The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

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He’s innocent, Fuck the MSM.

CNN won’t shut up.


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A white guy killed two white guys and injured another white guy but the knee grows are upset.

What the fucking fuck?!

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To add to DKC’s musings on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict:.

For cunters who don’t know, an at the time 17 year old named Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha in order to help protect a friend’s business from rioters. Whilst there, he was pursued and attacked by three convicted criminals who were amongst the people rioting, and ended up shooting at them, killing two.

All through the trial, the usual suspects have effectively carried out a witch hunt on the guy, painting him as a cold blooded murderer with intent to kill. And yet, despite that, the verdict is in: NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. As an addendum the reason the verdict is so significant is because a conviction would’ve effectively meant the beginning of the end of the right to self defence in the USA.



91 thoughts on “The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

  1. They should bring Kyle over here and make him head of Border Farce. If the wokie Yanks don’t want him he could do a job for us.

  2. This case reveals utter madness of the woke left wing, Globalist narrative media.

    The irony of trying to smear Rittenhouse as a ‘white supremacist’ when he shot three white skinned rioters is lost on them. FFS.

    The true insidious aim was an attack on ‘self defence’ laws and the American right to bear arms.

    Disenfranchising the law abiding, hard working, tax paying American citizen.

    So next time the ultra liberal cunts incite and sic the ‘useful idiots’ on the above group, they’ll have nothing but harsh language to defend themselves and their businesses from Burn, Loot and Murder.

  3. I wish I could be armed with a AR15 or STG44
    And have an open carry licence in the UK.
    I’m trained to use firearms, but alas my government think I’m a cunt…..
    I’d of done the same as Kyle. Poor lad protecting community, businesses and society from left wing animals…

  4. as per Cuntfinder General previously…
    “I would be proud to be this kids father.”

    Damned straight! The lad conducted himself flawlessly in my book and is an absoloute credit to the folk who raised him.

    I was watching an ex cop commentating on the event and he was adamant that K.R. showed far more restraint than ANY copper would have done in his shoes. Also had far better shot selection and hit rate too! He reckoned that in an actual live gire exchange only 13 out of every 100 rounds finds the target it was aimed at, Kyle Rittenhouse, 8 shots fired = 8 hits. A textbook piece of work.

    His conduct on the stand was hugely impressive seeing as his defence team effectively left him twisting in the breeze under the hail of repetetive questioning and harassment from shit-slinger Binger.

  5. I’m not too worried about the affairs of colonials these days, unless Joe Biden falls asleep and headbutts the big red button.

  6. I was trying to figure out why there hadn’t been protest riots (looting) but then I spotted that one of the victims was called Rosenbaum and it became clear

    • they are looting now, they looted all the big expensive stores like gucci that donated millions to BLM…made me laugh, karma

  7. Haven’t read through all the posts as I am a lazy cunt, but the guy that actually aimed a kick at Kyle during the mayhem was a blick man, ironically he wasn’t shot at. Shows how crazy how life in America (and other parts of the world) is at present. The business where Kyle and others were protecting was Indian owned. In Kenosha, the DA, Mayor and lead detective are members of the same family, did fuck all. National Guard not called at the time of the peaceful burning and looting, instead a 17 year old that showed he has got more balls than most adults in that country.

  8. This like the Brexit argument all over again. If you shouting that Kyle should be in prison you also think we are a failed state for having had the temerity to leave the corrupt pile of shit that is the EU.

    No amount of evidence will ever change your mind and so long a you can protest on Twitter over a latte all is well in your Islington castle.

    The lad done good and showed better trigger discipline than most of us would have and certainly any US cop.

    If I ever meet him, I’ll buy him a pint and more ammo.

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