Lawyers (3) Upset by Hurty Allegations

Yes, the cunts keeping criminals and jihadis safe and warm in the UK.

Priti has upset the fuckers.

”Earlier this week Priti Patel claimed the suspect, Emad Al Swealmeen, who lodged an appeal when his asylum claim was rejected after arriving in the UK, had been able to exploit Britain’s “dysfunctional” immigration system by staying in the country.
Lawyers raised concerns about her “blaming the legal services industry” for the suspected hospital bomber still being in the UK.”

Well who do we blame? Fucking vultures with no loyalty or scruples who earn their living off these poor ‘asylum seekers’. The half baked church which doesnt question why it’s services are full of assorted Arabs, Iranians and Somalis, as advised by their lawyers. The church is just fucking gullible. The system is abused by the legal cunts, aided and abetted by woke fucking halfwits who trust the motives of these poor immigrants rather than wondering why everyfucking where they come from is a violent shithole.

So for once, Priti Patel has it right. The lawyers are the scum of the earth and directly responsible for acts of terror, violence, drug dealing and murder carried out by their charges.

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100 thoughts on “Lawyers (3) Upset by Hurty Allegations

  1. Fucking right!

    Every single woke, virtue signalling, pro unfettered-immigration cunt & every legal cunt who works to enable illegals to remain in the UK, has the blood of every victim, on their hands.

  2. ‘The half baked church which doesnt question why it’s services are full of assorted Arabs, Iranians and Somalis, as advised by their lawyers’

    This is why we need a new rigorous interrogation along the lines of the Spanish Inquisition. They got to the bottom of wether Jews or Muslims were really converting from the heart.

    I put myself forward for the The Grand Inquisitor role. I’ve always wanted to dress up in fine robes.

    • “Give me the child and I will give you the man”- some catholic or other.

      “Give me a catholic and I will show you a hypocrite”- Cuntfinder General, Nov. 2021

      • “Give me the child, preferably a 10 year old girl” – some immigrant of a parking stanley ethnicity.

  3. Immigration lawyers should be banned, in fact the asylum system should be scrapped altogether, they are all a bunch of freeloading scumbags.
    Fucking Macaroni the cunt ‘these people don’t want to stay in France, if they did they could claim asylum here’, yes we know why they don’t do that, it’s because they know they are fucking chancers and would get rejected.
    Get to the UK and with the help of fucking cunt lawyers the chance of being deported is almost 0.

    • I think, Sick, that the chance of being deported is exactly zero.
      An article in the Daily Suppress today indicated that those who have their asylum claim rejected get exactly the same benefits as those having claims processed. Also, we don’t follow through, look at those 33 criminals that were supposed to be deported the other week. They should have been made to go, on the proviso that if their appeal has grounds, they will be allowed to return.

      • Then, after a suitable period of time, say 2 days, the Court of Appeals could send them what I like to call ” the Cockroach Letter” which goes like this,

        Dear ( insert name here),
        After careful consideration your appeal is rejected.
        As to your claim that you are entitled to enjoy a family life with that slag you got pregnant just before you were banged up, we completely agree.
        Therefore we are pleased to tell you that we will be flying her and her rugrat to Jamaica next week, cattle class of course.

        Yours sincerely, now fuck off!

    • These lawyer cunts, theyre worse than the immos.
      Poisoning and destroying the country for profit.
      No Shame.
      Theyd be first up against the wall I had my way.

      Something’s go beyond earning money,
      Filling this country with 3rd world scum for personal profit?

      And im borderline depraved!!

  4. I heard on Talk Radio that the average time lingering in the UK after having received a big fat Non is 7 years and that Patel is going to reduce this to 2.5 years by law! Like the host of the show said, is 2.5 years the best she can do? I have no idea what’s in this Bill she’s coming up with but I imagine its about as useless as she is.

    • 2.5 days, 1 day to organise the plane, 1 day to take the scumbags to the airport, 0.5 days to beat the shit out of whatever shyster lawyer turns up.

  5. Bible bashers make me laugh. Of course if you’ve swallowed the whole sky fairy fantasy in the first place you are marked out as a mug. So some filthy A-rab, says “oh Lordy Lordy I will reject the brainwashing of my culture and accept your brainwashing instead. Have you got any sharp knives in your kitchen drawer Justin?” There’s nothing more a sky fairy nutter loves more than a convert.
    I am reminded of the great Lord Longford who got a letter from Myra Hindley claiming to have found God and then spent 20 years of his useless life trying to spring her from the nick.
    Good old Myra…..knew a muggy fucked up cunt when she saw one. Today’s poor “refugees” would be proud of her.

  6. Problem is we have a PM who thinks he is Churchill (and is nowhere near) and. a frog President who thinks he is Napolean (and the only similarities being that they are both little runts and anglophobes).
    Macron is responsible for the immo crisis. With every dirty fucking bastard removed from Calais, his popularity rises in F.
    Doris is responsible for sorting out the GB coast. He clearly isn’t the man for the job, just a jellyfish full of piss and wind.
    Bring on The Farage.

    • At least the immø solicitors have 27 less of the sponging cunts to deal with this week.
      Hopefully there’ll be a lost Greenland shark hunting in the English channel to gobble up some more capsized dinghy scum.

    • Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2; “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

  7. People who’s profession basically involves knowingly and willingly defending the indefensible most days of their working lives, have to be part of a certain sect of absolute psychopathic cunts if you ask me.

  8. Come the revolution, lawyers, golfers and wokes straight to the camps. Cunts one and all worse parasites than Botflies.

  9. Muslims can’t convert to Christianity.

    Islam is not just about going to the mosque on a Friday.
    It is not just a religion.

    And that is the problem.

    It is a complete and all consuming way of life.
    Muslims are born Muslims and they stay Muslims for their entire life.

    It’s who they are, not what they are.

    Christians who believe that the Muslim that has started to appear in their church on a Sunday is a convert really need their heads examined.

    It’s a con.
    And the lawyers know that.

    • Any Muslim who converts to another religion is an apostate and chop chop time is coming. If a Muslim appears to convert but stays Muslim in his heart for reason of protecting his/her life or the benefit of Islam that’s fine. As you so rightly stated AC Islam is more than a religion it is a totally embracing way of life that covers everything. To me the main purposes are total control and the advancement of Islam till the whole world professes the faith. Quite simple if our great ones bothered to look.

  10. …fuckin’ lawyers. They’re always stating that they’re upholding the principles of the rule of law and that their fees are are justified. So we’re looking once again at the problem of that ol’ chestnut of when they say ‘it’s not the money it’s the principle’ … it’s the money! Cunts … all of ’em.

  11. Priti Patel is a useless cunt. She has a backbone like the rest of the cabinet. The UK is a fucking circus run by clowns and a pussy-whipped PM. We are an absolute joke. Years of history of a once great land are being erased and re-written to appease. Grooming gangs still alive and well, a Pàki mayor of London who along with the rug munching chief of the Met Police can’t get a grip on crime. Hundreds of bent coppers. A welfare system that sees hard working tax payers fund millions of lazy fat cunts and foreign guests that cross an unguarded body of water. A single towel-head has brought cricket to it’s knees. By whatever means these Isles need a leader to grab it by the scruff of the bollocks and say enough is enough.

  12. Immigrants shouldn’t need lawyers in my opinion. They are here illegally and therefore forfeit any legal rights afforded to the indigenous population. We should simply round them up and send them back to their countries of origin, regardless of monetary or diplomatic expense. Let Europe throw a paddy. What are they gonna do about it really? Fuck all. Either that or we get the navy to dump the fuckers back on the french mainland or just offshore. If the french see that as a breach of territory or military aggression, again, fuck them. They wouldn’t have the balls to do anything about it.
    This is, of course, all fantasy land stuff. That blubbering Winston Churchill impersonating tub of lard in number 10 would shit his pants. Cunt!

  13. Lawyers, barristers, solicitors.

    Most of which are more bent than the people they are representing.

    I did a dodgy ‘cash deal’ with a solicitor. Right bent crook, worse than me. Some bent associate of mine gave me his number.

    Outside the magistrates court, he said. “Have you got the money?”, I handed it over and he said “you won’t go to prison”.

    Ended up with 250 hours community service. After a pre-sentence report.

    I don’t know what he did. How he did it, or whether I just wasted my money?

      • A magistrate is usually just an ordinary person of good standing, with no legal qualifications. Now that makes me laugh, good standing, that just translates as a bit posh and hasn’t been caught yet.
        Of course some are, Jacintha’s riding lessons aren’t free, what what!

      • I don’t mind paying toward Tarquin’s public schooling.

        Or a riding crop and a pair of jodhpurs for Tabitha.

        I’ve been paying for immigrants and doleites for years, what’s it matter?

  14. Windy, cold and very overcast in Stabistan today. Probably bad weather in the Channel.


    • Anybody who thinks crossing the channel – “rubber dinghy rapid” wearing only skinny jeans a puffer jacket, in this weather, is a good idea, deserves to perish out of stupidity.
      Well definitely the fighting age men anyway.
      It’s laughable to suggest France can be that inhospitable a place to stay that they’re reduced to attempting crossing this time of year.
      The cunts are probably just lacking basic IQ.
      The standards of architecture and engineering in this country are set to nosedive obviously.


      Don’t know about anybody else, but it is fucking freezing cold up here at the moment.

  15. I always thought that if you were not a citizen of a country then you were not afforded the same rights as a citizen.

    I am sure that if you just turn up in a foreign country then you do not have the right to free legal representation.

    Why is this not the case in the UK?

    Some cunt turns up illegally, in a fucking dingy and can immediately start costing the tax paying public by getting legal representation.

    How the fuck does that work?

  16. It really is simple. If you make Laws and Systems that provide a lucrative gravy train ride to riches, then don’t blame the cunts who jump aboard.

    Politicians made it..they can change it…they won’t. THAT is the problem.

    • Exactly. This is not stupidity, incompetence…….some bungling Eton toff boy who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. They want these savages here, it’s so fucking obvious.
      The question is why?…….what’s the end game?

      • With a pro open door immigration fanatic like Johnson in No.10, things were always going to be thus.

      • I’ve got a theory about this. Probably ranted about it on here. They will be employed by the government as the great reset police. They and the government Fucking hate us anyway. They don’t have any social or cultural relationship with us. In the future, anyone who is white is the enemy of the state (as seen on any advert/social media blah blah). The current police force will be downgraded (again like what is happening now) to a back up security force. These people will be very legally brutal towards any opposition of the great power. If they refuse to do it, the threat of deportation. Probably.

      • Yeah… the white majority that comprises the government /establishment hate whites and see themselves and their sprog as the enemy. 🙄

  17. They say its not easy to stop.
    That pale Turk says so.
    That fat ramjam priti Vacant says so.

    Its a fuckin lie.

    It is easy to stop.
    They dont want it to stop.

    Remember when Donnie Tango came over?
    To meet the leaders of Europe.
    And Boris couldn’t stay far enough away from him.
    Thats when I knew.
    Happier with Microbe and that droopy faced kraut.
    He was embarrassed to be around Donald.

    Donald was a wildcard.

    He wasn’t welcome.

    He scared them.

  18. Change or opt out of the UN Charter and the Equalities and Human Rights act.
    Apply for asylum or refugee status in the first Country you “escape” to or have a seriously good reason why you did not do so.
    Apply from OUTSIDE the UK.
    Understand that if you just turn up you will get nothing except your details recorded and sent back – try twice, get ten years in prison where you will work to pay for your incarceration.
    Stop using the Royal Navy and Coastguard as a water taxi service and stop falling over backwards to provide those who have contributed nothing with everything whilst simultaneously providing those who have contributed everything with nothing.
    At what point will it sink in that we are filling our Country with parasites and enemies who want us gone?

  19. Make a bloody good living out of legal aid funded immigration fuckwittery. One would be fascinated to know which of these champions of law and uman rights represents their illegal clients free, gratis and just for the feel good factor. Ha bloody Ha. Doubt if you would need to hire more than a portaloo to fit an annual works do of pro Bono immigration lawyers

  20. Hesitated before posting this, but our younger daughter should qualify as a lawyer in the near future. However she despises social workers and is much too racist to be on ISaC so hopefully we won’t have to disown her.

    • I’d be honoured to shake her hand, Arfur. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, indeed!

    • Good luck to her mate, I hope she fights for the right side. Trouble is she might be tempted to join the rest of them. If she shows any sign of wokery just put a bag over her head and dump her in a canal 🤣

  21. What fucking boils my piss is the fucking immigration system in general. People who fill in the correct forms, pay the visa fees etc are being fucked in all possible holes. When my Mrs comes here I have to prove sponsorship details including utility bills, how much money I have, proof of relationship, my birth certificate (beyond me that one), my testicle circumference and probably bellend cheese per square mm. I’ve emailed a few local councillors, local MP concerning Illegal immigrants and why the fuck should I bother.

  22. Pro bono is a dirty word among the parasitic, legal eagle roaches who feed off the taxpayer. Give me the taxpayers money so I can buy a big house well away from the immos I cry about every day.
    You can’t turn the tide poshboy. You may not be around but they will come for your children and grandchildren.
    Especially when they find out your posh family became rich and posh because they were up to their necks in the Atlantic slave trade.
    Your fancy wig and gown means fuck all to those cunts. Good luck with telling them how sorry you are you cunt!

    • I concur Freddie. But their sons and daughters will be out protesting about some fucking bullshiiiiiiiiiiit living on daddy’s money. The circle of cunts.

  23. While I’m on it I was having a conversation with a mate yesterday about it, and one of his employees (English) has an ex who he has a kid with is now living with a bloke from Iran. The Iranian is on universal credit and works in a car was (no surprises there). He claims he works 15 hours a week but really works 50. He has now had a kid with the woman and has been granted UK citizenship. As soon as he got his citizenship he fucked off back to Iran. So, this cunt is getting spending money, child support and fuck knows what else and he’s back in the land of ayatollah. Let’s be honest, who is the cunt ?.

  24. Human rights lawyers are endangering peoples lives by bringing these unknowns to our shores. I hope for a good frost this year. At least our own elderly will get their winter payments. Pathetic parasites.

    • Yeah U Boats won’t suffice. We needzzz ze dighiez. This is what the fuckers are doing now, when they should be shooting them back. Instead they welcome them causing problems for their own children in the future.

  25. For sale.

    Used puffa jackets. £5 each, available in blue or black.

    Fake adidas and nike trainers, various sizes, £2 a pair.

    Childs clothing, £1 per garment.

    Avon dinghy with slight damage and seized outboard motor, open to reasonable offers.

    All enquires please telephone Ramsgate RLNI station.

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