’s money to pay for these feckless cunts.”

        It already has Ruffs… a long time ago.

    • “… are afraid to give up their authority and the attention they get, and the media can keep feeling useful…”

      Nicely nutshelled C.P.

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