Driving in Spain is now a Pain

British citizens living in Spain were always permitted to drive here with their UK driving licences. That was confirmed by the EU logo printed on the licences.

After Brexit it was known that eventually British citizens would have to swap their UK licences for Spanish ones. But there was no indication of when that might be.

Those of us that could find the time and could deal with the huge amount of Spanish paperwork needed did so, but with the bureaucracy here it is was not a process to be taken lightly.

Spain has been appealing to Britain for a deal to ensure that the British residents in Spain can continue to drive indefinitely. Of course the Spanish wanted a deal done straight away. But the ‘oven ready’ package put forward by the shambolic Johnson was not quite as oven ready as it should have been.

The Spanish government gave Britain a deadline of October to get the situation resolved. But there was still no deal in place. So the Spanish extended the deadline until the end of December.

Again there has been absolutely nothing put forward by the British government.

In frustration half of all the Tráfico centres here are no longer processing applications from the British to change their licenses. And from January 1st all residents of Spain that hold a UK driving licence will have to take both parts of the Spanish driving test.
The practical test will only be taken in the Spanish language.

Somehow Norway, Switzerland and Russia have deals in place that mean that despite not being part of the EU their citizens can drive legally without the need to take another driving test.

Britain can’t quite put a deal together for this simplistic thing.

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Nominated by: The Artful Cunter

98 thoughts on “Driving in Spain is now a Pain

  1. You have my sympathies-no excuses for this.
    Our civil service, like our government: not fit for purpose.

    • Regrettable but not surprising. HMG under the ‘leadershIp’ of Boris the Jellyfish couldn’t find its own arse with both hands.

  2. Oven Ready BRINO huh!

    Having to abide by foreign laws is a big part of it all – even in the U.K. we still have to abide by laws made in Brussels.

    Johnson is a fake conservative cunt!

  3. As with all “foreign places” the only time it is acceptable to visit Spain is with a Lee Enfield, a pith helmet and an English phrasebook – no need for a “Spanish phrasebook” – speak a fucking proper language Pedro!
    And Johnson needs horse whipping.

    • And a wardrobe from ‘Daktari’ a punk a wallah and plenty of Gin. Failing that, just don’t go.

    • Foxy, you must accommodate the locals! Shout in English but add O to the end of each word . If the ignorant buggers don’t understand you, simply shout louder. Rocket science it ain’t!

      • GG@ – “Dago! Is that your galleono sinkingo? Who am I O? Francis fkin Drako, that’s who – o – now get on your donkeyo and fk offo”!
        And just like that I can speak Spanish! Genius me..

  4. Taking a Spanish driving test can’t be that difficult, can it? Just remember to drive on the wrong side of the road and you’ll be fine.
    As for the practical test being in the Spanish language, well it is fucking Spain, after all. Sorry AC, but British people who choose to live in Spain should learn the lingo.

    • And it’s not exactly difficult to learn to speak Spanish.

      It’s just English with ‘o’ on the end of every word. Every cunt knows this. And if you’ll need to drive like the typical Spaniard to pass their test, you need to be eating a raw onion in one hand, a phone in the other, a brick on the accelerator and have random ‘siestas’ while on the motorway at 120 mph, or ‘motorwayo’ as the locals call it. You’ll also need to forget where the brake pedal is, and have a donkey in the rear seat, ready to be taken to the nearest church tower to be thrown off the roof.

      You’re welcome.

    • It’s very simple. It’s English with an O at the end of each word. Either that or an A . Can’t remember. Damned froggy them Spanish. Can’t trust the bastards, a bit like the Welsh.

    • It’s very simple. It’s English with an O at the end of each word. Either that or an A . Can’t remember. Damned froggy them Spanish. Can’t trust the bastards, a bit like the Welsh.

  5. 6 years and still coughing up 12 billion a year to the EU, no sign of leaving and the worlds most ardent remoaner as “Prime Minister”.
    I could strangle the fucking lot of them.

      • EC@ – Until the UK leaves the EU we are contractually bound to keep paying them – the net figure we pay works out at 12 billion annually, but we get the occasional blue plaque or sign on a roundabout – cracking value.
        As well as the 39 billion Traitor May agreed to pay the pensions of the EU negotiators and leaders.
        No word as yet on the return of the billions owed by EU member states whose citizens have received free NHS treatment, and no word on the billions of assets and money we have contributed to The European Central Bank.

  6. A British person living in a foreign country is an immigrant to said country.
    In MY book that makes him a cunt. Just like when foreigners come here.

    • If you live in a foreign Country make an effort to speak the language, obey the laws and respect the people, customs. traditions and culture – or don’t live there.
      Unfortunately nobody mentioned that to our “foreign guests” in the UK.

      • Quite so, Big Vern.

        I don’t think I’m a cunt just because I choose to live in the US. I’m a cunt for other reasons, but not for that one.

      • Evening IY,

        Does your English charm and witty repertoire cut much ice with Texas plod if you are pulled over?

      • Greetings LL.

        Hope you had a great Christmas. Texas plod? Hmmm…well, in 20 years I’ve been pulled over for speeding in Texas 3 times and got a ticket twice. So the English charm is running at a 33% success rate. In Minnesota, I got pulled over once and got a ticket. So 0% success rate there. Minnesota is full of cunts though. However, I did get a funny story out of it….

        It was late, about 9:50PM and I needed to get to the pharmacy before they closed at 10PM (no, I didn’t need rubber johnnies). I was at some lights and as soon as they changed, I floored it. I was driving a 2008 VW R32 at the time with a nice grunty V6. Plod wasn’t impressed. Issued me a ticket. Cunt. In Yankland, you can either take it on the chin, pay the fine, get the penalty points and move on. Or you can go to the court date, plea your case and see if you can get off with a defensive driving course which wipes out the ticket. You can only do that once within a 12 month period. So that’s what I did.

        In court, the judge asked me why I was speeding. I told him I was trying to get to a pharmacy before they closed. He said, “Did you make it in time?” And I replied, “No. I was pulled over for speeding!”. It must have been the way I said it because he pissed himself. So did everyone else too. I can’t remember if I had to do the defensive driving course, but he did reduce my fine. A judge with a sense of humour. Who knew?

        Vroom vroom.

  7. Not sure what this is about, it does seem a bit OTT to make qualified drivers take a practical test, just do what foreign cunts do over here, no licence, tax or insurance 😂

  8. Perhaps the foreign wagon-drivers, burka -wearers and pissed-up Poles could be asked to take a British driving test…and speak English.

  9. Those crazy spics hey, demanding that people who live in their country obey their rules and laws…..stupidity.

    I just wish we would enforce similar laws here for all the trash that arrive on our shores.

    • I always thought that “gimme!” was more than the average illegal needs to know in this country.

  10. Mucho patetico . Spanish piece of cake, as said already
    All schools of kids worldwide in the West, should be taught Latin at an early stage
    It will ensure an easy passage to foreign language understanding

  11. Let’s face it, how many of us would have voted remain if we had known how spectacularly the U.K. government would fuck the deal up, and how fucking petty the EU would respond.
    What we have gained is fuck all to what we have lost, and the internal disgust between remainers and leavers which has poisoned our population and caused great division for what?

      • Not sure if this change is as a result of Brexit, RTC – but you used to be able to renew your UK passport in the US via a British consulate office in Washington. Not anymore. Now you have to send your old passport plus related paperwork back to the UK. Hardly more convenient or efficient. Need to start that process myself soon. They say it takes 2 to 3 weeks, but I call bullshit on that. I’m applying 6 months before expiration because I know it’ll take them at least 4 months to find their arse with both hands.

      • Greetings IY, I’ve done it twice in the last four years, once for myself and once for one of my kids. I have to say I was nervous about it but in both cases it was seamless and we had the new passport back in 2 weeks.

        Given the shit show that is the British civil service, this was nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.

  12. I live in a very rural part of Spain but still a fair few Brits here. Most of us have now got the correct documents and residency to live here legally but i do get pissed off with the ones still driving brit reg cars that they have had for years. You are supposed to change them over to Spanish plates within 6 months if you live here. They never go back to the UK, so fuck knows how they are legal. No mot, tax and the insurance would not be valid. And these cunts are normally the ones who can’t be bothered to learn the language. Yes we are immigrants but on the whole most work or are retired and I know of no spongers on the state and since Brexit, it is very difficult to get residency. there will always be a few bad eggs but speaking personally, we don’t suffer with the problems you have in the UK. Crime is very low, rare to see a non white where I live apart from olive picking season, cost of living is cheap and it hardly ever rains.

  13. Can’t you just get a Spanish to take the test for you?
    After all its common practice for our excellent carpet riders to take each others tests just as suits.
    Anyhow,good luck with it.I suspect no tests will ever be available as all the driving staff will be asleep.

    • A compromise would be an interpreter to translate the oral exam
      Quanto Questa the fuck?
      It is then you will receive your shiny new license

  14. I thought Spaniards all drove donkeys?
    Or “burros’.
    The greasy chip pan heads will take a bribe,
    Just drive till el policio pull you,
    Give him a fiver
    And drive off.

    • MNC@ – Our kid had a business in Spain – every time he was out in his car the local police would pull him for some BS or other, a 50 Euro “process fee” as they called it or he spent an afternoon at the local police station having his “documents examined”.
      Every Spaniard who went in his shop was a thief – it got to the point he was losing more stock than he was selling – one of my other Brothers was in Ibiza on a stag do with his former Army mates – he nipped over to Spain with his entire unit to teach these greasy felons “the error of their ways”.. 😀👍☠

      • All foreigners are lazy and corrupt Foxy.
        Thought everyone knew this?

        You have to be willing to adopt local customs when abroad.
        Fall asleep at work
        Piss In the street
        Cruelty to animals
        Wear grubby white vests
        And leer at underage girls.

        Im not quite sure how a race of lisping perfume wearing donkey fondlers like the Spanish were ever a threat to England.
        But we gave them quick redress under that incorrigible Francis Drake.

      • Bowls Miserable bowls he was playing when he was told of the first sightings of the Spanish Armada.
        What was it? He would finish his game of bowls first before he did anything. What composure! What calmness of mind Miserable.
        In the face of an Invasion.
        He certainly was an English hero.

      • Evening Miles,
        He most certainly was.
        A Elizabethan James Bond.

        Yes, he had to finish his bowl movement before dealing with the Spanish.

        Probably how he got his nerves under control.

  15. So, taking a Spanish practical driving test in Spain will require some command of the Spanish language??

    Oh what a bunch of cunts the Spanish are.

      • SMS@ – Outrageous indeed – who do these Putas and Maricons think they are?
        Shifty bleedin foreigners..

    • Talking of “German Cunt”, I had some proper fucking quality Germsn muff, in my youth😋😍

      • I nearly did in Christo Porto and then some Jhadi looking cunt stole her so I just got on the pills in some local Spanish bar and then got bummed by Emmanuel. Brought a tear to my eye. Good night though.

  16. Can’t get my head round this cunting. Go live in Spain and blame the British government because you have to live with Spanish laws and people speaking Spanish?

    Then blame the British government because it’s not like Blighty?

    We all want cunts coming to live here to learn English and leave their ‘culture’ at home. Trying to avoid hypocrisy I’d think it’s reasonable to be expected to blend in wherever I decided immigrate too if I ever decided that was an option.

    Boris is a useless cunt and the government is fucking hopeless but ex pats are the last people in the world that should be moaning about it!

    • Quite right.

      Spain is a foreign country full of foreigners and you choose to live there. Get a Dago license cunts, you’ve only had five and a half years!

      Most of these cunts voted remain SO FUCKING WELL REMAIN!! Coños!

  17. Further proof that this useless wank of a government led by the fuckin useless waste of cunting space Johnson couldn’t run a fuckin bath, never mind the country or organise a simple fuckin thing like this driving licence agreement. No the fat scruffy cunt would rather ponce about in Glasgow talking climate bollocks under the misapprehension that he is important on the world stage. I’ve no time for that little French cunt Macron, but he was dead right when he said Johnson is a clown.

      • I did.
        And it went down like a turd in a swimming pool.
        I remember the hysterics when he got covid!
        Like princess Die all over again.

      • Brilliant! 👌 he is funny as fuck but he is not a stateman or leader. It’s only because the 1922 committee told him to not lock down that he is still in power. He is not a person who has his own ideas or individual persona he is a moron. But not a complete cunt, that’s reserved for the fence sitters critiquing him who’s heart lies in a different nation.

      • I recall a you tube clip when Boris was mayor riding his bike. Someone drove past and screamed he was a cunt.
        Anyone we know?

      • I fuckinf despise that Cunt Johnson.
        Always have. He is everything that is wrong with the British Political class👎

        With him at the helm of the Cuntservatives, it was the first General Election, since eligible, that I did not use my vote.

      • And he’s about as funny as Charlie Chaplin. The only halfway funny thing he’s ever said is that joke about letterboxes.

      • His denial of any party at Downing street was pretty funny?
        He still had glitter on his shoulders and silly string in his hair.
        The spoofing Etonian cunt.

    • Wrong – just proof that Brits abroad think that we still rule the World. Well, we don’t – so get used to abiding by foreign rules and regulations!

  18. This happened before brexit. If you live in a country of your choosing with the EU free movement lovers you still have to surrender your national licence and convert it after one year of residency so this is just another media story to garner support of the EU when it was the rules even in the EU. Twisted spin from papers again.

    • That’s was not the case.

      The British driving licence had a EU symbol printed clearly on it and it was accepted indefinitely by all EU countries.

      Once Brexit was declared the British residents in Spain knew that they would have to change their licences to Spanish ones, but there was no indication of the date that they must do that by.

      Of course, those of us that can speak the language had minimal difficulty with the paperwork, but the appalling red tape here meant visits to the bank, medical centre and 2 visits to the nearest DGT (Tráfico Office).

      Of course, everyone living in a foreign country should learn the language, but hundreds of thousands of people have retired here from Britain.
      Try learning a new language in your 70’s, and who would be confident in passing a driving test regardless of their age and driving ‘experience’ even if it was conducted in English.

      It has nothing to do with the law in Spain.
      There are long standing agreements in place for the residents here from other non EU countries to be able to drive legally.

      This bizarre and discriminatory action is because of the British Government not being able to negotiate a deal.

      • Obviously EU nations are bending over backwards to accommodate the British Government?

        The difficulty of learning another language only became obvious when Berty and Dorris arrived in Spain to find out the dastardly Spanish speak erm Spanish?

        Too old to adjust to a new language with new laws? Maybe leaving your home nation was a step too far?

        I get pissed off when grandma Patel has to be provided with a translator so she’s sure she’s claiming all her benefits and if i was Spanish I’d be equally pissed off Berty expects everything in English.

        Ex Pats choose Spain because of the climate I expect? If you want everything in English and your English license to be the only driving license you need possibly a warm coat and a bungalow in Torquay would be a better move.

      • I’m afraid your banging your head against a brick wall here with this nom Arty. I’ve been cunted a few times for being a forrin loving ex pat ( hate that expression) living in Spain. you get an easy ride on here if you live in one of the old colonies. Can’t see the difference myself. Too many folks won’t (or can’t) travel abroad, eat foreign muck, moan about the local, animal abusing dagos. while moaning about the invasion of dinghy riders, dooshkas, sub Saharan lowlifes who rob, rape, murder and abuse their childen, spending their benefits on drink and drugs.
        I’m so glad I left the shithole that was Harlow new town. It was a great place place growing up

      • Agreed.

        There are people here that in the future will want to move away from the ever more diverse Britain.

        As well as all of the usual obstacles, they will have to take into account that they will not be able to drive here without first passing a driving test.

        Or as many people have pointed out.
        A drivingo testo.

      • Alright Franco, don’t get a boner that you had more rights then British people who are born now. Not that in a snowflake or anything. You’d make the perfect politician do nothing about the problem and skirt round it like a ska-electiks circuit.

        Enjoy the weather and the dodgy builders id rather employ a gypo than a standard. They’d sweat over my Cornish Pasty.

      • I worked in Insurance in the UK. Not the Car Insurance department I must admit. However I remember the car insurance people saying you have been here longer than one year and that licence is no longer valid. I’m not on about the confusing EU nonsense rules. Never recognised them anyway. It might be different in Spain.

    • Spot on – absolutely correct.The Artful Cunter is wrong – not for the first time either. The fact is that NOT having a ‘local’ licence is now worse because we are NOT in the EU.

      • What the fuck does ‘worse’ mean?

        Either something is legal or illegal.

        You think that I don’t know the laws in my own country?

    • The UK will be a foreign country soon with all the illegal cunts they’re letting in. Londonistan is already a third world shit hole.

      • All thanks to the EU. At least we elect our own cunts now not some EU loving puppet masters. I’d vote for the next fucker who can cross-reference the foreign interference in our elections (not that Russian Bollocks every papers chat about – they’d be cross referencing themselves not before long) and the use 21 and me and id be investing in parachute companies.

        And Tony Blair would be the first fucker being parachute into Celtic Ground and Gordon Twat Brown. Hope they have a good landing and their cord doesn’t snap.

      • If you have a wife which you want to impregnate as an English person because you actually love her that’s fine. Calling the majority of a country racists because we don’t like boat people is wrong. Majority of them 194 nations would agree I am sure. You’d end up with a hospital the size of botswana.

  19. UK ‘government’ is a seething pile of useless, self serving, chinless, old school tie wank.
    Hope that answers your question.

    • Typical if it’s anything to do with Boris. Having said that, there’s a particular person I know living in Spain who’s one of the biggest twats imaginable and if it causes him hardship, I’ll be thrilled.

    • Well, that’s not true. The Military are paid by the UK tax payer and generally on the hold stick to orders. It’s a shame that political leaders use their soap box to slag british people off. By hey ho, that’s life. Much prefer to pay the British Military than the International Human Rights lawyer goons.

  20. Failing that, go beat a donkey with some sticks before hurling it off a rooftop.

  21. If the greasy dago bastards give you any grief just blockade the nearest motorway and charge toll money, since you fucking paid for it seems only fair.

  22. Don key ote used to think he was the savior of times in the past but ultimately he interfered in other people’s business of the present
    It was Sancho his sidekick that tried to help him from himself but don key was to far gone and set in his ways , that dreaming was the better option over realizing
    A kind of reversal of roles
    Probably out of my depth as far as literature is concerned
    Point being he did not listen to Sancho ( joe soap) and was laughed and mocked at by all in the end .

    • That windmill kicked shite out of him.

      Senile old fucker.
      Pancho Villa should of stopped him.

      • 😂😂 🤕The windmill is the immovable object that Boris now faces Mis and Sancho (the people) have realized for sometime.
        Sancho to be fair to him is a lot more resilient than given credit for,🦵💪 on

  23. I lived abroad. Lost my rag with Home Affairs once or twice over their shagnasty cuntitude regarding residency but just got on with it. Dont expect Spain is any different.

  24. Oh ANOTHER moaning ‘Spanish’ ex-pat! Do you not realise that this is all happening because you couldn’t be bothered in the first place? The typical Brit attitude of ‘rules don’t apply to me’? Well you are a cunt. The first thing I did when retiring to Cyprus was change my driving licence to a local one – and Cyprus wasn’t even an EU member then! It seems the ONLY country where ex-pats have problems is Spain – I can’t help thinking that is because of the mentality of a LOT OF THEM.

    • I have lived here for over 20 years.

      I am not moaning on my behalf as I have held a Spanish driving licence for about 19 of them.

      And why would I complain personally?
      I have been a Spanish citizen for the last decade.

      Are the rules that you can only write a cunting if it affects you personally?
      If so, who is the Quiddich playing cunt?

      • Only a real cunt is capable of writing a proper cunting about something regardless whether that something does affect the cunt personally or not.

        Simply an Artful Cunter…..

  25. Can’t he acquire an Oirish ancestor ? Joe Brandon could.
    In fact every Democrat President has. Even Barack Hussein O’Bama.
    Get Oirish citizenship. Dua!. Get driving licence. Repeat after me “Feck you, you feckin eedjit.” “Erse, shite, bollox. Yes, I will accept a wee quad whiskey.”

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