Shaun Murphy – Snooker Loser

(Fat cunt loser on the left; amateur winner on right)

Here is my cue (see what I did there?) to get my extension rod on, the better to cunt the Mr. Blobby of the snooker world, Shaun Murphy. Long past his best, he was beaten last night by an amateur, and he was very angry about it. “It’s not fair, it’s not right”, whinging like that, to my mind, means that he should replace Starmer as leader of the Labour party:

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“Amateurs shouldn’t be playing in professional matches” he says loftily – well it is not very “professional” to whinge like Claudia Webbe when you lose.

Murphy waddles round the table, looking like an 18th century nobleman who has forgotten his powdered wig, his jowls wobbling like Gordon Brown’s during a seizure, usually to no avail, As a punishment I think he ought to be made to appear at his next match, wearing a pair of AnalEase Dodd’s used drawers over his head – he will be able to see out through the fly hole. That’ll learn him.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

(Talking of snooker; am surprised the Woke haven’t come out said this is a racist game with the white supremacist ball potting (killing) BAME balls – Day Admin)

And then there’s this from Duke of Cuntshire

Shaun Murphy

This cry baby has thrown his toys out of the pram after being knocked out of a snooker tournament by some amateur Chinese bloke.

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He doesn’t think that amateur players should be allowed to threaten his money earning potential citing, “He played like a man who does not have a care in the world because he does not have a care in the world. It is not fair, it is not right,”

You mean he actually played to win by playing exciting and unconventional shots?
Shove your cue up your arse sideways you fat fuck.

72 thoughts on “Shaun Murphy – Snooker Loser

  1. ‘It’s not fair’.
    What’s not fair? That he was good enough to beat you Mr Blobby?
    What a fucking crybaby.

    • Exactly.
      He played against him and lost.
      I’m sure he’s trying to insinuate that he was under more pressure as a professional playing against an amateur but the fact remains – he should be good enough to beat a fucking amateur.

  2. Fat knobend. Even the woke pussies of the Premier League have to hold their hands up when the victim of giant killing in the FA Cup by teams made up of plumbers, builders and the like. What makes this princess so special?

  3. Shauns a right mardarse.
    Jacky chan beat you fair an square.
    Looks a bit like Ian Blackford doesn’t he?
    Shaun, not Hong Kong phooey next to him.
    Lose with grace.
    Be a man.
    Shake his hand.

    Then put your cue over his head when his backs turned.

  4. Shaun Murphy looks like a man with a peanut allergy who has just eaten a Snickers bar.

    He is a fat, political cunt.
    The president of the Professional Players Association I believe.

    At least being fat he looks jolly.

    Unlike the majority of snooker players who still manage to look as miserable as fuck while earning huge amounts of money for playing a parlour game.

    Bring back Bill Worbenek (sp), the fat, chain smoking alcoholic.
    Or Kurt Stephens, the coke head.
    At least they had personality.

    Jimmy White looks like a dosser.

  5. I must admit to being a huge fan of Snooker.
    I would argue that snooker is possibly the finest televised sport – especially the world championship fortnight.

    It also appears to have survived the recent woke/cancel culture/ knee bending onslaught and is also refreshingly bereft of darkies playing the eternal fucking victim.
    Which is nice.

    However, I cast my mind back a number of years and the beeb were doing one of their usual “get to know the players” type shitty mid session interval gimmick filler things with Hazel Irvine and when it came to Shaun Murphy, he confessed that his number one hobby was ironing. Fucking ironing! What a knob!

    Safe to say he’s not exactly Jimmy “The Whirlwind” White when it comes to excitement but will admit to being quite surprised at what appears to be a petulant outburst.
    If you can’t beat a rank outsider mate then tough shit is how I see it.

    • Ironing??
      That’s an activity for blokes on the other bus.
      He should’ve said shagging, wanking, watching porn, drinking, farting, or watching the Villa if he wanted to look like a real man.

      (shagging, wanking, watching porn, drinking and farting fair enough; but don’t traumatise the sad loser any further with having to watch the Villa – Day Admin)

  6. Here is a memorable commentary from that Hebrew, pixie eared, tub of lard Joe Johnson……..

    “He has a choice of reds here, he can hold for the black or the pink. The blue is also available but he might play for one of the baulk colours”

    Useless cunt!

    (Terry Griffiths must go down as one of the most boring snooker commentators ever to be given a microphone. What a tedious, droning, narcoleptic-inducing fucking voice! – Day Admin)

    • John Virgo?


      Silly cunt.
      He looks like a mental patient now.

    • I think it was “whispering” Ted Lowe who once quipped when a player was having to stretch excessively over the table to reach a shot – “Fred Davis is knocking on a bit and is having trouble getting his leg over”

  7. What a silly cunt and what a shite excuse.

    The other lad may be an amateur, but I bet he’d love to be a professional. It’s not easy to just ‘become’ professional. You need to win a lot of shit at amateur level. Then, if you are deemed good enough for a place among the pros, you need to get a sponsor or two, to help you with hotel fees, flights and other shite you need to fork out for. Players need this help I’m particular when they’re new professionals without the million or so in prize money in the bank.

    He can’t just ‘choose’ to be a pro or not.

    The amateur would’ve probably been under more pressure than Murphy if he’s desperate to turn pro (and I bet he is).

    And Murphy has won over £4 million in prize money. He shouldn’t be worrying about money anyway, unless he’s a fucking idiot and has spunked it all.

  8. Don’t worry Shaun. If the snooker money dries up, you could earn a few bob doing Harry Secombe impersonations.

    • Oh and this snooker fellow is obviously a cunt.

      Funny how he only became concerned about amateurs in pro tournaments after he’d been beaten..

  9. Although snooker is a funny (as in weird) sport in some ways.

    That Steven Lee has pretty much been ruined for match fixing I think. Lifetime ban, isn’t it? Others (notably John Higgins) have been done for the same, but been allowed back.

    Lots of double standards like that.

    • CB
      Very true mate.

      They threw the book at Stephen Lee.
      Can’t remember the length of the ban but it was very hefty.
      Something like 10 or 15 years maybe.

      I think maybe Quentin Hann the Aussie player received a lifetime ban.

      John Higgins by comparison walked away with something like a 6 month ban for pretty much agreeing to throw frames.

      (if I remember correctly)

  10. Got beat Shaun?
    Get back up, wipe the blood off your nose, crack on and stop fucking whining.
    It’s called “being a Man”.

      • MNC@ – You may be waiting a while – fatty Murphy the Blackford impersonator is working in a Chinese laundry for the next 6 months to pay off his bet to Judi Dench – “you sclub undapants or you in wok fatboy”!

      • Heehee 😀
        Fiendishly clever those orientals Foxy .
        And aggressive!
        Never buy chips off them.

        “SORE FINGER??!”
        No thanks.

  11. I never thought I’d say this, but fair play to the Chinese lad. Beat the fat fucker fair and square. This kind of bleating for special treatment reminds me of Oscar Pistorious throwing his dolly out of the pram when he lost to someone using the same kind of running blades that he did. This was shortly before he terminally ventilated his girlfirend using a grossly excessive amount of dum-dum rounds. Shaun is obviously a sociopathically entitled cunt who should be kept away from firearms. Somoebody should be keeping an eye on the disgruntled pie addict, make sure he doesn’t do anything untoward.

  12. Do snookerists put the knee in before matches? If not they are raaaaycist.

    • @Twenty
      The players are far too busy repeatedly sending the black home and deep screwing to worry very much about racism.

      If they’re unlucky they might end up kissing a few balls

  13. Amazing to think that there are even a couple of wimminz snooker referees.
    Normally this would be a bad thing, but at least these Dorises seem to know what they’re doing.
    Plus they bend over the table to replace balls.

  14. Murphy doesn’t realise that he has made an arsehole of himself (fuck him) and made a name for what’s Wong ere
    I myself have played snooker in my misspent youth for years and i still love the hurricane, cunt and all he was
    He beat you , so be Man enough Murphy and congratulate (you fucking idiot)

  15. Snooker. The indoor equivalent of cycling. Played by cunts, for cunts I suspect. Though I’d quite like to get that female ref bent over the green top, the brunette lass.

    Anyone have Bob Dole in the Pool? Another one gawn.

  16. Murphy is a fat, petulant cunt.

    I love snooker, me. Hate bad losers.

    World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association should ban him for life.

  17. Fat hobbity cunt he may be, but he’s nowhere near as much of a cunt as Peter Ebdon or Selby, his modern equivalent.

    • Absolutely. Ebdon is a right woke bellend. If he’s ever interviewed all he goes on about is being a vegan.

      Although that time he yelled ‘YyyyyeeSS!’ in an opponent’s face when he won was very funny.

    • Ebdon was entertaining.

      Shouldn’t have been though.

      Purposely slow, and just a big wind-up merchant.

      He wasn’t the best snooker player, so he resorted to frustrating the opponent.

      Eddie Charlton and Cliff Thorburn were probably slower than Ebdon.

      • Ebdon is a massive cunt and has taken his veganism to a new level.

        Apparently he will only eat uncooked vegetables and only fruit that has fallen from trees, nothing picked.

        Probably why he looks so ill and his hair is falling out.

        It’s called extreme veganism…. Allegedly.

      • Ebdon sounds a complete cunt now.

        I didn’t know he had got into this radical form of veganism.

        Always looked like he had AIDS to me.

        Pot my brown boys. Ooohhh!

  18. Big Bill Werbeniuk.
    6 pints of lager before a match and one every frame thereafter.
    And he would thrash this modern crybaby.
    Dull corporate cunt.

  19. The British don’t like bad losers, that’s for Yanks, Frenchies and other foreign bastards.
    Judging by his name this porky cunt must be some kind of Paddy. That would explain his cry baby hissy fit.

    • Paddies have fuck all to do with crybabies Freddie
      when beaten in a rugby match, we applaud the winning team to the dressing room and like wise the winners applaude the losing team first from the field of play
      instilled from youth so F off with paddy cry baby

    • just beat the kiwis a few weeks ago in the rugby CG
      Not many will
      ok , i know its just one sport and it has changed dramatically with players you can represent your Country with (foreigners)
      We did however have some classic rugby games with the rose over the years

    • And Freddie that was me being a stereotype, paddy, mick ,hissy fit prick but fuck it, live life and be free

  20. How I miss the days of Pot Black (obviously a racist hurty term these days), and the likes of Fred Davies, Ray “Dracula” Reardon, Nutjob Higgins, Bill “6 Pints” Weberwhatever, John “slightly sinister” Spencer, Cliff “The Grinder” Thorburn, Eddie Charlton and Willie Thorne.

    Professional players through and through, and just amazing to watch.

    • I used to love Pot-Black techno.
      The players used to have personalities and the banter was entertaining.

      Like most things, ruined by modern thinking…

  21. I didn’t now this when I wrote the nomination, but Fatarse Murphy is also a fucking hypocrite. It seema couple of years ago he entered a profession GOLF championship – er, as ….an AMATEUR:

    Fatarse has been redeemed by the bBC as he has been “commentating” for the past few days, wearing more make-up than Anthony Blair on election day

  22. Speaking of black balls. Anyone see today’s Mail on Lammy as Mastermind?
    Maybe he could take up a career on snooker. The outcome would be fucking good entertainment value !

  23. There’s nothing worse than bad sportsmen moaning like twats, looks like tubs will have join the other whiney cunts, Hammlecunt, that tosser who got silver for boxing at the olympics(can’t remember the worthless cunts name) Casey Stoner and loads more like him.
    Have some dignity, practice more and when you lose its character building…

  24. Says loads about a man when hes a bad loser.
    No shame in being beat fair and square.
    Plenty of shame in acting up like Veruca Salt, spoilt & mard.

    The admiration of a boxer whos fought hard, lost,
    And then shakes the winners hand springs to mind.

    It seems like more a modern occurrence?
    Acting hysterical an petulant in sport.

    Its unmanly.
    And embarrassing.

      • True Mecuntry.
        They dont do team, to much ego.
        They dont represent the club, the county, the country.
        Its all about them.
        Theyre superstars!
        Legends in their own lunchtime.
        (Dinnertime for northerners)

        This type dont like to share a podium,
        Or applause.
        And think they deserve a medal for shaking the drips from their tallywhacker.

    • That Dark-Key Cunt Deontay Wilder, refusing to shake Fury’s hand, after being spanked for the 3rd time.
      Typical of a “no-class” cunt.

      • Spoilt CG.
        Its not good for them.
        Since being freed from chains and allowed to put pants on theyve gotten uppity.
        Under that woolly nut is a simple mind,
        And its been told its a champion.
        So acts like one!
        Till it goes tits up.
        Then its screeching from the curtain rail and throwing its shite.
        Cant handle losing.

        Deontay did himself a huge disfavour.
        Acted like a twat.
        No class

      • Not just the men either. Serena Williams threw a shit fit when losing the U.S Open a few years ago, abused the umpire who seemed reluctant to tell her to fuck off and stop acting up. Totally overshadowed the game and the Chinese player who won as everyone was talking about her meltdown.

      • Remember that well LL.
        Williams reminded us that she’s a colossal cunt, but she didn’t really need to . Well knew that already.

      • Williams.
        No class.
        No class.
        No class.
        No class.

        Need I point out a link🧐

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