Crime and ethnicity

It seems that, just like adverts, awards and TV presenters, ethnics are making up more and more of the demographic of the UK.
Judging by the Met Police mugshots in the link we are now 33% BAME (used that acronym because it is now racist).

Or perhaps we are not. Perhaps the adverts are virtue signalling maybe? Perhaps affirmative action now supersedes merit? And perhaps BAMEs are about 10 times more likely to be violent criminals compared to their %age demographic? Who knows?

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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  1. That header pic, the dirty dozen,
    Everyone a cove,
    Pickpocket, and born to hang.

    Bame are pioneers in crime statistics,
    Like the Neil Armstrong of lawlessness.
    Show me a Bame ill show you a miscreant.
    Desmond Tutu just croaked.
    Another one dodged justice.
    Bet hed been stealing from donation plate?

    • Even the Queen is not immune to law breaking ethnics following the intruder caught at Windsor Castle.

      A shame that Prince Philip is not with us, stalking the grounds with his elephant gun triggering Zulu flashbacks.

    • Desmond Tutu – reminds me of an old joke from years back:

      Desmond Tutu, the Pope and a school boy were sharing the same flight in an old piston engined plane when the motor caught fire. The pilot rushed back into the cabin, wearing a parachute, and threw two more parachutes at the passengers saying: “the plane’s done for – there are three parachutes, I’m taking one and you can decide amongst yourselves who has the other two”. With that the pilot jumps out of the plane and is gone.

      The Pope immediately says to Desmond Tutu: “you have done great things for the church and your country – take this my son and go”. With that, Desmond Tutu jumps out of the plane.

      The Pope then turns to the schoolboy and tells him: “strap this parachute on, jump out and save yourself”. The schoolboy responds by saying: “but you are the Pope, the greatest person living – I can’t possibly take the last parachute and leave you to die”.

      The Pope then says: “don’t worry my son I have another parachute”.

      Schoolboy: “is it a miracle father, did God make another parachute for you?”

      Pope: “No my son, it’s not a miracle, I gave that bl@ck b@rstard your satchel!”

  2. What’s the difference twixt crime committed by white man or a darkıe?
    It’s 𝗮𝗹𝘄𝗮𝘆𝘀 the white man’s fault. He offended, now must be punished.
    The all-year-round-tan types will always blame someone or something else and mostly escape from their accountability. Cultural disparity, institutional racism, the usual scapegoats.
    Surely though, it’s a tad unfair to include paķıs and blacks under the same umbrella. The carpet riders are sneaky and insidious, whereas the um bongos ought not to be held to same standards as developed humans having, as they do, high testosterone, low impulse control and the IQ of a caterpillar.

    • One cannot disagree with any of that, Mr Cunt-Engine.

      Common phrases, from our sub-Saharan population:

      -“Thas’ waycist.”
      -“Never done nuffink.”

    • Did you know that in the US of A, the dark keys are responsible for over 50% of the violent crime, yet make up only 13% of the population.

      Living in London, I often wonder if our dinghy imports are trying to beat that record.

      • when this whole coof scam started the dark ones were supposed to be dropping like flies, coof was waycissssst don’t cha know….but here they still are breeding, scrounging stinking up the country in even greater numbers

    • TtCE@ – But in all fairness – if it wasn’t for black Men where would we get benefit dependent fat white chav single “mothers”?

      • I think it is widely recognised that morbidly obese whitey wimminz only go out with our darker cousins to get their handbag back.

  3. In population terms the vast majority of UK crimes are committed by non whites.
    White Men and boys are the highest victims of violent crime, by a mile.
    To preclude the possibility of violence, loud clothing and dreadful “music” I suggest letting rip with a Gatling gun – better safe than sorry – and it VERY quickly stopped that thieving Tutu fker dipping his bony claws into the collection plate!
    And it beats the arse off waiting for the police. 😀👍

  4. Everywhere they infest becomes a lawless shithole.
    A plague.
    Diversity is our strength.


  5. They have to put a couple of white faces in CC, is so the populous don’t notice an alarming trend,
    Mrs Fugly a I were watching TV ads from the 70,s the other day, guess what there was 1 coloured guy singing about fried onion rings to go with his burger and that was it, in the now it’s all the time, constantly, anyone woung think there were no whites here.
    Back to the mug shots, when it’s stabbings, muggings, drugs, benefit scrounging they are usually black,.
    When it’s terrorism, kiddie fiddling, grooming, rapes or slum lording, benefit scrounging they are usually brown.
    When it’s smuggling bits of dead animals in and out of counties, spreading horrible viruses, lying and cheating benefit scrounging and generally being horrible cunts they are yellow.
    When it’s people trafficking, prostitution, drugs, kidnappings, organised crime, benefit scrounging they are Eastern European.
    Britain is no longer British, true we have our own cunts right here who do all of the above, they should redress the balenced and feature more whit cunts in these mug shots to make the effnicks look better we don’t need more, this is what Brexit was for first and foremost..

    • Can you imagine the squeals of left wing outrage if whites went round stabbing the blacks? Black stabbing a black is not only not news but not even mentioned.

  6. Twelve models, each one oozing sophistication. Pillars of our society.

    Cunts, asking for euthanasia.

  7. Move on now , it’s common knowledge that blanc man is responsible for 100% of all crime not matter what ethnicity carries out any particular crime.

  8. You don’t need stats from MSM or any other source, take a walk down the corridors of justice.
    Crown court defendants are there to be counted by ethnicity. It really is staggering to see the proportion of BAME.
    There are exceptions when OCG’s are up for trial but normally it’s like an oil slick.

  9. The unfortunate fact about this blatant obfuscation of crime figures and what degree race or ethnicity plays a part, is that it does exactly the opposite to what it sets out to achieve. Instead of trying to preserve some form of calm and prevent animosity and violence between different ethnic and indigenous peoples, it gives ammunition to skum cunts like Tommy Robinson, Britain first, and other knuckle dragging right wing white supremacist pricks in their whole cover up, white peoples under the cosh narrative. The next thing you have is easily led sheep heads following a load of skinhead cunts and football hooligan pricks who would all more than likely have criminal records themselves.

    One of the often said things when these sort of issues are talked about is how ex servicemen would think on how after beating the Nazis, would they have bothered seeing the state of the country now. Well, I was honoured to witness such an exchange a few years ago. It was at Arromanches during a D Day commemoration, and this bloke was thanking a veteran for his service, who as all the veterans I’ve met during these gatherings, was humble, and always say the heroes are buried in the many cemeteries that litter Europe. Anyway, this guy starts bemoaning the state of the U.K., how it must be depressing to have fought for his country and see it going down the the toilet, and how people like Britain first would restore it to its former glory. This elderly veteran, who must have been in his 90s started going mental, saying ‘I didn’t fight against fascism to let another load of fascists take over, you must be off your bloody head!’
    Watching this deflated idiot walk slowly away was fucking priceless.

    • Point of order:

      Tommy Robinson has more honesty, integrity and courage in his little finger, than the contents of Westminster combined👍

      White supremacy🧐

      • He’s a fucking football hooligan prick. I really wanted to enjoy seeing the BBC get spanked by him with that ‘panodrama’ thing, but he just came across as a fucking dickhead.

      • Panorama ended the career of quite possibly, the single most insidious cunt, at the BBC.
        Plus others involved in the scandal.

        Job done really-well done Tommy👍

      • Ended his career at the BBC, yes, but not his career as a journalist.

        Sweeney currently works for LBC, his podcast ‘Hunting Ghislaine’, a six part series tracing the story of Ghislaine Maxwell, recently made the top spot on the Apple UK podcast chart.

      • One of the problems with Robinson is that he has been a poison pill for years, and his involvement in any subject is ruined by his presence, as he is such an easy target for the media, and the mention of him is enough for most people to walk away. He knows this, yet his ego, his love of being notorious, will not stop him doing the right thing and stepping away.
        As for the grooming gangs, he had absolutely nothing to do with their arrests or prosecution, but his fucking around outside a trial could have fucked it up.

      • No it could NOT!!!

        They had already been found GUILTY.
        He was there to report on sentencing-his being there could not have ANY influence whatsoever.

        The establishment have been covering up the industrial scale of Asian grooming gangs and the subsequent “holocaust” against white CHILDREN for four-fucking-decades.

        Sorry Mate-the “false news” around that incident and that case was a fucking national disgrace.
        They managed to trust it to have more outrage st a man reporting facts, than a group of Peter-files, fucking children.

        The vast majority of the rest of the worlds media, agree.

      • OK CG, I’ll concede on that, as I have no evidence either way, but my original point stands. If cared more about his cause than his notoriety, he’d fuck off.

      • 👍

        For balance:

        Do you know why Yaxley started down this road?
        His niece was groomed by an Asian grooming gang-the police and the authorities covered it up and told the girls family to “let it go”, in the name of social cohesion.

        The old phrase about “evil triumphing” when “good men, do nothing”, springs to mind.

    • Robinson and Britain First are not right wing ‘white supremacists’.

      This misconception needs to be cleared up now.

      Fucks me right off.

      • There is more “fascism” emanating from No 10 Downing Street, than all these so-called “right wing” parties, combined.

      • MMS@ – Fascists, bigots, racists and nazis always call people who are not fascists, bigots, racists and nazis to cover up the fact the people (always the same ones) making the accusations are the fascists, bigots, racists and nazis.
        And had it not been for Tommy Robinson the entire grooming scandal would have been swept under the carpet instead of 95% of it.

      • Totally agree Vernon.

        The bloke has done as much as one can do to deserve a bloody peerage. Yet he’s still perceived by too many as a racist football thug.

        He’s a brave fucker.

  10. We need Stacey Dooley investigating all the “right wing fascists” who clearly commit all the crime and engage in all the racism.
    If only someone had pointed out the fact that it is not the legions of lawless BAME shit we have allowed to infest our Country that are the problem but white people..

  11. Crime watch on the fucking BBC used to show a rouges gallery of most wanted.

    As it became more and more obvious that every week 9 out of 10 mugshots were blick or south west Asian parking Stanley’s the feature was dropped.

    It came back for a while when white Eastern European organised crime game members started appearing, but that too was canned when a few names were matched to the portraits.. (Ivan Dooshka etc etc).

    Here we are 20 years later and nothing has improved. Still it’s probably my fault all these dark keys are committing crime, due to my honky privilege an all.

  12. Never mind, I’m sure that Priti Patel has some new plan to stem the tide of illegal immigrants and deport the illegals and other foreign criminals already here.

    # Take back control of our Borders.

      • Entire bunch of Cunts regardless of colour I reckon,Captain. We were certainly sold a pig in a poke with that bunch.

        Labour might have been no better but I’m struggling to imagine how they could have been any worse. Both Parties should be done under the trades description act…Labour doesn’t represent the “working Man” and the Tories certainly don’t reflect traditional Conservative values. Both Parties should change their names to ” The Cunts Party” and then it wouldn’t matter which one we put our “x” against….pretty much the same as it is now.

        The Liberals can Fuck Off too.

      • Like I’ve said before Labour are obvious cunts and the [pretend] Conservatives are stealth cunts.

        They are all cunts of the worst sort and there is no point voting…

  13. How about a weekly prime time update of criminal activity by ethnicity and nationality and location to show the gen pop precisely what’s going on in our backyard.
    When I’m in the UK I occasionally get involved providing security for Brand Protection Agencies and Trading Standards. The make up of the criminal elements involved is a real eye opener … it leaves you wondering what the fuck the government is up to.

  14. All the criminals round my way are white.
    Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, and Hungarian cunts.

      • “Dear kids,

        We are leaving all of our worldly possessions to the Dog’s Trust and the local Donkey sanctuary.

        Thanks for cancelling us. It made that decision so much easier.

        Enjoy your lives of mediocrity in poverty.

        Mum & Dad.”

      • Or the SNP. who seem to like to indoctrinate the kiddies and to report any hate speech (except against the English) at home. Sounds familiar to anyone who lived in the GDR.

    • Brilliant, except my children have exactly the same mindset as I do. I may have got a lot of things wrong, but I definitely bought my family up right.
      Even better, they’re both married to men who share their views. We try not to talk about such things when the granddaughter is present, like we try not to use coarse language around her. She needs to make her own mind up, but if she starts knitting tofu, she’s disinherited.

  15. I think there is a vast difference between disproportionate and majority, and it’s easy to get carried away with the idea that most crimes are caused by bame, or whatever the fucking term is these days. If anyone has some reliable data that proves otherwise I’ll be more than happy to stand corrected. The overwhelming majority of crime in my area is done by white indigenous cunts, petty and otherwise. The murders that have happened, including a cunt who stabbed a bloke to death because he thought wrongly he was a pea dough were all perpetuated by whites against whites.
    And, let’s not forget, some of the worst crimes committed in the last year or so were children killed by their step dads or mothers partner, usually with the mother’s help or at least lack of empathy, and they were all white British cunts.
    I’m no SJW. I regularly get told ‘you can’t say that!’ in work. I suppose I miss some of the sadly now departed cunters who would disagree with the echo chamber, or at least play devils advocate that stopped IsaC looking like a Daily Stormer tribute site, or

    • I live in Leicester and can almost certainly say that the majority of crime is committed by BAMEs, or whatever the fuck they now want to be called.

      • I don’t doubt that for a second, because there is a high foreign born or heritage population there, and, as is correct, they are disproportionately responsible fir crime, so the same would be true in other areas where they have a similar split population. My point was of the UK as a whole.

      • Holy balls Fiddler, I should think there are U.N. war crimes tribunals shorter than your “alleged offences”

    • At the risk of seeming ignorant, what’s Spivey com GJ?
      I tried a Google but it was kind of blocked?

    • With regards to the poor children murdered, you are exploiting a couple of extreme, and rare, cases to help illustrate your opinion.

      That concerns me.

      • I wish it was rare, but there were a couple of cases this year alone, and I fear it won’t be the last.
        As for ‘exploiting’ them, I’m just stating a fact. I’m not a politician, or have any delusions of being one, so I have nothing to gain or prove.
        Judging by the replies I’ve received, I can see I’m a in a minority here, and should probably have a rest, before I upset someone again and get banned.

      • The media do not report every black on black murder, rape or infanticide, committed by blacks & Asians. We know why😉

        They do, however, jump on every “serious” white committed crime, like a tramp on hot chips.
        Again, we know why😉

        Coming on here with an “Am I right” attitude, is bound to elicit a strong debate.

        Echo chamber? That seems to be an epithet thrown around, ever more, these days😟

        Stick around and engage in the debates-an alternative view is always healthy (with some’s, etc).

        Have a look at some of the recent strong debate if on here-certainly no echo-chamber 👍

        Of course, many of us are pissed off with the same cuntishness-being able to vent our frustrations with modern wankery, on here, keeps us sane😀👍

      • Sure, they’ll be more Gutstick.

        The point is are the ethnic minorities responsible for more crime, taking into consideration their percentage of our population.

      • @GJ

        Regarding your point about “missing Cunters”….I too miss them…particularly Kimodo….but,being fair, we don’t know just why any particular one of them stopped visiting. I do agree about the site needing “both sides of the argument” and personally I’d prefer to have my say,regardless of how popular it may be if I felt strongly enough about something rather than keep quiet or stop posting. I recently disagreed with Vern…doesn’t mean that we have “fallen out”..indeed,I often find his posts informative and amusing and respect his obvious passion.

        For me, if I disagree strongly with someone,I’ll get it said regardless. No good complaining about the place becoming an echo chamber if people just aren’t prepared to put out an alternative view…which I know that you and a couple of other do and good luck to you.

      • As exemplified perfectly by your own standpoint on “would or could Labour be any worse than the current wankers”👍


      • CG, as I said below, I agree with the basis of the nom regarding the figures being disproportionate, and also said elsewhere that if anyone has any facts or official figures that contradict anything I say, not just on this topic, I will readily stand corrected. I would rather live an uncomfortable truth than a comfortable lie.
        What bothers me about this nom, and quite a few recently, is not the nom itself, but the replies, which seem to end up just being casual racism rather than a good old fashioned cunting, and there seems to be no one offering any contrast, hence the echo chamber comment.
        As for ‘I am right’, ‘this is my opinion’ is all I’m offering. The statistics I offered up are just for context, and show an overall figure rather than cherry pick certain figures and push them as evidence of their narrative.

      • Thanks Dick. I remember old Fred West, I rarely agreed with him, politically at least, but it definitely gave balance, and made you think if you’re standing on firm ground. I think he left for reasons other than differences, and I don’t think Kimodo left because of any animosity, but I don’t know.

        I just miss the good old fashioned cuntings, where cuntitude was called out, not because of background or ethnicity, or any of the other easy target shit that some rely on, but on their cuntitude alone!

      • I think the tone of the cuttings is a sign of the times:

        MSM and politician have forced us to examine every minute fucking detail, through the lens* of “race”😢

        * perhaps “prism” would be a better word, as it distorts the true picture 😉

      • @GJ

        I’m aware that I’m a Bugger for using exaggerated stereotypical depictions of certain “types”…it amuses me,I must admit. However,I think the “harder” views on certain subjects that are becoming more prevalent are due to there being more contributors ( not just a cosy clique) and to a genuine and increasing anger and worry about the way things are going in this Country.

        I know that I have never been more pessimistic about the future and disillusioned with the present.

      • I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, Dick. It’s unlikely anyone will have noticed your vilification of vulnerable minorities in this country. 🙂

      • Thanks,RTC….Can you imagine if a Prosecutor had to read out all of my “hate speech” crimes?….poor fucker would die of old age afore he’d got half way through the collection.

      • Ive just been in the ISAC canteen and some fuckers stole my lunchbox.😡
        Anyone see anything?
        Don’t want to cast aspersions,but…
        Dark key cunt or BWC haven’t been in there have they?

    • Crime is the domain of the criminal be he white, black brown or Tartan with lipstick ! All are fucking cunts deserving a withdrwl of their entitlement to breed ( the 2 brick job )
      What I do know Gutstick, is that there are a lot of black chief cops in the states who do an amazing job ! Checkout Donut Operator

    • Problem is the percentage’s; Ethnic group a is say 22% of population 60% of ethnic group a have criminal records and so on. Whichever ethnic group is in the majority then reason dictates that numerically on average they will commit more crimes, the percentage of crimes may be less or more than ethnic group a. As far as I am concerned the figure that interests me is the percentage of the group who do naughty things. As an aside abusing your own or your step kids is a multi ethnic phenomenon.

    • I’ve got to say, Guts, that one of the most horrific multiple murders, carried out near me, involved only white people. I want to bring back hanging for this cunt, I really, really do.

      • I know. Its not about sticking up for the bame brigade, it’s about reminding folk that we can be massive cunts too.

  16. “Among adults, Black men were about 8.4 times more likely to be arrested for robbery compared with White men.[footnote 14] However, they were less likely than White men to be proceeded against at a magistrates’ court. At Crown Court, not guilty pleas were significantly more likely but custodial remand actually lower for Black men relative to White men. Both conviction rates and custodial sentencing was lower than for White men. Among Mixed ethnicity men, arrest rates were about 5.5 times higher than for the White group.[footnote 15] However, the likelihood of proceeding at a magistrates’ court and of being committed to Crown Court for trial were either less or equal when compared with White men. Conviction rates in the Crown Court were marginally lower for Mixed ethnicity men appearing for robbery, while custodial sentencing was not significantly different to White men. A comparable picture emerged for young Black women, who were 5.1 times more likely to be arrested for robbery compared with young White women.[footnote 16] Young Black women were more likely to be proceeded against at a magistrates’ court but equally as likely as young White women to be convicted”.

    • For context to add to my previous post 14% of the UK population were classed as “ethnic minorities” in 2021.

      • Foreign nationals made up 13 percent of the prison population, so that would include a lot of the bame figures too, not just the ‘white’ ones.
        Not looking to pick an argument here, just trying to add some context to the nomination, and some badly needed facts.
        There used to be bit more of a discussion on these topics in days gone past, but lately it’s just blah blah, we all hate foreigners. It’s not that I’m disagreeing with the nom either, just adding some perspective.
        And upsetting the Tommy Robinson fan club, the ladbaby of British politics.

      • I’m not a Tommy Robinson “fan club” member.
        I am however, a fan of men with the courage of their convictions👍

  17. 14% of the UK population, around 25% of the English prison population.
    Kind of proves the point really.

      • CG@ – How many? ALL of the fuckers!
        No, that was mean and discriminatory of me – some are heading across the Channel so they can add their names to the backlog..
        I am all for simply imprisoning people we aren’t keen on – Lineker, Owen Jones, 99% of all politicians, Christopher Biggins (our kid has a homicidal hatred of Biggins, no idea why), Lenny Henry – 20 Years each!

  18. Visiting any Magistrates or Crown Court in the UK gives a very good indicator of criminal ethnicity.
    Real time evidence that cannot be manipulated.

      • EC@ – I of course was only there to give charitable cheques to the poor.
        I ended up with fkin loads..

    • Very good point, so, after a quick visual inspection of the court rolls for ‘ethnic’ names amongst the miscreants and doing the percentages..

      For my town, with an official (at worst) 1% ethnic infestation, for the next couple of working days: 9.5%, 12.5% ethnic

      For the nearest city (12% ethnic infestation) the first roll for the first working day in the new year: 24.2% ethnic


  19. They are just misunderstood. They need re-edcuation like us horrible English. They must have rights, unlike us bootlickers. We are the apitimy of rights nothing like English human rights, won the lottery and all that.

  20. It’s the fault of employers everywhere.
    If you don’t offer to employ people who
    Haven’t been to school since they were 12.
    Can barely speak English, even though they were born here
    Can only work between 10am and 2pm.
    With2 x 15 minute tea breaks
    And an hour for lunch.
    Well, they are going to turn to a life of crime, aren’t they?

      • MNC@ – He can’t start Monday, he is not keen on getting up so soon after the weekend.
        Tuesday? Hmm, not sure – depends on what his comedown from his 3 day coke weekend is like.
        Wednesday? – No, not Wednesdays – he doesn’t work on any day starting with a “W” as it triggers him.
        Thursday? Hmm – maybe turn in for an hour at around 1PM before complaining of “bein’ proper ill, init”! and going home.
        Friday? No – he never works so close to a weekend..
        They would never have survived working in the lard factories and ferret training stables of Yorkshire! 😀

  21. Nobody at all can dispute that we have imported a gigantic crime wave.
    The government may try to dilute that fact but they are simply cunts for trying to obfuscate.

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